Lose 12 Inches Shark Tank Update

Ryan’s workout software system, called Lose 12 inches, provides users with information regarding the ideal heart rate workout.

He states on Shark Tank that his method requires less effort and concentrates on reducing fat rather than muscle. He also claims that he lost 12 inches. When your heart rate is too high, you break down muscle rather than fat in your body.

Cowboy Ryan Ehmann gets a little too passionate at times but can maintain his composure throughout the Lose 12 inches Shark Tank pitch without prompting from the other contestants.

His passion catches the attention of Daymond John, and it comes close to catching Lori Greiner’s interest as well. While recovering from a rodeo accident he sustained while competing on the professional circuit, Ryan was diagnosed with Lose 12 inches.

The doctors told him he would never be able to ride again because of an injury to his lower back. However, he could ride again after figuring out a controlled environment workout.

Cowboy Ryan was able to reduce his body fat to an astonishing 4.3 percent by losing 12 inches, and as a result, he triumphed on the professional rodeo circuit and won a championship. 

He has even constructed abdominal muscle growth equipment that has been exported and sold for one million dollars. Ryan “Cowboy” Ehmann eagerly entered the Shark Tank, searching for a business opportunity with his product, Lose 12 Inches with Any 12 Workouts.

Ryan reached a deal with Daymond John shortly after Lori Greiner declined to participate. You might be curious to learn about Lose 12 Inches Shark Tank update. Here is what we found:

What Are Lose 12 Inches?

Lose 12 Inches is a fitness routine and workout that ensures you lose 12 inches of waist fat with Any 12 Workouts. 

Lose 12 Inches Shark Tank Update

Lose 12 Inches is based on the principle that exercising within a person’s ideal heart rate zone will provide the best results in the quickest time possible. 

Company NameLose 12 Inches
EntrepreneurRyan Ehmann
Product / BusinessA program for total body fitness
Investment Asking For$120,000 for 25% equity in Lose 12 Inches
Final Deal$120,000 for 25% equity in Lose 12 Inches
SharkDaymond John
Episode Season 4, Episode 19
Business StatusOut Of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of  Lose 12 Inches?

Ryan “Cowboy” Ehmann is the founder of Lose 12 Inches in 12 Workouts. Ryan Ehmann, who hails from Austin, Texas, epitomizes the cowboy lifestyle. He rodeoed for 14 years before his health deteriorated due to the constant acts of physical torture he experienced due to participating in the sport.

Ryan made a solemn vow after visiting 13 doctors, all of whom told him that he would never be able to ride again, to take control of his life without the aid of medical professionals.

He began to experience severe lower back pain shortly after making this commitment.

Ryan was able to not only recover his health through a regimen of whole-body exercises he had designed himself, but he also earned his certification as a personal trainer so he would be able to share his fitness regimen that had had such miraculous results with others who wanted to achieve the same level of fitness as him.

Ryan began working in a large corporate gym in 2007 but was disenchanted with the lack of professional assistance provided for clients there quickly. The cost of a personal trainer was $65 an hour for clients who sought professional assistance.

The idea that Ryan came up with is a twelve-step workout routine he thinks could help anyone reach their fitness goals faster and more efficiently while still having great results. He thought that this routine could help anyone.

Cowboy Ryan’s Gym, located in Loveland, Colorado, was one of Ryan’s first ventures as a self-employed entrepreneur. He started holding client training sessions in groups so each individual could obtain individualized teaching, counsel, and direction without paying excessive money.

As the business model continued to run effectively, Ryan’s clients began to benefit from the personal mentoring he provided. He opened a second club in Loveland in 2011, and not long after, he invented an exercise apparatus called Rodeo Abs.

Lose 12 Inches Before Shark Tank

Austin-born Ryan Ehmann is a real cowboy who hails from Texas. He rodeoed for 14 years and made a living as a rodeo rider; however, his daily physical beatings harmed his health.

Ryan went to thirteen different doctors before deciding to get his life back on track without any outside medical assistance, despite all of them telling him that he would never be able to ride again. Ryan had been suffering from chronic back pain before making this decision.

Ryan, through his incredible perseverance and determination, was able not only to return to health through a structured workout program that he developed himself, but he also became certified as a personal trainer in the hope that he could share his training program, which had produced such amazing results for him, with others as well.

Ryan began working at a large corporate gym in 2007 but quickly became disillusioned by the lack of professional assistance offered to clients at the gym. Clients could hire a personal trainer for $65.00 per hour if they wanted professional assistance.

Ryan came up with the concept of a twelve-step exercise regimen that he believed might assist anyone in training more effectively for a shorter amount of time while still accomplishing remarkable results.

Cowboy Ryan’s Gym, located in Loveland, Colorado, was Ryan’s first foray into entrepreneurship once he struck out on his own. He started offering clients group training sessions to make it more affordable for everyone to receive personal training, counsel, and direction from him.

Ryan’s clients quickly began benefiting from personal guidance once the business model had proven successful and performed well. In 2011, he expanded his business by opening a second gym in Loveland. Shortly after, he invented the one-of-a-kind exercise machine called “Rodeo Abs.”

Ryan wanted to bring the attention of a much wider audience to his methods, and his invention allowed gym customers to follow his workout in a way that he considered was the most effective way to train.

Furthermore, Ryan wanted to draw the attention of a much larger audience to his methods.

The cowboy entrepreneur believed that an infomercial would be the most effective way to promote his firm, but he required additional financing to pay for it.

He applied to be a guest on Shark Tank in mid-2012, and the show’s producers accepted his application due to his humorous personality and upbeat demeanor.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of  Lose 12 Inches?

Ryan Ehman appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $120,000 for a 20% equity in Lose 12 Inches. He also showed the sharks some footage of himself being thrown around on the back of a bull when he was working as a Rodeo bullfighter. 

He then claimed that he was forced to resign from the business due to severe physical injuries to his back.

Ryan revealed that he had developed a training program that cured his injuries to the amazement of his physicians and allowed him to achieve the finest physical condition of his life despite being 41 years old.

The cowboy entrepreneur showed the sharks before-and-after images of some of his clients to demonstrate the effectiveness of his program.

The initial “Before” image depicted an obese middle-aged man. “It’s Kevin!” exclaimed Robert Herjavec with glee. Despite the laughter, Ryan continued by showing a picture of the identical man, who now looked healthier.

Ryan informed the sharks about his desire to bring his unique training program to millions of individuals who sorely needed it and enabled them to “reclaim their lives.”

Ryan is extremely eager; he’s very excited. He had impressed the sharks with his lively energy and confidence in his training program, and when he stopped speaking, there was a moment of stunned stillness.

The sharks appeared somewhat intimidated by the enormous cowboy entrepreneur.

Mark Cuban thinks Ryan is amazing at training people, but he can’t hire him because he doesn’t understand Ryan. Daymond John is thinking of investing in Lose 12 Inches, but only after hearing from the rest of the team.

Daymond provides him exactly what he requests, despite giving Robert Herjavec a larger share. Daymond does not even consider asking further questions; he is in due to Ryan’s contagious personality.

Lori Greiner desires to be his Cowgirl who generates sales for his method, but she demands proof that it is effective and is not satisfied, so she leaves. Cowboy Ryan exerts great effort to recruit Robert Herjavec to the agreement. He believes that Ryan is contagious. 

However, Robert leaves because he cannot accept the agreement. Daymond John thinks he is investing in Ryan rather than Lose 12 Inches. He offered $120,000 for 25% equity in Lose 12 Inches. 

Ryan thought about what to do since Daymond was the only Shark showing interest in his Lose 12 Inches. Ryan accepts Daymond John’s offer of $120,000 for 25% equity in Lose 12 Inches and walks away with a deal from the Shark.

Final Deal: Daymond John agreed to invest $120,000 for 25% equity in Lose 12 Inches.

What Happened To Lose 12 Inches After Shark Tank?

Ryan noted that his meager income from working as a personal trainer made opening a gym unaffordable. Each of the ten banks he requested a business loan from rejected his business proposal.

He applied for 13 credit cards to scrape together enough funds to open his first Cowboy Ryan Gym.

The cowboy entrepreneur has revealed that he spent up to twenty hours a day working on his company’s financial and administrative operations during the first few months without any personnel supporting them.

Ryan’s mantra is to “wake up early and grind late,” advising young entrepreneurs to work hard to succeed.

What Happened To CordaRoy’s After Shark Tank?

Lori was so pleased with her abdominal muscles because he spent many hours training before the show. He was in the best physical shape he had ever been in.

He attributes his success in the tank to being genuine and enthusiastic and recommends applicants be themselves in front of sharks.

Daymond John will soon build on the success of Ryan and the 12 inches business, generating over $80,000 in monthly income with an incredible profit margin of 60 percent.

The CEO of FUBU intends to license the Rodeo Abs machine to gyms across the globe and anticipates huge earnings in the future.

Daymond has referred to his partnership with Ryan as a “Wild Ride,” but he is quick to point out that it has also been a “Wildly Profitable Ride.” 

He sees Ryan as a “Force of Nature,” and he believes his fellow sharks failed to recognize the potential of this dynamic cowboy.

Lose 12 Inches Shark Tank Update

Daymond granted Ryan the particular transaction he requested, $120,000 for 25 percent equity in Lose 12 Inches, and he continues to be an investor, client, and friend.

Ryan made $80,000 in just 6 weeks after participating in Shark Tank, but shortly after that, he made poor business decisions, and his future appeared bleak.

You can get  Lose 12 Inches by Ryan “Cowboy” Ehmann from Amazon Prime with two-day shipping for free.

Lose 12 Inches Shark Tank Update

Ryan “Cowboy” Ehmann rode off into the sunset with a deal from Shark Daymond John for his training DVD “Lose 12 Inches in 12 Workouts” when he first faced the panel.

And, anticipating infinite money, he made the dangerous decision to close his gym to concentrate on the then-booming online business.

Unfortunately, his popularity was short-lived: Online sales of his DVDs quickly declined, leaving him with the burdens of supporting his family and paying his mortgage.

Fortunately, his good friend Daymond came to the rescue and put Ryan back on track with some encouraging words and some cash. Now, he is back in the saddle with TWO sites of his rodeo-themed “Cowboy’s Gym.”

Lose 12 Inches appear to be out of business as of May 2022.

Cowboy Ryan relaunched his business and established a fitness facility in Merrick, New York, in June of 2021. The new label is going to be known as Barre6.

Are Lose 12 Inches Still In Business?

Daymond agreed to give Ryan exactly what he had requested in the agreement, namely $120,000 in exchange for 25 percent stock. Ryan works with Daymond as an investor, client, and friend.

He made $80,000 in the six weeks following his Shark Tank appearance, but shortly afterward, he made some poor decisions regarding his company’s direction, and the outlook for his future was not encouraging.

What Happened To Ice Age Meals After Shark Tank?

Daymond came to the rescue and helped get the company back on track, at least temporarily. As of May 2022, Lose 12 Inches appear no longer in business.

What Is the Net Worth Of Lose 12 Inches?

The valuation of Lose 12 Inches when it appeared on Shark Tank was $500,000. The net worth of Lose 12 Inches is unknown as of 2022 since the company is out of business as of 2022.

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