Clean Bottle Shark Tank Net Worth

Clean Bottle is a product featured in Season 3, episode 10 of Shark Tank. The product was created to solve a common problem many athletes and fitness enthusiasts face: difficulty cleaning the bottom of their water bottles.

Clean Bottle differs from conventional water bottles by allowing the top and bottom to be unscrewed for thorough cleaning. This two-way opening mechanism allows users to effectively clean the hard-to-reach bottom of the bottle, which often harbors bacteria and mold due to leftover residue.

This feature is especially valuable for those who frequently use their bottles for drinks other than water, such as protein shakes or smoothies.

In addition to its practical, easy-to-clean design, Clean Bottle is made from 100% non-toxic, BPA-free plastics, ensuring that the user’s drink remains pure and free of any potentially harmful chemicals.

The bottle also has a leak-proof seal, preventing spillage and making it a reliable choice for on-the-go use. Furthermore, the ergonomic design of the bottle makes it comfortable to hold, and the wide opening at the top accommodates ice cubes and makes filling the bottle easy.

Clean Bottle represents a significant improvement over traditional water bottles. It provides a practical and safe solution for maintaining hydration, particularly for those leading active lifestyles. Its unique feature of being easy to clean promotes better hygiene and health among its users.

Additionally, its eco-friendly, non-toxic construction aligns with the growing consumer preference for sustainable products. Clean Bottle is not just a water bottle; it’s a health-conscious choice for hydration.

Company NameClean Bottle
EntrepreneurBill Walton and David Mayer
ProductBottle with a removable bottom that is easily washable and BPA-free
Investment Asking For$60,000 For a 5% equity in Clean Bottle
Final Deal$60,000 For an 8% equity in Clean Bottle
SharkMark Cuban
Clean Bottle Episode Season 3 Episode 1
Clean Bottle Business StatusAcquired, In Business
Clean Bottle WebsiteClean Bottle Website
Clean Bottle Net Worth$5 Million

What Is Clean Bottle?

Clean Bottle is a company that specializes in creating sports bottles with a unique feature – a removable, easy-to-clean bottom cap. It was founded in 2010 to solve the problem of dirty and hard-to-clean water bottles.

Over the years, Clean Bottle has expanded its product range to include various bottles and hydration products for activities such as cycling, hiking, running, yoga, and CrossFit.

They also offer custom printing on their bottles, making them suitable for businesses, parties, or promotions. Clean Bottle is now available in over 5,000 stores nationally and 6 countries.

Clean Bottle Shark Tank Net Worth

Clean Bottle was founded in 2010 by an individual who had a frustrating experience with a dirty water bottle during a bike ride. He devised a sports bottle with a removable bottom cap to be cleaned more easily.

It took two years of extensive research and development, involving three factories and 54 prototypes, to perfect the design. In the early days, Clean Bottle faced a challenge with limited funds for marketing. However, one creative team member devised a unique idea to gain attention.

They dressed as giant water bottles and ran alongside the riders at the Tour de France bike race. This unconventional approach caught the media’s attention, and “Bottle Boy” became an instant sensation.

As a result, Clean Bottle gained significant recognition and became well-known within the cycling and endurance sports community. Since then, Clean Bottle has expanded its product line to include a variety of bottles and hydration products suitable for different activities and sports.

Their product range caters to cyclists, hikers, runners, yoga enthusiasts, CrossFit athletes, and more. Additionally, Clean Bottle offers custom printing services on their bottles, allowing customers to personalize them for business purposes, parties, or promotional events.

Thanks to its innovative design and growing popularity, Clean Bottle has achieved widespread distribution. Their products are available in over 5,000 stores across the United States and six other countries.

Who Is The Founder Of Clean Bottle?

Dave Mayer, a Stanford University graduate with a background in economics and engineering, founded Clean Bottle. Before inventing Clean Bottle, Mayer worked in various roles within the technology and startup sector, including stints at Microsoft and several other Silicon Valley startups. 

The idea for Clean Bottle was conceived during one of Mayer’s regular bike rides. An avid cyclist, Mayer noticed that the water bottles on his rides were notoriously hard to clean, and the bottom would often become dirty or moldy.

He realized this was a common problem for many athletes and those living an active lifestyle and set out to create a solution. 

Leveraging his engineering and product design knowledge, Mayer developed the concept for a water bottle that could be unscrewed from both the top and bottom for easy cleaning.

He put his idea into action, creating prototypes and refining the design until he had a practical, easy-to-use product and addressed the problem he had identified. 

Mayer’s passion for cycling and fitness, combined with his technical expertise and business acumen, led to the creation of Clean Bottle.

He has used his unique product to disrupt the market, providing a practical and innovative solution to a common problem faced by many individuals leading active lifestyles.

Clean Bottle Shark Tank Net Worth

Before appearing on Shark Tank in 2011, Clean Bottle had already gained visibility and success in the market, primarily in the cycling community. Founder Dave Mayer had a unique marketing approach to promote his product.

He created a giant, mascot-like version of the Clean Bottle and ran alongside cyclists in the famous Tour de France. This stunt garnered the attention of thousands of spectators and made it on television, increasing brand awareness.

Despite this visibility, the company was still in its early stages and needed additional funding to expand its product line and reach a wider audience.

Recognizing the potential of his product, Mayer decided to take Clean Bottle to Shark Tank, aiming to secure an investment to take his business to the next level.

His bold marketing strategies, combined with a genuinely innovative product, made for an interesting pitch on the show, attracting the interest of the investors and further propelling the brand into the spotlight.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Clean Bottle?

During the Clean Bottle Shark Tank pitch, founder Dave Mayer sought a $60,000 investment in exchange for a 5% equity stake in his company, valuing Clean Bottle at $1.2 million.

Mayer demonstrated his innovative Clean Bottle, which features removable ends for easier cleaning. He highlighted its success at the Tour de France and $750,000 in sales.

The Sharks were intrigued by Mayer’s presentation. Daymond John praised Mayer’s strategy but found his equity ask offensive.

Kevin O’Leary offered $100,000 for a royalty of $0.50 per bottle sold.

Barbara Corcoran also found the 5% equity offer offensive. Robert Herjavec offered $60,000 for a 10% stake, while Mark Cuban $60,000 for an 8% stake.

A bidding war ensued between Robert Herjavec and Mark Cuban. Herjavec eventually revised his offer to $60,000 for a 5% stake. 

Daymond John retracted his offer, and Barbara Corcoran opted out as well. The final offers were O’Leary’s $100,000 for royalty and Cuban’s $60,000 for an 8% stake.

Mayer tried to negotiate with Cuban, causing Herjavec to retract his offer. However, Cuban out-waited Mayer, and in the end, Mayer accepted his deal of $60,000 for an 8% stake.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Clean Bottle has experienced significant growth. The company expanded its product line to include stainless steel options and accessories.

Split Peak LLC acquired Clean Bottle for an undisclosed amount in December 2018. The company’s annual revenue reached $4 million as of November 2021.

Final Deal: Dave Mayer agreed to invest $60,000 for an 8% stake in Clean Bottle.

Did Clean Bottle Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Clean Bottle did get a deal on Shark Tank, but it wasn’t exactly what the founder, David Mayer, was hoping for. The Sharks were impressed with Clean Bottle’s product but were unwilling to give David the exact deal he requested. 

David’s goal was to make $60,000 for a 5% stake in the company. However, the best deal offered by the Sharks was $60,000 for an 8% stake in the company.

Despite not getting the exact deal he wanted, David accepted the offer from the Sharks.

What Happened To Clean Bottle After Shark Tank?

After appearing on “Shark Tank” in 2012, Clean Bottle, founded by entrepreneur Dave Mayer, experienced continued success and growth. 

Despite initially asking for $60,000 in exchange for a 5% equity stake, Mayer and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban agreed to a deal of $60,000 for an 8% equity stake.

Since its appearance on the show, Clean Bottle has continued to clean up the water bottle industry. The company launched The Square, a dual-capped water bottle shaped like a rectangle to prevent rolling, and successfully raised $126,280 through a Kickstarter campaign in 2013.

Clean Bottle Shark Tank Net Worth

Today, Clean Bottle offers seven different products and is stocked in over 5,000 stores across six countries.

In 2018, investment firm Split Peak, LLC purchased Clean Bottle’s parent company, Clean Designs, LLC. This acquisition further boosted Clean Bottle’s prospects and allowed for further expansion.

Clean Bottle’s appearance on “Shark Tank” helped propel its success and establish it as a prominent player in the water bottle industry.

Clean Bottle Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, Clean Bottle experienced a significant boost in success, just as founder David Mayer had predicted. The support and contacts of Mark Cuban, one of the Sharks, proved extremely beneficial for the brand.

Clean Bottle expanded its product line to include plastic and stainless steel bottles in various shapes and colors, catering to different consumer preferences.

Furthermore, the brand introduced a range of bottle accessories, such as filters and fruit infusers, further increasing sales and adding value to their offerings.

Clean Bottle’s website,, became a hub for customers to explore and purchase their products.

The success of Clean Bottle can be attributed to the innovative design of its bottles, particularly the twist-off bottom feature that allows for easy cleaning. This unique selling point resonated with consumers frustrated with conventional bottles that were difficult to clean thoroughly.

Clean Bottle’s appearance on Shark Tank brought them financial investment and provided a platform for increased visibility and credibility. The exposure gained from the show led to a surge in sales and contributed to the brand’s growth.

Clean Bottle is still in business with an annual revenue of $4 million. The company has continued to evolve and adapt, expanding its product line to include steel tumblers and coffee mugs. This diversification has contributed to their ongoing success in the market.

Clean Bottle’s journey after Shark Tank showcases how a well-designed product, effective marketing strategies, and experienced investors’ support can propel a business to new heights.

Is Clean Bottle Still In Business?

According to our research, Clean Bottle, the water bottle company that appeared on “Shark Tank,” is still in business. After receiving an investment of $60,000 from Mark Cuban, Clean Bottle experienced a significant boost in sales.

The company’s product line expanded to include square bottles made of plastic and stainless steel, various color options, and custom printing.

Clean Bottle has an annual revenue of over $5 million, and its products are sold in over 5,000 stores across six countries.

What Is the Net Worth Of a Clean Bottle?

According to our research, the net worth of Clean Bottle is estimated to be over $5 million. The valuation of Clean Bottle was $750,000 after securing an investment from Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.