What Happened To Aldo Orta Jewelry After Shark Tank?

Aldo Orta introduces the Sharks to his jewelry brand, which he calls Aldo Orta Jewelry.

Orta was born in Mexico City and earned his first degree in Fine Arts before relocating to Los Angeles to pursue his second degree at UCLA.

He began his artistic career studying environmental design and designing sets for film shoots and stage designs for concerts but eventually gravitated towards jewelry.

Orta draws inspiration from spirituality and mythology to create artwork that symbolizes both his Mexican ancestry and legends worldwide.

Are the Sharks going to recognize his artistic abilities?

What Is Aldo Orta Jewelry?

Aldo Orta Jewelry is an American company that creates jewelry that incorporates mythological and cultural elements worldwide.

Aldo Orta Jewelry Shark Tank Update

These jewelry pieces are made up of precious and semiprecious stones and precious and semiprecious metals like gold, silver, and platinum.

Company NameAldo Orta Jewelry
EntrepreneurAldo Orta
ProductAldo Orta Designer Jewelry
Investment Asking For$180,000 For 45% equity in Aldo Orta Jewelry
Final Deal$180,000 For 50% equity in Aldo Orta Jewelry
SharkBarbara Corcoran And Kevin Harrington
Episode Season 2 Episode 9
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Aldo Orta Jewelry?

Mexican-born Aldo Orta is the founder of the Aldo Orta Jewelry. He earned a degree in Fine Arts from Mexico before relocating to Los Angeles to earn a UCLA degree.

Earlier in his career, he staged concerts and built sets for video shoots in Los Angeles. He also served as a director of Marriott International (MAR) for five years.

Eventually, he became interested in mythology and spirituality and began creating spiritual significance and enlightenment jewelry.

He has diversified his artistic repertoire beyond jewelry to include paintings and sculptures.

Aldo’s initial collections were Alexander the Great Collection, the Dante Collection, and The Sword Collection.

Many of his ornaments were sold by retailers in the United States and Mexico.

In its early years, the company served politicians and celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Calvin Klein, and Kim Kardashian.

The greatest obstacle for him is understanding that he is forfeiting the rights to the originality of his ideas whenever he enters into contracts. Commercializing the products degrades the unique characteristics that his consumers value.

The company decided in 2011 to seek additional funding to sell its products to the mass market at an affordable price.

Aldo Orta Jewelry Before Shark Tank

The creative talent that Aldo Orta possesses has always been evident. He studied fine arts in Mexico City while attending college.

Shortly after graduation, he traveled to Los Angeles to pursue a second degree at UCLA.

Orta’s first research focus was environmental design. He assisted in the creation of stage sets and video sets for performances.

Orta developed a passion for mysticism and mythology as he studied the arts and broadened his knowledge.

This curiosity led him to create a new artistic expression that would ultimately become Aldo Orta Jewelry.

Orta’s jewelry line combines myths from around the world with his passion for his Mexican ancestors.

He hopes to introduce people to a new style of beauty while also expressing themselves through accessories.

Orta has been creating personalized jewelry for wealthy celebrities and illustrious royal families for a long time.

He is aware that people appreciate the beauty of his art, but he wishes to reach a broader audience.

Alto Orta Jewelry’s mission is to design detailed jewelry at an affordable price point.

He will, however, require assistance in accomplishing this. What he requires is a retail professional with connections and retail experience.

Someone can provide him with the capital he needs to develop his new line and help him enter the mass market.

What better venue for such an endeavor than ABC’s Shark Tank?

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Aldo Orta Jewelry?

Orta approaches the Sharks for $180,000 in exchange for 45 percent of his business. He notes that his previous clientele has included celebrities and politicians.

He aspires to introduce his ideas to a more accessible market, making them accessible to the everyday wearer.

He proceeds to demonstrate his work to the Sharks, impressing them with the quality of his work.

Robert Herjavec is curious about the source of inspiration for Orta’s designs.

Orta states in his work that he uses cultural symbols and mythological figures to promote togetherness and a sense of celebration.

The Sharks express doubts about the expensive designs’ viability in the mainstream retail sector.

He is asked whether he can create a line for less than $200.

Kevin O’Leary inquires, “Is this mainstream enough for Mrs. Lubinski in Des Moines to want it?”.

Aldo Orta Jewelry Shark Tank Update

Kevin Harrington wonders if Orta has contacted any television retailers. QVC wants to carry Orta’s designs but requires an investment of $50,000.

Orta’s lack of experience with mass-market sales worries Harrington.

Kevin O’Leary believes that Orta is the company’s true value and that the transaction is too risky. He has departed.

The current economic climate does not seem conducive to people purchasing jewelry. He has departed.

The price is too high, according to Robert Herjavec, for the large-scale market in middle America. He has left.

Barbara Corcoran extols Orta’s zeal and general appearance. She offers an offer equal to half of the money Orta is seeking, with the QVC contract as a backup.

Orta needs to convince one more Shark to join. Kevin Harrington is affiliated with QVC.

He had been undecided, but he now provides the other half with Corcoran’s involvement. Orta has reached an agreement.

What Happened To Aldo Orta Jewelry After Shark Tank?

The success of Aldo Orta Jewelry has increased since he appeared on the show and struck deals with Kevin Harrington and Barbara Corcoran.

Aldo’s artwork completely captivated the public, who went berserk over it. He became so popular that he expanded the media of his artwork on his website (http://www.aojewelry.com/home.html).

Aldo Orta now offers personalized jewelry in addition to sculptures and paintings. He still strives to keep his prices as low as possible.

Each of Aldo’s works demonstrates genuine attention and enthusiasm. Barbara and Kevin appreciate how much time and effort Aldo puts into their creations.

There is only one disadvantage to these jewelry pieces: they are still somewhat pricey but exceptional.

Aldo has become a household name and achieved success through his genuine interest in life, the greatest accomplishment anyone can accomplish.

Aldo Orta Jewelry Shark Tank Update

Although the transaction with the Sharks was never completed, Orta’s jewelry and the accessory company have taken off. A segment on episode 411 highlighted Orta’s success.

His website sells jewelry and sculptures and other artwork and home décor items.

A jewelry designer for QVC was also part of his work experience. He is still producing jewelry as of January 2022. A reliable revenue figure is not available at the moment.

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