FunkkOFF! Shark Tank Update | FunkkOFF! Net Worth

FunkkOFF! is a teeth-cleaning product that appeared on episode 14 of season 14 of Shark Tank. It was created by entrepreneur Joelle Flynn and her partner Sonia Hounsell.

This compact, portable tool combines toothpaste and a toothbrush in a handy, all-in-one design. It is specifically designed to remove teeth stains and maintain oral hygiene when you are out in public.

The FunkkOFF! TeethRefresher resembles a compact stationary highlighter and fits in the palm of your hand, making it incredibly convenient for on-the-go use.

The product is made with only cruelty-free, fluoride-free, BPA-free, and vegan ingredients, appealing to those who prioritize natural and ethical choices.

To use FunkkOFF!, you simply twist the bottom of the container, similar to twisting a lip balm, which pushes the gel toothpaste through the brush head’s gentle bristles. The gel is 100% natural and vegan tooth gel that can be used approximately 30 times.

The cap of the container is aerated to prevent germs from growing on the bristles. Additionally, there is a mirror on the bottom of the container, allowing you to check your teeth for cleanliness and freshness.

FunkkOFF!’s portability and practical size are its major advantages. It easily fits in your pocket or purse, making it ideal for travelers or individuals who are always on the go.

Furthermore, the product is promoted as being the only 2-in-1 toothbrush and toothpaste that can be used repeatedly to maintain a bright smile. FunkkOFF! stands out when it comes to its features, benefits, and commitment to quality.

The founders emphasize that it is 110% female-owned and invented. The company also gives back to the community by donating a portion of its profits to Girls on the Run and the Smiles for Everyone Foundation.

FunkkOFF! offers its TeethRefreshers in three colors: original mint, black, and white. Each TeethRefresher retails for $22, and there are options to purchase two or three packs at discounted prices. Additionally, FunkkOFF! sells toothpaste in three flavors: all-natural, deer-in-the-headlights whitening, and activated charcoal.

The product can be purchased through Amazon and the official FunkkOFF! website. It is also available in over 49 stores nationwide, including Chick Invitations, The Well Dressed Olive, So Soleil, Sneades, and The Painted Cottage.

FunkkOFF! provides a convenient, effective, and ethical solution for maintaining oral hygiene while on the go. Its compact design, high-quality ingredients, and commitment to giving back make it a compelling choice for individuals who value convenience and sustainability in their oral care routine.

Company NameFunkkOFF! Inc.
FounderJoelle Flynn
ProductA portable product with lip-sizing teeth refreshers
Investment Seeking$250,000 for 5% equity
Final Deal Accepted$250,000 for 12% equity
Shark NameRobert Herjavec
EpisodeSeason 14, Episode 14
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website
Net Worth$5 million

What Is FunkkOFF!?

FunkkOFF! is a brand that offers a product called TeethRefreshers®. These TeethRefreshers are designed to help refresh and whiten your teeth throughout the day, especially after consuming substances like coffee, tea, salad, dinner, and red wine that may stain or affect the appearance of your teeth.

FunkkOFF! TeethRefreshers® is fluoride-free, BPA-free, vegan clean, and 30 times reusable. This means that they do not contain fluoride, a common ingredient in toothpaste that some individuals prefer to avoid.

They are also free from BPA, a chemical often found in plastics that has raised concerns about potential health risks. The TeethRefreshers are made with vegan-friendly ingredients and are designed to be reusable up to 30 times, making them a convenient and eco-friendly option.

FunkkOFF! Shark Tank Update | FunkkOFF! Net Worth

FunkkOFF! TeethRefreshers® are also designed for on-the-go use. They come in a portable format that allows you to easily carry them in your purse or pocket throughout the day. This makes it convenient to maintain your oral hygiene even when you are away from home or don’t have access to a toothbrush and toothpaste.

The product is promoted as being 100% natural, emphasizing the use of ingredients and methods that are good for the earth and all living creatures. FunkkOFF! aims to provide a teeth-refreshing solution that aligns with ethical and sustainable practices.

Dental professionals have endorsed FunkkOFF! TeethRefreshers® for their effectiveness and convenience. Dentists, periodontists, and registered dental assistants recommend carrying TeethRefreshers in your purse or pocket to keep your teeth healthy, white, and free from harmful bacteria and germs.

They particularly highlight the usefulness of TeethRefreshers for individuals wearing clear aligners who need a convenient way to brush their teeth on the go after eating or drinking.

FunkkOFF! offers TeethRefreshers as a solution for refreshing and whitening your teeth throughout the day, with an emphasis on convenience, effectiveness, sustainability, and ethical practices.

Who Is The Founder Of FunkkOFF!?

The founders of FunkkOFF! are Joelle Flynn and Sonia Hounsell. Joelle, a frequent wine drinker, would carry a toothbrush and toothpaste to remove the stains on her teeth caused by red wine. She developed prototypes and obtained multiple patents after realizing that a more compact solution was needed.

Sonia Hounsell, with over 25 years of experience in brand marketing, joined forces with Joelle to bring the idea to life and introduce it to the market. Together, they created FunkkOFF!, an oral care solution that fits in the palm of your hand.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, FunkkOFF! was a game-changer for those seeking an easy, convenient, and effective oral care solution on the go.

Unlike other teeth whitening products that could strip enamel and make teeth more susceptible to staining, FunkkOFF! is 100% natural and vegan. It uses high-quality ingredients that are safe for users and the environment.

The product is designed like a lipstick, with a twistable bottom that dispenses the product. Users can brush their teeth, rinse the bristles, and even check their smile using the built-in mirror on the bottom of the FunkkOFF TeethRefresher.

The product is made with glycerin, hydrated silica, water, spirulina extract, and other natural ingredients. Importantly, it does not contain harmful substances such as fluoride, BPA, sulfates, artificial flavors, or preservatives.

FunkkOFF! is also cruelty-free and vegan, ensuring it does not harm sea or water animals when washed down the drain. Both the product and packaging are made from recyclable materials, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Additionally, FunkkOFF! is committed to giving back to the community. A portion of their proceeds is donated to Girls on the Run and the Smiles for Everyone Foundation, supporting girls’ empowerment and providing free dental care to those in need.

FunkkOFF! was founded by Joelle Flynn and Sonia Hounsell to address the need for a compact oral care solution. It offers a safe, convenient, and effective alternative to traditional toothbrushes and toothpaste.

With its natural ingredients, eco-friendly materials, and philanthropic initiatives, FunkkOFF! has gained recognition as an oral care brand.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of FunkkOFF!?

The entrepreneurs, Joelle Flynn and Sonia Hounsell, presented their product called FunkkOff on Shark Tank Season 14. FunkkOff is a teeth refresher product that helps remove food and drink stains from teeth.

The founders were seeking a $250,000 investment in exchange for 5% equity in their business. During the presentation, Joelle and Sonia explained that FunkkOff is easy to use, similar to applying lipstick.

FunkkOFF! Shark Tank Update | FunkkOFF! Net Worth

The product is sold on their website and in various physical locations such as dental offices, spas, and hotel gift shops. They highlighted the attractive product margins, with each unit costing $7.50 to manufacture and retailing for $22.

However, the sharks expressed concerns when they learned that FunkkOff had generated only $80,000 in sales since its launch in July prior to filming.

Robert Herjavec, Emma Grede, Lori Greiner, and Kevin O’Leary dropped out of the deal due to the low sales figures. Mark Cuban also did not like their marketing strategy and decided not to invest.

With all the sharks out, it seemed like Joelle and Sonia would leave the tank without an offer. But at the last minute, Robert had a change of heart.

He believed in the product’s potential and offered $250,000 for 12% equity. The founders accepted Robert’s offer, securing a deal.

Here is a table summarizing the Shark Tank pitch and deal for FunkkOff:

FunkkOFF! Shark Tank PresentationThe founders, Joelle Flynn and Sonia Hounsell, sought $250,000 in exchange for a 5% stake in the company.
Sharks’ Views on the ProductThe Sharks were impressed by the product but had concerns about the company’s size and lack of sales.
Investment Sharks OfferedRobert Herjavec made a rare move, offering $250,000 for a 12% stake in the company.
Final Deal AcceptedThe entrepreneurs accepted Robert Herjavec’s offer of $250,000 for a 12% stake in FunkkOFF!
Shark’s NameInvestment OfferedCounter Offer by FoundersFinal Deal Accepted
Robert Herjavec$250,0005% equity$250,000 for 12% equity

Since the deal on Shark Tank, FunkkOff has continued to expand its collection of products. Gross revenue projections for 2024 are expected to exceed the previous year’s sales. Joelle and Sonia are also working with Robert to improve their marketing strategy. You can purchase FunkkOFF! products online.

The FunkkOFF! Shark Tank’s pitch sought $250,000 for a 5% stake, but Robert Herjavec offered $250,000 for a 12% stake, which the founders accepted.

Did FunkkOFF! Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

FunkkOFF! did get a deal on Shark Tank. The entrepreneurs accepted Robert Herjavec’s offer of $250,000 for a 12% stake in their company. This information is concise and SEO-friendly.

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What Happened To FunkkOFF! After Shark Tank?

FunkkOFF! appeared on Shark Tank seeking $250,000 in exchange for 5% of the company, with a $5 million valuation.

Despite initial skepticism from the Sharks due to small sales and financial losses, Robert Herjavec eventually offered the full amount for a 12% stake, which the entrepreneurs accepted.

However, the product received criticism from viewers for being too expensive and not enough. Despite positive post-show prospects, such as interest from multiple countries and industries, FunkkOFF! faced challenges such as inventory shortages and manufacturing issues.

FunkkOFF! Shark Tank Update | FunkkOFF! Net Worth

The product is still available for purchase, but reviews indicate durability and functionality problems. The business plans to expand its product line and explore new business relationships, including its deal with Robert Herjavec.

FunkkOFF! experienced a mixed reception after its Shark Tank appearance, facing both opportunities and challenges in its post-show journey.

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FunkkOFF! Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, FunkkOFF! experienced significant growth and success in its business. The company introduced its oral hygiene product, the TeethRefresher, which is a compact and portable toothbrush that doesn’t require water. This design caught the attention of both the Sharks and consumers.

Founders Joelle Flynn and Sonia Hounsell impressed the Sharks with their pitch, seeking a $250,000 investment for a 5% stake, valuing the company at $5 million.

However, they did not secure an investment in the show FunkkOFF! achieved remarkable business growth post-Shark Tank.

FunkkOFF! strategically positioned itself as a convenient dental hygiene solution for consumers with active lifestyles. They focused on online channels, including Amazon and their website, to expand their sales. Their marketing efforts resulted in increased visibility and customer acquisition.

The company’s inventory quickly sold out, reflecting robust sales and successful penetration of a niche market. User reviews have been highly positive, with customers appreciating the convenience and travel-friendly design of FunkkOFF! Toothbrushes.

The product’s ability to refresh teeth on-the-go without the bulkiness of traditional toothbrushes has been widely praised.

While the company has received some criticisms, they have remained responsive to feedback to ensure continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

FunkkOFF! Shark Tank Update | FunkkOFF! Net Worth

FunkkOFF! is still in business and headquartered in Dana Point, California, with a net worth of $1 million. This suggests that the company has achieved a significant valuation since its appearance on Shark Tank. The company is focused on scaling up its inventory and expanding its business.

FunkkOFF! experienced substantial business growth and customer reach after appearing on Shark Tank. Their TeethRefresher product, combined with strategic marketing and positive user reviews, propelled the company forward in the oral hygiene market.

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What Is the Net Worth Of FunkkOFF!?

According to our research, the net worth of FunkkOFF! is estimated to be $5 million. The valuation of FunkkOFF! was $2.08 million after securing an investment from Robert Herjavec on season 14 of Shark Tank.

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