Tenikle Shark Tank Update | Tenikle Net Worth

Tenikle is an all-in-one tripod/mount introduced in episode 9 of season 13 of Shark Tank. This versatile device, inspired by the flexibility of an octopus, features multiple flexible arms adorned with suction cups.

It can be utilized as a car mount, bike mount, speaker mount, and even a pickle holder. Its waterproof, durable, and sturdy construction makes it an ideal tool for content creators seeking flexibility in their mounting solutions.

Tenikle’s key features include its flexible arms with suction cups, compatibility with smartphones and cameras, versatility in usage, durability, strong grip, and an innovative design inspired by the functionality of an octopus.

Tenikle stands out for its unmatched versatility, durability, strong grip, and creative design, making it a top choice for individuals looking for a reliable and unique mounting solution for their devices.

Tenikle is a game-changing product that revolutionizes traditional mounting solutions with its innovative design, versatility, durability, and strong grip.

Whether you’re a content creator looking for a reliable mounting solution or simply seeking a creative and functional accessory for your devices, Tenikle stands out as a top choice in the market.

Company NameTenikle
FounderHans Dose
ProductTripods with suction cups that are portable
Investment Seeking$200,000 for 10% Equity
Final Deal Accepted$200,000 for 30% Equity
Shark NameDaymond John
EpisodeSeason 13, Episode 09
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteTenikle Website
Net Worth$1 Million (estimated)

What Is Tenikle?

Tenikle is a portable electronic device mount that features bendable arms resembling tentacles, allowing it to conform to various surfaces and hold devices in different positions. It is designed to be flexible and versatile, providing users with creative ways to secure their phones or cameras.

Tenikle is an all-in-one flexible suction mount designed to secure devices to objects and smooth surfaces. Inspired by the octopus, it merges nature and technology to provide endless mounting possibilities.

Tenikle Shark Tank Update | Tenikle Net Worth

The Tenikle PRO, which is the 6th generation of the product, offers various features such as a universal phone mount, hassle-free suction cups, long-lasting adhesion, sturdier legs, a new grip-lock rotation feature, a revamped phone clip, a silent spring mechanism, and over 3,000 5-star reviews.

It is known for its versatility and ease of use, allowing users to mount phones, cameras, tablets, and more for various activities such as watching videos hands-free, video chatting on-the-go, and achieving epic natural lighting by suctioning it to windows.

Who Is The Founder Of Tenikle?

Hans Dose and Lydia Dose are the founders of Tenikle. Hans, a self-proclaimed creative, always brimming with innovative ideas, conceived the idea of Tenikle during a hiking trip with Lydia.

The mishap of forgetting his tripod led him to think of combining essential tech tools into one versatile device inspired by an octopus’s tentacles.

Hans Dose, driven by creativity and practicality, envisioned Tenikle during a moment of need while on a hike with Lydia.

He came up with the idea after he turned his car mount into a tripod for capturing memories. This sparked the concept of a multi-functional device that could serve various tech needs in one compact tool.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Tenikle gained traction through crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. The initial success of raising over $175,000 showcased the demand for the innovative product.

With continuous improvements based on user feedback, Tenikle evolved into Tenikle 360, emphasizing durability, quality, and environmental sustainability.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Tenikle?

Hans Dose presented Tenikle, a suction tripod and mount inspired by octopi, on Shark Tank Season 13. Seeking $200,000 for 10% equity, he aimed to expand his business.

The sharks were impressed with the product’s potential but had concerns about its current state.

Tenikle Shark Tank Update | Tenikle Net Worth

Shark’s Views and Investment Offers:

  • Daymond John: Offered $200,000 for 30% equity, which Hans accepted.
  • Robert Herjavec: Offered $270,000 to clear debt + $100,000 for 60% equity.
  • Mark Cuban: Did not make an offer.
  • Lori Greiner: Did not make an offer.
  • Kevin O’Leary: Did not make an offer.

Final Deal:

  • Founder: Hans Dose
  • Ask: $200,000 for 10% equity
  • Daymond John’s Offer: $200,000 for 30% equity
  • Counter Offer: Tried negotiating to 25% but accepted Daymond’s terms.

Shark Tank Investment Table:

SharkOfferCounter OfferFinal Deal
Daymond John$200,000 for 30% equity25% equity$200,000 for 30% equity
Robert Herjavec$270,000 + $100,000 for 60% equityN/ANot accepted
Mark CubanNo OfferN/AN/A
Lori GreinerNo OfferN/AN/A
Kevin O’LearyNo OfferN/AN/A

Did Tenikle Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Tenikle successfully secured a deal on Shark Tank with Daymond John. Founder Hans Dose pitched his innovative suction cups tripod, seeking $200,000 for a 10% equity stake.

After negotiations, Daymond John invested $200,000 for a 30% equity share in the company. This strategic partnership has significantly boosted Tenikle’s sales and visibility, making it a standout success story from the show.

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What Happened To Tenikle After Shark Tank?

After appearing on “Shark Tank” during the show’s 13th season, Hans Dose’s company Tenikle, experienced a significant boost in its business.

Despite facing financial struggles prior to the show, the exposure on “Shark Tank” proved to be a game-changer for Tenikle.

Following the airing of the episode, Tenikle completely sold out on Amazon, becoming the number one product in its sales category on the platform. In the six weeks post-episode, Tenikle generated $375,000 in revenue.

Tenikle expanded its product line by introducing the Tenikle 360, a new version with a fourth swivel arm allowing for 360 degrees of movement. The product is available in multiple colors, catering to a wider audience.

Tenikle Shark Tank Update | Tenikle Net Worth

Tenikle is still in business today, indicating that the company has sustained its operations post-Shark Tank.”

To grow the product further and diversify its offerings, Tenikle entered into a partnership with Kodiak Lighting.

This collaboration resulted in the creation of the “Ultimate Tenikle 360° Bundle,” which includes two Kodiak work lights that can be attached to the Tenikle for added functionality.

Today, Tenikle continues to operate, demonstrating its resilience and ability to take advantage of the exposure and opportunities brought about by its appearance on “Shark Tank.”

Tenikle’s post-Shark Tank journey has been marked by success, sales growth, product expansion, and strategic partnerships.

The company’s ability to leverage the platform of “Shark Tank” to propel its business forward demonstrates a promising outlook for its future endeavors.

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Tenikle Shark Tank Update

After the appearance on Shark Tank, Tenikle, founded by Hans Dose, experienced a significant boost in its business.

The company successfully secured a deal with Daymond John, who invested $200,000 for a 30% equity stake in the company.

Since then, Tenikle has continued to thrive in the market. By December 2021, the company’s lifetime sales had surpassed $1.3 million.

The exposure from Shark Tank helped attract more customers, and the positive response to the product further solidified its position in the industry.

Post-Shark Tank, Hans Dose and his team have been actively working on expanding their product line. They introduced the Tenikle 360° Universal Mount Light, priced at $80, to cater to a wider audience and diversify their offerings.

Furthermore, Tenikle has not only sustained its presence in the market but also strengthened its business through strategic partnerships.

One notable partnership is with Litezall, which has contributed to boosting sales and expanding the reach of the company’s products.

Tenikle remains a thriving business. The company’s estimated annual sales have reached $2 million, indicating a remarkable growth trajectory since its appearance on Shark Tank.

This success showcases the resilience and entrepreneurial spirit of Hans Dose and his dedication to making Tenikle a household name in the industry.

Tenikle’s journey post-Shark Tank exemplifies a true entrepreneurial success story. The company’s continued growth, innovative product offerings, strategic partnerships, and positive market reception solidify its position as a prominent player in the industry.

With a strong foundation and a visionary leader like Hans Dose at the helm, Tenikle is poised for even greater achievements in the future.

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What Is the Net Worth Of Tenikle?

According to our research, Tenikle’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million. The valuation of Tenikle was $666,666 after securing an investment from Daymond John on season 13 of Shark Tank.