Haven Lock Shark Tank Update

The safer and more convenient house lock option is called Haven Lock. It is ten times more secure than a standard deadbolt lock. The HAVEN Lock can survive an attack with an ax, boot, battering ram, or even a SWAT team if you are concerned that they may visit your home.

Haven Lock is 10 times stronger than a deadbolt and more effective than a bar, chain, or swing lock. Haven Lock is made of military-grade steel and nylon and industrial-strength polycarbonates.

Haven Lock employs a straightforward yet ingeniously crafted wedge to defend a door from being broken into. In April 2019, Haven Lock was featured on the ABC program “Shark Tank.” Unfortunately, no agreement was reached before they left the tank.

What is the latest information on Haven Lock; do you know if they are still in business or have shut down their operations?

What Is Haven Lock?

Haven is a smart security system that uses artificial intelligence to keep burglars out of your home. You can secure your door with this Bluetooth-enabled smart lock that communicates with the bottom of your door to provide powerful, dependable security.

The HAVEN lock offers a more secure alternative to the traditional deadbolt lock. The HAVEN lock requires no tools to install at the bottom of a door and is ten times stronger than an average deadbolt.

Haven Lock Shark Tank Update

You can lock your property anywhere, send digital keys to visitors while away, monitor access, log entry and exit, and perform several other tasks via the Haven mobile app.

There are two configurations of the HAVEN lock: the HAVEN mechanical lock is activated by foot, whereas the HAVEN Connect is a Bluetooth-enabled lock that can be bolted using the HAVEN mobile app.

Company NameHaven Lock
EntrepreneurClay Banks and Alex Bertelli
ProductWedge for securing the door
Investment Asking For$500,000 for 6% equity in Haven Lock
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 10, Episode 18
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Haven Lock?

Alex Bertelli and Clay Banks co-founded HAVEN, which stands for Haven Enterprises. Bertelli, who graduated from the University of Dayton in the United States Air Force Special Operations Aviation program, served the United States as a proud representative.

He received his MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and graduated with a master’s degree in consulting from Pennsylvania State after serving in the military.

Bertelli oversees the Arrowhead Group, an economic development company, and serves as CEO of HAVEN. Banks graduated from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville with a Bachelor of Science in Communications and Advertising.

Banks founded Pure Life Industries, a business that created ways to engage with customers through emerging technologies, before becoming COO of HAVEN. As well as working for the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development, he served as the regional director.

Haven Lock Before Shark Tank

An idea can strike at any time, anywhere, or any way. Alex Bertelli imagined the HAVEN Locks concept while flying helicopters for Army Special Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In his observation, militants strengthened the doors of their homes and complexes using steel bars welded at the bottom, middle, and top.

He left the Army after serving eight years, nine deployments, and achieving several awards on his way to earning an MBA in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Operations from the University of North Carolina. After meeting Clay Banks, they founded HAVEN Locks based on Alex’s ideas.

Clay, who graduated from the University of Tennessee with a BS in Communications and Advertising, had already been recognized as one of Development Counselors International’s “Top 40 under 40” and was launching or co-founding three small businesses.

Its goal has always been to create jobs for Americans and develop dependable, high-quality products in the United States. Veteran creators and skilled local artisans create, test, and assemble Haven goods in Tennessee.

The HAVEN Lock is resistant to an ax, a boot, a battering ram, and a SWAT team if you believe they may be paying a visit to your home. This lock provides more security than a deadbolt, bar, chain, or swing lock.

The lock uses an innovative wedge to protect a door against intrusion using industrial-strength steel, nylon, and polycarbonate. HAVEN interacts with the bottom of the door and strengthens its width by securing the door to its frame; other locks secure the door to the frame.

A house invasion can be neutralized by bending the locking mechanism, which absorbs the force. Additionally, you can install it yourself. You can mark and drill the locations of the mounting screws on the included template. That is all.

A foot pedal operates the HAVEN Mech. You can lock and unlock your door using the foot pedal while in your home. You do this by pressing the right pedal.

You can unlock the lifting wedge by stepping on it. It is designed to ensure that adults cannot lock or unlock it accidentally; it is calibrated for adult use. The HAVEN Connect features Bluetooth functionality. You can operate the lock with a key fob or a smartphone app anywhere.

You can allow guests, deliveries, or service personnel to enter when you are not present and lock up when they depart. Additionally, you can distribute digital keys to relatives and friends during their visit.

You may also lock and unlock the door using the pedals inside the house. The HAVEN Lockdown ensures the safety of schools and professional facilities by following important rules and industry standards.

Lockdown is Bluetooth-enabled and comes equipped with all the controls it entails. Lockdown Pro detects and prevents burglaries in a single classroom or workplace.

Lockdown Pro HQ is a more sophisticated customized security system designed for an entire school campus or building. Each room is equipped with a lock linked to a central hub. The entire system can be locked down with the push of a button.

HAVEN Locks is a proud supporter of the Special Ops Warrior Foundation. Their profits are donated to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation to provide scholarships to the children and families of those killed in action and emergency financial assistance to critically wounded troops.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Haven Lock?

Clay and Alex appeared on Shark Tank seeking an investment of $500,000 for a 6% equity in Haven Lock.

They didn’t succeed with their pitch, however. Alex failed multiple times when he was supposed to demonstrate how easy it is to kick down a door with a deadlock.

There was a problem with the demo frame, it wasn’t stable, and Alex could not kick the door open. It would have opened more easily if the foundation had been sturdy.

This demonstration wasn’t what sparked red flags about the company. There was a $500,000 debt on the founders’ shoulders, and profits were terrible for the company. This led to the Sharks backing out one by one.

Happy Feet Shark Tank Update

Clay and Alex left the Shark Tank stage without securing a deal from the Sharks.

Final Deal: No deal between Haven Lock and Sharks.

What Happened To Haven Lock After Shark Tank?

Haven lock is still in business as of 2022 despite not getting any deal on Shark Tank. Haven Lock’s annual revenue is somewhere above $4 million.

This update allows us to examine the business practices of Alex and Clay since Haven Lock appeared on Shark Tank. As of today, the company is still operating and continues to expand.

Haven Lock’s website showcases a variety of uses for their large catalog of smart locks, and there is little doubt that the sharks missed out on a huge investment opportunity with Haven Lock during Season 10 of Shark Tank.

Haven Lock Shark Tank Update

Though Haven Lock did not get any investment from the Sharks, the company has progressed quite nicely after its appearance on Shark Tank.

The sales of Haven Lock shot up because of the Shark Tank effect, and its founder was quite happy seeing the success of Haven Lock.

Although Bertelli and Banks’ appearance on Shark Tank was unsuccessful, their HavenLock firm is still operational as of 2022. The entrepreneurs received wonderful news about a relationship with Terminix just before the episode aired.

This collaboration agreement stipulated that all Terminix clients in at least eleven cities would receive a HavenLock system. They are also aiming to make this offer available nationwide.

Haven Lock has approximately $4 million in revenue as of 2022 and has significantly increased sales since appearing on Shark Tank. In February 2020, HavenLock was featured in a worldwide broadcast of “Shark Tank’s Greatest Specials of All Time.” 

On this show, the company was recognized as one of the “Greatest Pitch Fails” because, according to Mark Cuban, their pitch was the funniest of all time. Overall, HavenLock appears to be thriving and retaining many satisfied clients.

Haven Lock Shark Tank Update

A worldwide broadcast of “Shark Tank Greatest of All Time Special” featured Haven Lock in February 2020. Haven Lock is still in business as of 2022, generating $4 million in revenue.

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Is Haven Lock Still In Business?

Yes, Haven Lock is still in business as of 2022. Its sales increased after the show because its product impressed so many people around the nation.

Haven Lock improved the quality of their products and cut their pricing slightly, and they formed a contract with Terminix, a pest control company that supplies their customers with locks.

Haven Lock pledged to supply its items to eleven locations, but now its reach is nationwide. Haven Lock is still profitable, generating approximately $4 million in annual sales.

What Is the Net Worth Of Haven Lock?

The valuation of Haven Lock was $8 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Haven Lock is unknown as of 2022.