Brumachen Shark Tank Update | Brumachen Net Worth

Brumachen is a portable coffee brewer featured on Season 12 of the popular reality television show Shark Tank. It is a product designed to innovate how coffee lovers enjoy their beverage, bringing an element of portability and convenience to the forefront.

Brumachen stands out in the crowded coffee maker market due to its uniqueness in design and functionality. This device is portable and designed to work with biodegradable coffee pods, offering an eco-friendly option for coffee drinkers on the go.

Brumachen uses biodegradable coffee pods as one of its main differentiators. Unlike the billions of plastic pods used yearly, which take over 450 years to biodegrade, Brumachen’s pods are made using sugar chain and tree fiber material, which biodegrade in approximately 180 days. This feature enhances its appeal to those concerned about the environmental impact of their coffee consumption.

Despite the high competition in the coffee industry, Brumachen stands out as an innovative product. It aims to cater to the significant proportion of Americans who consume coffee daily, capturing a slice of the sizable U.S. coffee market.

Brumachen make it a compelling choice for those seeking a convenient, eco-friendly solution to enjoying their favorite beverage anytime, anywhere.

Company NameBrumachen
EntrepreneurKweku Larbi and Ross Smith
ProductBiodegradable coffee pods and single-serve portable coffee brewer
Investment Asking For$1,000,000 for 10% equity in Brumachen
Final DealNo Offers
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 12, Episode 11
Business StatusOut Of Business
WebsiteBrumachen Website
Net Worth$0

What Is Brumachen?

Brumachen is a portable coffee brewer designed to provide a convenient on-the-go experience. It is shaped like a thermal flask and allows users to brew coffee in less than six minutes.

The product is lightweight and easy to use. To brew coffee, users simply need to plug the Brumachen into a power source, insert a pod of their favorite coffee, add water, and close the lid tightly. The brewing process can be started by pressing the blue power button.

Brumachen is known for its eco-friendly approach. Traditional coffee pods are often made of single-use plastic capsules that take a long time to biodegrade.

However, Brumachen offers a solution using single-serve coffee pods made from sugar cane and tree fibers. These pods biodegrade in just 180 days, significantly reducing their ecological footprint.

The product also offers flexibility in terms of power options. It comes with adaptable power adapter options, allowing users to brew their coffee at home, in the car, or even in places without a power supply by using an external battery pack.

Brumachen Shark Tank Update | Brumachen Net Worth

Brumachen is a convenient and eco-friendly option, but it has some limitations. The product is not currently patented, which may raise concerns regarding intellectual property protection.

Additionally, the design of Brumachen has been criticized for its lack of visual appeal and slightly bulky appearance. Another drawback is that Brumachen is available in only one size, which may not be suitable for those who prefer larger servings of coffee.

Brumachen targets casual and enthusiastic coffee drinkers who value convenience and want to reduce plastic waste. It is also suitable for tea drinkers who can use the product with tea pods.

Although Brumachen has received positive reviews for its innovation and eco-friendly approach, it is important to note that it is still in the early stages of development, and its design may need improvement.

Who Is The Founder Of Brumachen?

Brumachen, a pioneering venture in the coffee industry, was conceived and founded by Kweku Larbi and Ross Smith. Originally from Ghana, Kweku moved to America to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering at Cleveland State University.

He undertook various jobs to support himself, including working on construction sites. During this time, he noticed a significant inefficiency at the workplace. Given the cold weather in Indiana, he and his coworkers would often crave a hot cup of coffee, but the closest coffee shop was a 10-minute drive away.

This situation not only wasted valuable time but also highlighted a gap in the market for a portable coffee solution, leading to the creation of Brumachen.

Inspired by this need, Kweku conceptualized Brumachen as a bridge between home-brewed coffee and the convenience of coffee shops without the need for a machine.

The product is a unique single-serve, portable brewer, allowing users to make and carry fresh coffee simultaneously, eliminating the hassle of lengthy coffee runs or dependence on stationary coffee machines.

Before its appearance on Shark Tank, Brumachen, while functional, was in its early stages of development. Kweku teamed up with Ross Smith, a well-known social media influencer with approximately 45 million followers, to lead the marketing for Brumachen.

Leveraging Ross’s branding and social media prowess, they successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign for the product, attracting over 400 backers and raising $42,000 in funding, providing a market for the innovative coffee solution. 

Despite their entrepreneurial journey being punctuated with successes, they had their fair share of obstacles. While their product resonated with the public, their pitch on Shark Tank was met with skepticism due to their ambitious $10 million company valuation.

Despite the setback, Kweku and Ross remained confident in the potential of their venture and its ability to revolutionize the coffee industry.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Brumachen?

The Brumachen portable coffee maker was featured on Season 12, Episode 11 of the popular TV show Shark Tank. Kweku Larbi, the product’s creator and founder, and Ross Smith, the brand ambassador, represented the company.

In their presentation, Kweku explained the product’s concept, born out of his personal experience as a civil engineer working in remote job locations.

He described how he and his coworkers wasted precious time traveling to get coffee, prompting him to develop a portable coffee maker that could be used virtually anywhere.

The Brumachen coffee maker was designed to work with any coffee pod in the market and could be plugged into a wall, car or powered by a rechargeable battery.

An additional innovation point was the creation of a biodegradable coffee pod compatible with their machine, potentially addressing environmental concerns associated with single-use plastic coffee pods.

Ross Smith added value to the pitch by promising his social media influence, which he believed could generate over a million free impressions for the product with minimal effort.

Despite the innovation behind Brumachen and its ecological commitment, the entrepreneurs sought a considerable investment: $1,000,000 in exchange for 10% equity, valuing the company at $10 million. However, their sales figures at that point were relatively low, at $42,000.

Unfortunately, the Sharks did not share the same enthusiasm for the product as its creators. They expressed concerns over the steep uphill climb the product would face in the market, especially given the high company valuation.

The product design also didn’t appeal to them, contributing to their reluctance. As a result, the Brumachen team left the tank without a deal.

Following their Shark Tank appearance, the Brumachen portable coffee maker continues to be sold on their website.

Based on the Sharks ‘ feedback, the team is likely focused on improving the design and reducing costs. The biodegradable coffee pods also present a standalone business opportunity that might be explored further.

What Happened To Brumachen After Shark Tank?

After their appearance on Shark Tank, where they didn’t manage to secure a deal, the creators of the Brumachen portable coffee maker continued to run their business. The product is currently being sold on the company’s website.

Despite not making a deal with the Sharks, the experience on the show provided valuable feedback and exposure that could impact the business positively.

In addition to the product’s design, the Sharks commented on its functionality. Given this, the team behind Brumachen is likely working on improving the design of their portable coffee maker to make it more appealing to a wider customer base. 

The Sharks advised the Brumachen team to consider lowering the cost of the product. This feedback could lead the company to reassess its pricing strategy and find ways to offer the product at a more competitive price.

The Brumachen team also discussed their innovative biodegradable coffee pods on the show. These eco-friendly pods could have a market of their own, and there might be further developments in this direction as the team explores the potential of this separate business opportunity.

The brand ambassador, Ross Smith, promised his social media influence could generate over a million free impressions for the product. They have likely used his extensive social media reach to promote the product and generate more sales.

Brumachen Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, Brumachen did not secure a deal with the Sharks. Despite not receiving funding, the episode provided them with significant promotion. In the weeks following the episode’s release, Brumachen likely experienced a boost in sales.

However, Brumachen faced challenges delivering their products to backers who supported their Kickstarter campaign. Many customers expressed frustration over the non-delivery of their purchased items and encountered difficulties communicating with the company regarding replacements or refunds.

Brumachen Shark Tank Update | Brumachen Net Worth

The social media accounts associated with Brumachen have been inactive since their Shark Tank appearance. Additionally, their website shows that products are sold out, and they are not taking any orders.

The business is unclear whether it is still operating or experiencing difficulties fulfilling orders and maintaining its presence. The net worth of Brumachen cannot be accurately determined at this time.

While the company’s founder estimated a valuation of $10 million during their Shark Tank pitch, the number of sales made in 2021 did not align with this valuation.

In summary, what has happened to Brumachen after their appearance on Shark Tank is uncertain. The company faced challenges in delivering products to backers, and its online presence has been dormant. The current status of their business remains unclear.

Is Brumachen Still In Business?

Our research shows that Brumachen is out of business. Brumachen’s social media handles have not been active since January 2021.

There are also complaints from backers of their Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns who have not received their products or responses from the company.

It is difficult to determine the current status of Brumachen’s business, but there are indications that it may not be operating at this time.

What Is the Net Worth Of Brumachen?

According to our research, the net worth of Brumachen is $0 since the company status is unavailable. The valuation of Brumachen was $10 million when it appeared on Shark Tank.