Proof Eyewear Shark Tank Net Worth

Proof Eyewear is an eyewear brand that had a memorable appearance on Season 4 of the reality show Shark Tank. It was founded by three brothers in Idaho, namely Brooks, Tanner, and Taylor Dame, who launched the company in 2010 with a dedication to quality and sustainability.

Proof Eyewear stands out from other eyewear companies by offering a selection of glasses handcrafted from sustainable materials. They primarily utilize FSC-certified wood, cotton-based acetate, recycled aluminum, and repurposed skateboard decks.

This gives each pair of glasses a distinct, earthy aesthetic, unlike most plastic or metal frames on the market. Each piece is designed with an eye for modern style trends, from sunglasses to prescription glasses, while focusing on comfort and durability. 

Despite the natural materials, the eyewear is not lacking in functionality or technological features. The sunglasses have polarized lenses to protect the wearer from harmful UV rays, and they offer anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings for their prescription lenses.

Moreover, the company’s wooden frames are uniquely conditioned to be water- and sweat-resistant, a feature rare in wooden eyewear products.

Proof Eyewear is a good choice for consumers due to its commitment to sustainability. Consumers can choose a product like Proof Eyewear that aligns with their values in a world where environmental consciousness is more important than ever.

Plus, a portion of every sale goes towards supporting people in need through the company’s Do Good Program, which has contributed to causes worldwide, including health and vision projects. 

Proof Eyewear’s quality and design are also compelling reasons to choose it. The glasses offer an aesthetic that allows wearers to stand out from the crowd. They are a testament to the artistry of merging sustainability, style, and functionality.

Lastly, the fact that Proof Eyewear has withstood the test of time and the scrutiny of the Shark Tank judges speaks to the validity of its business model and the appeal of its products.

As a testament to their impact, they have expanded their product line to include accessories such as beanies and hats, further promoting their commitment to sustainability and style.

Company NameProof Eyewear
EntrepreneurTanner Dame, Taylor Dame, and Brooks Dame
ProductEyeglasses and sunglasses frames made of wood and acetate
Investment Asking For$150,000 For 10% equity in Proof Eyewear
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Proof Eyewear Episode Season 4, Episode 17
Proof Eyewear Business StatusIn Business
Proof Eyewear WebsiteProof Eyewear Website
Proof Eyewear Net Worth$7.5 Million

What Is Proof Eyewear?

Proof Eyewear is a company that specializes in producing sustainable, handcrafted eyewear. The company uses eco-friendly materials to create its glasses and sunglasses, including FSC-certified wood, cotton-based acetate, recycled aluminum, and repurposed skateboard decks.

Proof Eyewear specializes in crafting sustainable and handcrafted eyewear. Established in 2010, the company utilizes eco-friendly materials like cotton-based acetate, FSC-certified wood, repurposed skateboard decks, and recycled aluminum.

Proof Eyewear

The company’s line of products includes both glasses and sunglasses. Proof Eyewear was founded in Idaho by three brothers, Tanner, Brooks, and Taylor Dame, and has grown significantly online, with products sold in over 20 countries.

Who Is The Founder Of Proof Eyewear?

Three brothers from Idaho founded Proof Eyewear: Brooks, Tanner, and Taylor Dame. Their family had been in the sawmill industry for decades, which was the foundation for their venture into sustainable eyewear. 

The Dame brothers were born and raised in a family greatly influenced by the wood industry, making them aware of various types of wood and its properties. This upbringing played a pivotal role in conceiving the idea for Proof Eyewear.

They wanted to leverage their knowledge and resources in a novel, profitable way that positively impacted the environment. The idea for Proof Eyewear originated when Brooks worked on a humanitarian project in India in 2010.

He saw the potential for a business that could incorporate the sustainable practices he saw abroad with his family’s history in wood products.

Brooks, along with Tanner and Taylor, started experimenting with this concept, and soon, Proof Eyewear was born. They saw an opportunity to stand out in the eyewear industry by offering products made from sustainable materials.

Proof Eyewear

Before appearing on Shark Tank, the Dame brothers had already started to build their brand and make their mark in the eyewear industry. They launched their first eyewear line in 2011, selling the frames online and in a few local shops.

Their business grew steadily as their products were recognized for quality, design, and sustainability. By 2013, Proof Eyewear was available in more than 20 countries worldwide. 

Their appearance on Shark Tank in 2013 provided a platform to bring their sustainable eyewear to a broader audience.

While they did not secure a deal with any of the Sharks, the exposure provided by the show gave their business a significant boost and allowed them to continue expanding their product line and market reach.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Proof Eyewear?

When Proof Eyewear founders Brooks, Tanner, and Taylor Dame took the stage on Shark Tank in 2013, they came in confidently, presenting their sustainable product line enthusiastically. 

The brothers pitched their eco-friendly eyewear business, outlining their commitment to sustainability, quality craftsmanship, and a direct-to-consumer sales model.

They explained how they were taking a new approach to eyewear, integrating their family’s heritage in the wood industry with their dedication to environmental conservation.

Each pair of glasses, they explained, was made from sustainable materials like FSC-certified wood, cotton-based acetate, recycled aluminum, and even repurposed skateboard decks. 

Regarding their financials, the Dame brothers revealed they had achieved $150,000 in sales in their first year, and in their second year, sales were projected to reach $450,000.

They reached out to the Shark Tank seeking a $150,000 investment in exchange for a 10% stake in the business, valuing Proof Eyewear at $1.5 million.

The Sharks were impressed with Proof Eyewear’s unique and sustainable products, made from wood, recycled plastics, and old skateboard decks. They acknowledged the brand’s popularity among celebrities and its presence in magazines.

The Sharks were intrigued by the fact that each pair of Proof sunglasses was one-of-a-kind due to the natural variations in the wood grain. They were impressed by Proof’s sales of $434,000 and recognized the growth potential.

Some Sharks were concerned about the company’s ability to scale and meet demand, particularly with a large retailer like Pac Sun expressing interest.

Lori, who has experience in the sunglasses industry, had to pass on the opportunity due to a conflict of interest.

Kevin offered a deal of $150,000 for 25% equity with specific terms for recovering his investment.

Robert also offered $150,000 for 25% equity, emphasizing his commitment to the growth and health of the business.

The Dame brothers stepped out to make a phone call and ultimately rejected both offers, valuing their company too highly to give up 25% equity.

Daymond felt that the brothers made the right decision by not accepting an offer that undervalued their company and potentially limited their growth.

Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, Proof Eyewear experienced significant growth after the show, with sales reaching $1.4 million.

They opened a brick-and-mortar store in Boise, Idaho, and expanded their product line to include glasses made from recycled aluminum.

Proof Eyewear currently offers three types of glasses: wood, recycled aluminum, and acetate, both prescription and nonprescription.

They have a strong online presence, with a variety of frames available on their website and discounts for customers. Their glasses are also sold through various vendors across the United States.

While some customers have reported quality issues, Proof Eyewear generally has positive reviews, with a 4.3-star rating on Google.

Final Deal: No deal between Proof Eyewear and Sharks.

What Happened To Proof Eyewear After Shark Tank?

After their appearance on Shark Tank, Proof Eyewear continued to grow and thrive. While they didn’t secure an investment deal from any of the Sharks, the exposure they gained from the show significantly boosted their business, helping them expand their customer base.

The company experienced a substantial surge in sales following the episode’s airing, which helped to solidify its presence in the eyewear industry. They continued with their designs and materials, producing new eyewear lines and expanding into other accessories. 

Proof Eyewear maintained its core values of quality craftsmanship, sustainability, and positive social impact. Their Do Good Program, through which they donate a portion of each sale to various humanitarian projects, has allowed them to contribute to global causes, including health and vision projects, reforestation efforts, and educational initiatives.

The company also expanded its retail presence. Proof Eyewear products, initially sold online and in select local shops, are now available in stores across the United States and over 20 countries worldwide.

They’ve also developed collaborations with several companies, celebrities, and influencers, further expanding their reach and influence in the market.

Proof Eyewear has maintained its unique position in the eyewear industry. Their dedication to environmental sustainability, quality products, and unique designs have allowed them to stand out from their competition and create a strong, distinct brand.

Proof Eyewear Shark Tank Update

Following their appearance on Shark Tank, Proof Eyewear, founded by the Dame brothers, experienced significant growth and success. Despite not securing a deal from the Sharks, their exposure on the show boosted their sales and brand recognition.

They expanded globally, offering a range of sustainable eyewear crafted from materials like wood, recycled plastics, and skateboard decks.

The company’s commitment to sustainability remained strong, evident through collaborations, philanthropic efforts, and the launch of new designs.

Sales soared from $433,000 to $1.4 million post-show, projected to reach $2.5 million by a later year. They launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for aluminum glasses and continued to sponsor events.

Proof Eyewear

By 2023, Proof Eyewear’s annual revenue had reached an impressive $6 million. Their flagship store in Boise, Idaho, maintained a presence alongside numerous global retail outlets.

The brand’s unique focus on sustainability, craftsmanship, and philanthropy contributed to its growth and popularity, reflecting its resilience and successful journey beyond Shark Tank.

Is Proof Eyewear Still In Business?

Our research shows that Proof Eyewear is still in business. Founded in 2010 by the Dame Brothers, the company has continued to thrive and expand. They specialize in crafting sustainable eyewear using materials like wood, biodegradable acetate, and recycled aluminum.

While they did not secure a deal on Shark Tank, Proof Eyewear has grown its brand and operations independently. They rejected investment offers to focus on organic growth and their commitment to sustainability.

The company’s revenue has increased significantly, with an estimated annual revenue of around $6 million. They have expanded their global presence, opened a physical store, and continue offering online eyewear products.

The brand’s emphasis on sustainability, craftsmanship, and giving back has contributed to its continued success and presence in the market.

What Is the Net Worth of Proof Eyewear?

According to our research, the net worth of Proof Eyewear is estimated to be $7.5 million. The valuation of Proof Eyewear was $1.5 million when it appeared on Shark Tank.