MinusCal Shark Tank Update | MinusCal Net Worth

MinusCal is a dietary supplement featured on an episode of the television show Shark Tank. It is marketed as a product that can help individuals lose weight by reducing the number of calories that their bodies absorb from food.

MinusCal is a weight loss product that appeared on Shark Tank. The product is a powdered supplement designed to help individuals lose weight by reducing the calories absorbed from consumed foods.

MinusCal contains a natural ingredient called Phase 2, extracted from white kidney beans. Phase 2 blocks the enzyme alpha-amylase, which breaks down carbohydrates in the body. 

By blocking this enzyme, MinusCal claims to prevent some of the carbohydrates in food from being absorbed, resulting in fewer calories being taken in by the body.

The creators of MinusCal pitched their product to the investors on Shark Tank, hoping to secure funding for their business. While some investors were interested in the product, ultimately, none decided to invest in MinusCal.

Company NameMinusCal
EntrepreneurCrom Carmichael and Barrett Jacques
Product / BusinessDiet tablets and snacks based on science
Investment Asking For$500,000 For 20% equity in MinusCal
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 11, Episode 1
Business StatusOut Of Business
WebsiteMinusCal Website

What Is MinusCal?

MinusCal is a snack bar designed to help people lose weight. The bars contain a patented ingredient called Choleve, derived from fermented tea extract. This ingredient is claimed to help block the absorption of fat in the body, aiding in weight loss.

MinusCal is marketed to reduce the number of calories absorbed from meals by up to 30%. It is made from a patented ingredient called FBCx, derived from natural sources such as corn and sugarcane. 

MinusCal claims to work by binding to dietary fats in the digestive system, preventing them from being absorbed. While there is some evidence to support the effectiveness of FBCx in reducing calorie absorption, the product has not been extensively studied.

MinusCal Shark Tank Update | MinusCal Net Worth

MinusCal snack bars are positioned as a healthier alternative to traditional snack bars, offering a lower-calorie option that still provides essential nutrients, such as protein and fiber. 

MinusCal comes in various flavors and helps consumers maintain a healthy diet and support their weight loss journey. However, it is essential to remember that these bars should be consumed as part of a balanced diet and exercise regimen for the best results.

Who Is the Founder Of MinusCal?

The co-founders of MinusCal are Barrett Jaques and Crom Carmichael. They developed the product to help people lose weight by reducing the calories their bodies absorb from food. 

Jaques and Carmichael discovered an ingredient called Phase 2, derived from white kidney beans and known to block the digestion of carbohydrates. They formulated MinusCal using Phase 2 and sold it online and in stores.

In 2019, Jaques and Carmichael appeared on “Shark Tank” television to pitch their product to potential investors. MinusCal was in business for several years before the product was featured on Shark Tank.

The company was founded by Barrett Jaques and Crom Carmichael, who created the product to help individuals lose weight by reducing the number of calories their bodies absorb from food.

MinusCal was initially sold through the company’s website and a few retail stores. The product received positive reviews from some customers, who reported weight loss and improved digestion after using it.

Jaques and Carmichael decided to pitch their product on “Shark Tank” to secure funding for their business and expand their reach. While they did not receive an investment from any of the Sharks, the show’s exposure helped increase awareness of MinusCal and drive sales.

How Was the Shark Tank Pitch Of MinusCal?

The Shark Tank pitch of MinusCal took place during Season 11, Episode 1, which aired on September 29, 2019. Barrett Jaques and Crom Carmichael, the founders of MinusCal, presented their weight-loss snack bars to the panel of sharks, explaining the product’s benefits and the science behind their patented ingredient, Choleve.

During the pitch, the founders explained the potential market for their product, given the growing concern for obesity and the demand for healthier snack options. They offered the sharks a chance to invest in their company in exchange for equity.

The sharks showed interest in the product and asked several questions about the bars’ taste, ingredients, and effectiveness. However, they also raised concerns about the competition in the weight-loss market, the pricing, and the patent protection for the Choleve ingredient.

MinusCal bars boasted choleve as their key ingredient, a natural fat-blocking compound derived from fermented green tea.

The bars were available in Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Apple Cinnamon. Additionally, the company sold supplements in pill form that claimed to assist in lowering cholesterol levels.

Despite these assertions, the founders’ pitch and marketing materials were inconsistent. While their banner claimed weight loss benefits from consuming their snacks, their verbal pitch stated that such outcomes were not guaranteed. This discrepancy caused further disinterest among the Sharks.

MinusCal Shark Tank Update | MinusCal Net Worth

As a startup that failed to secure a deal on Shark Tank, you may be curious about what became of the company following its appearance on the show. Here’s what we have discovered in our MinusCal update.

In the end, the MinusCal founders did not secure a deal with any of the sharks, as the investors felt the company valuation was too high and the risks associated with entering the crowded weight-loss market were significant.

Although they did not get a deal on Shark Tank, the exposure from the show helped raise awareness about MinusCal, and the founders continued to work on expanding their product line and growing their business.

Final Deal: No deal between Sharks and MinusCal.

What Happened To MinusCal After Shark Tank?

After the MinusCal founders Barrett Jaques and Crom Carmichael appeared on the television show “Shark Tank,” the company continued to grow and expand its reach.

While the founders did not secure a deal with any Sharks, the show’s exposure helped increase product awareness and drive sales. The company reported a significant increase in website traffic and sales following the episode’s airing.

MinusCal has continued to be available through the company’s website and other retailers. The product has also received additional media attention, including mentions in health and fitness publications and on television programs.

The company has also expanded its product line to include other dietary supplements, such as probiotics and digestive enzymes. MinusCal focused on helping individuals achieve their weight loss goals naturally and safely.

However, even after the appearance on Shark Tank could not help MinusCal, and it was ultimately out of business after a few months of appearing on the show.

MinusCal Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank in 2019, MinusCal received some initial interest and sales from viewers who saw the show. However, the company faced challenges in meeting increased product demand and promptly fulfilling orders.

Despite this initial boost, MinusCal has not experienced significant growth or expansion since appearing on Shark Tank. The company’s website is down, and social media has gone dark. 

The current scenario indicates that MinusCal has ceased operations and shut down the business. Overall, MinusCal has not been able to capitalize on its exposure from appearing on Shark Tank, and it remains a relatively small player in the crowded protein bar market.

Is MinusCal Still In Business?

Before their appearance on Shark Tank, MinusCal had only achieved minimal sales. However, their participation in the show ultimately hurt their sales, so the company ceased operations. 

MinusCal struggled to generate sales, and their appearance on the show detrimentally impacted their popularity and revenue. Consequently, the company was forced to shut down its operations.

The main issue with their product was its higher price point compared to similar snack bars and supplements in the market, which meant there was limited demand for it.

What Is the Net Worth Of MinusCal?

The valuation of MinusCal was $2.5 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of MinusCal is $0 since the company went out of business in 2019.