Bon Affair Shark Tank Update | Bon Affair Net Worth

Bon Affair is a wine spritzer company that gained prominence after appearing on Season 5 of Shark Tank. The brand was established by Jayla Siciliano, who aspired to create a wine that promotes a healthy lifestyle without compromising on taste and quality.

Bon Affair brought the worlds of good health and taste together with this innovative concept. Bon Affair products are characterized by their health-conscious formulation. These wine spritzers are crafted with 100% California wine, purified sparkling water, electrolytes, and no added sugar.

Notably, the product boasts half the calories of regular wine, making it an ideal choice for individuals mindful of their caloric intake. This calorie-conscious formulation does not compromise on the alcohol content, with each serving maintaining a 6.5% ABV (Alcohol by Volume), ensuring consumers still enjoy the relaxation associated with a glass of wine. 

Moreover, Bon Affair wine spritzers come in two variants: Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah, which cater to various palate preferences. The products are sulfate-free, gluten-free, and vegan, ensuring a broad spectrum of consumers can enjoy them.

Bon Affair is a good choice in the wine industry due to its unique proposition of offering a healthier alternative to traditional wine. Its carefully crafted blend of wine and sparkling water balances enjoyment and health consciousness, which resonates with modern consumers’ preferences.

The added electrolytes promote hydration, a feature not common in alcoholic beverages, which often contributes to dehydration. The Bon Affair wine club is ideal for people who appreciate wine but are concerned about their health.

The product’s innovative formulation, in alignment with today’s wellness-oriented culture, ensures that individuals don’t have to compromise their health when indulging in a glass of their favorite wine spritzer.

Company NameBon Affair
EntrepreneurJayla Siciliano
ProductWine spritzer
Investment Asking For$150,000 in exchange for 35% equity in Bon Affair
Final Deal$150,000 in exchange for 35% equity in Bon Affair
SharkMark Cuban
Bon Affair Episode Season 5, Episode 28
Bon Affair Business StatusIn Business
Bon Affair WebsiteVisit Website
Bon Affair Net Worth$0 (As of 2023)

What Is Bon Affair?

Bon Affair is a company that offers low-calorie wine spritzers designed for health-conscious drinkers. Bon Affair is a company that caters to health-conscious drinkers by offering a range of low-calorie wine spritzers. Their innovative approach has created a line of beverages prioritizing wellness without compromising taste.

Bon Affair stands out by providing a guilt-free and refreshing alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages with high calories. Their wine spritzers are carefully crafted to offer a delightful blend of flavors while also being low in calories.

What sets Bon Affair apart is its commitment to using natural and responsibly sourced ingredients. These spritzers are made from premium California wine infused with a hint of electrolytes, purified carbonated water, and a touch of organic grapefruit and cranberry flavors.

The result is a light and bubbly beverage that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also keeps health-conscious individuals in mind. You can enjoy Bon Affair’s wine spritzers without worrying about the calories associated with traditional alcoholic beverages.

Bon Affair Shark Tank Update | Bon Affair Net Worth

Bon Affair allows you to enjoy social gatherings, evenings out, or even personal occasions without sacrificing your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you are watching your waistline or simply prefer a lighter alcoholic beverage, Bon Affair offers a refreshing and guilt-free option. Their dedication to crafting low-calorie wine spritzers has made them a go-to choice for individuals who value taste and wellness. So, raise a glass and toast to Bon Affair’s revolution in healthier drinking.

The concept behind Bon Affair’s products is to provide a wine spritzer that has half the calories of a glass of wine and is filled with electrolytes that won’t leave you feeling sluggish. 

Siciliano developed the idea for Bon Affair after working as a product expert for Burton Snowboards and attending numerous work functions where she wanted a drink that wouldn’t leave her feeling hungover the next day.

She created her wine spritzer with added electrolytes and developed a white Sauvignon Blanc and a red Syrah wine.

Who Is The Founder Of Bon Affair?

The founder of Bon Affair is Jayla Siciliano, a dynamic entrepreneur with a passion for wine and a dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Siciliano holds a degree from the University of Colorado and an MBA from San Diego State University.

Before starting Bon Affair, she worked in the product development department for brands such as Oakley and Burton Snowboards. This experience equipped her with valuable business, marketing, and product design skills, which proved instrumental in developing her own company.

Siciliano conceived the idea of Bon Affair out of personal need. As someone who loved to enjoy a glass of wine after work and valued fitness and health, she found it difficult to reconcile these two aspects of her lifestyle.

The available wine options were often high in calories and sugar, contradicting her health-conscious mindset. The lack of healthier alternatives on the market led her to develop her solution – a wine spritzer that delivers the enjoyment of wine without compromising health.

Before its appearance on Shark Tank, Bon Affair had a challenging journey. Siciliano started the company in 2012, investing her savings and securing additional funding through a Kickstarter campaign.

Developing a product that maintained the essence of wine yet was half the calories and added health benefits was no easy feat. The product underwent rigorous testing and fine-tuning before being ready for the market.

Bon Affair attracted some attention upon launch, but breaking into the highly competitive wine industry was a tall order. However, the exposure and investment gained from appearing on Shark Tank significantly boosted the brand’s popularity.

The Bon Affair pitch was well received by the Sharks, especially by billionaire Mark Cuban, who saw potential in Siciliano’s vision and decided to invest in the company. This marked a pivotal moment in Bon Affair’s history, setting the stage for its growth and success in the subsequent years.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Bon Affair?

Jayla Siciliano, the founder of Bon Affair, appeared on Season 5 of Shark Tank with a clear vision for her wine spritzer brand. Siciliano walked onto the stage with a well-prepared pitch, asking for a $150,000 investment in exchange for 35% equity in her company, valuing Bon Affair at $425,000. 

In her pitch, Siciliano described her product as the ultimate wine spritzer that added a healthy twist to the traditional wine market.

She emphasized that Bon Affair was made with 100% California wine, contained no sugar, was sulfite-free, and included electrolytes, offering a healthier alternative to conventional wine.

Siciliano didn’t shy away from letting the Sharks taste her product, providing samples of both the Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah variants. The Sharks were initially impressed by Siciliano’s passion and commitment to her brand. However, they also had some concerns.

Kevin O’Leary, often known as “Mr. Wonderful,” was skeptical about the wine industry’s competitive nature and Bon Affair’s challenges in carving out a unique niche. Barbara Corcoran raised concerns about the product’s taste, stating that she didn’t like it.

On the other hand, Lori Greiner appreciated the taste and the brand’s potential but was unsure about the financial viability and return on investment.

However, the billionaire investor, Mark Cuban, saw potential in Siciliano’s vision and the unique market space her product was carving out. Cuban decided to invest in the company but with a counteroffer.

He proposed $150,000 for a 35% stake in the company, with the condition that he would get his investment back through the company’s future distributions. 

This offer aligned with Siciliano’s vision and needs for Bon Affair. She accepted Cuban’s deal, gaining the needed capital to expand her business and a valuable partner with extensive experience and connections in the business world.

The Shark Tank appearance significantly boosted Bon Affair, giving it the exposure and financial backing required to make a notable impact in the wine industry.

Final Deal: Bon Affair Secured an investment of $150,000 for a 35% stake in the company from Mark Cuban.

What Happened To Bon Affair After Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank and securing Mark Cuban’s investment, Bon Affair experienced a significant increase in visibility and growth. The brand received widespread exposure, leading to an increase in both online and retail sales.

The investment also allowed Siciliano to fund further product development and expansion, improving the product range and distribution.

Mark Cuban’s involvement proved instrumental in opening new avenues for the company. Through his extensive network and business acumen, he helped Siciliano navigate the complexities of the wine industry, negotiate better deals, and establish strategic partnerships.

After appearing on Shark Tank, Bon Affair expanded its retail presence significantly, moving beyond direct-to-consumer sales and securing shelf space in major retail stores. They could gain distribution in large, reputable chains, reaching a wider consumer base. 

The company managed to carve out a niche in the wine market, offering a unique product that catered to health-conscious consumers.

While the journey was challenging, Bon Affair’s appearance on Shark Tank was a crucial turning point, propelling the brand towards greater success and recognition in the industry.

However, Bon Affair faced challenges and shut down in 2016.

Bon Affair Shark Tank Update

After appearing on “Shark Tank,” Bon Affair, a low-calorie wine spritzer company founded by Jayla Siciliano, experienced both ups and downs. In 2016, the company faced profitability challenges due to reinvestment and struggled to achieve sustained profitability.

Siciliano sought a distribution partnership and had to devalue other investors’ shares to attract new investors. Bon Affair briefly sold its wine on platforms like Amazon and Drizly before shutting down in 2016.

Bon Affair Shark Tank Update | Bon Affair Net Worth

However, it’s important to note that the information above refers to the company’s status until 2016. Since then, there have been updates on Bon Affair’s progress.

The company offers Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah Wine Spritzer, although the previously available ‘Vice Meets Virtue’ White Wine Spritzer and Red Wine Spritzer are currently unavailable. Bon Affair’s products are at various retailers, including Quality Liquor Store and Goody Goody.

Is Bon Affair Still In Business?

Our research shows Bon Affair is out of business as of 2023. Bon Affair shut down in 2016 due to financial challenges and profitability issues. 

What Is the Net Worth Of Bon Affair?

According to our research, the net worth of Bon Affair has been $0 since the company went out of business in 2016. The valuation of Bon Affair was $425,000 after securing an investment from Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.

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