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Elephant Chat, featured on Season 5 of the popular business-themed reality TV show Shark Tank, is an innovative communication tool designed to help couples address and resolve issues that are often challenging to discuss. 

The product, named for the metaphorical “elephant in the room,” symbolizes those complex or uncomfortable topics that people generally try to avoid in conversations, particularly within intimate relationships.

The Elephant Chat product is a stylishly designed acrylic elephant figurine in a display box. The concept is simple yet profound. When a partner has a topic they wish to discuss that they’re finding difficult to address, they place the elephant out of the box and into view.

This signals to the other partner that something important needs to be addressed, creating a safe space for these tough conversations. Elephant Chat is more than just a tangible object; it’s a tool that fosters open, honest, and compassionate communication.

Elephant Chat allows for recognizing and discussing the “elephant in the room” without confrontation or the fear of upsetting one’s partner. This method encourages more thoughtful, respectful dialogue, as moving the elephant from its box is a visual reminder that the conversation should be treated with care and understanding.

Elephant Chat is critical in initiating difficult conversations by acting as a silent trigger. It removes the burden of finding the right words to start a sensitive conversation, mitigating the chance of an argument even before it begins. 

This feature makes it a valuable asset for couples looking to improve their communication skills and deepen their emotional connection. Elephant Chat’s innovative approach to facilitating difficult conversations makes it a good choice for couples seeking healthier and more effective communication strategies. 

The process promotes understanding, empathy, and stronger relationships by providing a safe and non-confrontational environment to discuss sensitive topics. It’s a product that combines a physical object’s tangibility with emotional communication’s intangibility, making it a unique solution for tackling the “elephant in the room.”

Company NameElephant Chat
EntrepreneurAmanda and Jason Adams
ProductA tool for couples to communicate
Investment Asking For$50,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in Elephant Chat
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Elephant Cha Episode Season 5, Episode 6
Business StatusOut Of Business
Elephant Cha WebsiteVisit Website

What Is Elephant Chat?

Elephant Chat is an innovative communication platform that enhances interpersonal relationships by addressing the metaphorical “elephant in the room.” 

Elephant Chat encourages users to engage in open and honest dialogues by providing a unique and safe environment, fostering mutual understanding and respect between participants.

The concept of Elephant Chat revolves around its distinguishing feature to provide transparency and accountability in communication, enabling users to discuss potentially sensitive or challenging subjects constructively. 

Elephant Chat Shark Tank Update

Elephant Chat integrates with everyday lives, bridging the gap between the virtual and physical worlds while maintaining high privacy and confidentiality. Elephant Chat promotes harmony, tolerance, and empathy through genuine conversations, individual growth, and enrichment.

The need for platforms like Elephant Chat has become increasingly apparent as the world evolves and social barriers are redefined. Elephant Chat empowers individuals and communities alike to confront the “elephants” in their lives and create more honest, fulfilling, and meaningful relationships.

Elephant Chat illustrates the transformative potential of dialogue, paving the way for a united, understanding, and collaborative future by facilitating sincere and empathetic communication.

Who Is The Founder Of Elephant Chat?

The founders of Elephant Chat are Jason and Amanda Adams, a married couple who have personally experienced communication challenges in a relationship. Jason, a serial entrepreneur, and Amanda, a marketing professional, brought their diverse skill sets together to create Elephant Chat, making it a unique amalgamation of innovative thinking and strategic promotion.

The idea for Elephant Chat was conceived when Jason and Amanda recognized a common problem in their relationship and those of many others: the struggle to bring up and discuss uncomfortable or contentious topics. 

They realized that many people, including themselves, often avoided discussing the “elephant in the room” for fear of initiating an argument or creating tension. The couple brainstormed ways to alleviate this issue, ultimately leading to the conception of Elephant Chat.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, the Adams worked diligently to bring their concept to life. They went through multiple product iterations, refining it based on feedback and their experiences. 

They utilized their professional backgrounds, with Jason leveraging his entrepreneurial expertise to structure the business and Amanda applying her marketing skills to promote the product.

While Elephant Chat had gained some traction and positive feedback before its appearance on Shark Tank, the couple saw the show as an opportunity to scale the business and bring the product to a wider audience.

The founders had a clear vision for their company, as they understood the potential impact of open and respectful communication on relationships. They hoped to demonstrate this vision to the ‘Sharks’ and the wider viewing public through their pitch, aiming to expand the reach of Elephant Chat and help more couples navigate the often tricky path of relationship communication.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Elephant Chat?

Entrepreneurs Jason and Amanda Adams pitched Elephant Chat on Shark Tank, seeking an investment of $50,000 for a 20% stake in their business, valuing Elephant Chat at $250,000.

The couple introduced their product, an acrylic box containing a stuffed elephant, as a visual cue for couples to signal the need for a conversation about a contentious issue – the “elephant in the room.” 

Elephant Chat stipulates that only the person holding the elephant can speak, ensuring a balanced conversation. However, the Sharks reacted differently to the product and its value proposition. 

Robert Herjavec inquired about the couple’s marital experience and professional background, wondering if they were therapists, to which they responded negatively. 

Daymond John humorously pointed out a marital rule, highlighting the light-hearted approach to a typically uncomfortable situation. 

The cost of manufacturing and selling the product was a concern; the initial 500 units cost $22 each and were sold for $59, which Daymond and Lori Greiner found expensive for such a straightforward product. 

Lori particularly expressed concern over the high cost of the product, stating that start-ups should aim to keep costs low and price points affordable to minimize risk and increase marketability. 

She ultimately deemed Elephant Chat non-affordable and non-marketable, thus withdrawing her interest. Kevin O’Leary echoed these sentiments, viewing the discrepancy between production cost and retail price as a rip-off for consumers, leading him to bow out of the potential deal decisively.

While acknowledging the couple’s good intentions, Robert felt the product might not work as effectively as intended, especially for long-standing relationships. He also bowed out of the deal, followed by Daymond, who humorously stated that seeing the Elephant Chat would prompt him to avoid potential confrontation rather than engage in it. 

Mark Cuban took a different stance, arguing that the product could be even more expensive given its focus on conflict resolution, a critical aspect of counseling. However, he felt the product wasn’t where it needed to be and declined to invest. 

Jason and Amanda Adams ultimately left the Shark Tank without securing an investment. Unfortunately, after the show, their product did not succeed, and Elephant Chat is no longer available for purchase.

The high production cost, high retail price, and perceived product ineffectiveness contributed to its failure. The episode is a stark reminder that a unique concept must be realistically marketable and valuable to consumers to succeed.

What Happened To Elephant Chat After Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, Elephant Chat, unfortunately, did not fare well in the market. The founders, Jason and Amanda Adams, did not secure an investment from the Sharks, which may have played a part in the following difficulties.

Despite the product’s exposure on the show, the high production costs and retail price limited its appeal to potential customers. The unique concept, while resonating with some, was generally seen as too simplistic or ineffective to warrant the price tag.

Consumers struggled to justify paying $59 for what essentially amounted to a small stuffed elephant in a box, despite its symbolic value for facilitating communication in relationships.

After appearing on Shark Tank, Elephant Chat was met with substantial criticism, and the product eventually ceased to exist. Elephant Chat was no longer available for purchase, and the product had no active website or social media presence.

The ultimate fate of Elephant Chat serves as a reminder that while innovative ideas are important, the practical aspects of production costs, pricing, and market demand are crucial for a product’s survival and success in the market. Elephant Chat failed to balance concept and commercial viability despite its initial promise.

Elephant Chat Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, Elephant Chat, a stuffed animal designed for facilitating serious conversations between partners, faced a challenging journey. The founders, Jason and Amanda Adams, created Elephant Chat to address important but often ignored topics, symbolized by the “elephant in the room.” 

Unfortunately, despite their appearance on the show and seeking a $50,000 investment for a 20% stake, Elephant Chat failed to secure a deal with the Sharks. This setback, combined with the high production cost and the availability of less expensive alternatives, ultimately led to the downfall of Elephant Chat’s business.

Additionally, Jason and Amanda Adams’ relationship ended in divorce, further impacting the availability of their product. As a result, Elephant Chat is considered a notable failure on Shark Tank, and its products are no longer available for sale.

Is Elephant Chat Still In Business?

No, Elephant Chat is no longer in business. The company was founded by Jason and Amanda Adams in 2013. They appeared on Shark Tank in Season 5, Episode 6, seeking $50,000 for 20% of their company. The Sharks were not interested in investing, and Elephant Chat went out of business shortly after.

There are a few reasons why Elephant Chat failed. First, the product was too expensive. The elephant was made of high-quality materials, but it cost $59, more than most people would pay for a stuffed animal. Second, the product was common. 

Elephant Chat Shark Tank Update

Other products on the market serve the same purpose as Elephant Chat, such as the Talk to Me Elmo and the My Buddy doll. Finally, the company’s marketing was not effective. The Adamses did not explain why their product was different from the competition, and they did not reach their target audience.

The failure of Elephant Chat is a cautionary tale for entrepreneurs. It is important to research and ensure that your product is unique and has a market. You also need to have a strong marketing plan in place. If you can do these things, you will be more likely to succeed in business.

What Is the Net Worth Of Elephant Chat?

Elephant Chat’s valuation was $250,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank. Elephant Chat is no longer in business and has no net worth.