What Happened To ScreenMend After Shark Tank?

What Is ScreenMend?

ScreenMend is a DIY screen repair kit you can use to repair several types of screens. It is easy to use to mend screens using ScreenMend.

It is suitable for repairing small tears in window and door screens, tent netting, and swimming pool screens, among other things.

Wax and heat from a hairdryer adhere the ScreenMend patches to surfaces.

You will be able to restore the old screen to its original form in seconds. Patches from ScreenMend are designed to endure weather conditions.

ScreenMend Shark Tank Update

It’s best to cut the sheet larger than the hole you repair before using it. When the patch is aligned on the screen, use a blow dryer for 30 seconds to apply heat.

When the blow dryer heats the wax, it melts, allowing the patch to attach to the screen.

Wax hardens in seconds, and you can use your screen right away. If necessary, you can reposition your patch. You should adjust any adjustments necessary by reheating your patch.

Company NameScreenMend
EntrepreneurBrian Hooks, Lilly Hooks, and Emma Hooks
Product / BusinessSimple, inexpensive patch for repairing window screens
Investment Asking For$30,000 for 25% equity in ScreenMend
Final Deal$30,000 for 50% equity in ScreenMend
SharkLori Greiner
Episode Season 5 Episode 4
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of ScreenMend?

The founder of ScreenMend is Brad Hooks, who was inspired to develop the solution when fixing his screen.

He used candle wax instead of adhesive patches when his daughter Lily suggested they were not sticking to the screen.

This was the beginning of the great thought. Lily Hooks and her sister Emma Hooks, two of ScreenMend’s co-founders, are still active in the company today.

Lily earned a bachelor’s degree in communication and sales from the University of Alabama.

ScreenMend was not an instant “aha!” moment as it appeared. They experimented with various techniques to turn wax into a stick the whole day during the first class.

Lilly admits that making a company wasn’t an idea she had until almost a year after they realized the patch was still intact.

ScreenMend Before Shark Tank

The creators of ScreenMend developed the product in response to the common problem of patching a screen.

When Lily and Emma appeared on the show, they were only twelve and fifteen, but they had developed a profitable product receiving interest from retailers.

Lily, their younger sister, suggested using a waxed screen since their father kept losing the patch he was using to repair the screen.

They realized they had found a solution after using the patch for more than a year. They began making the product at home.

ScreenMend had sold only $4,000 worth of goods before appearing on the show.

Moreover, the business held a provisional patent but not a utility patent since all profits had been redirected into the business.

They submitted a video audition for Shark Tank, needed assistance in several areas, and were chosen to appear in season five.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of ScreenMend?

The Hooks family appeared on Shark Tank seeking an investment of $30,000 for a 25% stake in ScreenMend.

Final Deal: Lori Greiner agreed to invest $30,000 for 50% equity in ScreenMend.

What Happened To ScreenMend After Shark Tank?

Lori honored her word following the Tank, and with her assistance and the Shark Tank effect, Screenmend has grown into a profitable business.

Lori purchased the product on QVC, which sold out immediately upon airing. Lori also repackaged them and secured Screenmend’s placement in Bed Bath & Beyond, as she had done for many of her previous clients.

The Hooks family has earned over $3 million since the show went on air over two years ago, a significant increase over their previous earnings.

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The Sharks’ contribution to Screenmend is a good example of what they offer in addition to money.

Giving away 50% of a company would seem ridiculous to many, especially if the product offers the promise that Screenmend did.

However, the investment will be well worth it if Lori can assist the family with achieving goals that other businesses would only be dreaming of.

Screenmend continues to develop as they expand into new stores and is one of the many Shark Tank family success stories.

Currently, Screenmend can be purchased directly from the company’s website at www.screenmend.com and through Amazon and QVC. The product is available from Bed Bath and Beyond and Staples.

Screenmend has received a mixed response on sites like Amazon. Some users complained that the patch does not last as long as expected and that the device is susceptible to environmental conditions such as heat.

Many users report that their patches lasted for prolonged periods and that the straightforward solution is far superior to alternatives.

Lori has recently stated, however, that FiberFix has helped update this product. It should be no surprise that the product can only function effectively if all instructions are followed.

Screenmend had more than $1,000,000 in revenue one year after appearing on Shark Tank. Today, the company generates over $3 million in revenue annually.

ScreenMend Shark Tank Update

Lori signed an agreement with ScreenMend, and the company sold a unit per minute for the whole week following the event.

ScreenMend has a significant retail presence and its own “in-house manufacturing.” The Shark Tank had an interview with Screenmend Update that includes all details.

ScreenMend has generated over $900,000 in revenue after appearing on Shark Tank, and Lori is moving them to a new manufacturing facility.

ScreenMend has also developed a mobile application!

ScreenMend Shark Tank Update

ScreenMend was acquired by Spark Innovations, LLC in 2016 for an undisclosed amount. Spark Innovations, LLC develops and markets consumer goods brands.

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ScreenMend expects to generate $5 million in yearly sales as of June 2022.

Is ScreenMend Still In Business?

ScreenMend is still in business as of June 2022, with annual revenue of $5 million.

What Is the Net Worth of ScreenMend?

The valuation of ScreenMend was $120,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank.

The net worth of ScreenMend is above $5 Million as of June 2022, with increased revenue and acquisition by Spark Innovations.

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