StepNPull Shark Tank Update

Revolutionizing Door Accessibility and Hygiene with StepNpull: A Contactless Solution for Modern Environments

StepNpull is a device that allows users to open swinging doors by using their feet rather than their hands, which Mike Sewell presented in episode 19 of Shark Tank season 12.

StepNpull is a cost-effective and user-friendly foot door opener designed to provide a touchless solution for opening latch-less commercial wood or metal doors, particularly in public restroom settings.

StepNpull’s hands-free door opener, established in 2007, is ADA-compliant and UL Certified, ensuring a sanitary environment by minimizing the spread of germs commonly found on door handles.

Easy to install in under 5 minutes, StepNpull offers a stylish and practical way to promote hygiene and convenience for customers.

Mike, Ron Ely, and Kelly Coddington first crossed paths in the 1990s while working together at Mike’s workplace, where they formed a close bond as friends and colleagues.

Revolutionizing Door Accessibility and Hygiene with StepNpull: A Contactless Solution for Modern Environments

Mike Sewell founded StepNpull after observing people touch restroom door handles with paper towels to avoid direct contact in 2007. Mike developed a foot-activated door opener after realizing the potential to reduce germ transmission.

With the collaborative effort of his friends, they developed a simple yet effective prototype. Starting from their garage, they gradually expanded the business by selling to major corporations and distributors worldwide.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic brought a surge in demand for StepNpull as awareness of surface-borne viruses increased.

The product, a patented piece of extruded aluminum shaped like an L, allows for hands-free door opening by foot, minimizing germ transfer risks.

StepNpull’s success lies in its ability to provide a contactless solution for opening doors, complementing existing touchless restroom features like flushing systems and sinks.

The product’s availability in various colors caters to diverse settings, from large organizations and airlines to public institutions and retail outlets like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Amazon.

Designed to meet ADA standards, StepNpull can be easily installed on any latch-less commercial door, promoting a hygienic and convenient entry method.

The device’s practicality extends beyond germ control, benefiting individuals with limited mobility or carrying items.

Despite operating for close to 14 years, StepNpull continues to innovate and thrive in the current market landscape. The founders, Mike Sewell, Kelly Coddington, and Ron Ely, remain at the helm, steering the company through its growth and expansion.

StepNpull’s journey began with a simple observation in the telecommunications industry, leading to the creation of a groundbreaking touchless door operation product.

Through dedication, teamwork, and innovation, StepNpull has become a trusted solution for promoting hygiene and accessibility in various environments.

StepNPull Innovative Door-Opening Device Secures Major Investment in Shark Tank

Mike presented his business idea on Shark Tank, aiming to secure $300,000 for a 3% stake in StepNPull.

His innovative product involves an actor simulating the need to use the restroom, then effortlessly opening the door upon exiting.

Demonstrating the device’s functionality and distributing samples, Mike highlighted the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the patented product’s success.

The sales figures tell a compelling story: March 2020 saw $1.7 million in revenue, a significant increase compared to the previous annual total of around $35,000.

StepNPull Innovative Door-Opening Device Secures Major Investment in Shark Tank

StepNPull had reached $7 million in sales by the middle of 2020. The production cost per unit ranges from $8 to $9, with a retail price of $29.95.

The Sharks were impressed by the profit margins and financials, leading to multiple offers.

Kevin proposed $300,000 for a 10% stake, while Daymond suggested the same investment for a 12% stake, emphasizing his ability to reduce production costs by collaborating with the International Door Association.

Lori, envisioning an infomercial for promotion, offered $300,000 for a 5% profit share and a 50-cent royalty per unit until she recouped $500,000, followed by a permanent 20-cent royalty.

After Lori’s exit, Daymond adjusted his offer to 7%, agreeing with Mike to settle at 6% in collaboration with Kevin.

Final Deal: Kevin O’Leary agreed to invest $300,000 for 6% equity in StepNpull.

StepNPull’s Success Story After Shark Tank

After their impressive pitch on Shark Tank, StepNPull underwent significant positive transformations in their business operations.

Kevin O’Leary’s investment of $300,000 for a 6% stake in the company provided the necessary financial boost to expand production and enhance marketing strategies.

Collaborating with Kevin, the StepNPull team focused on acquiring more corporate accounts to broaden their customer base effectively.

StepNPull’s appearance on Shark Tank not only amplified its visibility but also capitalized on the heightened hygiene concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to accelerated growth and market expansion both domestically and internationally.

Their highest sales numbers were recorded in March 2020, surpassing the total sales of the previous 13 years in just one month.

In January 2021, Snapchat announced its decision to incorporate StepNPull devices on their corporate office doors, marking a milestone in StepNPull’s journey post-Shark Tank.

This endorsement from a renowned tech giant undeniably bolstered the visibility and credibility of StepNPull’s product in the market.

Since the airing of the Shark Tank episode in April 2021, StepNPull has experienced remarkable growth, shipping products to over 50 countries and selling more than 450,000 units.

Establishing partnerships with major retailers like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards, and Amazon has made StepNPull’s products easily accessible to consumers.

StepNPull's Success Story After Shark Tank

StepNPull’s hands-free door opener tool has been used by notable clients such as Nike, NASA, Ikea, Ford, Google, and Walmart across a wide range of settings, including restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities, offices, retail stores, colleges, universities, convenience stores, and restrooms.

StepNPull generates annual revenue of $2 – $3 million and has garnered positive customer feedback and ratings, particularly on Amazon, reflecting their commitment to quality and innovation.

Co-founder Mike Sewell remains actively engaged in the company’s operations, steering StepNPull toward becoming a prominent player in the commercial hardware industry.

StepNPull’s enduring success amidst the evolving market landscape underscores its resilience and adaptability in meeting consumer needs effectively.

StepNPull is still in business with an estimated net worth of $20 million.