Mini Materials Shark Tank Update | Mini Materials Net Worth

Mini Materials is a company that specializes in creating miniature versions of construction materials and furniture. The company was founded in 2015 by individuals who noticed a lack of high-quality construction miniatures. 

They set out to create realistic versions of common building materials using the same recipes as their larger counterparts, avoiding using plastics and paint. In 2022, Jared Waters purchased the company and continued its work from Portland, Oregon.

Mini Materials offers a wide range of miniature construction materials, including cinder blocks, red bricks, cement, brick mix, and molds for crafting your materials. 

These materials can be used for various purposes, such as creating realistic dioramas, dollhouses, and models, or as teaching tools for math and architecture. The company also offers mini flooring and room boxes for added realism.

In addition to construction materials, Mini Materials has an extensive selection of adorable tiny furniture. The furniture includes mini dressers, dining tables, patio chairs, welcome mats, claw-foot tubs, and miniature drinks like soda and beer. 

The furniture pieces are simple wooden structures that can be painted or customized according to individual preferences.

Mini Materials targets a diverse audience. Their products serve as fidget toys for desks, unique gifts for people who seem to have everything, teaching tools for math and architecture enthusiasts, and hobbyists who enjoy building realistic dioramas, dollhouses, or models.

On episode 06 of season 15 of Shark Tank, Jared Waters appeared as the owner of Mini Materials, seeking a strategic partnership with one of the “sharks.”

Company NameMini Materials
EntrepreneurJared Waters
ProductDioramas, dollhouses, and 2-scale recreations miniatures
Investment Asking For$100,000 for 20% equity in Mini Materials
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Mini Materials Episode Season 15, Episode 06
Mini Materials Business StatusIn Business
Mini Materials WebsiteVisit Website
Mini Materials’ Net Worth$600,000

What Is Mini Materials?

Mini Materials is a company that specializes in creating and selling miniature construction supplies and custom-printed miniatures. They offer various products, including miniature cinder blocks, red bricks, breeze blocks, and pallet coasters, all made to scale.

Mini Materials Shark Tank Update | Mini Materials Net Worth

Mini Materials also provides customization options, allowing customers to add logos or designs to the miniatures. The company is known for its attention to detail and the realistic quality of its products.

Mini Materials have been featured in various publications and have gained popularity among miniature enthusiasts, crafters, and collectors.

Who Is The Founder Of Mini Materials?

The founders of Mini Materials are Mat Hofma and Erik Martinez. Mat Hofma has a background in construction and design, while Erik Martinez has experience in business and marketing. Together, they combined their expertise to create Mini Materials.

The idea for Mini Materials originated when Mat was working on a construction project and noticed the lack of realistic miniature building materials in the market.

He realized that existing options were often made from plastic or painted materials, compromising the miniature structures’ authenticity and quality.

Mat envisioned a company that could fill this gap and provide hobbyists and professionals with miniature building supplies made from the same materials as their full-sized counterparts.

With this vision in mind, Mat and Erik founded Mini Materials in 2015. Their goal was to deliver an authentic experience to customers by using real materials such as cement, wood, and nails in manufacturing.

By handcrafting these small-scale items in the United States, Mini Materials aimed to provide detailed, high-quality miniature supplies that would satisfy the needs of enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Mini Materials had already established itself as a reputable brand in the miniature building industry. The company maintained its commitment to quality and authenticity, offering a broad product spectrum that catered to various construction and hobbyist endeavors. 

Mini Materials provided a wide range of materials required to construct realistic miniature worlds, from concrete blocks and red bricks to different types of lumber.

The company’s products went beyond just building materials. They also produced tiny roadway barriers, traffic signs, and furniture, enabling customers to create comprehensive miniature environments with authentic street signs and functional fingerboard ramps.

Moreover, educators recognized the value of Mini Materials as teaching tools, utilizing them to help students grasp mathematical concepts and architectural principles through physical, tactile aids.

Mini Materials incorporates technology into its product offerings in addition to placing a strong emphasis on material authenticity. Under the ownership of Jared Waters, who took over the company in 2022, Mini Materials began utilizing on-demand manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing, laser cutting, and substrate printing. 

This shift allowed the company to introduce more than 30 new products within six months, showcasing its commitment to innovation and staying at the forefront of the industry.

Even before appearing on Shark Tank, Mini Materials had established itself as an educational platform and an online storefront. 

Their website provides various products and tutorials that guide users through processes like pouring mini cinder blocks or installing miniature flooring. These step-by-step guides empowered hobbyists and professionals to enhance their small-scale projects.

Mini Materials has successfully modernized the niche industry of miniature building materials by providing products and experiences.

Their dedication to material authenticity, commitment to innovation, and educational approach made them a leader in the field even before their appearance on Shark Tank.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Mini Materials?

During the Shark Tank pitch, entrepreneur Jared Waters presented his company, Mini Materials, which specializes in creating miniatures for dollhouses, dioramas, and 2-scale recreations.

He sought a $100,000 investment in exchange for 20% equity in his business, valuing Mini Materials at $500,000.

The Sharks were intrigued by the realistic and high-quality miniatures produced by Mini Materials. 

Kevin O’Leary was particularly impressed, as he had never seen anything like it on Shark Tank in 15 years. However, he questioned the necessity of such products.

Jared explained that a new generation is creating miniature art, and his company caters to their needs. The samples presented by Jared sparked joy among the Sharks.

Mini Materials Shark Tank Update | Mini Materials Net Worth

Despite the positive reception, none of the Sharks made an investment offer. Daymond John dropped out after Jared couldn’t provide information about the average age of their users.

Kevin O’Leary believed the business was too small to be investable, and Lori Greiner found it adorable but not suitable for her.

Robert Herjavec thought Jared could succeed independently but wanted to see something bigger before investing.

Mark Cuban commended Jared but believed it would take years to scale the business, and he didn’t want to embark on such a long journey.

As a result, Jared left Shark Tank without a deal from any of the Sharks.

Shark’s NameInvestment OfferedCounter Offer by FoundersFinal Deal Accepted
Robert HerjavecNo offerN/AN/A
Mark CubanNo offerN/AN/A
Kevin O’LearyNo offerN/AN/A
Lori GreinerNo offerN/AN/A
Daymond JohnNo offerN/AN/A

Summary of Mini Materials Shark Tank Presentation:

  • Jared Waters pitched Mini Materials, a company specializing in miniatures for dollhouses, dioramas, and 2-scale recreations.
  • He sought a $100,000 investment in exchange for 20% equity.
  • The miniatures were praised for their realism and quality.
  • The Sharks were impressed by the samples and acknowledged their appeal but had concerns about scalability and market demand.
  • None of the Sharks made an investment offer.
  • Jared left Shark Tank without a deal.

Did Mini Materials Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

No, Mini Materials did not get a deal on Shark Tank. Despite appearing on the show and pitching their business, none of the Sharks offered to invest in Mini Materials.

What Happened To Mini Materials After Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, Mini Materials experienced significant changes and growth under the leadership of Jared Waters. While they did not close a deal on the show, the exposure and publicity from their appearance helped boost their sales and overall success.

Jared Waters, the new owner of Mini Materials, brought fresh energy and innovation to the company. 

He relocated the operations from Virginia Beach to Portland, Oregon, and introduced new technologies such as laser cutting, substrate printing, and 3D printing. These advancements allowed Mini Materials to expand its product line and introduce 30 new products in six months.

Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, Waters retained Mat Hofma and Erik Polumbo’s primary client base, which includes fingerboarders, model makers, dollhouse designers, diorama builders, STEM/STEAM educators, and model train enthusiasts. This ensured continuity in serving their existing customers while also attracting new ones.

The exposure from their appearance on Shark Tank resulted in a significant increase in website traffic for

The company’s website attracted visitors interested in purchasing miniature construction materials. Mini Materials’ impeccable 5-star rating from over 460 reviews further enhanced their reputation and credibility among potential customers.

It is estimated that Mini Materials would sell at least $50,000 worth of products over the next week following their appearance on Shark Tank. This influx of sales provided a fast return on investment for Jared Waters, who had invested a considerable amount to acquire the company.

Before Waters’ acquisition, skeptics may have considered the market for scaled-down building materials as limited. However, Mini Materials had already proven its worth with a steady monthly income of $20,000, as reported by

With the company’s strategic positioning and the untapped market potential, Mini Materials was poised for significant growth.

With a diverse clientele and minimal competition, Mini Materials stands on the brink of tapping into a market worth millions. Their offerings range from custom cinder blocks to red bricks and wood pallets that can be personalized with a logo. 

Mini Materials expanded beyond raw materials and started producing street signs, furniture, and decorative pieces, adding life and realism to any miniature project.

Overall, Mini Materials experienced positive outcomes after their appearance on Shark Tank. The exposure helped drive sales, increase website traffic, and solidify their position as the leading miniature construction company.

With Jared Waters’ leadership and the continued expansion of their product line, Mini Materials has the potential to become an even bigger player in the miniature construction market.

Mini Materials Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, Mini Materials did not secure a deal with any of the sharks. The sharks believed that the product was new and not yet investable. Despite not receiving a deal, Mini Materials continued to operate and was still in business.

Following their Shark Tank appearance, Mini Materials received attention and generated significant sales after their product went viral on the online forum Reddit.

Jared Waters, the current owner of Mini Materials, purchased the business from Mat Hofma and Erik Polumbo for $200,000 in 2022. He had projected sales of $200,000 by the end of 2022 and had already made a profit of $55,000 from these sales.

Mini Materials Shark Tank Update | Mini Materials Net Worth

Although the sharks declined to invest, Mini Materials continued manufacturing and supplying small construction materials. The company has been running since 2015 and has expanded its product offerings under Jared’s ownership.

They provide small-sized construction materials for building, concrete, flooring, roofing, outdoor projects, and more.

Mini Materials has been well-received by users on social media, with many expressing their enthusiasm for the product. It is trendy among individuals seeking to showcase their creativity using mini-construction products.

The company’s headquarters is in Portland, Oregon. Mini Materials remains an active business despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank. It has continued to grow and cater to customers who enjoy working with small construction supplies for various creative purposes.

Is Mini Materials Still In Business?

Our research shows that Mini Materials is still in business. The company has created and sold miniature construction materials and adorable tiny furniture.

Although the owner, Jared Waters, appeared on “Shark Tank,” hoping to secure a partnership with one of the sharks to help with marketing, it seems the company is still operational.

While Waters did not secure a deal on the show, the fact that Mini Materials was featured on “Shark Tank” and is still referred to as an existing business suggests that it is indeed still in operation.

What Is the Net Worth Of Mini Materials?

According to our research, Mini Materials’ net worth is estimated at $600,000. The valuation of Minit Materials was $500,000, as presented by its founder on Shark Tank.

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