What Happened To IcyBreeze After Shark Tank?

IcyBreeze is a drink cooler that doubles as a portable air conditioner in Shark Tank episode 15 of Season 7, pitched by Jason Shakleford, Dave Yonce, and Andrew Jenkins.

IcyBreeze is a company that produces portable air conditioning and a cooler system for outdoor activities, such as camping, tailgating, and boating. The product was developed to provide cold storage for food and beverages and a personal air conditioning solution for users in hot weather conditions.

The IcyBreeze system uses ice and water inside the cooler to create a cool airflow that can be directed through a vent or a flexible hose. As the ice melts, a small internal pump circulates the cold water through a radiator connected to a fan.

The fan then blows air across the radiator, which cools the air before it is directed outside the cooler through the vent or hose. This process provides users a portable and convenient cooling solution in hot environments.

In addition to its cooling capabilities, the IcyBreeze cooler functions as a regular cooler, allowing users to store food and beverages. The product is designed to be portable, easy to use, and energy-efficient, running on a rechargeable battery.

It has been marketed as a versatile and innovative solution for staying cool during outdoor activities, sporting events, and other situations where traditional air conditioning is unavailable.

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What Is IcyBreeze?

IcyBreeze is a battery-powered, fully-wireless air conditioner you can take while doing outdoor activities. IcyBreeze is more of a lifestyle choice than a beverage cooler. The portable air conditioner doubles as a cooler.

You can carry IceBreeze around wherever you go, like an air conditioner and a chiller. IcyBreeze is the first device of its kind, with an easy-to-use design and a convenient way to keep drinks icy.

Currently, it comes in two different versions: Platinum and V2 Pro, and users can select power sources and add-ons such as the Super Speed Power Port and the 8-Foot Corded Remote. 

IcyBreeze is now available in two versions: Platinum and V2 Pro.

IcyBreeze Shark Tank Update

IcyBreeze may relieve the heat in various ways on a hot summer day. It may be used as a standard cooler to keep drinks and food fresh for longer.

Alternatively, cold, free-flowing air might be introduced to combat the heat. You need only add water and ice to this portable air conditioner to use it while on the go.

Company NameIcyBreeze
EntrepreneurJason Shakleford, Dave Yonce, and Andrew Jenkins
Product / BusinessPortable air conditioner and ice cooler
Investment Asking For$50,000 for 5% equity in IcyBreeze
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 7 Episode 15
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of IcyBreeze?

IcyBreeze was founded by Dave Yonce, who hails from Oklahoma. David has never relented in establishing and leading excellent companies, including the multibillion-dollar SolarWinds, so he is eager to pursue entrepreneurial activities.

A camping trip is the starting point and conclusion of David’s story about his air conditioner/cooler hybrid. David and his son were camping one night when the temperature didn’t drop 90 degrees Fahrenheit below, despite it being after dusk.

They couldn’t sleep, so they packed their belongings and returned home. They jokingly suggested that they might have been able to sleep through the night if they had been able to sleep in the cooler.

The IcyBreeze cooler looks typical except for the battery-powered fan and retractable cooling duct at the top. You can cool the ice in the cooler by adding water, and the air will circulate through the duct system.

Unlike old-fashioned swamp coolers, modern air conditioners use the same principle as their predecessors. Sam’s Club and Walmart products were used to test the product in 2015. Some battery packs have charging cords, which are included in some variants.

The IcyBreeze can cool down campers and automobiles while leaving dogs in them. IcyBreeze costs between $275 and $425, but it is useful for both purposes, explaining the price. 

Outdoor and camping fairs have proven popular with attendees of the IcyBreeze, and it is also available on Amazon.

IcyBreeze Before Shark Tank

Dave Yonce came up with the idea for his air conditioner/cooler while on a camping vacation with his children in the sweltering heat.

The IcyBreeze beverage cooler is more than just a cooler. This portable air conditioner also serves as a cooler. IcyBreeze can provide relief from the heat in various ways when the weather is hot.

It may be used as a standard cooler to keep drinks and food fresh for longer. You could also introduce a burst of cold air to combat the heat. The portable air conditioner only needs ice and water to operate.

So, what is the source of the chilly breeze? It’s a rather straightforward process. Fill the IcyBreeze cooler with 2 quarts of cold water after the ice and beverages are fully stocked.

The cold water is then circulated through the radiator to cool the room. It is in this location that colder air is produced. It does this without using Freon, a cooling agent in air conditioners for homes and automobiles.

You must have a fully charged battery or electricity with a voltage of at least 110 volts to use it. The secret to IcyBreeze’s success is its concealed ventilation system. This device allows air to be pushed out or sucked up.

This device is equipped with a rechargeable battery for maximum power. You can choose between three fan speeds. It draws air into each exchanger and pushes it through it differently.

The IcyBreeze uses batteries to blow air up to 25 miles per hour, dropping temperatures 30 degrees below the current temperature. You can direct airflow by using the vent or a custom Flexi hose.

The IcyBreeze is compatible with a wide range of attachments listed below. A 4-inch extension for the Flexi-hose and additional battery packs, and an 8-foot corded remote are also available.

IcyBreeze coolers and air conditioners are perfect for campers, boaters, and other outdoor enthusiasts. They provide all of the comforts of home in a small package.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of IcyBreeze?

Jason, Dave, and Andrew appeared on Shark Tank intending to receive $50,000 for a 5% stake in IcyBreeze. IcyBreeze appeared on Season 6 of the television show “Shark Tank” in 2015.

The founder, Dave Yonce, pitched his portable air conditioning and cooling system to the panel of investors, also known as “sharks.” He sought an investment of $50,000 in exchange for a 5% equity stake in his company.

During the pitch, Dave demonstrated how the IcyBreeze cooler worked and explained its benefits and features. He highlighted the product’s dual-functionality as a cooler and a portable air conditioner, emphasizing its convenience and versatility for outdoor activities.

While the sharks were intrigued by the concept and recognized its potential, they also had concerns about the product’s pricing, market size, and practicality. Some of the sharks believed the price point was too high for the average consumer, while others questioned the cooling system’s effectiveness in various situations.

Ultimately, Dave Yonce did not secure a deal with any sharks on the show. Jason, Dave, and Andrew left the Shark Tank stage without securing a Shark Tank deal.

Despite not getting an investment in “Shark Tank,” IcyBreeze continued to operate and market its product, aiming to grow its presence in the outdoor recreation and cooling solutions market.

The appearance on the show helped to raise awareness of the IcyBreeze brand and its innovative product.

Final Deal: No deal between IcyBreeze and Sharks.

What Happened To IcyBreeze After Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, IcyBreeze continued to operate and market its portable air conditioning and cooler system. Although the company did not secure a deal with any of the sharks, the show’s exposure helped raise awareness about the IcyBreeze brand and its innovative product.

The company used the feedback from the sharks and consumers to refine its product offerings and make improvements. They focused on addressing some of the concerns raised during the pitch, such as price, practicality, and effectiveness.

As a result, IcyBreeze introduced new models and accessories for its cooler, offering various options to cater to different customer needs and preferences.

The company continued to market its product as a versatile and convenient cooling solution for outdoor activities, sporting events, and other situations where traditional air conditioning might not be available.

It appears that IcyBreeze is still available for purchase on their website. They created a lower-cost 12V package that was $100 less expensive. The website is up to date, but nothing has been new in the new media section since 2015.

Hug Sleep Pod Shark Tank Update

They participated in local events in Oklahoma, such as raft racing during Labor Day weekend.

According to their website, their Facebook page appears to be operational, and they seem to have a store in Bixby, Oklahoma. IcyBreeze seems to be doing well, despite not receiving a deal.

IcyBreeze Shark Tank Update

The founders of IcyBreeze implemented some of the Sharks’ suggestions, even though they were unsuccessful in landing a deal on Shark Tank.

Jason, Dave, and Andrew faced a significant price challenge, so they set out to improve the Sharks’ design. The new IcyBreeze comes with a less expensive battery than the previous model. You can purchase IcyBreeze now for only $249.

IcyBreeze Shark Tank Update

Their social media presence is strong, with an average rating of 4.4 stars on Facebook, which has been consistent. The devices can be purchased directly from the company’s website or through Amazon.

The three owners of IcyBreeze will be chilling at the bank, even though their ice wasn’t quite cold enough for the Sharks. As of 2023, IcyBreeze is still in business as usual. IcyBreeze generates $3.6 million in revenue per year.

Is IcyBreeze Still In Business?

IcyBreeze is still in business as of June 2022, with annual revenue of $3.6 million. The purpose of Dave Yonce’s website is to assist entrepreneurs in developing their ideas.

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He is interested in putting his skills and resources to work for you. IcyBreeze is currently on sale for $329, a discount from the displayed price of $349.

What Is the Net Worth Of IcyBreeze?

The valuation of IcyBreeze was $1 Million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of IcyBreeze is $4 Million as of 2023.