Tik Pik Shark Tank Update | Tik Pik Net Worth

Tik Pik is a guitar pick product featured on Season 15, Episode 6 of Shark Tank. It is designed to solve the problem of guitarists constantly losing their picks while playing. 

Tik Pik offers a unique solution by providing guitar picks that can be directly fastened onto guitars, reducing the likelihood of them getting lost.

The concept of Tik Pik was conceived by Kevin Mac, an artist and the COO of the company, and Jacob Lyda, a singer/songwriter. They wanted to solve the everyday struggle of losing guitar picks. 

The Tik Pik operation has since expanded to include CEO Nick Nowak (known as Nicholas George) and partners Mike Stalnaker and Nicholas Wolfs.

Tik Pik originated in Nashville, Tennessee, and is known for its rich musical heritage. The idea for the business was born from the minds of country musicians, which adds to its credibility and relevance in the music industry. 

The company’s name, Tik Pik, is a stylization of the phrase “tick pick,” emphasizing the pick’s unique sticking ability, similar to a clingy outdoor arachnid. The logo of Tik Pik resembles a cross between a guitar pick and something one might see on Spider-Man’s suit.

Professional musicians have praised Tik Pik for its effectiveness. The company’s website features testimonials from high-profile clients, including Grammy award-winning songwriter Brent Maher. 

He expressed his satisfaction with Tik Piks, stating that they have improved the sound of his guitar playing and described them as a brilliant idea that he loves. 

Other musicians like country artist Craig Campbell have highlighted Tik Piks’ comfort. They appreciate the softened design and three-width variations, which provide comfort and ease of use.

Tik Pik’s innovative technology lies in its specialized suction cups. Each pick features a circle filled with thousands of miniature suction cups called “nano-suction.” This adhesive allows the picks to stick firmly to the guitar without damaging it when placed or removed. 

Unlike other adhesive materials, Tik Piks can be washed and cleaned without losing their sticky quality. This feature ensures that Tik Piks have a longer lifespan and can be reused multiple times without frequent replacements.

Regarding its appearance on Shark Tank, Tik Pik sought a $75,000 investment in exchange for 10% of the company. The entrepreneurs projected $120,000 in sales and up to $20,000 in profit for the year. 

While there were concerns about its premium price of $29.95 per six-pack, the ease of use provided by the grip made it popular among beginner guitar players. 

Mark Cuban eventually offered $75,000 in exchange for 16% of the company, which the Tik Pik team accepted.

Tik Pik offers a practical solution to a familiar problem guitarists face. Its unique design allows guitar picks to be securely fastened onto guitars, reducing their chances of getting lost during performances or practice sessions.

With positive reviews from professional musicians and innovative suction cup technology that ensures durability and reusability, Tik Pik is a reliable and convenient choice for guitar players of all levels.

Company NameTik Pik
EntrepreneurNick Nowack and Kevin McDonald
ProductAn enchanted guitar pick
Investment Asking For$75,000 in exchange for a 10% equity in Tik Pik
Final Deal$75,000 in exchange for a 16% equity in Tik Pik
SharkMark Cuban
Tik Pik Episode Season 15, Episode 06
Tik Pik Business StatusIn Business
Tik Pik WebsiteVisit Website
Tik Pik’s Net Worth$500,000

What Is Tik Pik?

TIK PIK is a type of guitar pick designed to stick to the surface of your guitar without using any chemicals or adhesives or leaving behind any residue. 

TIK PIK features a patent-pending nano-suction technology consisting of thousands of tiny suction cups that allow the pick to stick to your guitar like a magnet. This technology provides a secure grip and feels comfortable on your fingertips.

Its non-slip grip helps you grasp the guitar more easily while playing, making it an excellent choice for beginners. This can be particularly beneficial for guitarists struggling to maintain a firm grip on their picks. 

TIK PIK offers different playing gauges to cater to individual preferences. It is available in Thin, Medium, and Heavy gauges, allowing you to choose the pick that suits your playing style.

Tik Pik Shark Tank Update | Tik Pik Net Worth

TIK PIKs are color-coded based on their gauges to make it even more convenient for guitarists. This enables you to quickly identify and grab the pick you need at a glance. If you’re having trouble deciding which gauge is correct, TIK PIK offers a multi-pack with all three gauges.

TIK PIK aims to revolutionize the guitar pick industry by providing a pick that sticks securely to the guitar surface without needing adhesives or chemicals. Its design and comfortable grip offer guitarists a reliable and convenient solution for their playing needs.

Who Is The Founder Of Tik Pik?

TIK PIK was founded by a group of skilled entrepreneurs and artists who combined their music, business, and innovation expertise to create a solution for guitarists. The founding team includes Kevin McDonald, Jacob Lyda, Nick Nowak, Mike Stalnaker, and Nicholas Wolfs.

Kevin McDonald, the Co-Founder and COO & VP of Marketing, is an experienced figure in the music industry. He is not only the founder of Elsie Marshall – The Shot Granny’s Whiskey but also a national touring country artist and songwriter based in Nashville. 

With his deep understanding of the music scene, McDonald recognized the familiar problem guitarists face – the loss of guitar picks.

Jacob Lyda, another co-founder of TIK PIK, specializes in Artist Development and has written songs for well-known artists like Blake Shelton. His experience in the music industry allowed him to understand the needs and challenges faced by guitarists daily.

Nick Nowak, the CEO of TIK PIK, brings a unique blend of business acumen and musical talent. He is an award-winning singer/songwriter/producer and founded other ventures such as Skog Å Kust outdoor gear. Nowak’s passion for music and entrepreneurship drove him to explore innovative solutions for guitarists.

Mike Stalnaker, the CFO of TIK PIK, has over 30 years of experience in payment processing companies. His financial expertise ensures the company’s operations are well-managed and financially sound.

Nicholas Wolfs, the VP of Corporate Sales and a co-founder of Breakers Beach Supply brings his corporate expertise to TIK PIK. 

With his sales and business development background, Wolfs is crucial in driving the company’s growth and establishing partnerships.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, TIK PIK had already developed a unique solution for guitarists. The company utilized patent-pending nano-suction technology, which employed thousands of microscopic suction cups on their guitar picks. This technology allowed the picks to adhere to the guitar surface without adhesive.

TIK PIK’s innovative approach addressed the common problem of misplaced picks that many guitarists face. By ensuring that the pick is always within reach and eliminating the hassle of constantly searching for a pick, TIK PIK aimed to provide convenience and improve the playing experience for musicians.

In addition to its practical design, TIK PIK also focuses on comfort. Traditional guitar picks often require a tight grip, leading to hand fatigue during prolonged use. 

TIK PIK’s design countered this by offering a non-slip grip that mimicked the feel of memory foam against the fingertips. This soft yet firm texture allowed for a more relaxed and comfortable playing experience.

TIK PIK also catered to different playing styles by offering picks in three gauges: thin, medium, and heavy. These picks were color-coded for easy identification, making it effortless for guitarists to switch between different play styles without losing momentum.

To further enhance user experience, TIK PIK packaged their picks in a protective storage case. This added convenience for musicians on the go, reflecting the company’s focus on user-centric design.

TIK PIK’s founders identified a common problem faced by guitarists and employed their diverse backgrounds and expertise to develop an innovative solution. 

Their collaboration resulted in a product that harmonized technological innovation with user needs, resonating with a broad audience of guitarists.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Tik Pik?

Nicholas George and Kevin MaC appeared on Shark Tank Season 15 to pitch their guitar pick company, TIK PIK. Their unique product is a guitar pick that sticks to the guitar, solving the problem of losing picks during performances. 

The entrepreneurs asked for a $75,000 investment in exchange for 10% equity in their business, valuing Tik Pik at $750,000.

During their pitch, Nicholas and Kevin showcased their guitar picks and highlighted the silicone grip that provides an enhanced playing experience. 

They emphasized that the grip never loses its stickiness and can be easily cleaned if it gets dirty. They also mentioned that the picks stick right to the guitar, making them difficult to lose compared to traditional picks.

The Sharks were intrigued by the product and asked about the founders’ background and sales. 

Kevin MaC shared his experience as a professional musician, while Nicholas George revealed that he is the son of a famous musician from the Cayman Islands. 

Mark Cuban expressed his amazement because his wife is a fan of Nicholas’s father.

When asked about sales, the founders disclosed that they had generated $60,000 in lifetime sales over the past eight months. They projected $120,000 in sales for the year, with an estimated profit of $20,000. 

The picks were primarily sold through their website, Amazon, and six music shops. Additionally, they wholesaled the product to retailers for $15.

Some Sharks expressed concerns about the product’s price, but Kevin MaC mentioned that students learning to play the guitar loved TIK PIK because it eliminated the issue of losing picks. The founders also said to reach out to Guitar Center for potential distribution.

Before Lori Greiner could share her thoughts on the product, Mark Cuban interrupted with an offer. He proposed investing $75,000 for 16% equity and becoming their sixth partner.

Nicholas thanked Mark for his offer and asked if any other Sharks had offers. Sensing that time was running out, Mark began counting down from five, pressuring them to accept his deal quickly. 

Ultimately, Nicholas and Kevin accepted Mark’s offer, making a deal with him.

TIK PIK appeared on Shark Tank Season 15, seeking a $75,000 investment for 10% equity. Mark Cuban offered $75,000 for 16% equity and became their partner. The founders accepted Mark’s offer after no other Sharks made competing offers.

Did Tik Pik Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Yes, Tik Pik did get a deal on Shark Tank. After appearing on Season 15, Episode 6 of Shark Tank, the founders of Tik Pik, Nick Nowack and Kevin McDonald, pitched their product to the Sharks. They asked for $75,000 in exchange for 10% equity, valuing their company at $750,000.

During the pitch, Nick and Kevin showcased the features of their magical guitar pick made with nano-suction technology. They emphasized its comfortable, non-slip grip and ease of use. They also mentioned that the pick is available in three styles: small, medium, and heavy.

After hearing the pitch, Mark Cuban offered to invest $75,000 for a slightly higher equity stake of 16%. This offer was time-limited, and Nick and Kevin agreed to it immediately. The deal was finalized on the show, and Mark Cuban became an investor in Tik Pik.

Tik Pik’s acceptance of the deal meant they secured the funding they needed from the Sharks to develop further and market their product. This partnership with Mark Cuban would provide valuable expertise and resources to help grow the business.

Tik Pik is still in business and operating successfully. The company is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, with approximately five people working on their revolutionary guitar pick product.

What Happened To Tik Pik After Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, Tik Pik experienced a significant boost in its business. The innovative guitar pick, which uses patent-pending nano-suction technology, quickly resonated with musicians and gained popularity in the music community. 

The founders, Nick Nowak (also known as Nicholas George) and Kevin MaC, impressed the sharks with their catchy song and secured a deal with Mark Cuban.

Following their Shark Tank appearance, Tik Pik saw a surge in sales. Musicians from various genres praised the comfort and convenience of the product. 

The Tik Pik’s ability to adhere to any guitar surface using thousands of microscopic suction cups prevented the loss of picks. It provided a non-slip grip similar to memory foam, resulting in a more relaxed playing experience.

Customers appreciated the thoughtful design of Tik Pik, including features like the non-slip grip and the protective storage case that came with each set of picks. The product’s practicality made it indispensable to many musicians’ gear.

Tik Pik is available in three gauges: thin, medium, and heavy, and it is color-coded for easy identification. This appeals to a wide range of playing styles, making the product versatile and suitable for guitarists with different preferences.

The company’s success can be attributed to the founders’ vision and their team’s collaborative efforts, including Jacob Lyda in artist development, Mike Stalnaker as CFO, and Nicholas Wolfs in corporate sales. 

With headquarters in Nashville and Philadelphia, Tik Pik remains committed to enhancing the musical experience for guitarists worldwide.

Tik Pik’s appearance on Shark Tank was a significant chord in their success story. The company achieved solid sales, received stellar reviews, and gained a strong market presence.

Tik Pik has become more than just a guitar pick; it has established itself as a brand that will leave an indelible mark on the music industry.

Tik Pik Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Season 15, Episode 6 of Shark Tank, the Tik Pik guitar pick experienced significant growth and success in its business.

The exposure and feedback from the Sharks and the show’s viewers played a crucial role in the ongoing development and popularity of the product.

Following its appearance on Shark Tank, Tik Pik improved its product based on customer and professional feedback. The company introduced a patent-pending design, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and meeting the needs of guitarists.

These improvements enhanced the functionality and versatility of the Tik Pik, further solidifying its position as a unique and innovative tool for guitarists. Tik Pik also saw substantial progress in its online presence. 

The company’s website, tikpik.com, showcases the product and provides informative blog posts and helpful tips for users to maximize their Tik Pik experience. Expanding their online platform helped increase brand visibility and engage with their growing customer base.

Tik Pik Shark Tank Update | Tik Pik Net Worth

The Tik Pik team has demonstrated dedication and growth since their appearance on Shark Tank. With continuous product development and an improved user experience, they have successfully established a loyal following within the guitar community. 

The positive response and ongoing progress indicate that Tik Pik is well-positioned to become a staple guitarist accessory.

While specific financial details about the company’s revenue and profitability after Shark Tank are not provided in the given text, it is mentioned that the Tik Pik guitar pick had a net worth of $500k.

This suggests the product has achieved a considerable valuation, indicating strong market demand and potential for further growth.

Ultimately, the Tik Pik guitar pick experienced significant growth and success after appearing on Shark Tank. The company improved the product based on feedback, expanded its online presence, and garnered a loyal following within the guitar community. 

With its design and versatile functionality, Tik Pik is poised for continued success in the music industry.

Is Tik Pik Still In Business?

Our research shows that Tik Pik is still in business. The founders of Tik Pik, Nick Nowack, and Kevin McDonald, appeared on Shark Tank and successfully secured a deal with Mark Cuban. 

Mark Cuban offered $75,000 for 16% equity in the company, which Nick and Kevin accepted.

Tik Pik is a revolutionary guitar pick made of nano-suction technology that sticks to the guitar like a magnet. It provides a comfortable, non-slip grip, making it easy to handle while playing the guitar. The pick is available in three styles: small, medium, and heavy.

Since its launch in October 2022, Tik Pik has generated sales of $60,000 by June 2023. They expect sales to reach $120,000 by the end of 2023, with a projected profit of $20,000. The product is sold directly to customers through their website and wholesale channels.

The company is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, and employs about five people. Despite the niche market for guitar picks, Tik Pik has established itself and continued operating successfully.

What Is the Net Worth Of Tik Pik?

According to our research, Tik Pik’s net worth is estimated at $500,000. The valuation of Tik Pik was $468,750 after securing an investment from Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.

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