How Do You Roll Shark Tank Net Worth

How Do You Roll is a fast-casual sushi restaurant concept featured on Season 4 of The Shark Tank. Founded by brothers Yuen and Peter Yung in 2008, the restaurant seeks to disrupt the traditional sushi bar experience by providing fresh, fast, and personalized sushi rolls.

The primary feature that distinguishes “How Do You Roll” is its customizable sushi experience, making sushi more accessible and personalized to a wide range of customers with varying dietary preferences.

Customers can choose from various ingredients, including proteins, vegetables, and sauces, allowing for countless combinations that cater to different tastes and dietary requirements. This includes options for vegans, vegetarians, and those with gluten-free diets. 

Moreover, “How Do You Roll” emphasizes providing fresh and quality ingredients. They believe that fast food doesn’t need to compromise on health or quality and aim to offer a healthier alternative within the fast food industry.

The brand also values sustainability and tries to source its ingredients from sustainable fisheries wherever possible. In a world where convenience and personalization are highly valued, “How Do You Roll?” has carved a niche in the fast-casual restaurant industry.

Its innovative approach to sushi is a fresh take on a field typically steeped in tradition, making sushi more accessible and appealing to a broader customer base.

Its commitment to fresh, quality ingredients and catering to diverse dietary preferences makes “How Do You Roll” a great choice for those seeking a quick, healthy, customized meal.

Company NameHow Do You Roll?
EntrepreneurPeter Yung And Yuen Yung
ProductFranchise based in Texas that offers fast-food sushi
Investment Asking For$1,000,000 For 12% equity in How Do You Roll
Final Deal$1,000,000 For 20% equity in How Do You Roll
SharkKevin O’Leary
How Do You Roll Episode Season 4, Episode 16
How Do You Roll Business StatusOut Of Business
How Do You Roll WebsiteVisit Website
How Do You Roll Net Worth$0

What Is How Do You Roll?

How Do You Roll? is a restaurant chain specializing in sushi rolls. They offer a variety of sushi rolls with customizable ingredients, allowing customers to create unique combinations. The restaurant also offers other Japanese-inspired dishes, such as poke bowls and Asian-inspired tacos.

How Do You Roll? was founded in 2008 as a sushi franchise in Austin, Texas. It quickly gained popularity for its unique concept of customizable sushi rolls. The restaurant allows customers to choose from various fresh ingredients and create sushi rolls according to their preferences.

The ordering process at How Do You Roll? is simple and interactive. Customers start by selecting a roll type, such as a traditional sushi roll, hand roll, or rice paper wrap.

They then choose their protein, including tuna, salmon, shrimp, chicken, or tofu. Next, customers can add vegetables, sauces, and toppings to customize their rolls further.

How Do You Roll Shark Tank Net Worth

In addition to the build-your-own option, How Do You Roll? also offers signature rolls created by their culinary team. These rolls feature unique flavor combinations and innovative ingredients.

Apart from sushi rolls, the restaurant offers other Japanese-inspired dishes like poke bowls, consisting of marinated raw fish or tofu served over rice or greens. They also have Asian-inspired tacos that combine sushi ingredients with taco shells for a fusion twist.

Over the years, How Do You Roll? has expanded its franchise locations across the United States, offering its customizable sushi concept to more sushi lovers. It continues to provide a fresh and interactive dining experience for customers who enjoy personalized sushi creations.

Who Is The Founder Of How Do You Roll?

“How Do You Roll?” was founded by brothers Yuen and Peter Yung. The Yung brothers, of Chinese descent, were born and raised in Texas. Their family owned a traditional sushi restaurant where they worked growing up, gaining first-hand experience in the industry.

The idea for “How Do You Roll?” was conceived to innovate and democratize the traditional sushi experience. Yuen, the elder of the two, noticed that the fast-casual dining revolution was relatively untouched by the sushi industry.

Seeing an opportunity to provide a faster, more personalized sushi experience, Yuen and Peter conceptualized “How Do You Roll?”

The concept was to provide a fast-food-style service where customers could customize their sushi rolls with a variety of fresh ingredients, thus catering to a wider audience with different dietary preferences and needs.

Before appearing on Shark Tank in 2013, “How Do You Roll?” had already achieved significant success. They started the business in 2008 in Austin, Texas, and by the time they pitched to the Sharks, they had grown to 13 locations across multiple states and had another 40 franchises in the pipeline. The brand’s fast expansion was proof of their concept’s appeal.

The company’s focus on making sushi a fast, customizable, and approachable experience has allowed it to tap into a new market, distinguishing “How Do You Roll?” from traditional sushi establishments.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of How Do You Roll?

In Season 4, Episode 16 of Shark Tank, Yuen, and Peter Yung walked into the tank, bringing their fast-casual sushi concept, “How Do You Roll?” to the panel of sharks. They were seeking a $1 million investment for 12% equity in their company, valuing How Do You Roll? at $8.33 million.

The brothers impressed the Sharks with their successful business record up to that point, including their strong franchising plans and the potential for high scalability.

They explained their unique value proposition during their presentation, emphasizing the fresh, quick, and personalized sushi experience their restaurant chain offered.

They backed up their pitch with robust financials, showing their sales were in the millions and sharing their aggressive plans for expansion.

The Sharks were initially intrigued by the concept, recognizing the growth potential in the fast-casual dining industry.

However, some Sharks, like Daymond John, had concerns about their ability to manage such fast growth effectively and decided to bow out.

While acknowledging the merit of their idea, Kevin O’Leary found the valuation too high and chose not to invest.

The presentation took a turn when Shark Barbara Corcoran offered the full $1 million but for 40% equity, significantly more than the brothers had initially offered.

In a surprise move, Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary stepped back in, matching Corcoran’s offer but sweetening the deal by only asking for 22% equity.

Ultimately, the Yung brothers accepted Kevin O’Leary’s offer, securing the $1 million investment they sought but giving up a higher percentage of their company than they initially intended.

The agreement represented one of the largest deals in the show’s history at that time, illustrating the Sharks’ belief in the potential of the “How Do You Roll?” concept.

Did How Do You Roll Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Yes, the fast-casual sushi restaurant, How Do You Roll got a Shark Tank deal. The brothers Yeun and Peter Yung pitched their business on the show, asking for a $1 million investment in return for a 12% stake in their expansion plan.

The concept of their restaurant was to allow customers to create customized sushi rolls, aiming to find a balance between the extremes of sushi dining. At the time of their pitch, they had two restaurants and 40 franchises, with 15 already open in Texas, California, and Arizona.

Most sharks were uncomfortable with the inherent risks and complexities of running a restaurant, particularly dealing with fresh sushi. Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec, and Barbara Corcoran opted out.

However, Kevin O’Leary, having experience with the challenges of franchising a business and real estate, decided to make an offer. He offered them the $1 million they were asking for in exchange for a 20% stake in their business and a portion of franchise royalties. The brothers accepted his offer.

Unfortunately, the deal with O’Leary did not work out after the show. As is often the case with Shark Tank deals, the details worked out after the on-screen handshake did not come to fruition.

The status of the enterprise is currently uncertain as it appears the restaurants are no longer open for business, and their online presence has been silent since 2016.

What Happened To How Do You Roll After Shark Tank?

Following their appearance on Shark Tank, the “How Do You Roll?” sushi chain experienced significant challenges. Despite securing a deal with Kevin O’Leary on the show, the deal fell through during due diligence, a common occurrence in the Shark Tank ecosystem where agreements made on the show do not always proceed as expected.

In the years following its Shark Tank appearance, “How Do You Roll?” faced difficulties with its aggressive expansion plan. Many new franchise locations struggled to generate enough revenue, leading to multiple closures.

By 2015, the chain was down to just a handful of locations, starkly contrasting the over 40 franchises they had mentioned during their Shark Tank pitch.

In February 2016, “How Do You Roll?” filed for bankruptcy, marking a dramatic downturn for the business. The reasons cited for the bankruptcy were undercapitalization and expensive lease agreements that were hard to maintain without consistently high revenues.

While the initial concept of “How Do You Roll?” was innovative and promising, their business story after Shark Tank reminds them that rapid growth and franchising bring significant challenges.

It underscores the importance of sustainable growth strategies, thorough financial planning, and the management of operational costs in the success of a business. “How Do You Roll?” is no longer in operation.

How Do You Roll? Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, How Do You Roll experienced ups and downs in its business trajectory. Although they did not secure a deal with Kevin O’Leary, the exposure from the show helped boost their revenue and expand their reach.

They quickly grew their business and had over 100 locations across the United States, with franchise locations in Canada and the Middle East.

However, in the summer of 2015, the founders decided to sell the business to a private restaurant group for an undisclosed amount.

Following the sale, updates about the business became scarce. Their Facebook page was last updated in 2015, and their Twitter account was active until 2016. It is unclear whether the new owners took over these accounts.

How Do You Roll Shark Tank Net Worth

The official How Do You Roll website has been down since 2015, although the domain still works. Only a line of copyright text and a link to a privacy policy page can be seen when visiting the website. Searching for the business name does not yield any recent results.

As for the founders, Yuen Yung is currently the Chief Executive Officer at Upside Avenue and the Castro Group. He also worked as a Premier Advisor for Investopedia.

On his Crunchbase page, he listed himself as the Founder of How Do You Roll from September 2009 to November 2014.

Information about Peter Yung, the co-founder, is not readily available. He may have returned to a day job or pursued other ventures after the sale of How Do You Roll.

In conclusion, How Do You Roll experienced growth and success after appearing on Shark Tank but eventually sold the business. Updates about the company ceased in 2015, and information about the founders’ current activities is limited.

Is How Do You Roll Still In Business?

Our research shows that How Do You Roll is no longer in business. The brothers who founded the company sold it to a private restaurant organization in 2015.

After that, there have been no recent updates on their online platforms, and their website has not been updated since 2015. The business has closed its doors permanently.

What Is the Net Worth Of How Do You Roll?

According to our research, the net worth of How Do You Roll is estimated to be $0 since the company is out of business. The valuation of How Do You Roll was $5 million after securing an investment from Kevin O’Leary on Shark Tank.

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