Ryan’s Barkery Shark Tank Update | Ryan’s Barkery Net Worth

Ryan’s Barkery, now known as “Ry’s Ruffery,” is an innovative pet-focused business that gained significant attention after its appearance on Season 4 of the American reality TV show Shark Tank. Ryan Kelly created this all-natural, healthy dog treat business.

The company is committed to producing dog treats with high-quality, human-grade ingredients free from artificial preservatives, additives, and fillers.

Ryan’s Barkery sells dog biscuits in three flavors: cheddar, pumpkin-apple, and peanut butter. These flavors have been carefully selected to cater to dogs’ palates while providing them with essential nutrients.

The ingredients are chosen for their health benefits; for example, pumpkin is excellent for a dog’s digestion, apple provides vital antioxidants, peanut butter is high in protein and healthy fats, and cheddar offers necessary calcium.

Ryan’s Barkery, or Ry’s Ruffery, stands out primarily from other pet treat brands because it emphasizes natural, healthy, and delicious treats.

The company’s commitment to quality, paired with the charm of its young CEO, has struck a chord with consumers, who appreciate the transparency and dedication to pet health.

The company’s appearance on “Shark Tank” helped to propel it into the national spotlight, leading to expanded distribution and sales. In addition, the story of a young entrepreneur succeeding in the business world has been a positive aspect of the brand’s image. 

Ry’s Ruffery treats are a great choice for your pet. The treats are made from human-grade ingredients, assuring pet owners of their quality.

They lack artificial preservatives and additives, thereby reducing potential health risks linked to such substances. Ry’s Ruffery’s customers also support the entrepreneurial spirit of young people, inspiring other entrepreneurs to pursue their unique business ideas.

Company NameRyan’s Barkery
EntrepreneurRyan Kelly and Daniella Kelly
ProductDog biscuits and treats made from all-natural ingredients
Investment Asking For$25,000 for 25% equity in Ryan’s Barkery
Final Deal$25,000 for 25% equity in Ryan’s Barkery
SharkBarbara Corcoran
Ryan’s Barkery Episode Season 4, Episode 25
Ryan’s Barkery Business StatusOut Of Business
Ryan’s Barkery WebsiteVisit Website
Ryan’s Barkery Net Worth$0

What Is Ryan’s Barkery?

Ryan’s Barkery is a bakery that creates delicious and nutritious dog treats. They offer a variety of homemade dog treats made with high-quality ingredients that are safe and healthy for dogs to consume.

Ryan’s Barkery aims to provide pet owners a convenient and tasty option for rewarding furry friends. Ryan’s Barkery is a popular dog bakery known for its wide range of homemade treats specifically designed for dogs.

They prioritize using wholesome and natural ingredients to ensure the health and well-being of dogs. The bakery offers a variety of treats, including biscuits, cookies, cakes, and even specialty items like cupcakes and dog-friendly ice cream.

Ryan’s Barkery is committed to creating treats that meet the needs of specific dietary restrictions and needs. They offer options for dogs with allergies, sensitivities, or dietary preferences, such as grain-free treats, gluten-free treats, and treats made from organic ingredients. This allows pet owners to find suitable and delicious treats for their furry companions.

Ryan’s Barkery Shark Tank Update | Ryan’s Barkery Net Worth

In addition to their treats, Ryan’s Barkery also provides personalized services. They offer custom-made cakes for special occasions like birthdays or adoption anniversaries. Customers can request specific designs or flavors to make the celebration memorable.

Ryan’s Barkery has gained a loyal customer base due to its dedication to quality and the well-being of dogs. Their treats are not only tasty but also provide nutritional benefits. Many pet owners appreciate the option to indulge their dogs while still prioritizing their health.

Ryan’s Barkery is a go-to destination for dog owners looking for high-quality, homemade treats that are both delicious and nutritious for their furry friends.

Who Is The Founder Of Ryan’s Barkery?

Ryan’s Barkery, now known as Ry’s Ruffery, was founded by a young and ambitious entrepreneur, Ryan Kelly. Ryan was just 10 years old when he started the business in 2012. He was inspired by his love for his rescue beagle, Barkley, and his desire to provide healthier snack options.

He noticed that Barkley was not too fond of the commercial treats available in the market, most of which were filled with artificial ingredients and preservatives. This observation sparked the idea to create his own natural, healthier treats.

Ryan started experimenting with recipes in his kitchen, with Barkley serving as his taste tester. After much trial and error, he devised three flavors of dog biscuits that Barkley loved – cheddar, pumpkin apple, and peanut butter.

The ingredients used in these treats were of the highest quality, human-grade. His parents supported his entrepreneurial spirit and helped him turn his idea into a viable business. Thus, Ryan’s Barkery was born.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Ryan’s Barkery was a small but promising operation. Ryan ran the business out of their home kitchen with the help of his parents. The treats were sold online and at local farmers’ markets and pet stores in their hometowns.

Ryan’s dedication to creating healthy, high-quality dog treats started gaining local recognition, and the business gradually grew. 

The young entrepreneur’s appearance on Shark Tank was a turning point for his business. Ryan impressed the Sharks with his passion, knowledge, and dedication to providing healthy dog treatment options, and his story resonated with many viewers nationwide.

This exposure led to a significant increase in sales and a broadening of the brand’s reach, turning Ry’s Ruffery into a nationally recognized name in pet treats.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Ryan’s Barkery?

Ryan Kelly, the young founder of Ryan’s Barkery, now known as Ry’s Ruffery, made his Shark Tank appearance in Season 4. Displaying exceptional confidence and poise for a 10-year-old, Ryan, accompanied by his mother, presented his healthy, all-natural dog treats business to the panel of Sharks.

Ryan started his presentation by sharing the story behind his business, detailing his passion for providing healthier treats for his dog, Barkley, and for dogs everywhere.

He then presented his range of dog biscuits in three flavors – cheddar, pumpkin-apple, and peanut butter- made from high-quality, human-grade ingredients with no artificial preservatives or additives.

The young entrepreneur, Ryan Kelly, was seeking an investment of $25,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in his business, valuing the company at $1.25 million.

He demonstrated his business knowledge, detailing his costs, profit margins, and plans. This included expanding the range of products, increasing production, and reaching more retail outlets.

The Sharks were quite impressed with Ryan’s passion, knowledge, and confidence. They loved his story, and some even had their dogs try the treats on the spot, all of which were a hit.

However, they also expressed concerns about the scalability of the business, the competitive nature of the pet food market, and the high valuation.

Despite these concerns, investor Barbara Corcoran saw potential in Ryan and his business. She appreciated his determination and drive at such a young age. She offered $25,000 for a 25% stake in Ryan’s Barkery, slightly more equity than Ryan initially proposed.

After some consideration, Ryan accepted Corcoran’s offer, recognizing the value she could bring to his business through her experience and network.

The deal helped Ryan’s Barkery gain the needed financial boost and mentorship to expand its reach and grow into a nationally recognized brand.

What Happened To Ryan’s Barkery After Shark Tank?

Ryan’s Barkery, later rebranded as Ry’s Ruffery, experienced considerable growth and success following its appearance on Shark Tank. With the investment and mentorship of Barbara Corcoran, the business was able to expand its reach and solidify its position in the market.

After Shark Tank, the company rebranded. Ryan’s Barkery became Ry’s Ruffery to incorporate his nickname and further personalize the brand. This also made the name easier to remember and strengthened its brand identity.

With the capital injection from the Shark Tank deal, the company expanded production and distribution. Ry’s Ruffery dog treats were soon sold online and at local markets and made their way into large retail pet stores nationwide, increasing visibility and sales.

The Shark Tank exposure also led to a dramatic increase in online sales. The show’s national audience was captivated by Ryan’s story and loved the idea of all-natural, healthy dog treats, resulting in a significant uptick in orders from their online platform.

Beyond just the financial support, the mentorship and guidance from Barbara Corcoran were invaluable. Barbara’s expertise and connections in the business world enabled Ryan to navigate the challenges of scaling up the operation.

With her guidance, Ry’s Ruffery was able to streamline its production process, improve its marketing strategy, and secure deals with major retailers.

Today, Ry’s Ruffery stands as a successful pet treat business that continues to prioritize healthy, quality treats for dogs. The young entrepreneur behind it, Ryan Kelly, has built a thriving business and inspired other young entrepreneurs.

The Shark Tank experience, therefore, has been transformative for both Ryan personally and for Ry’s Ruffery as a business.

Ryan’s Barkery Shark Tank Update

After Ryan’s Barkery appeared on Shark Tank, they received a deal from Barbara Corcoran. The deal was finalized soon after the episode aired, and they experienced a surge in sales due to the Shark Tank Effect.

Within a few days, their sales skyrocketed from $800 to the six-figure range. However, the sudden influx of emails and orders overwhelmed them, causing Daniela’s phone to shut down.

They had to turn off the notification sound for incoming orders as it became too much to handle. With Barbara’s help, Ryan’s Barkery underwent significant growth. They expanded their business by opening more than 30 stores nationwide.

In an update segment on Shark Tank, they announced that they changed their name from Ryan’s Barkery to Ryan’s Ruffery. They also disclosed that their monthly sales exceeded $10,000 since appearing on the show.

Ryan’s Barkery Shark Tank Update | Ryan’s Barkery Net Worth

The company secured a deal with Petsmart, allowing their dog treats to be sold in over 400 stores nationwide. Initially, they faced challenges in meeting the demand for their products.

To address this issue, they started working with a co-packer instead of producing the treats in their kitchen, which enabled them to increase production.

Unfortunately, there were some difficulties as well. Daniela, who played a crucial role in the business, was overworked and faced health issues.

She had suffered a stroke before appearing on Shark Tank, affecting her memory and skill. Although Barbara considered hiring someone else to run the business and ease Daniela’s workload, she ultimately chose not to do so.

Tragically, Daniela passed away in 2018 at the age of 48. This event caused the business to decline, and Ryan’s Ruffery stopped operating. By 2023, their website had been shut down, and their products were no longer available.

As for Ryan himself, he would now be 20 years old, likely a college student. Whether he will start another business after graduation remains uncertain; only time will tell what endeavors he will pursue in the future.

Is Ryan’s Barkery Still In Business?

Our research shows that Ryan’s Barkery is no longer in business. After securing a deal with Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank, the company experienced a surge in sales and expanded to over thirty stores.

However, tragedy struck when Daniela, Ryan’s mother and business partner, suffered a stroke and passed away in late 2018. Following her passing, the company ceased operations, resulting in the closure of Ryan’s Barkery.

After the passing of Daniela, the co-founder of Ryan’s Barkery, the company faced significant challenges and ultimately closed its doors.

The loss of Daniela, who played a crucial role in the business, proved to be a major setback for Ryan and the company. Unable to continue without her guidance and support, Ryan’s Barkery was unable to sustain its operations.

Despite the initial success and expansion of the business, the absence of Daniela proved insurmountable. The company’s rebranding as Ryan’s Ruffery in Season 5 was not enough to overcome the devastating loss and the subsequent closure of the business.

The story of Ryan’s Barkery serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of entrepreneurship and the impact that personal circumstances can have on a business.

While the company experienced a brief period of success, it could not weather the challenges that arose after Daniela’s passing.

What Is the Net Worth Of Ryan’s Barkery?

According to our research, the net worth of Ryan’s Barkery is $0 since the company is out of business. The valuation of Ryan’s Barkery was $125,000 after securing an investment from Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank.

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