PRO NRG Shark Tank Update

Revolutionizing the Beverage Industry: The Journey of PRO-NRG by Entrepreneur Tania Patruno

Entrepreneur Tania Patruno introduced her protein-infused, flavored vitamin water to the Sharks as “a steak in a bottle,” accompanied by New York Giants Super Bowl champion and all-time leading rusher Brandon Jacobs, a close friend of her husband.

Pro-NRG, which appeared on Shark Tank season 4, episode 6, was a protein-infused flavored water known for being all-natural, tasty, and low in fat, sugar, and carbs while providing a substantial 15 grams of protein per 4 oz. serving. 

Additionally, it contained an energy blend and a boost of vitamin B12. Marketed as the ideal post-workout drink, Pro-NRG aimed to help consumers stay hydrated and support muscle building.

The brand’s brief but impactful presence on the market showcased its focus on fitness enthusiasts looking for a convenient protein source in a refreshing beverage.

Tania developed PRO-NRG for her use as an energy booster that does not contain caffeine or sugar, which is typical of energy supplements. 

PRO-NRG stands out as a unique flavored water containing protein, boasting a completely natural and delightful taste.

This product is free of fat, caffeine, sugar, and less than 1 gram of carbohydrates per serving. It also contains 15 grams of protein, an energy blend, and vitamin B12.

Revolutionizing the Beverage Industry: The Journey of PRO-NRG by Entrepreneur Tania Patruno

PRO-NRG is an excellent post-workout beverage that provides essential amino acids for muscle growth in addition to hydration.

Targeting professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts initially, PRO-NRG catered to individuals seeking stimulants without the drawbacks of sugar or caffeine.

Tania Patruno, the mastermind behind PRO-NRG, transitioned from a career in law to entrepreneurship, holding a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Florida.

Tania’s LinkedIn profile still lists her as the creator of PRO-NRG despite facing setbacks that led to bankruptcy, despite her updated professional status.

Driven by a vision to create a product with a positive societal impact, Tania invested $75,000 in PRO-NRG, diligently promoting the product and securing placement in approximately 30,000 stores within a remarkable 90-day timeframe.

Tania generated $136,000 in sales, which is an indication of initial success, but internal disagreements and financial problems, such as a lack of investors to cover production and sponsorship costs, prompted her to seek investment from the Sharks, especially since endorsements like Brandon Jacobs’ have significant expenses.

The specially formulated Pro NRG vitamin water, infused with protein, has earned the nickname “a steak in a bottle” from Tania Patruno. 

Brandon Jacobs, a close friend of Tania’s husband, quickly expressed his keen interest in joining forces with PRO-NRG after personally experiencing its benefits.

Tania conceived this product with a clear vision in mind – to enjoy enhanced energy levels without the drawbacks of caffeine or excessive sugars commonly found in traditional energy supplements.

Driven by her own need for a healthier energy boost, Tania ventured into selling Pro NRG once she witnessed its remarkable effectiveness.

Her journey culminated in a successful appearance on the popular television show Shark Tank, where she showcased her innovative product and secured valuable opportunities for growth.

Revolutionizing Energy Drinks: The Journey of PRO-NRG on Shark Tank

Tania Patruno and former NFL star Brandon Jacobs made a memorable appearance on Shark Tank, seeking a $250,000 investment in exchange for a 15% stake in their product, PRO-NRG.

They described PRO-NRG as a natural protein-based energy drink that is caffeine-free, sugar-free, and fat-free, offering 4 ounces of liquid with 15 grams of protein, an energy blend, and essential vitamins.

Tania shared her journey of struggling with weight loss, leading her to create PRO-NRG out of frustration with ineffective products in the market.

Emphasizing the simplicity of rehydrating, replenishing, and refreshing, she highlighted the product’s unique selling proposition.

Revolutionizing Energy Drinks: The Journey of PRO-NRG on Shark Tank

During the pitch, Brandon discussed his experience using PRO-NRG to maintain peak performance levels during his football career.

The Sharks were intrigued by the product but raised concerns about its taste and market positioning. Despite some skepticism, Tania and Brandon remained confident in their offering.

As the Sharks delved deeper into the business aspects, questions arose about production costs, pricing strategies, and distribution channels.

While some Sharks expressed reservations about the business’s valuation and profitability, others saw potential in the product and the team behind it.

Ultimately, after intense negotiations, Daymond John made a compelling offer of $250,000 for a 30% stake in PRO-NRG, contingent on leveraging his existing connections in the industry.

Tania and Brandon accepted the offer, recognizing the value of Daymond’s expertise and strategic partnerships in scaling their business.

The pitch ended on a positive note, with the Sharks acknowledging the potential of PRO-NRG and the determination of its founders to succeed in a competitive market.

The episode showcased the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship, underscoring the importance of resilience, innovation, and strategic partnerships in building a successful business in today’s dynamic landscape.

The Rise and Fall of PRO-NRG After Shark Tank: A Tale of Triumph, Turmoil, and Transition

When Tania Patruno’s PRO-NRG sealed the deal with Daymond John, they wasted no time revamping the company’s website to capitalize on the “Shark Tank” exposure following the episode that aired on October 19, 2012.

Daymond’s team undertook a complete redesign of the PRO-NRG website, citing that the old version wouldn’t have withstood the sudden surge in traffic.

The response was overwhelming, with Tania receiving over 1,100 friend requests on her page.

The revamped PRO-NRG website boasted the highest conversion rates in the history of the show. Tania also mentioned that John was instrumental in securing nationwide placement for PRO-NRG in retail stores.

Following the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy in Patruno’s neighborhood, PRO-NRG underwent a logo and design transformation, marked by a grand re-launch event.

The rebranded product, now known as Protein Water by PRO-NRG, made its debut on the company’s Facebook page on July 10, 2013, featuring flavors like berry, grape, and pomegranate, later expanding to include citrus and watermelon variants.

The product garnered endorsements from a slew of athletes, including Dion Sims, Dwayne Hendricks, and Glen Tapia, further solidifying its market presence.

In July 2013, a legal dispute surfaced when Joshua Fenwick filed a lawsuit against Tania Patruno, her husband Eddie Dukhman, Dukhman’s sister Helen Khorosh, their attorney Joseph M. Rasa, the company Santa Pur Solutions, LLC, Brandon Jacobs, and his business Brayden Enterprises, LLC.

Fenwick claimed to have co-founded PRO-NRG with Dukhman, alleging that Khorosh acted on Dukhman’s behalf due to his criminal record.

Accusations of a clandestine setup involving Santa Pur Solutions were made without Fenwick’s knowledge, and attempts were made to oust him from the company.

The Rise and Fall of PRO-NRG After Shark Tank: A Tale of Triumph, Turmoil, and Transition

Fenwick asserted that he and Dukhman were the original architects of PRO-NRG’s formula and that he had finalized the endorsement deal with Jacobs.

Despite initial dismissal, Fenwick refiled the case the following year, eventually roping Daymond John into the legal battle.

The litigious saga culminated in Fenwick’s attorney facing scrutiny from the Office of Attorney Ethics for allegedly pursuing baseless litigation.

The fate of PRO-NRG remained uncertain as its social media presence dwindled, with the company’s Instagram and Facebook pages going dormant by October 25, 2014.

The subsequent years witnessed a proliferation of protein and energy drink brands like Protein2o, Pwr Lift, and Ready Protein, emerging as prominent players in the market post-PRO-NRG’s closure.

PRO-NRG’s individuals went on to pursue a variety of professional endeavors despite the company’s demise. Tania Patruno transitioned into real estate, showcasing properties and offering home improvement tips on her Facebook page.

Brandon Jacobs, the former NFL luminary who championed PRO-NRG, continued engaging with fans through social media, sharing insights on family, sports, and his football endeavors.

PRO NRG is out of business, and its effective net worth is $0.