OverEZ Chicken Coop Shark Tank Update

Elevate Your Backyard Experience with OverEZ Chicken Coop: The Ultimate Solution for Poultry Enthusiasts

The OverEZ Chicken Coop, as seen on Season 13 of Shark Tank, offers a premium solution for backyard chicken enthusiasts. The brand’s core concept revolves around providing chicken owners with a durable, affordable, and easy-to-assemble coop.

OverEZ Chicken Coop is a top-quality chicken coop made for functionality, quality, and looks. The brand focuses on making practical coops for farmers and ensuring chickens have a safe, comfy, and enjoyable place to live.

This OverEZ Chicken Coop is designed with a traditional American barn and farmhouse aesthetic in mind. The Amish artisans who craft these coops ensure that they are of the highest quality and that they are top-quality products.

This coop boasts a fully modular design that makes setting it up and moving it a breeze. With four size options available – small, medium, large, and XL – the OverEZ Chicken Coop caters to a wide range of backyard poultry keepers, from hobbyists to seasoned farmers.

These coops are renowned for their durability and quality. They are built with top-notch materials to offer your feathered friends comfort and longevity.

Elevate Your Backyard Experience with OverEZ Chicken Coop: The Ultimate Solution for Poultry Enthusiasts

The OverEZ Chicken Coop is built to withstand various weather conditions, offering a reliable shelter for your chickens over time, unlike many other coops on the market.

In addition to the coops, OverEZ provides a range of accessories, including feeders, runs, lights, and heating accessories, making it a convenient one-stop shop for all things chicken-related.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for the brand, reflected in their stellar customer service and detailed assembly tutorials available online.

Whether you’re new to chicken keeping or a seasoned pro, the OverEZ Chicken Coop promises to simplify your experience while enhancing the well-being of your flock.

Designed with a perfect balance of functionality, quality, and aesthetics, this premier coop ensures a safe, comfortable, and stimulating environment for your chickens.

Crafted using state-of-the-art production methods and top-grade materials, each OverEZ Chicken Coop is weather-resistant and easy to maintain, providing peace of mind to poultry farmers of all levels.

The innovative features like integrated nesting boxes, multiple chicken doors, ventilation windows, and exclusive wire mesh flooring set these coops apart from the rest.

OverEZ Chicken Coop was founded by seasoned entrepreneur Chet Beiler, who acquired the company in 2020. OverEZ Chicken Coop offers high-quality chicken coops that are easy to assemble, portable, and high-quality.

The brand’s wide distribution network and impressive revenue growth over the years are testaments to its reputation for producing top-notch products.

OverEZ Chicken Coop continues to revolutionize the backyard chicken-keeping industry by providing practical solutions that meet both chickens’ and owners’ needs with a focus on quality, convenience, and customer satisfaction.

OverEZ Chicken Coop on Shark Tank

Chet Beiler, the visionary behind OverEZ Chicken Coop, made a bold appearance on Shark Tank Season 13, aiming to secure a $1 million investment for a 4% stake in his company.

OverEZ Chicken Coop stands out for its user-friendly, modular chicken coops, which are available in various sizes and cater to the growing trend of backyard chicken keeping across America.

During his pitch, Beiler impressed the Sharks with the revelation that OverEZ Chicken Coop had achieved an impressive $9 million in year-to-date sales. However, despite the strong sales numbers, his presentation fell short of expectations.

The Sharks noted Beiler’s inconsistency and evasiveness when probed about different aspects of his business. This raised doubts among the Sharks about his capability to manage the company effectively.

Lori Greiner was the first to opt-out, citing a lack of differentiation in OverEZ Chicken Coop compared to similar products in the market.

Following suit, Robert Herjavec withdrew his interest due to unfamiliarity with the industry.

Kevin O’Leary took a different approach by offering a $1 million debt arrangement instead of equity, with a proposed 4% stake and a repayment schedule spread over three years at 11.5% interest.

Mark Cuban expressed skepticism about Beiler’s plans for European expansion, questioning the company’s readiness to meet increased demand given its struggles in the domestic market. This skepticism also led Cuba to decline to invest.

Daymond John raised concerns about the company’s valuation and potential margin shrinkage over time. Despite offering $1 million, John sought a significantly larger equity stake of 25%.

In response to the offers, Beiler tried to bring Robert back into the deal and inquired if Kevin would fund additional purchase orders beyond the $1 million debt.

Beiler’s lack of focus on the current offers prompted John to withdraw, leaving O’Leary as the sole remaining interested Shark.

After tentatively agreeing to Kevin’s offer but still seeking Robert’s involvement, Beiler’s wavering stance led Kevin to retract his offer, resulting in OverEZ Chicken Coop leaving the Tank without a deal.

Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, OverEZ Chicken Coop has continued to thrive. The company has diversified its product line to include sheds, chicken runs, and other coop accessories, experiencing growth post-appearance on the show.

From Shark Tank to Success: The Journey of OverEZ Chicken Coop After Shark Tank

Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, OverEZ Chicken Coop continued to thrive following the show. Chet Beiler’s presentation on the show provided significant exposure, contributing to the company’s ongoing success.

OverEZ Chicken Coop expanded its product line to include sheds, chicken runs, and other accessories related to chicken keeping.

They also introduced custom waterers and feeders to complement their coops, showcasing the company’s commitment to broadening its offerings and customer base.

OverEZ Chicken Coop’s growth has been positively impacted by its appearance despite not receiving an investment from the Sharks.

The company remains operational, focusing on providing easy-to-assemble, modular chicken coops to facilitate backyard chicken keeping, a popular activity in America.

OverEZ Chicken Coop faced mixed outcomes on Shark Tank, receiving interest from some Sharks but ultimately not securing a deal.

From Shark Tank to Success: The Journey of OverEZ Chicken Coop After Shark Tank

Despite offers from two Sharks, including Daymond John and Kevin O’Leary, negotiations didn’t lead to an agreement. The company continued its operations post-show, selling products through various channels.

Founded in 2020 by Chet Beiler, OverEZ Chicken Coop specializes in portable, user-friendly chicken coop kits.

Customers seeking convenience and quality for their backyard poultry can choose from a range of coop sizes, quick shipping, and sturdy construction with predator protection offered by this company.

Priced between $1,099 and $1,899, OverEZ Chicken Coop has reported annual revenue of $9 million and lifetime revenue of $21 million, as per Shark Tank filming.

The company has flourished, providing high-quality products to meet the demands of self-reliant chicken breeders. OverEZ Chicken Coop projected $20 million in revenue for 2021.

The company operates from Manheim, Pennsylvania, offering a one-year product warranty and free shipping. Their products are available on their website and in over 1000 stores across the US.

With a focus on quality and affordability in their chicken coop kits, OverEZ Chicken Coop has positioned itself as a trusted provider in the industry.

Their growth and success showcase their commitment to meeting the needs of backyard poultry farmers and individuals interested in chicken breeding. OverEZ Chicken Coop is still in business with an effective net worth of $25 million.