What Happened To Reviver After Shark Tank?

Reviver is a line of deodorizing and freshening clothes designed by Ben and Eric Kusin, is the product on Shark Tank episode 606, seeking the Sharks’ investments on the show.

The creators market the product as “breath mints for your clothes.” You can give your hair or clothes a fresh, clean scent by using the reusable swipes, which fit over your fingers.

The patented formula found in every swipe leaves everything smelling clean and fresh.

The founder and creator of the company, Ben, had an “AHA moment” when he realized that he needed something to remove cigarette odors from his clothes.

A convenience store was nearby, where he purchased gum and breath mints.

At that moment, he came up with the brilliant idea of manufacturing breath mints for his clothes.

Reviver packages were sold in 7-11 stores in his hometown of Dallas one year after starting the company in 2012, where it was first sold in January 2013.

Reviver is also available at the Caesars Entertainment casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Reno, among other locations.

The two brothers joined him shortly after the company launched in 2007, along with Gary – a seasoned entrepreneur and venture capitalist who founded Babbages, which later became GameStop, as well as serving as an Advisor at TPG Capital.

Ben is currently seeking a patent for his invention, and there are very few products like Reviver on the market today.

Despite the lack of testing, the product has a lot of potential benefits because other clothes fresheners are available in spray form.

Currently, Reviver is available nationwide at Walgreens stores, and the pet version is also available at Petco stores. They can also be bought online at Amazon.com.

The Kusins are most likely looking for funds to fund product development and access to a Shark’s retail network. Will the Sharks re-open negotiations with Reviver on a new contract?

What Is Reviver?

Reviver Clothing Wipes were developed by the manufacturer to be the world’s first dry deodorant for clothes.” 

Reviver is the little, compact wipe used to remove odors from clothing, hair, shoes, and even the interior of automobiles that have been contaminated by smoke or food.

Reviver Clothing Swipes are odor-removing wipes that remove odors from clothing and hair in seconds with a few swipes.

You are refreshed from head to toe with odor-eliminating chemicals using the cutting-edge technology of the Reviver wipes. You can reuse these wipes up to ten times and use them on any part of your body.

Reviver Shark Tank Update

Ben Kusin developed the idea that would become the foundation of The Andy Warhol Company after leaving Vivendi Games. He was previously employed by Electronic Arts.

Thanks to Ben’s father’s investment, the Reviver Clothing Swipes company was launched in 2011, which helped the four-year development process.

Reviver is a company that makes refreshing clothes wipes that may be used to remove odors from clothing.

Ben kept the company in his family by hiring his brother Eric as president and chief operating officer. Eric had worked as a buyer at Neiman Marcus earlier in his career.

Company NameReviver
EntrepreneurBen Kusins & Eric Kusins
Product / BusinessDry wipes that eliminate odors
Investment Asking For$150,000 for 5% equity in Reviver
Final Deal$150,000 for 15% equity in Reviver
SharkLori Greiner
Episode Season 6 Episode 4
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Reviver?

Ben Kusin is the founder of Reviver. The company’s founder, Ben Kusin of Dallas, Texas, says Reviver is like a breath mint for clothing. 

Reviver was the product that he and his brother Eric Kusin presented on Shark Tank and was introduced to the public in 2014.

Reviver Before Shark Tank

Ben Kusin, a resident of Dallas, Texas, heard whispered conversation between two people ahead of him standing in line at a convenience store.

Ben was horrified to find that he smelled like an ashtray, and he exited the line in search of something to wash the tobacco odor from his clothes.

He found many products that would clean his breath, from mints to gum, but he couldn’t find anything that would clean his clothes in the same way.

Ben was convinced that such a thing already existed and immediately set out to find it. He conducted some research and discovered that the market had a gap, and at this point, he had an “aha!” moment.

Ben Kusin’s early recognition of potential business opportunities shouldn’t be surprising, considering his father is Gary Kusin, who founded the video game retailer GameStop and was the former CEO of FedEx Office.

A successful businesswoman, Mom Karleen, is JK chocolate’s owner, which makes high-quality cookies and chocolate sauces.

Ben eventually established the Reviver firm in 2011 after significant investment from his father, Gary, to cover the four-year development process. The Reviver business provides refreshing clothes wipes that can erase undesirable odors.

Eric, Ben’s younger brother, served as the company’s president and chief operating officer, keeping the company in the family.

A former brand manager for the software company Electronic Arts, Ben had a wealth of knowledge and expertise in introducing new goods.

After the start-up experienced steady growth, it expanded its line of products to include a wipe for cleaning pet odors.

While the Kusin brothers succeeded in getting their new product stocked in Petco stores, they were well aware of the boost an appearance on Shark Tank could provide them and that partnering with a shark would open up numerous sales opportunities in the future. 

As a result, they were invited to appear on Shark Tank in October 2014.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Reviver?

Ben and Eric appeared on Shark Tank seeking an investment of $150,000 in exchange for a 5% stake in Reviver. They each introduce one of their swipes and tell their individual stories.

Lori is asked to come up to the counter and retrieve a shirt that was steeping in burgers and fries. Lori claims that it is effective!

In addition to handing out samples, Ben shares his “AHA Moment” with the audience.

As described in an interview, the brothers confessed to receiving $2 million from their father and earning $500K this year.

According to their projections, they will make $4 million in the following 12 months. Kevin contests the value of $3 million, and they uncover the background of Kevin’s father.

Additionally, they indicate that they plan to meet with Wal Mart in August. Mark takes issue with the term “technology” being used shortly before a break; yet, he believes Reviver is an excellent product.

However, he doesn’t let that stop him from going out. Mr. Wonderful is no longer in the race because he believes that sales are insufficient.

Barbara has stated that she does not invest in “rich kid businesses” and has withdrawn her participation. Barbara’s demeanor, according to Robert, is incorrect.

Lori says that she was inspired by this invention and offered $150K in exchange for 15 percent of the company’s shares.

Ben and Eric turn to Robert, who offers them $150K in exchange for a ten percent stake. Lori has expressed an interest in being on QVC and has pitched her connections.

Lori cha chings her way onto the stage after Ben agrees to Lori’s terms.

Final Deal: Lori agreed to a deal for $150K for a 15 percent stake in Reviver.

What Happened To Reviver After Shark Tank?

Ben quickly corrected Barbara after the performance, saying she had misspoken and that her comments were not entirely accurate.

Gary told Barbara that despite their father’s wealth, Eric and his brother weren’t rich themselves. He suggested that for the time being, Barbara refrain from referring to the brothers as “rich kids,” at least until the new partnership with Queen of QVC brings them real financial success.

She has spoken out in interviews supporting her point of view ever since the episode aired.

According to her, business leaders who rely solely on their results to keep the wolves at bay aren’t as driven to succeed as those who have no choice but to sink or swim to survive.

While Barbara believes it is necessary for them to become motivated to break free from their father’s legacy and become successful with their own business, Ben believes he and his brother should be motivated by their desire to succeed in business on their own.

Larq Shark Tank Update

The difference between being born into an affluent family and having parents and siblings who spoil you is enormous, as Ben has stated in interviews since then.

There is no question that Ben and Eric are successful entrepreneurs, regardless of their family background or the financial backing they received from their business-minded father.

They have demonstrated a strong commitment to expanding their firm throughout the world.

They are seeing year-over-year sales growth in 2018 due to their innovative product, which shows no sign of being challenged by similar products on the market.

The Kusin brothers can be proud that they have emerged with a dynamic new shark partner despite a few stressful moments in the tank. 

Lori Kusin’s business connections and expertise will be helpful for the Kusin brothers’ business in the coming years, and the sweet smell of success is likely to become more pungent.

Reviver Shark Tank Update

Lori and the Kusin brothers reached an agreement and appeared multiple times on QVC to introduce their wiping products.

The Kusin brothers didn’t seem concerned or bothered by the comment about “wealthy kids” after the program.

In April of this year, the brothers invested in a Dallas restaurant named Malibu Poke. A year or two later, a second facility in Austin opened its doors. 

Reviver Shark Tank Update

POKÉ (pronounced “poke”) is a Hawaiian cuisine that can best be characterized as “deconstructed sushi.”

The guys launched VENN in 2019. They describe it as “a 24/7 live network for gamers, streamers, e-sports fans, and entertainment fans.”

Currently, the wipes industry is thriving. Reviver yearly revenue is expected to reach $5 million as of April 2022.

Is Reviver Still In Business?

Reviver is still in business three years after appearing on Shark Tank, selling its products online through its website and on Amazon.

Kusin Brothers have since transitioned from selling garment wipes to selling raw fish.

OneSole Shoes Shark Tank Update

Their father is an investor in one of the brothers’ startups, TreeHouse, in which the brothers will open a sushi restaurant named Malibu Poke in the fall, among other things. 

They have also raised $25 million for the startup TreeHouse, a home renovation company in which the brothers’ father is listed as an investor, among other things.

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