What Happened To Ionic Ear After Shark Tank?

Darren Johnson introduced a surgically implanted Bluetooth device known as Ionic Ear in the premiere episode of Shark Tank.

Inventor Johnson created the device to fix the issue of Bluetooth earpieces falling off due to sweating or excessive movement. The device combines a battery, a speaker, and a microphone.

Hearing aids are implanted beneath earlobes near the ear to provide hearing assistance.

What Is Ionic Ear?

Ionic Ear is a Bluetooth-enabled device implanted at an angle beneath the ear canal, connecting with the ear canal for hearing aid functions.

Ionic Ear was created to do away with the need for large Bluetooth headphones, which are prone to be dislodged when moving around the house.

A Bluetooth device would need to be implanted close to your ear using the Ionic Ear, and surgery would be required.

An Ionic Ear would eliminate the need for headphones when talking on the phone.

Ionic Ear Shark Tank Update

You would require an operation to have the device implanted, and it would also necessitate putting the device into an outlet on the side of your head, which would allow it to be recharged!

While headsets and Bluetooth devices can be cumbersome, the technology is steadily improving. The use of wires makes the situation worse. 

The performance of Bluetooth devices, such as Apple Airpods, has become much better in recent years.

A cochlear implant can now be implanted into the ear for those who are deaf or have hearing loss.

This device consists of a wire and a unit located outside your head and is highly obvious to others. The device is used by many people who have hearing impairments.

Company NameIonic Ear
EntrepreneurDarrin Johnson
Product / BusinessA surgically implanted Bluetooth device for your ear
Investment Asking For$1,000,000 for 15% equity in Ionic Ear
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 1 Episode 1
Business StatusOut Of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Ionic Ear?

Darrin Johnson is the founder and creator of the Ionic Ear. The ionic ear results from his years of experience working as a communications specialist for large corporations.

The idea for the Ionic Ear stems from the desire to create a device that would eliminate the need for bulky Bluetooth headphones, which is what inspired the item.

The group’s work became evident as he presented how to create a magnetic device placed at an angle below the ear and connected to the ear canal.

Ionic Ear was created to do away with the need for large Bluetooth headphones, which are prone to be dislodged when moving around the house.

Darrin’s team comprises many engineers working on the Ionic Ear project alongside him.

Ionic Ear Before Shark Tank

Darin Johnson came up with the idea for the Ionic Ear as a viable alternative to traditional Bluetooth devices.

It would necessitate surgery near the ear, but it would eliminate the problems associated with conventional implants, such as the devices falling out or being misplaced.

Darrin didn’t seem to have tested this idea on anyone before appearing on the show, so she didn’t have any sales before appearing.

He was still given a chance to pitch his concept to the sharks in the very first episode of the show.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Ionic Ear?

Johnson appeared on Shark Tank seeking an investment of $1 million in exchange for a 15 percent stake in Ionic Ear. 

The product is still in the prototyping stage and won’t reach production anytime soon.

Johnson tells the Sharks he wishes to undergo surgery to implant the device, and they are taken aback by the idea.

The moment Daymond hears this, he leaves the room, saying, “it’s pretty disturbing and freaks me out.”

Barbara asks Kevin Harrington for more information after Johnson explains that you must insert a needle into your ear in the evening to charge your device. Harrington leaves without comment. Barbara also goes out.

The pitch of his product is slowly deteriorating, so he draws parallels between it and breast implants to save it. However, the Sharks are not interested.

Mr. Wonderful is surprised that Johnson hasn’t been arrested and imprisoned for being a moron! He leaves the house.

Robert claims that Darren is “somewhere” and leaves the house. The Sharks cannot believe what they have just witnessed!

What Happened To Ionic Ear After Shark Tank?

The Ionic Ears company no longer exists, so there is no evidence that it ever made it.

Darin likely gave up on the surgery because there is no record of it.

The Sharks, including Barbara and Daymond on the 100th episode, called it the “craziest concept” they had ever heard.

Darin would have a better chance of making his idea more realistic if he provided a track record or examples of it being approved by respected groups, such as doctors.

Magic Cook Shark Tank Update

Whether you have a crazy idea or a wonderful one, Darin is a classic example of the importance of demonstrating credibility when presenting an idea to the sharks to convince them that this is something that people want and reduce the risk of them rejecting it.

Ionic Ear Shark Tank Update

The pitch for Ionic Ear will go down in history as one of the most strange ever heard on Shark Tank or anywhere else. 

Barbara described this as “the most frightening thing she has ever seen” in a 2013 interview.

Ionic Ear never received any funding to progress beyond the development stage and currently has no commercial presence anywhere.

Kronos Golf Shark Tank Update

Johnson may have been a generation ahead of his time, perhaps even a generation too far ahead. The company and he vanished from public view not long after the show aired.

I can normally find information about a defunct company on the internet, but not this individual.

Is Ionic Ear Still In Business?

Ionic Ear has gone out of business as of April 2022 with no records of any surgery done.

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