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The Swilt, a product featured on Season 3 of Shark Tank, is an innovative blend of a sweater and a quilt, conceptualized and brought to life by inventor Ivori Tennelle. The ingenuity of this product lies in its versatility; it can be worn as a sweatshirt but quickly convert into a head-to-toe blanket.

Swilt also features foot pockets made from water-resistant nylon, enhancing comfort and protecting against dampness.

The Swilt offers a unique solution to the common challenge of staying warm and comfortable in cold conditions, a concept that’s easy to appreciate whether you’re sitting on the sidelines at a cold sports event or camping outdoors.

Its value extends beyond this context, however. With a waterproof or windproof outer lining, The Swilt could be a valuable addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s survival pack, providing an effective solution to staying warm without adding significant weight or bulk.

Despite its many merits, the Swilt faced some skepticism from the Sharks on the show. Mark Cuban criticized the design, comparing it to something a 13th-century monk might wear.

Lori Greiner acknowledged the potential competition, particularly from established brands like Snuggie. Despite the enthusiasm and determination of its inventor, Ivori Tennelle, The Swilt did not secure a deal on the show.

Despite these challenges, the Swilt has maintained a presence in the market. The product’s website remains active, and purchases can still be made.

While the Swilt’s online activity has been less than robust since its Shark Tank appearance, the unique blend of comfort and practicality offered by The Swilt suggests the potential for success.

With some refinements to its design, Swilt has the opportunity to distinguish itself from competitors and resonate with consumers seeking a practical, versatile solution to staying warm and comfortable.

Company NameSwilt
EntrepreneurIvori Tennelle
Product / BusinessA fleece sweater and quilted hoodie that looks like a Snuggi
Investment Asking For$30,000 for 35% in Swilt
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Swilt Episode Season 3, Episode 4
Swilt Business StatusOut Of Business
Swilt WebsiteVisit Website

What Is Swilt?

Swilt is a fashion brand offering its customers a distinct range of products. This New York-based company was founded in 2016 to provide people with comfortable and stylish clothing options.

The brand’s name is an amalgamation of “sweater” and “kilt,” which symbolizes the fusion of traditional and modern fashion elements. Swilt stands out from other fashion brands because it specializes in sweater skirts.

These skirts are made from high-quality materials and are comfortably fit for work and play. Swilt also offers a range of cozy sweaters, cardigans, and other apparel that are made from sustainable materials.

Swilt Shark Tank Update

Swilt’s dedication to sustainability is also evident in its manufacturing process. They use environmentally friendly practices such as recycling and upcycling to minimize their environmental impact.

In addition, they donate a percentage of their profits to charitable organizations that focus on environmental and social causes. Swilt is a brand that offers fashion-conscious individuals a unique and sustainable clothing alternative.

Through its commitment to innovative designs and eco-friendly practices, Swilt is helping to redefine what it means to be a responsible and stylish consumer in today’s world.

Who Is The Founder Of Swilt?

The Swilt was the brainchild of Ivori Tennelle, a young and creative entrepreneur who sought to reimagine the concept of a standard wearable blanket. Before her venture with The Swilt, Tennelle took inspiration from the well-known Snuggie brand, which had popularized the idea of a blanket with sleeves.

Seeking to add her twist to this concept, Tennelle ingeniously married the structure of a hooded sweatshirt with the comfort of a Snuggie, giving birth to The Swilt, a sweatshirt that could conveniently transform into a quilt.

Tennelle introduced The Swilt, a product that provides warmth and comfort more dynamically. This garment could be worn and used on the go; the quilt portion of the sweater could be rolled up and concealed within it, making it comfortable and highly portable.

The user could easily unroll the quilted section when required, such as during a chilly sports event or a cold outdoor gathering, providing instant warmth.

Before The Swilt’s debut on Shark Tank, Tennelle had already embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, taking her product to local and flea markets.

Despite only selling about 100 units, Tennelle’s conviction in the potential of her product remained undeterred. While her sales numbers weren’t impressive, she recognized that the right exposure and financial backing could drive The Swilt to considerable success.

She decided to present her invention on Shark Tank, hoping to secure an investment that would enable her to optimize her website, manufacture more units, and prepare for the surge in orders she anticipated would follow.

Tennelle’s journey to Shark Tank underscored her creativity and determination to turn her idea into a successful product. She showed entrepreneurship spirit despite her low sales numbers before the show by seeking financial backing and wider exposure despite her belief in the invention’s potential.

As the founder of The Swilt, she displayed an admirable commitment to her product and her vision for its future.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Swilt?

The Shark Tank pitch for The Swilt, presented by founder Ivori Tennelle, had strengths and weaknesses. Tennelle entered the Tank seeking a $30,000 investment in exchange for a 35% equity stake in her business.

One of the strengths of the pitch was Tennelle’s clear explanation of the product and its unique selling points. She effectively communicated that The Swilt was a sweatshirt that could be transformed into a quilt, offering versatility and convenience.

Tennelle emphasized the two “modes” of The Swilt: the On-The-Go mode, which resembled a regular sweatshirt, and the Head-to-Toe mode, where the quilted portion covered the legs. 

She also highlighted the water-resistant nylon material used in the foot pockets, which added an interesting feature to the product.

Tennelle identified her target market, including sports enthusiasts, soccer moms, and individuals seeking comfort during travel. She positioned The Swilt as an improvement over the Snuggie, highlighting its mobility and suitability for outdoor use.

However, there were weaknesses in the pitch as well. The Sharks expressed concerns about the design and practicality of The Swilt.

Mark Cuban commented that it resembled something a 13th-century monk would wear, and he questioned the potential tripping hazards posed by the bottom portion of the garment.

Lori Greiner noted the competition in the market, particularly with the established Snuggie brand.

Furthermore, Tennelle faced challenges when discussing her sales figures. She had only sold around 100 units in local markets, which did not impress the Sharks.

Robert Herjavec inquired about her efforts to secure retail store partnerships, to which Tennelle seemed unprepared and lacked a clear strategy.

Ultimately, despite Tennelle’s passion and belief in her product, the Sharks did not see enough potential in The Swilt to invest. Their decision was impacted by concerns about its design, market competition, and limited sales.

While the pitch showcased Tennelle’s enthusiasm and the product’s unique features, it fell short of addressing certain concerns and demonstrating a solid sales strategy, leading to the lack of investment offers from the Sharks.

What Happened To Swilt After Shark Tank?

Following The Swilt’s appearance on Shark Tank, unfortunately, the product did not achieve the success that its founder, Ivori Tennelle, had hoped for. Despite Tennelle’s optimism that her product would thrive with some publicity and financial backing, The Swilt struggled to gain traction.

Although Tennelle had designed The Swilt as a versatile alternative to the Snuggie, the product did not resonate with the market as much as she had anticipated.

Her proposal for The Swilt, a sweatshirt-quilt hybrid that allowed for mobility and comfort, was seen as an inventive idea but faced skepticism from the Sharks and, apparently, the wider market.

After the Shark Tank episode aired, The Swilt’s business faded. The company’s website was eventually abandoned, and its social media accounts remained inactive for years.

Despite Tennelle’s earlier conviction that her product would be a hit with some advertising, The Swilt didn’t capture the public’s imagination or create the needed retail demand.

From these developments, it seems clear that The Swilt faced substantial hurdles in its journey post-Shark Tank. Despite the initial enthusiasm and creativity that led to the conception of The Swilt, the product, and its business unfortunately could not sustain the momentum in the highly competitive retail market.

Swilt Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, the Swilt, a combination of a sweater and a quilt designed by Ivori Tennelle, did not experience significant success in its business endeavors. Tennelle sought a $30,000 investment and a 35% equity stake during the show to expand her online business.

However, the Sharks were unconvinced that the Swilt presented a lucrative opportunity. Mark Cuban found the design unappealing, Lori Greiner noted competition from similar products like the Snuggie, and Daymond John praised Tennelle’s ambition but declined to invest.

As of the most recent update, Swilt’s website is still active for orders. However, it should be noted that Tennelle’s online presence has been inactive for over a year and a half. This suggests that Swilt’s business may have faced challenges maintaining momentum and attracting a substantial customer base.

Swilt Shark Tank Update

Despite the lack of success after appearing on Shark Tank, there is still potential for the Swilt to succeed if certain design improvements are made and if it can differentiate itself from existing competitors. However, details regarding recent developments or changes in Swilt’s business are not readily available.

Swilt did not experience significant business growth after appearing on Shark Tank. While the product’s website remains active but redirects to a casino website, Tennelle’s online presence has been inactive for an extended period.

The Swilt’s future success would likely require design improvements, differentiation, and effective marketing strategies to stand out in a competitive market.

Is Swilt Still In Business?

Swilt is out of business. Although the website of Swilt is active, it redirects users to a casino website.

However, it also mentions that the business’s online presence has not been updated for over a year and a half. This suggests that Swilt’s business activity may have been inactive or limited during that period.

The current status of Swilt’s business remains uncertain. The website is still active, but recent updates and information regarding the business’s operations and activities are lacking.

What Is the Net Worth Of Swilt?

The net worth of Swilt is unavailable as of 2023 since the company has gone out of business. The valuation of Swilt was $85,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank in season 3.

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