What Happened To Splikity Password App After Shark Tank?

How often do you forget your important passwords? Have you ever tried trying to log in to some websites and don’t remember the password?

We all have been through such situations, and it is a common human tendency to forget things. I mean, this is what makes us human. 

Keeping a simple and easy password is not an option as you might be the target of hackers. Also, if you are the one who likes to save their password by writing in a notebook or browser, then you need to stop doing that as they are not encrypted. 

So the entrepreneurs’ duo Doug Clarke and Chad came up with an idea to create an encrypted password manager app, Splikity, to keep you safe from the eyes of hackers and not let you forget your important password.

Splikity is an android app that lets you save and manage your password to give you peace of mind. You can also synchronize and backup all your passwords across every device you own and use with Splikity.

The founders of Splikity have reached Shark Tank seeking an investment to promote and market their product. Let’s see the shark reactions and whether they invest in Splikity: Password management app or not?

What is Splitkity Password App?

Splikity is a simple and easy-to-use password management app. You can use Splikity to safely save, manage, and remember your password, making it impossible to forget your password.

The Splikity: Password app helps you safeguard your password against hackers who attempt to steal your identity. Moreover, Splikity: Password App allows you to synchronize and backup your password across all your devices.

You can also generate unique and complicated passwords for your new sign-ups with the Splikity app to keep you completely secure against hackers. 

Company NameSplikity 
FounderDoug Clark and Chad Clark
ProductPassword Management App
Investment Seeking$200,000K for 10% stake in Splikity
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Episode 2 Season 7
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

You will remain protected against identity theft and worse with this program, which generates complicated, unique passwords for all the websites you visit. 

Encryption is done at a military level, and the company does not even own the key to the encrypted data. Your password will never be forgotten with the sync feature.

Who is the Founder of Splitkity: Password App?

Chad and Doug Clark are the founders of Splikity: Password App. The founders of Splikity are also brothers who spent their life in Paradise Valley, Arizona, who were fed up with forgetting passwords.

The founders of the Splikity app developed it as traditional password management to keep passwords safe and secure against hackers. 

The goal of the Splikity Password app is to help you secure, save and synchronize all your passwords across all your devices to keep you safe and eliminate the risk of forgetting passwords while using the internet.

Splitkity: Password App Before Shark Tank

Doug and Chad became victims of a small harmless prank by their friends where their eBay account was hacked. 

The incident was not so harmless as it was done by their friends, and they just made bids on useless and unwanted items.

It was just a small prank by Doug and Chad’s friends to annoy them. However, it made the Clark brothers rethink their online security. 

Chad and Doug were lucky as it was just a prank, and nothing serious happened with their eBay account. But they were aware that it might not always be the case as things could go wrong anytime if their password gets leaked.

Hence, Chad and Doug’s brothers started working on a password management app and developed Splikity: Password Management app to help everyone safeguard their password against hackers and spammers.

Moreover, they designed Splikity that you can use to safely log in to the app and websites while using the internet without typing your details, making your username, email, and password completely safe and secure.

Splikity was developed using military-grade encryption and worked seamlessly across any device without needing you to type your password again on any website.

Since the founders of Splikity Password Management never marketed or promoted the app, the sales were normal, and they could generate decent revenue from the app. 

The founders’ duo soon realized that they would need additional funding to stay relevant in the competitive market.

Hence, they approached Shark Tank to secure additional funding to promote and market their product. 

How Was The Shark Tank Presentation of Splikity: Password App?

Chad and Doug were elegantly dressed when they reached before sharks. Both of them introduced themselves by telling their story. 

Doug started to pitch their presentation of Splikity by creating a familiar scenario of distress caused by a forgotten password. 

Dough states that people can use Splikity to safeguard and secure their credentials and log in without much hassle on all websites.

They mention that Splikity was compatible on all devices, and data can be easily synchronized once the customer logs in and verifies themselves on additional devices.

The sharks were listening to them and ask that they have still not talked about the money. Chad and Doug said they were seeking an investment of $200K for a 20% stake in Splikity. 

Furthermore, they mention that they do not have much technical background. Mark quits stating that the show is even watched by hackers and spammers and wishes all the best to Splikity founders. 

Chad responds to Mark, saying that they have people working on the security of data breaches. Mr. Wonderful says that the security of passwords is not a simple task. 


Dough explains that they have implemented AES-256 encryption to secure the password on the servers of Splikity.

Furthermore, Splikity automatically logs you if you have saved the password of a website without needing you to enter them manually.

Kevin was interested in investing $300K as a venture debt, but the Clarks denied Kevin’s offer. All of the sharks leave one by one. 

Final Deal: No Deal between Splikity and Sharks.

What Happened To Splitkitty Password App After Shark Tank?

The Clark brothers were disappointed as they didn’t have feel enough time to explain the additional benefits of Splikity.

However, they never promoted the Splikity Password management app as a secure method to store and manage passwords. Splikity could land a better deal if the founders prepared enough for the shark tank presentation.

The presentation of Splikity did not state anything that would make their product different or stand out from the competition. 

Splikity could have been a great product as password security is the biggest concern for the growing online trend.

The Splikity app is relevant to all age groups, especially for old age who tends to forget things easily.

The Splikity app is still operational and functional. However, the social media profiles of Splikity have not been much active since the episode of shark tank aired.

Splikity Password Management App Shark Tank Update

The Splikity LinkedIn page still states that the business is running and operational.

However, the social media accounts of the Splikity Password management app have not posted anything for a long time. 

Moreover, the app has just 1000+ downloads and 37 reviews with a rating of 2.7 out of 5 on the Google play store. This status tells that the Splikity app could never take off their business from the ground.

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