Night Runner 270 Shark Tank Update

Night Runner 270: Illuminating Your Path

In Season 8, Episode 3 of Shark Tank, Renata and Doug Storer introduced the Night Runner 270, a product designed to enhance nighttime visibility for runners.

These LED lights, which clip onto shoes, illuminate up to 30 feet ahead with a 270-degree arc of light, earning the nickname “shoe-headlights.”

The development of Night Runner 270 began in 2013, with the first round of funding successfully raised through Kickstarter in 2015.

These lights are a game-changer for runners, walkers, and cyclists, ensuring they can see clearly at night and be seen by motorists. The rear-facing red light further enhances visibility for drivers, helping them avoid obstacles like curbs and potholes.

The Night Runner 270 lights are durable, waterproof, and provide 150 lumens of illumination. They attach easily to shoelaces and are rechargeable via a USB port, eliminating the need for batteries.

Priced at $59.95 per pair, they have garnered mostly positive reviews on Amazon, though one reviewer humorously noted that they won’t prevent a skunk from appearing after dark.

Night Runner 270: Illuminating Your Path

Doug and Renata Storer founded Night Runner 270 as a husband-and-wife team.

Doug, a former sales representative for a construction/architecture firm, and Renata, an interior designer, have since expanded their product line under the company name Night Tech Gear, which now offers various night lighting products for outdoor activities.

Both remain on the extended board, with additional employees handling new responsibilities.

Doug’s inspiration for the product came after he tripped over a pothole while training for his fifth marathon, leading him to realize the need for a flashlight for his shoes.

This idea evolved into the Night Runner 270, which provides 270 degrees of visibility, 150 lumens forward, and a 30-foot range, helping to identify potential tripping hazards.

The Night Runner 270 allows individuals to safely pursue their passions, whether running, walking, or cycling, without the risk of injury.

With their innovative product, Renata and Doug hope to secure the funding needed to expand production and reach a mass-market audience. How will the sharks react to this bright idea?

Night Runner 270 Shark Tank Pitch

Renata and Doug appeared on Shark Tank, seeking a $250,000 investment for a 10% stake in Night Runner 270.

Doug explained how he came up with the idea after stumbling into a pothole while running in the dark.

They handed out samples, which Mark and Lori examined. Mark admitted he didn’t realize they were there.

The production cost is $15.50, and they sell wholesale for $30. The suggested retail price is $59.95. In eight months, they have sold $260,000 worth of products.

The company projects $760,000 in revenue for the upcoming year. Consequently, Barbara ventured out into New York City to observe a night runner.

Kevin showed more interest in Doug’s concept after learning it could help those who work at night.

Doug mentioned they would call their new workforce model the Night Shift. The battery life is ten hours, compared to four hours for the Night Runner.

Robert offered $250,000 for 30%. Kevin quickly countered with $250,000 for 15%. Lori then proposed $300,000 for 20% after a brief pause.

Robert revised his offer to $200,000 plus a $150,000 loan for 15%. Mark offered $300,000 for 30% with unlimited purchase order financing.

Renata and Doug stepped out to discuss the offers. Robert, Kevin, and Lori agreed to join forces, each taking a 10% share for $250,000.

Doug had previously stated he would give up a maximum of 20%. After some negotiation, the Sharks made separate offers.

In the end, Robert made the final offer of $250,000 for 15% plus a $100,000 loan.

Final Deal: Robert Herjavac agreed to provide $250,000 For 15% + $100,000 Loan in Night Runner 270. 

Night Runner 270 After Shark Tank: Success After Shark Tank

Night Runner 270 has proven to be a remarkable success. Despite not securing a majority equity stake with Robert, Renada and Doug sought funding from another backer to produce 10,000 units just before their Shark Tank episode aired.

The product’s popularity caused their website to crash soon after the show, as the 10,000 units were quickly produced.

Reviews on Amazon are mixed, with an average rating of 4.95 stars from over 290 reviews. Some running enthusiasts criticize the device for slipping off and being uncomfortable when fastened.

Despite these criticisms, the product is selling rapidly. Night Runner 270 is available on Amazon for $59.95 with Prime Shipping. The deal with Robert did not materialize, but this did not hinder their success.

The company earned $880,000 for the year and made $300,000 after the show aired, with over 300 inquiries about the industrial model.

In May 2021, the company rebranded to Night Tech Gear, with annual revenue reaching approximately $1 million.

Night Runner 270 After Shark Tank: Success After Shark Tank

Night Runner 270 continues to operate under the Night Tech Gear brand, continually refining its lighting duration timer. The future of the business relies on expanding and updating its models.

Fortune reported in April 2017 that the Shark Tank deal with Herjavec fell through, but it didn’t matter. Stoner mentioned receiving interest from 300 firms worldwide after the show.

The industrial product discussed on the show has not yet been developed, but Stoner promises it will have a battery life of 10 hours and double the lumen output.

Even if the lights don’t work as intended, they can be repurposed or integrated into other materials.

Although Night Runner 270 has not released its new industrial product, with 300 companies ready to place orders, the team is undoubtedly working hard under exceptional lighting conditions.

Night Runner 270 is still in business with an effective net worth of $2million. However, the valuation of Night Runner 270 was $1.66 million after securing an investment from Robert Herjavec on season 08 of Shark Tank.