Jackson’s Honest Shark Tank Net Worth

Jackson’s Honest, a brand that appeared on Season 9 of Shark Tank, is known for its nutritious and gluten-free chips. The company was founded by Scott and Megan Reamer, inspired by their eldest son, Jackson.

The couple’s son suffered from a rare immune disorder called Aicardi-Goutières syndrome and found positive results from a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet incorporating coconut oil.

As a result, the Reamers developed a range of potato and tortilla chips cooked in coconut oil, a novel concept that brought a healthy twist to a beloved snack.

The unique selling point of Jackson’s Honest chips lies in their wholesome, “honest” ingredients, including organic coconut oil and various high-nutritional-value potatoes.

The chips are fried using a “low and slow” cooking method that takes roughly ten times longer than traditional chip-cooking methods. This method helps maintain the molecular integrity of the coconut oil, producing a chip with a flavor more accurate to its core ingredients and protecting it from oxidative damage that could be harmful.

Jackson’s Honest caters to a wide range of taste preferences, offering 8 varieties of potato chips and 6 styles of tortilla chips. They offer classic flavors such as Barbeque, Sea Salt, and Blue Corn, among others.

Jackson’s Honest is not only about creating a great-tasting product but also about health consciousness. The chips are a tasty snack and a healthy alternative to typical, oil-laden chips on the market. This focus on health and quality makes Jackson’s Honest a good choice for those looking for a guilt-free snacking option.

Moreover, Jackson’s Honest made a significant impression on Shark Tank, securing a $1.25 million investment from guest Shark Rohan Oza in exchange for a 15% stake in the company.

After their appearance on the show, the company saw a boom in sales, and they’ve expanded their distribution to more than 7,000 stores nationwide. Jackson’s Honest is still thriving in business with annual revenue of $10 million, further validating the success and appeal of their healthy, flavorful chips.

Company NameJackson’s Honest
EntrepreneurScott Reamer and Megan Reamer
Product / BusinessCoconut oil-based chips made from organic potatoes and tortillas
Investment Asking For$1.25 million for 5% equity in Jackson’s Honest
Final Deal$1.25 million for 15% equity in Jackson’s Honest
SharkRohan Oza
Jackson’s Honest Episode Season 9, Episode 2
Business StatusIn Business
Jackson’s Honest WebsiteJackson’s Honest Website

What Is Jackson’s Honest?

Jackson’s Honest is a food brand that specializes in producing all-natural potato and tortilla chips. Their chips are made with minimal ingredients and are cooked in coconut oil, making them a healthier alternative to traditional fried chips.

Jackson’s Honest is committed to sourcing non-GMO and organic ingredients, ensuring its products are tasty and environmentally conscious. These chips are perfect for snacking and pair well with salsas, guacamole, and hummus. 

Jackson’s Honest also offers a variety of flavors, including sea salt, sweet potato, and purple heirloom potato. 

Jackson’s Honest offers guilt-free snacking options for consumers seeking healthy alternatives to processed foods with their commitment to quality ingredients and sustainable practices.

The company was established by Megan and Scott Reamer, who were determined to create a healthier snack option for their son Jackson. Jackson suffered from various medical conditions that required a high-fat diet, which led the Reamers to experiment with frying chips in coconut oil at home. The couple decided to start a business following the positive response from friends and family.

The chips are made with non-GMO potatoes, organic corn, real salt, and coconut oil. They come in various flavors, including barbecue, purple heirloom, and sea salt. The tortilla chips offering is equally exciting, featuring lime and sea salt flavors.

Despite the immense competition in the snack industry, Jackson’s Honest stands out due to its commitment to ancestral fats considered healthier than the polyunsaturated vegetable oils used in most conventional snacks. 

Furthermore, the company’s mission is to advocate and promote healthier alternatives. Jackson’s Honest is available in supermarkets across the US, including Whole Foods and Publix.

Jackson’s Honest is a company that makes snacks made with love, care, and a commitment to providing customers with healthier options.

Jackson’s Honest Shark Tank Net Worth

Additionally, the company uses potato varieties with high nutritional value and fries its chips at a low temperature for an extended time. This keeps the molecule integrity of the coconut oil.

This not only produces a chip with a taste that is more accurate to its flavor, but it also helps to protect the chip from oxidative damage that could be harmful.

Who Is The Founder Of Jackson’s Honest?

Megan and Scott Reamer are the co-founders of Jackson’s Honest. The couple has four children, the eldest of which, Jackson, inspired the business.

Scott and Megan Reamer were dedicated parents who spent twelve years trying to figure out the mysterious health issues that their son Jackson was facing. After a long, arduous journey, Jackson was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder known as Aicardi-Goutieres syndrome in 2015.

Following this diagnosis, Jackson’s doctors advised the Reamers that one of the most effective ways to manage Jackson’s illness would be through dietary control. This prompted Megan and Scott to embark on a journey to figure out what diet would work best for their son’s condition. 

The Reamers discovered that a diet high in healthy fats benefited Jackson. This discovery led to the concept of Jackson’s Honest, as the couple began making potato chips fried in organic coconut oil.

This innovative approach turned a popular snack into a healthier version while maintaining a delicious taste. Their homemade chips were well-received by family and friends, leading the Reamers to sell them online in 2012.

Jackson’s Honest saw rapid growth in the following months, with demand from within the United States and several other countries. They soon upgraded their operations to a small commercial kitchen, and by 2013, they had secured their first manufacturing facility.

Their product was quickly picked up by Natural Grocers, leading to sales of over a million dollars worth of chips in less than a year.

By the time the Reamers appeared on Shark Tank, they had worked with renowned retailers such as Sprouts and Whole Foods, had a small team of employees, and generated a $10 million revenue.

Despite the hardships, the Reamers were motivated by their son Jackson’s health struggle, which propelled them to create Jackson’s Honest, a brand that is not only a successful business but also a testament to their son’s resilience.

Sadly, Jackson passed away a few months after their appearance on Shark Tank, but his legacy lives on through the brand that carries his name.

Jackson’s Honest Before Shark Tank

Jackson’s Honest is a company that produces potato and tortilla chips prepared from organic coconut oil and specializes in producing organic potato chips. Scott and Megan Reamer founded Jackson’s Honest.

The couple’s son, Jackson, who had been experiencing unexplained symptoms for twelve years before his diagnosis in 2015 with the extremely uncommon autoimmune disorder known as Aicardi-Goutieres syndrome, served as the impetus to establish the company in 2012.

Their doctors advised the couple that controlling his diet was the most effective strategy to cure his illness after receiving the diagnosis. They used a lot of trial and error, including testing many different recipes until they figured out that a diet high in healthy fats was the best way to proceed.

They ultimately began making and frying their potato chips in organic coconut oil, transforming them into a more nutritious alternative to traditional potato chips.

The Reamers began selling their homemade chips on the internet in 2012 after receiving support from family members and friends who loved the snacks. Their efforts paid off, even though developing their brand was challenging.

The chips were in demand in the United States and several other countries across the globe within three months of their introduction. They upgraded the company the following year to a small commercial kitchen, and then in 2013, they secured their first manufacturing facility.

They did not have to wait for very long to secure their first transaction with the shop Natural Grocers. They could sell over one million dollars of chips in less than a year. As a result, the company hired a small team of employees, with whose help they could earn a revenue of ten million dollars.

They started working with well-known retailers like Sprouts and Whole Foods as their company expanded and became more successful. Finally, in June 2017, Scott decided to spend his full attention on this endeavor and resigned from his day job.

The company’s founders, intent on expanding it even further, eventually succeeded in securing a position on the reality series Shark Tank, which airs on ABC.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Jackson’s Honest?

Scott and Megan Reamer, founders of Jackson’s Honest, made their pitch on Shark Tank during Season 9, Episode 2. They entered the Tank seeking an investment of $1.25 million in exchange for a 5% equity stake in their company, valuing Jackson’s Honest at $25 million.

The Reamers shared their personal story, including their son Jackson’s health struggles, which inspired their business. They described how they developed their line of healthier potato and tortilla chips fried in coconut oil and how it had resulted in a successful and rapidly expanding business.

The Sharks listened to the story behind Jackson’s Honest and learned about the company’s unique cooking process, their variety of chip flavors, and the growth of the business. 

The Reamers highlighted their use of “honest” ingredients and the “low and slow” cooking method, which not only produced a chip with a taste that was more accurate to its core ingredients but also helped protect the chips from oxidative damage that could be harmful. 

They also provided information on their sales and business expansion, emphasizing that their product was available in well-known retailers like Sprouts and Whole Foods.

The Sharks were impressed by the product’s taste and the Reamers’ passion for their pitch. However, the equity stake the Reamers initially offered was seen as quite low, considering the investment they were asking for. This led to a discussion on valuation, where it became clear that the Sharks saw potential in the business but were concerned about the high valuation.

The pitch resulted in a deal with guest Shark Rohan Oza, known for his expertise in branding in the food and beverage industry.

Oza saw the potential in Jackson’s Honest and its unique product, and he proposed a deal of $1.25 million for a 15% stake in the company, three times the equity initially offered.

The Reamers accepted this offer, understanding the value Oza could bring to their business. This marked a successful Shark Tank pitch for Jackson’s Honest, with a significant investment that would aid their continued growth and expansion.

Final Deal: Rohan Oza agreed to invest $1.25 million for a 15% equity in Jackson’s Honest.

What Happened To Jackson’s Honest After Shark Tank?

Following their appearance on Shark Tank, Jackson’s Honest experienced a surge in popularity. The company received many calls, reviews, and emails from new clients inspired by their stories and product.

This increased exposure, combined with the strategic insights and network provided by investor Rohan Oza, led to a significant expansion of their business. Tragically, Jackson, the inspiration behind the business, passed away a few months after the filming of the episode.

However, the Reamers remained dedicated to carrying on his legacy through Jackson’s Honest. They continued to invest their time, energy, and resources into growing the business.

With Rohan Oza’s guidance, they were able to improve their packaging, branding, and marketing strategy and secure additional funding for their growth.

They introduced new products to their line, including a range of grain-free puffs in flavors like cheesy cheddar, spicy cheddar, and crunchy sweet potato. These puffs were designed to be as healthy as their other chips, free from corn, rice, and vegetable oils.

The company’s products, including these new additions, were made available online through its website and from merchants located all around the country. The company even extended its distribution network, getting its chips into over 7,000 stores nationwide.

They continued to grow their brand, signing contracts with additional vendors to distribute Jackson’s Honest products. This included major retailers; most notably, their products were made available in Whole Foods locations.

By 2019, Jackson’s Honest reached a revenue of $36 million and was recognized as one of Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces. Jackson’s Honest is still in business, with annual revenue exceeding $10 million.

Their journey post-Shark Tank has been marked by business growth and expansion, the development of new products, and the continuation of their mission to provide healthy, honest, and tasty snacks, a testament to the resilience and dedication of the Reamers. 

Despite the high price point indicated by some customers, most reviews for Jackson’s Honest products were positive, demonstrating customer satisfaction with the product’s quality and taste.

Jackson’s Honest Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, Jackson’s Honest, a healthy snack food company, experienced notable developments and progress in its business.

Jackson’s Honest, now known as Jackson’s, received significant investment, engaged in rebranding efforts, and focused on product and business development after their appearance on Shark Tank.

These steps aimed to further their mission and share the inspiring story behind their products.

Jackson’s Honest Shark Tank Update

Jackson’s Honest began selling grain-free puffs when the company changed its name to Jackson’s-the Super Snack in 2018.

You can purchase Jackson’s Honest almost in all Whole Foods locations. Jackson’s Honest annual revenue is above $10 million.

Is Jackson’s Honest Still In Business?

Yes, Jackson’s Honest is still in business. The company was founded in 2012 by Megan and Scott Reamer after their son Jackson was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. The company’s mission is to make healthy snacks that are also delicious and affordable. 

Jackson’s Honest products are made with non-GMO ingredients and are free of gluten, dairy, and soy. The company’s products are available in over 10,000 stores nationwide.

Jackson’s Honest is a certified B Corporation, which means the company meets high social and environmental performance standards, accountability, and transparency.

The company is committed to giving back to the community and has partnered with several organizations that support children’s health and wellness.

Jackson’s Honest is a successful company committed to making healthy snacks that are also delicious and affordable. The company is a great example of a business using its success to impact the world positively.

What Is the Net Worth Of Jackson’s Honest?

Jackson’s Honest’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million. The valuation of Jackson’s Honest was $8.33 million after securing an investment on season 9 of Shark Tank.

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