What Happened To Hoppy Paws After Shark Tank?

Hoppy Paws, founded by Trina Barkouras, started a family tradition on the Shark Tank Holiday Special – episode 614.

Trina came up with the idea for Hoppy Paws when she built an Easter Bunny “paw print trail” for her children over 20 years ago.

They followed the trail to their Easter baskets in the house. The neighbors were enchanted by the idea and began asking where they could get the materials to build pathways for their children.

She wanted to turn her stamping kits into a business. With Halloween just around the corner, she created a line that included Halloween monster footprints, stork prints for expecting parents, and St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun prints.

The reindeer and elf print kits for Christmas are the ones that got her on the Shark Tank Holiday special.

There are three kits available for $6.99 each, which come with a footprint stamp, a mixing tray, and a powder that allows prints to be created.

The company’s website is where Hoppy Paws offers its products. Ms. Barkouras is most likely on the lookout for a Shark to assist her with retail distribution.

Will the Sharks plan on investing in Hoppy Paws as their predecessors did?

What Is Hoppy Paws?

Hoppy Paws is a firm that sells stamping kits that allow parents to create reindeer and bunny footprints for their children during the holidays.

The Hoppy Paws team offers a variety of stickers that can easily be installed on floors during the holiday season.

What Happened To Hoppy Paws After Shark Tank?

You can purchase these stickers to commemorate important events and holidays.

You might use stork prints to represent birth, the Easter bunny for Easter celebrations, or other imaginative stickers.

Company NameHoppy Paws
FounderTrina Barkourasis
BusinessSidewalk stamp with holiday pawprints
Investment Seeking$50,000 For 10% equity in Hoppy Paws
Final Deal$100,000 For 49% equity in Hoppy Paws
SharkBarbara Corcoran
Episode Season 6 Episode 12
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Hoppy Paws?

The founder and owner of Hoppy Paws is Trina Barkouras, who had the concept for it for over 20 years.

Before pursuing her goal, Trina had already established herself as an outstanding interior designer, but she felt she was missing something.

She resigned from her job to pursue this incredible goal and has never looked back. She still runs Hoppy Paws.

Hoppy Paws Before Shark Tank

Despite a difficult childhood, Trina was emancipated at age sixteen. Therefore, she wasn’t as enthused by the celebrations.

Therefore, she always ensured to provide for her children to ensure they did not miss out on anything.

Hoppy Paws was founded due to her unwavering commitment to her children.

She made reindeer tracks when living in California, which her children loved.

Those who saw her prints were enthralled, and they wanted to know where they could obtain such prints.

Hoppy Paws was born as a result of the inquiries. On the other hand, she did it pastime and sold the products to their neighbors.

She subsequently went back to work and raised her family. She did, however, decide to start a firm on the spur of the moment after witnessing Shark Tank auditions in San Diego.

Trina had barely been with Hoppy Paws for three months when invited to appear on Shark Tank.

She began her career as a producer in her garage. She had also contributed $105,000 to the company’s funding.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Hoppy Paws?

Trina starts the show with an “at home” piece in which she describes her difficult background and the beginnings of Hoppy Paws. 

She enters the Shark Tank show seeking an investment of $50,000 for a 10% stake in Hoppy Paws.

She is decked out in antlers! She distributes samples to the Sharks and tells them about the product.

Barbara asks what the powder was and whether it was safe, Trina informs Barbara that the powder was biodegradable.

It has just been 90 days since Trina has started Hoppy Paws! Everything she needs is on hand, from packaging to product.

Trina informs the Sharks that she got emancipated when she was 16 and has lived independently ever since. Trina further explains that the first run of Hoppy Paws production cost was just $50,000.

Trina informs the Sharks that she had only received the samples the day before.

She’s invested $105K into everything. Mark describes Trina as a BEAST, and he wishes his salespeople had her drive!

Robert is impressed by her story, but he’s confused about whether it’ll sell, so he’s out. 

What Happened To Hoppy Paws After Shark Tank?

Lori believes Trina is a hero, but she isn’t convinced about the product. Trina throws a powerful pitch.

She always Lori’s misgivings about the packaging resembling egg coloring kits and declares herself enthralled by Trina.

Kevin claims that having a woman with antlers in his portfolio has always been his goal.

If any other Shark matches him, he will put up the first $5000. Mark has agreed to contribute $5000.

What Happened To Freshly Picked After Shark Tank?

Barbara asks a few questions and mentions that her children enjoyed this activity. She is willing to part with $100,000 in exchange for 50% of the business.

Trina inquires about financing purchase orders and Barbara’s willingness to go to 51 percent -49 percent.

Barbara says she will if she receives 50% of future suggestions. Trina accepts the offer!

Final Deal: Barbara agreed to a deal worth $100K in exchange for a 49 percent stake in Hoppy Paws.

What Happened To Hoppy Paws After Shark Tank?

Trina was able to sell 5,000 Hoppy Paws kits in the first two weeks after the show aired.

The viewer’s response to her business was positive. She was busy keeping up with the overwhelming number of orders, going so far as to personally respond to all of the company’s hundreds of e-mails.

One of the first to enjoy the route that eventually became Hoppy Paws, her oldest daughter is now working alongside her at the company, making it a true family affair.

The Santas Boots Print Kit, which complements the existing reindeer tracks print kit, was released right before Christmas.

What Happened TO BrandYourself After Shark Tank?

Trina, unexpectedly, chose to fund the launch of that product through a Kickstarter campaign.

However, she only raised $100 in pledges from her campaign, despite her goal of $3,500.

It was an odd tactic for a startup, but the Santa’s Boots Decals are now available on the Hoppy Paws website, despite the campaign’s failure.

Trina and Hoppy Paws will face a difficult road ahead in the crowded and competitive seasonal products market.

However, because of her remarkable drive and ambition, along with Barbara Corcoran’s powerful attributes complementing hers, the inspirational businesswoman is sure to make great strides toward bigger triumphs on her journey forward.

Is Hoppy Paws Still In Business?

Trina relocated the production aspect of Hoppy Paws from her garage into a production facility after appearing on Shark Tank, and she created a Santa’s Boot print set.

What Happened To Hater App After Shark Tank?

Hoppy Paws has already announced a new St. Patrick’s Day stamping kit – the Leprechaun shoe decal pack costs $4.99, despite Shark Tank’s suggestion that Barkouras reduce the number of SKUs.

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