Best Outsourcing Websites

Your business cannot hire employees for all operations, regardless of size, if you expect to hire in-house staff.

You don’t want to hire someone continuously to perform certain tasks, such as web design, since you do not need them frequently.

It is not uncommon to require around-the-clock monitoring for other endeavors, such as providing support to customers.

There are others, such as those that can be handled by a generic virtual assistant, that require only a few hours of your time per week but is usually tedious and represents a poor use of your time.

It is possible to solve all of these problems by outsourcing these tasks through outsourcing websites.

What Is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the process of sourcing goods or services from outside sources to satisfy internal requirements.

A company may manage client relationships, maintain infrastructure, enter data into computer systems, and manufacture products while not altering the core business fundamentals that make them successful.

Many successful businesses in today’s modern economy have incorporated outsourcing into their business model to save money, increase productivity, and maintain quality control.

Online outsourcing has grown rapidly in recent years because more and more organizations, even small firms, are using it to expand their operations and gain a competitive advantage.

Many companies still contract out tasks that don’t directly contribute to the company’s core business. Every year, U.S. companies export more than 300,000 jobs overseas.

One of the many advantages of operating a company in the year 2021 is the convenience of having access to a wide variety of skilled freelancing workers and providers of virtual support.

You will no longer be responsible for doing every significant job associated with operating your company if you use virtual assistant (VA) services. Additionally, you will not have to spend significant money on hiring full-time workers.

However, there is no assurance that outcomes will be achieved simply by employing independent workers. 

It is important to remember that choosing the best outsourcing platforms is the first step in getting the ideal virtual assistant or virtual team for the task.

The number of organizations becoming more knowledgeable about the advantages of outsourcing has contributed to the emergence of top outsourcing providers.

Businesses are projected to continue recruiting independent contractors through websites that specialize in outsourcing to find creative solutions to problems that arise in the workplace and improve their overall operations.

Best Outsourcing Websites


The digital outsourcing environment underwent significant changes after oDesk and Elance merged in 2015 and rebranded Upwork.

Many companies that wanted to hire independent contractors found Upwork a real monster, quickly becoming their primary destination. 

There is a large pool of talent on the site, from novice freelancers to seasoned professionals with years of experience.

Best Outsourcing Websites

Upwork is a global network for freelancing that facilitates connections and collaborations between clever businesses and professional freelancers.

Over two million talented freelancers currently work for the organization, delivering services across hundreds of different fields.

You can upload your project along with its specifications on Upwork. This method matches the projects with freelancers on a list who have experience in that particular field and thereby compiles a list of the most likely prospects for you to choose from.

You will also have the opportunity to browse several freelancers on the website and select one of them according to your preferences. Freelancers can examine your job and provide you with their proposals simultaneously.

You will attract many applicants if you spend even a short time developing a comprehensive job description describing what you require. You also have the option of soliciting applications from independent contractors.

It is not difficult to locate exactly what you are looking for in terms of talents and money. You can pay for the project at an agreed-upon flat amount and by the hour. In addition, you can employ a freelancer for a single project or build a working partnership with them.


You can engage freelancers through Fiverr for a price per assignment ranging from $5 to $500, and the lowest fee is just $5. An individual fee applies to only one project at a time and is a multiple of five.

You have access to a wide variety of pre-configured services, such as graphics, programming, and digital marketing, as well as business duties such as data entry, project management, and legal advice.

One may consider Fiverr to be an online marketplace for the provision of freelance services. It was established in 2010 and currently has over 14 million users worldwide. It is an excellent platform for outsourcing one-off jobs and services.

Freelancers are responsible for finding clients and marketing their services to them rather than relying on employers. They will upload a project and give it a rating of at least $5 before doing so.

After that, employers look through their postings and finally purchase their services. They may learn more about their workers through the platform before moving through with the hiring process, and once hired, they can speak with one another and begin their work.

However, Fiverr receives contradictory feedback from various organizations and freelancers, and as a result, employers using the platform to find new staff members need to proceed with care.

Fiverr is one of the largest marketplaces in the world where you can hire independent contractors regardless of the market or sector in which you operate.

You can find millions of gigs offered by millions of freelancers, all offering their services at incredible prices.

You have the opportunity to select from more than three million gigs available in one hundred and fifty service categories, each beginning at just five dollars and being offered by freelancers residing in over two hundred and fifty countries. It is a directory of people who work as freelancers.

A freelancer’s ranking and reviews are available to every customer who has hired them. You will know how satisfied his previous customers were with his work, which will give you a better idea of whether you should hire him in the future.

Freelancer is another platform that has expanded in popularity over the past few years. As the second largest platform available on the market, Upwork competes directly with the Freelancer platform.

Freelancer is one of the oldest online marketplaces for freelance work. Freelancer allows you to post your project as a competition and select freelancers from hundreds of submissions, or you can invite freelancers to bid on your project.

Freelancer has taken over many smaller platforms, such as Rentacoder, which offers information technology outsourcing services. This has led to Freelancer developing a substantial professional network.

Best Outsourcing Websites

Freelancer is one of the most well-known marketplaces for independent contractors and businesses that hire them. 

It is the second oldest platform currently available on the market. The websites it acquired were Get A Freelancer, EUFreelance, and Scriptlance.

The functionality of this platform is identical to that of UpWork. Employers will publish specific projects on the site for potential applicants to bid on, after which they will conduct interviews and recruit candidates through the platform.

Freelancer provides users access to various services, including web design, digital marketing, data entry, and many more.

Freelancer works the same way as other websites, where all the work is done on the platform, including recruitment, cooperation, and communication.

You can find a freelancer on your own or post a job to attract prospects, and you have the flexibility to pay them by the hour, by the project, or by the milestone. The system operates very similarly to that of Upwork.

Freelancer also functions as a database of professionals who work as freelancers, and it enables you to examine their portfolios and get in touch with them even before you submit any projects.


99Designs is the most popular online marketplace for your company’s branding requirements. 

99Design is the place to hire experienced graphic designers for your branding projects. You can get everything from logo design to complete brand identity kits from them.

99designs is a company located in Melbourne, Australia, that specializes in delivering excellent design expertise to businesses considering opening their shop.

Their exclusive focus on your industry ensures that you will collaborate with talented designers, so you won’t have to worry about getting outcomes that are below standard.

99designs is the place to go if you need any design work done, including branding, app design, or package design.

You can either hire a specific designer to work closely with you or run a contest to get many options. You can choose either of these options.

Writer Access

The Writer Access website enables you to hire professional writers for your content marketing campaigns.

The Writer Access network includes 15,000 content creators with relevant experience in content creation.

Furthermore, you can select the content creator based on their industry of expertise (e.g., legal, bio/pharma, lifestyle, marketing, etc.) and the types of projects (i.e., sales articles, blog articles, advertisements, emails, etc.).

Best Outsourcing Websites

Writer Access is a premium outsourcing platform, so you cannot expect it to offer the most competitive outsourcing prices.

However, suppose you outsource the writing of your blog posts or the content of your website. In that case, you can be certain that your audience will recognize the difference between the high-quality work produced by an experienced writer and the work produced by your outsourcing efforts.

You must first subscribe to Writer Access to communicate with the authors through the site. You can, however, test out Writer Access for 14 days in the free trial period. is one of the oldest freelancer platforms, established in 1998 under is a marketplace for independent contractors who offer various services, most commonly in programming, writing, and design. functions like other typical platforms available on the market: employers post a project, and freelancers send in proposals.

Furthermore, they offer a paid service known as Featured Jobs, which guarantees a posting will be displayed at the top of the result page when a freelancer searches for one.

They will be able to receive more proposals as a result of this, particularly from applicants of a high caliber. They can even recruit the ideal candidate for the position they are advertising. is one of the most sought-after freelance marketplaces. It was initially established in 1998 under the name

You can find and hire from over 3 million freelancers worldwide using A freelancer can be a developer or a programmer, a designer or an artist, a writer or an interpreter, a sales or marketing professional, an administrator or secretary, an engineer or architect, a business or finance expert, or a lawyer.

Unlike many other sites, most Guru freelancers are in the United States. If you are working with someone in the same time zone as you, or if you want to prevent communication challenges, this can be helpful.

Despite the company providing a wide range of services, programming and product development are Guru’s primary focuses.

The fact that the platform will provide you with a list of “gurus” that you might want to consider hiring for your project is a feature that many users find useful. This removes the necessity of conducting your search.


With Airfleet, outsourcing is easy and accessible thanks to its conversational user interface (UI).

You may hire virtual assistants for various duties for a modest monthly membership cost. It may involve customer service, answering emails, monitoring social media accounts, or even simple data entry. Virtual assistants can manage all of these tasks and more.

Best Outsourcing Websites

You need a technological staff for your business. Airfleet allows you to deliver your marketing campaigns with on-demand coding staff.

Airfleet is unique in that it only focuses on marketing, unlike other companies that provide programmer outsourcing.

They are responsible for the creation of websites, the management of search engine optimization, the integration of marketing tools, and even the creation of promotional games and applications.


PeoplePerHour allows you to pay either an hourly charge or a flat rate, even though its name suggests otherwise. 

You can contract workers for remote and onsite labor, which is a characteristic that sets it apart from most other websites that offer outsourcing services.

Moreover, you can pay in United States dollars, Euros, or British pounds. To increase the likelihood of your project’s success on this platform, you must communicate effectively with the freelancer before you begin working together.

PeoplePerHour is one of the most trustworthy freelance job sites currently available. They are not as easygoing as FreeeUp in accepting applicants to create their profiles.

Every freelancer on the platform has been tested to determine whether they meet clients’ requirements.

Employers must provide extensive information on the projects for which they are searching for talent. 

After that, the applicants will hand in their individualized proposals for the examination and approval of the committee. 

After the approval process is complete, the employer will be requested to pay a deposit before their work may begin.


Toptal is a network comprising the top three percent of the most completely vetted, skilled freelancers worldwide. 

An increasing number of people are joining this network. You can hire a top developer, designer, or financial specialist on Toptal.

A freelancer on this platform cannot apply for open positions; rather, it is chosen by the company based on their skills and experience.

Best Outsourcing Websites

Toptal is a more specialized freelance site compared to other platforms available online. They have freelancers skilled in constructing websites and software, design, and financial advisory services.

Employers looking to hire people with higher levels of specialization who are among the top 3 percent of their field visit their website.

The platform will pair employers with knowledgeable professionals in their field so that they may discuss their requirements and goals regarding staffing.

They will then be paired with a qualified worker for their project after 24 hours have elapsed. They can put their staff through a trial run to determine whether or not they are suitable for the project.

There is a minimum deposit requirement of at least $500 for Toptal to begin looking for a freelancer to work on your project. Toptal strives to find you the best freelancers and offer them to you. The cost of other platforms is lower.


The FreeUp platform conducts background checks on prospective freelance workers before allowing them to join.

The website says it hires only one percent of the independent contractors it interviews, ensuring a consistently high standard of work. However, the cost varies from $5 to $75 per hour, depending on the service.

FreeUp will, within a day, find you a suitable freelancer to work with after submitting a project request. Additionally, account managers are ready to provide direction and assistance with your project.

One of the most apparent advantages of utilizing FreeUp is the streamlined way it searches for online freelancing work.

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They only accept one percent of the freelance applicants who pass their tests and are then recommended to employers if they have the necessary abilities.

The website’s primary function is to facilitate the recruitment of virtual assistants with various skill sets.

The portal host’s freelancers whose hourly charges range anywhere from $5 to $75, depending on their level of experience and expertise.


Gigster is a platform for virtual outsourcing that emphasizes the development of high-quality software.

Gigster has a staff of over 800 talented engineers who are available to assist you throughout the entirety of the development cycle, from the conception of an idea to the post-launch maintenance of the product.

If you are looking for an expert coder to build software, an application, or any technological product for your company, Gigster may be the platform that best suits your needs.

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You are allowed to communicate with the developer selected based on your specifications within minutes of posting your gig.

The developer will then email you the whole proposal after providing you with an estimate of the time and cost involved in the project during the chat.

The organization has worked with several large companies, such as IBM, Facebook, eBay, and Microsoft, amongst others, and assisted them in resolving business issues using artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technology.


Workhoppers is a platform for outsourcing marketing tasks focusing on web design, graphic design, and blogging.

Workhoppers is a quality outsourcing service, so you can be assured that the work you outsource will make an impact online.

The Workhoppers platform allows you to outsource work immediately if you need freelancers.

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