What Happened To Power Pot After Shark Tank?

The Power Pot is a high-tech cooking pot with a thermoelectric generator that you can use to recharge electrical devices through heat.

Caleb Light and David Toledo pitched on Shark Tank season 5 episode 24 on April 11.

Light and Toldeo raised around $200K in two rounds of crowdfunding on Kickstarter before becoming the latest Kickstarter entrepreneurs to join the Tank.

Power Practical offers a Power Pot, the company’s flagship product, which allows customers to charge any USB device by using the heat generated while boiling water or cooking.

The product can charge smartphones, cameras, GPS units, and other mobile devices.

You can also find Power Pot on Amazon, at Bass Pro Shops, REI, Cabella’s stores, and independent outdoor retailers.

Campers and hikers can use the Power Pot to make water for cooking. Having this device on hand will be helpful if an extended power outage occurs.

Power Practical also provides cables, lights, lithium batteries, camp stoves, and these items.

They’re most likely seeking a Shark to help them increase their retail footprint while also providing a cash infusion to help them with manufacturing.

What Is Power Pot?

Power Pot is a thermos-electric generator designed like a cooking pot that not only boils water but also charges electronic devices via a USB port.

You can use the PowerPot with virtually any heat source, such as a wood-burning stove, a propane heater, and even a hot spring.

PowerPot’s on-demand power generation system does not use moving components and can be used at any time, day or night, regardless of weather conditions. The approach is also straightforward to use. 

Simply add water to the Power Pot and turn on the burner, and you’ll be producing electricity in a matter of seconds!

This fantastic invention combines a simple cooking pot with a bit of renewable energy plant to create a truly remarkable product.

Power Pot Shark Tank Update

PowerPot is a thermoelectric generator, which means that it converts the temperature difference between the bottom of the pot and whatever is inside it, which would be water, into electricity by converting the difference in temperature.

Its output is five watts and one amp of current, implying that most USB devices will charge at least as quickly as possible with a standard plug and outlet combination. 

PowerPot is a fantastic tool for camping, power outages, and general green living in the great outdoors.

Company NamePower Practical
EntrepreneurDavid Toledo and Caleb Light
Product / BusinessAn electric generator that also doubles as a camp cookstove
Investment Asking For$250,000 for 10% equity in Power Pot
Final Deal$250,000 for 12% equity in Power Pot + 3% in advisory options
SharkMark Cuban
Episode Season 5 Episode 24
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Power Pot?

Caleb Light and David Toledo are the founders of Power Pot.

Light earned an honors degree in business and entrepreneurship from Utah Valley University. He was a partner at CupAd LLC before founding Power Pot.

Light and Toledo set off on their new adventure with a clear understanding of how pyrotechnics work in the real world. 

The founders discovered how much energy bonfires can generate when on a camping trip over the weekend following a long and stressful semester.

They decided to use the energy to make something valuable, such as electricity, which they then sold.

The Power Pot, in which this natural energy source was included, was the most notable of Light and Toledo’s portable devices. The company also developed a line of solar-powered products.

They have generated little more than $200K in two consecutive rounds of funding, making them the newest Kickstarter businesses to join the Tank.

According to the company, the Power Pot, the “flagship product” of their company, Power Practical, uses the heat created by boiling water or cooking to charge any USB device, including smartphones, cameras, and GPS systems.

Power Pot Before Shark Tank

PowerPot is a groundbreaking technology created by two friends who have turned into entrepreneurs, David Toledo and Caleb Light, both of whom are from the Utah city of Salt Lake City.

PowerPot is a new thermoelectric generator with a built-in USB port for charging practically any device through its thermoelectric technology.

Therefore, you can use it to charge your smartphone, digital camera, GPS device, and other electronic devices.

The PowerPot possesses the remarkable ability to boil water using practically any form of heat at any given moment.

As a result, the PowerPot is an excellent partner for camping and other outdoor activities.

A USB connector reduces the time and money spent on charging intelligent devices and digital cameras and boiling water on the go.

Before the official launch of PowerPot, the team had completed a Kickstarter campaign and had sold one thousand units.

However, they required further assistance, commercial skills, and connections to launch the PowerPot on the US market successfully.

Caleb and David decided that it would be best to face the shark tank head-on to prove their mettle.

The duo has come up with a fantastic idea to help them create electricity. On the other hand, will the sharks grab the hook and invest in PowerPot?

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Power Pot?

David and Caleb appeared on Shark Tank seeking an investment of $250,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in Power Pot or Power Practical.

The Power Pot folks have pre-sold 100,000 units as part of their Kickstarter campaign and expect to generate $2 million in sales for the year, but the Sharks are concerned about the valuation of the product.

Kevin is interested in the patent for the product, but David tells him that the patent is still pending.

The Power Pot is expected to improve its sales and connections with larger shops. They also plan to expand their product offering beyond Power Pots.

The story Kevin tells of his childhood camping experiences leads him to claim that he had only terrible experiences, so he is not interested in a product like this. Kevin feels that an item like this is not for him.

Daymond withdraws himself from the pitch because he believes that it is too small for him to invest in.

Lori observes that the product is still in its infancy and that she is unaware of its potential market size. As a result, she declares herself ineligible for consideration.

Robert believes that the product’s value is unreasonable, and for this reason, he declares himself out of the competition.

Mark is impressed by the men and the product, so he offers $250K for a 20 percent stake in the company.

Caleb and David counter with $250K in exchange for 12 percent of the firm plus 3 percent in “advisory options,” which are shares of the company set aside in the first round of Power Pot’s funding for future hires, as well as a seat on the company’s board.

David and Caleb make an extravagant attempt to give Mark a “high five” at the end of the episode. Mark completes the deal without hesitation.

What Happened To Power Pot After Shark Tank?

PowerPot was introduced to the US market as a consumer product after Caleb and David signed a deal with Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.

Thanks to Mark’s extensive network of major brands and distributors, the PowerPot is now sold at most outdoor and camping stores in the United States.

You can also purchase PowerPot at a discount at Amazon.com. You may save a significant amount of money by doing so.

Furthermore, Power Pot is being made more widely available to third-world countries, such as Uganda, to help alleviate poverty.

StretchLace Shark Tank Update

These countries use solar power to recharge electronic devices, boil water, and provide electricity for lighting in some homes.

The Power Pot has been one of the more successful ideas on the Shark Tank, judging by the results so far. There is no doubt that Caleb, David, and PowerPot have a bright future ahead of them.

Power Pot Shark Tank Update

Power Pot has expanded retail distribution to practically every major outdoor retailer and campground in the United States thanks to its agreement with Mark Cuban.

The success of Power Pot on Amazon has inspired efforts to make the device available in Third World countries, where it may be used to recharge cell phones and lights using boiling water simply and conveniently.

Thrasio acquired the company in March of 2020 for an undisclosed sum, according to public records.

Power Pot Shark Tank Update

The company reports that David, Caleb, and the rest of the team will remain with the company as product development team members. Their first project was to develop a spray for the bathroom!

It will have been over a decade since the company ceased manufacturing the pots in November 2021. They are still manufacturing their Luminoodle lights today. 

The company also manufactures television lights, outdoor lights that attach to the ground, and plasma lighters.

Is Power Pot Still In Business?

Power Pot is still in business and doing well as of April 2022. PowerPot was able to secure a deal with Mark Cuban and is now available in camping stores and online through Amazon.

The Power Pot lets you charge your phone and other USB gadgets quickly and efficiently.

Cashmere Hair Shark Tank Update

Power Practical has introduced several new items recently, including a $30 windproof and rechargeable lighter with an integrated LED flashlight that puts out 15 lumens and is also windproof and rechargeable.

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