Click and Carry Shark Tank Net Worth

Click and Carry, a product featured on Season 12 of Shark Tank, is a gadget that provides a practical solution to individuals carrying multiple bags or items at a time.

The product is essentially a sturdy, two-handle device that can be easily snapped onto any bag to make carrying it significantly easier and more convenient.

Click and Carry has been designed with balance in mind and ensures that weight is evenly distributed on both sides, alleviating the discomfort or strain one might typically experience when transporting heavy loads.

Click and Carry is renowned for its straightforward and user-friendly design. The user simply has to twist open their bag, loop through the handle attachments on the device, and then secure them.

This process results in a balanced carrying experience, significantly reducing strain and discomfort. Moreover, the device’s handles can support up to 80 pounds (40 pounds on each end), further emphasizing its robustness and utility.

The Click and Carry is particularly beneficial for a variety of users. It’s ideal for shoppers who want to save time and maintain efficiency, and it can also be a beneficial tool for senior citizens or individuals with mobility or dexterity issues such as arthritis.

Company NameClick and Carry
EntrepreneurKim Meckwood
ProductSki blades that are lightweight for a smoother ski experience
Investment Asking For$225,000 for 15% Equity in Click and Carry
Final Deal$225,000 for 40% Equity in Click and Carry
SharkMark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran
EpisodeSeason 12, Episode 8
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteClick and Carry Website
Net Worth$5 Million

What Is Click and Carry?

Click and Carry is an innovative handle designed for easy attachment to various items, such as bags, groceries, and heavy objects. Its patented design ensures equal weight distribution, reducing strain on your hands or shoulders and providing maximum comfort.

You can easily transport items with Click and Carry’s intelligent design, whether carrying a bulky load or a packed shopping bag. There’s no need to suffer from imbalanced weights or painful pressure on your shoulders or hands anymore.

The Click and Carry feature lets you carry your items conveniently and comfortably by simply clicking on them. This versatile product eliminates the need for plastic, paper, or canvas bags when carrying groceries, as you can simply click them into place on the carrying device.

Click and Carry Shark Tank Net Worth

Click and Carry gel grip handle and rotating top allow you to slide in multiple shopping bags, which can be carried by hand or hung over your shoulder. Click and Carry offers a lightweight, ergonomic solution for conveniently handling multiple bags in one hand.

Click and Carry is a practical gadget created by Kim Meckwood, inspired by her struggles with carrying heavy loads. With its sturdy and unassuming boomerang shape, the Click and Carry is easy to open and load, enabling users to carry more bags without using their hands or arms.

Who Is The Founder Of Click and Carry?

The founder of Click and Carry is Kimberly Meckwood. She possesses a broad educational background with engineering studies completed at the University of Scranton and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from San Diego State University.

Post her studies, she accrued relevant industry experience by serving as a Specialty Representative at Schwarz Pharma for five years and subsequently as a Market Development Consultant at Medtronic Neuromodulations for six years.

While pursuing her corporate career, Meckwood demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit by establishing an ice cream business. She balanced this enterprise with her full-time job, dedicating her weekends and nighttime hours to it for 13 years.

In 2008, the idea of Click and Carry was conceived, reflecting her determination to innovate and solve real-world problems.

The concept behind Click and Carry came about from the common difficulty people face when carrying multiple bags, particularly when they also have to attend to a small child or other responsibilities.

The problem seemed even more pronounced when people carried multiple things on their trips or excursions. This struggle inspired Meckwood to create a practical solution – a gadget that easily organizes and handles such loads, improving the user’s comfort and versatility.

To bring her idea to life, Meckwood engaged a student from the Pasadena Design School to create a 3D printer prototype. After acquiring the patent for her product, she started manufacturing and selling Click and Carry gadgets.

Initially, she began selling the products at Farmer’s Markets, setting up small and big stores. This approach enabled her to connect effectively with potential customers.

Over time, as she gained more experience, Meckwood took her product digital. Through strategic advertising, she managed to increase sales significantly. By 2020, she had achieved lifetime sales of $625,000.

Before the appearance on Shark Tank, Click and Carry had been showcased at the Home + Housewares trade show in Chicago, where Meckwood set up a booth in the popular “Inventors Corner.” This event attracted the attention of larger companies interested in exploring new products and entrepreneurs.

Click and Carry also appeared on America’s popular Television Network QVC, selling 13,000 gadget units in minutes and bagging the QVC Sprouts Gadget of the Year Award in 2014. These milestones played a significant role in Click and Carry’s journey before it reached the Shark Tank stage.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Click and Carry?

The Shark Tank pitch for Click and Carry, presented by the founder Kim Meckwood, took place on December 11, 2020.

The product was developed to ease the burden of carrying multiple bags, particularly in grocery shopping, where people must lug numerous heavy bags simultaneously.

The product’s design allows it to be carried over the shoulder, with bags hanging from the front and back. It can hold up to 80 pounds and was designed to be versatile, carrying various items, including paint cans, buckets, and pet leashes.

Kim was seeking an investment of $225,000 for a 15% stake in her company during her pitch, valuing Click and Carry at $1.5 million.

She shared the product’s origin story, explaining that the idea came to her after a breakup when she had to manage large grocery hauls independently.

The Sharks had mixed reactions to the pitch. Barbara Corcoran liked the product and even asked Kim if she would consider giving up the company entirely while still profiting from its sales.

However, Kim declined Barbara’s offer of $225,000 for an 85% stake in the company. Kevin O’Leary withdrew from consideration because he believed Kim should have asked for a lesser investment, given that Click and Carry was only a product.

Mark Cuban liked the product but suggested Kim needed someone else to run the company while she continued inventing. The final offer came from a collaboration between Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran.

They proposed that Kim continue working as the inventor while they managed the company and inventory. They offered $225,000 for a 40% stake in Click and Carry, which Kim accepted as the best option for her business.

Following the Shark Tank episode, Click and Carry has been successful. As of 2023, it has made $70,000 in sales since the airing of Shark Tank, and its presence has expanded to global markets, including stores in Japan and England.

What Happened To Click and Carry After Shark Tank?

After its appearance on Shark Tank, Click & Carry has experienced a positive trajectory. The company appears to have taken advice from Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran, which has resulted in a small increase in the product’s price.

This could indicate a strategic approach to maximize profitability, presumably due to increased demand and wider recognition after the Shark Tank exposure.

However, as of the time of the text, it seems that Kim Meckwood has not yet expanded the product line or introduced new items under the Click & Carry brand.

This could mean that the company is focusing on promoting and maximizing the market potential of the original Click & Carry product before launching new ones, which can be a sound strategy for a growing business.

There is a promise of providing more updates about the company’s progress, indicating that the company is still actively managed and monitored, which is a good sign of ongoing development and growth.

The Shark Tank appearance seems to have positively impacted Click & Carry’s business and provided it with more visibility and potential growth opportunities.

Click and Carry Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, Click and Carry, a plastic gadget designed to handle multiple bags effortlessly, experienced significant growth and success. Click and Carry expanded its store presence and achieved an estimated annual revenue of $1 million.

Click and Carry is available globally on platforms like Amazon. It can also be found in major retailers like Target and Walmart. Click and Carry expanded its market reach beyond the United States to Europe and Asia. The product is available in select stores in England and Japan.

Kim Meckwood continued to promote the product on QVC and HSN, two popular television shopping networks. Click and Carry partnered with major retailers like Target and Walmart.

Click and Carry plans to introduce new cooking products, expanding its product line beyond its original bag-carrying gadget. Click and Carry received positive customer feedback, contributing to its success and growth.

Click and Carry Shark Tank Net Worth

Kim Meckwood partnered with Canine Companion, an organization supporting disabled individuals, to donate to their cause. Click and Carry’s net worth was $562,500 on Shark Tank, and the owner’s net worth stands at $1.5 million.

Click and Carry experienced growth in sales, expanded its market reach, formed partnerships with major retailers, and received positive customer feedback after appearing on Shark Tank.

Click and Carry continues to innovate and expand its product line, with plans to introduce new cooking products.

Yes, Click and Carry is still in business. Click and Carry remains in business and grows through strategic marketing investments.

The product has experienced increased sales and can be purchased from various supermarkets, online stores, and the official website.

The Click and Carry is available in various colors through retailers, including Amazon. Click and Carry has expanded its availability beyond the United States to international markets, including Europe and Asian countries.

Click and Carry has received positive customer reviews on platforms like Amazon, indicating customer satisfaction with the product.

Kim Meckwood continues to grow the business, seeks further investment, and plans to introduce new cooking products.

What Is the Net Worth Of Click and Carry?

According to our research, the net worth of Click and Carry is estimated to be $1.5 million. The valuation of Click and Carry was $562,500 after securing an investment from Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank.