What Happened To Frameri Eyewear After Shark Tank?

The Shark Tank episode 626 featured Konrad Billetz and Kevin Habich, who want to structure a deal for Frameri Eyewear, a company that makes interchangeable lenses and frames for eyewear.

As a boy, Billetz was shot in the eye with a BB pistol by a friend. He began wearing glasses at the age of eleven.

Over the years, he had become frustrated with the options for glasses available and decided to start a business to solve his problem.

Frameri Eyewear are based on the principle of component-based design. You can create the look by switching lenses for different frames, as lenses and frames are sold separately.

Frameri Eyewear frames are made at a small, family-owned facility in Italy, while our lenses are made in Cincinnati. It seems obvious, but glasses had to be ordered in “pre-assembled” form for years.

Every lens of Frameri Eyewear has an inherently anti-UV and scratch-resistant coating as well as an Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) coating. The frames and lenses cost $100 each.

The startup raised $750K in venture capital in June 2014. They are primarily concerned with educating consumers about the ease of replacing their lenses.

Frameri Eyewear likely wants a Shark to fund inventory and offer advice due to the inventory-heavy nature of the eyeglass business.

Can the Frameri Eyewear team convince the Sharks to invest and share their vision?

What Is Frameri Eyewear?

Frameri Eyewear was an online eyeglass retailer based in Cincinnati that offered flexible options for lenses and frames. Frameri Eyewear offered interchangeable lenses and frames for glasses online.

The Frameri Eyewear are conveniently interchangeable lenses, so the desired style can be achieved without purchasing the glasses preassembled.

Frameri Eyewear Shark Tank Update

The lenses are UV-protected, scratch-resistant, and anti-reflective, and they cost $100.

Company NameFrameri Eyewear
EntrepreneurKevin Habich and Konrad Billetz
ProductFrames and lenses that can be interchanged
Investment Asking For$150,000 For 4% equity in Frameri Eyewear
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 6 Episode 27
Business StatusOut of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Frameri Eyewear?

Konrad Billetz founded and ran the operation of Frameri Eyewear. Boise State University awarded Billitz his first bachelor’s degree in biochemistry in 2009.

After earning his Master’s degree in Business Administration from Notre Dame in 2013, he founded Frameri Eyewear with Kevin Habich in 2014.

Billetz founded Offset Solar in 2018, which continued operating until 2019. Billitz co-founded Outliant, a technical services firm, in July 2019 and continues to lead it as its CEO.

The company provides doctor-prescribed therapies directly to customers’ homes through a company he co-founded in January 2021, Winona, Inc.

Frameri Eyewear Before Shark Tank

Kevin and Conrad spent years designing their frames and lenses before appearing on Shark Tank.

The Frameri Eyewear team worked tirelessly to ensure that Frameri had a patentable concept, even handcrafting every frame.

The success and leadership of Konrad Billetz exemplify everything that makes an entrepreneur great. 

The incident began when Billetz was eleven years old and was shot in the eye with a BB gun, causing permanent vision damage.

He was annoyed by the need to wear spectacles and the inability to exchange the lenses when he needed new ones. Frameri Eyewear was the result of Billetz’s frustration.

Over 10 companies rejected Billetz before debuting in 2012. Eventually, he managed to find an Italian company that was willing to take him on – and his success soared from there.

Crowdsourcing portals allowed them to raise more than double their initial request using crowdsourcing.

Will the sharks accept this novel approach to eyewear?

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Frameri Eyewear?

Konrad and Kevin appeared on the Shark Tank requesting an investment of $150,000 in exchange for a 3.5 percent stake in Frameri Eyewear. They founded the company to make it simple to switch out glasses styles.

The pair shows how easy it is to replace the lenses and distribute the product during the demonstration. The glasses cost $500 per six-pack.

Damond wants to know why the company has such a high value. Kevin believes a large manufacturer could crush them.

Lori believes that a patent has already been filed. Both gentlemen demonstrated their proficiency with virtual reality.

A frame costs $27, and a lens costs $10. Since they have pre-order sales of $70,00, Daymond believes they are only in the Tank for exposure.

Kevin and Konrad say they’re here to work out a deal. Lori is worried about their unfamiliarity with the products.

These gentlemen would like assistance in developing their brand. Kevin inquires how much cash they have on hand; they estimate they have $38K per month for 24 months.

Daymond exits. Despite liking the spectacles, Lori doesn’t like the untested and unknown aspect of her job – she’s out.

In spite of his enjoyment of the goods, Robert is unhappy with their level of expertise; he leaves.

Specifically, Mark is interested in their customer acquisition sources and the potential for growth in valuation.

Public relations is on their schedule, but Mark isn’t convinced that it’s precise – that’s why he’s out.

Kevin claims that he can help to lower customer acquisition costs. Kevin will lend them $150,000.

Kevin keeps 3.5 percent equity after he recovers $450K, at which point Frameri Eyewear reimburses him $25 for each customer.

The boys are adamant about not preceding royalties and deny the offer, forcing Kevin to declare, “you’re dead to me.”

Final Deal: No deal between Frameri Eyewear and Sharks.

What Happened To Frameri Eyewear After Shark Tank?

However, Conrad and Kevin seem to be doing well all by themselves even though they did not accept the deal from the Sharks.

Kevin describes how they secured state funding and recruited an ex-employee of Luxottica, the huge eyewear manufacturer.

Frameri Eyewear Shark Tank Update

It appears that their website is functioning today and that orders are being accepted.

Ultimately, Frameri Eyewear’s success will be determined by the gentlemen in question.

Frameri Eyewear Shark Tank Update

Frameri Eyewear continued to compete with Warby Parker after appearing on Shark Tank, raising millions of dollars a year.

A Wall Street Journal article published in April 2015 reported that Warby Parker was valued at $1.2 billion, and prospective investors in Frameri frequently inquired about why Frameri wasn’t doing as well as Warby Parker.

What Happened To Caddyswag After Shark Tank?

Frameri ceased operations in 2017. According to LinkedIn, Biletz co-founded Offset Solar, which retrofits homes for solar electricity.

Is Frameri Eyewear Still In Business?

No, Frameri Eyewear ceased its operations in 2017 and is out of business in January 2022. 

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