What Happened To Cerebral Success After Shark Tank?

Cerebral Success is a supplement that helps you stay focused and strengthen your memories. 

“Brain pills” entrepreneur Trevor Hiltbrand put his firm on Shark Tank in 2014. The bespectacled college student has quite an entrepreneurial background. 

Cerebral Success offered Corcoran a 40% stake in exchange for $75,000 for clinical evidence that their products are effective. 

Corcoran said, “I saw a genuine demand for Cerebral Success when it appeared on Shark Tank – it improves memory, concentration, and focus.”

What is Cerebral Success?

Cerebral Success is a company that offers a natural supplement for students who need to retain information while preparing for exams. 

Cerebral Success Shark Tank Update

The supplement contains 12 nootropic substances that have been shown to enhance brain function organically.

Company NameCerebral Success
FounderTrevor Hiltbrand
ProductNootropic Brain Supplement
Investment Seeking$75,000 For 20% equity in Cerebral Success
Final Deal$75,000 For 40% equity in Cerebral Success
SharkBarbara Corcoran
EpisodeSeason 5 Episode 26
StatusOut of Business
Social MediaFacebook

Who is the Founder of Cerebral Success?

Trevor Hiltbrand is the founder of Cerebral Success. He launched the business right out of university as an intern at a summer job for a start-up company. 

Trevor resigned from Cerebral Success in 2019 and is currently the CEO of a firm based in Utah that specializes in do-it-yourself solar panel installations.

Cerebral Success Before Shark Tank

Cerebral Success is a specialized brain supplement for college students. Trevor Hiltbrand founded it in his college dorm room to develop a better supplement than the widely used Adderall.

Trevor came up with the notion when researching alternatives to the regularly used Adderall for studying reasons in his college hostel. 

He undertook an extensive study and enlisted the assistance of subject-matter experts.

Trevor produced a supplement comprising elements that worked synergistically to increase one’s brain function through extensive research and professional assistance.

Once he had developed the formula for his product, he attempted but failed to obtain FDA approval. 

This setback did not deter him, and after fabricating a substantial amount of merchandise, he successfully registered on Amazon and began selling.

Trevor could not obtain FDA approval before his appearance on the show, which is a constant source of anxiety for the Sharks. 

However, he could sell his goods successfully online via his website and Amazon and garnered numerous positive reviews as a backup plan for credibility. 

Be a result; Cerebral Success is referred to as the #1 Brain Food Supplement. 

Trevor applied to appear on Shark Tank to demonstrate that Cerebral Success truly benefits college students and to help the firm expand. He was invited for Season Five.

He quickly earned success from excellent customer reviews and rose to the top of the Brain Supplement List of items. 

Trevor sought an investor for assistance with the business’ growth when he needed additional funding.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch of Cerebral Success?

Trevor appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $75,000 in exchange for a 20% equity in Cerebral Success.

Trevor entered the Tank and immediately addressed the everyday distractions college students have when studying and his answer in the form of a brain supplement called Cerebral Success. 

The pill enhances one’s ability to concentrate, recall information, maintain mental agility, and maintain general brain health. 

Kevin stopped Trevor’s pitch to inform him that he had forgotten to indicate the amount of investment he needed. 

Trevor then indicated he was seeking $75,000 in exchange for 20%. He returned to his presentation by presenting his updated product as energy-shot beverages that shared Cerebral Success’s perks.

Like most health-related products appearing on the Tank, Robert quickly inquired whether there was any scientific evidence that Cerebral Success worked. 

Although Trevor had evaluations and research on the effectiveness of individual substances, he lacked confirmation that the combination of all ingredients was sure to work. 

Robert shifted his focus away from this issue and became interested in the numbers. 

Trevor stated that he sold nine hundred bottles at the cost of seventy dollars apiece, resulting in a profit of sixty thousand dollars. 

Kevin, predictably, questioned the product’s uniqueness compared to other supplements on the market. 

Trevor noted that his product was created exclusively for college students, whereas most brain supplements are marketed to adults.

Barbara and Mark returned to the question of determining whether the product is truly effective, with Mark stating, “You don’t believe this will result in cerebral success, do you?”

Trevor believed it would and backed it up with extensive research and collaboration with professionals. 

Robert was now curious about the supplements’ immediate effect. 

Trevor said they operate both short- and long-term, such as assisting one in recalling knowledge for the following day’s test. Daymond expressed his worries about Trevor’s lack of credibility and exited. 

Trevor attempted to pitch his product based on its enormous market, but Robert pointed out that just because a product has a large market does not guarantee it will sell. Robert left as well, as he did not believe in the product.

Trevor became anxious and mentioned an example of a college student viewing the product and the high possibility of purchasing it based on the claims, despite the product’s lack of track record. 

This story infuriated the Sharks, with Mark now doubting Trevor’s ethics after reading the warning label on the container, which specified numerous criteria such as consulting a physician or not taking the supplements concurrently with other medications. 

On the other hand, Barbara defended Trevor, claiming that the warning is printed on every bottle. 

Trevor attempted to defend his honesty, but Robert intervened, arguing that Trevor’s example of selling to a needy college student was “dirty money” and that he couldn’t believe he desired to pursue that market.

Trevor was perplexed as to why the Sharks were questioning his integrity, given that he stated he truly believed in the product and was aware of its effectiveness. 

Kevin was unconcerned with ethics and believed he couldn’t profit from his investment, so he left. 

Mark stated that he might have evaluated the product if Trevor had come in with the intent of using the money to conduct a test to verify the product’s effectiveness. 

Still, because Trevor’s pitch was highly marketing-driven, Mark disagreed with the plan and left. 

Barbara was the final Shark standing and shared her experiences dealing with people who struggle with concentration, including her husband and her child, who attended an Ivy League college. She also discovered that college students exchange Adderall faster than alcohol. 

Barbara was the only Shark who saw the need for the product but was concerned about the liability implications and was willing to negotiate a deal based on her being held harmless if anything went wrong, which Trevor agreed to. 

Barbara then offered her offer of $75,000 for 40%, which infuriated the entire Shark team. Trevor countered 37%, but Barbara promptly declined, indicating that she did not take Trevor’s counteroffer seriously. 

Cerebral Success Shark Tank Update

Trevor chose to accept Barbara’s original offer, and Barbara noted how the Sharks were too close-minded and treated Trevor like a robber before his departure. 

Robert expressly said to Barbara that he was disappointed in her investment decision since it lends legitimacy to Trevor. 

Still, Barbara stated that she knows that things like these can help people perform better.

Final Deal: Barbara Corcoran agreed to invest $75,000 for a 40% stake in Cerebral Success.

Did Cerebral Success Get Any Deal on Shark Tank?

Trevor Hiltbrand accepted a $75,000 offer from Barbara Corcoran in return for a 50% stake in the company on Season 5, Episode 26.

It was a rare transaction that closed following the airing of an episode, but this one was. Barbara described Trevor’s pitch in a 2014 LinkedIn post as the “very worst pitch” of Season 5, in which she described “how I determined the winner of Shark Tank.”. 

Toygaroo Shark Tank Update

She recognized the potential of Trevor’s company and realized he had the makings of a great entrepreneur despite his poor pitching skills.

Barbara was once again correct. Cerebral Success revenues doubled within days of closing the contract, just before the show aired.

Is Cerebral Success Still in Business?

Cerebral Success appears to have ceased operations following the rebranding of its primary product to SmartX. 

However, it had invested inadequate liability insurance following the investment to develop the product and perform independent investigations.

The investigations conclusively established considerable improvement in the following areas: focus, memory, concentration, and processing speed.

Naturally Perfect Dolls Shark Tank Update

They once teamed with multinational retailer GNC to stock shops around the country. 

However, the company appears to have ceased production, as there is no official website, no mention of the product on GNC or Amazon, and the Facebook page has been idle since 2018.

The supplement industry is extremely competitive. There is a possibility that the company ran out of money due to conducting trials and research to validate its claims.

What Happened To Cerebral Success After Shark Tank?

Barbara and Trevor reached an agreement following Shark Tank. Cerebral Success was featured on Barbara’s all-star update, in which she invited her most successful entrepreneurs to spend the day networking and having fun. 

Trevor noted that Barbara assisted him in launching the product across 1100 GNC locations with a single phone call. 

Trevor has recently rebranded his primary product as Smart X by Cerebral Success and altered the packaging and price point.

Trevor opened his pitch quite effectively by stating what his product accomplished and being candid about the lack of scientific evidence rather than dancing around the issue. 

However, as the pitch progressed and more Sharks expressed worry, it appeared that Trevor felt anxious and unable to answer the concerns with appropriate examples and explanations. 

Trevor should have spent more time emphasizing the product’s intended purpose, which was to help college students, rather than trying to establish the product’s high demand despite its lack of scientific credibility to avoid the impression that he was just trying to make a profit. 

MTailor Shark Tank Update

Although it’s difficult to address these issues under duress, it’s a good idea to go in with a list of potential concerns and concrete examples of how you’ll solve them. 

Fortunately, Trevor accomplished this for most of the presentation, demonstrating it to Barbara. Fortunately, she had industry knowledge that he truly had something to offer college students.

What Is the Net Worth of Cerebral Success?

The valuation of Cerebral Success was $375,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Cerebral Success is unknown as of 2022 since the company went out of business in 2019.