Samson Martin Shark Tank Update

Kim Preis appeared on episode 208 of Shark Tank to seek investment for Samson Martin, which produces novelty maternity clothes.

A collection of clothing items features tee shirts and other items customized with the proud mother’s due date across the chest.

These shirts offer a shortcut to expecting mothers who don’t want to reply to questions about the impending arrival of their bundle of joy.

You can customize the shirts with a specific date, a season (such as “Spring,” “Summer,” “Fall,” or “Winter”), or even a month.

Preis had previously sold her line through boutiques, but the recession has caused the business to suffer, so she has been forced to develop a lower price point for mass production and retail sales. Will the Sharks be interested in the apparel line?

What Is Samson Martin?

Samson Martin is a firm that creates humorous maternity clothing, such as T-shirts and hoodies, that feature the expectant mother’s due date across the chest. 

Pregnant mothers are regularly asked vexing questions about their garments. The garments provide solutions to these questions.

Samson Martin Shark Tank Update

The individual receives a response before asking. Pregnant women can choose to have their due date or the season they intend to give birth engraved on the front of the garment, such as spring or winter. 

Company NameSamson Martin
EntrepreneurKim Preis
ProductMotherhood Line With Due Date Engraved On It
Investment Asking For$50,000 For 15% equity in Samson Martin
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 2 Episode 9
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Samson Martin?

Samson Martin was founded by Kimberly Preis, a Senior Stylist and Custom Sales Manager at Trunk Club. Preis studied advertising at Michigan State University and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Later, she became PartySlate’s Senior Sales Accounts Executive. Currently, she works at Behold as a Fashion Stylist.

Samson Martin Before Shark Tank

Kim Preis firmly believes that pregnant women should have the means to express themselves through their clothing.

It seems that there has never been a sufficient variety of options available for expectant mothers who are looking for clothes that flatter their figure and make them feel beautiful.

So she created a novelty brand of maternity clothes to provide pregnant women with more options.

In addition, Kim realizes the inconvenience of constantly being asked, “when are you due?” this is why she chooses to attach clothing items with the baby’s due date emblazoned on them.

In this manner, passersby will already know the answer before they ever ask it.

When Kim launched Samson Martin on the garment market for the first time, it did quite well. She sold maternity clothing to local premium retailers with great success.

Samson Martin has never had trouble making sales, but with the new recession now hitting the market, making ends meet is becoming a little more challenging.

For the Samson Martin brand, her current goal is to mass-produce the garments to reduce their sales price significantly and make them easier for her to market on a retail scale.

However, Kim is well aware that this is not a task she can easily perform independently.

Therefore, it is ideal for her to be in the Shark Tank since she needs business knowledge and contacts.

Hopefully, she can persuade one of the Sharks to invest in her clothesline.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Samson Martin?

Preis appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $50,000 in exchange for a 15% ownership in Samson Martin. 

She has sold over $1.4 million to date, an astonishing amount considering she operates from a basement. Though the Sharks’ stats are impressive, will they take her proposal seriously?

She delivers her message succinctly and professionally. She describes how she built her brand in a boutique market but believes it is now time to expand into large retail production.

Barbara Corcoran gets straight to the point by inquiring about sales figures. Preis says that she has made $90,000 in sales over the last year.

Sales of Samson Martin peaked at $400,000 per year but have since fallen by 3/4 due to the recession.

She is the owner of a trademark for the phrase “Due in,” which appears on most of her designs.

Kevin O’Leary casts doubt on her particular market’s narrowness. Robert Herjavec is curious whether a corporation can be “hot” twice. He is concerned about the sales decline.

Daymond John, a leading marketing expert, was asked by Robert Herjavec if it would be difficult to reintroduce a brand that has fallen out of favor.

John responds that the economic crisis has resulted in numerous brands vying for the same market segment. He believes the retail environment is too competitive, and he is exiting.

Kevin Harrington argues that the product offerings are excessively diversified. He dismisses the brand as confusing and exits.

Barbara Corcoran is not convinced of the trademark’s value. She has escaped. Robert Herjavec is not looking for an “uphill battle.” He has departed.

Kevin O’Leary is the sole survivor. He believes the specialized market is insufficiently sized. He refused to make a deal, stating that “if I handed it to you, I would be murdering money.”

Preis exits Shark Tank without securing a contract.

What Happened To Samson Martin After Shark Tank?

Preis expressed disappointment after this tense episode of Shark Tank aired that she could not end up having a deal with the Sharks.

She also addressed O’Leary’s tirade on Samson Martin, calling it “a touch nasty and a little needless.”

Mr. Wonderful’s criticism of the company is perfectly reasonable and polite. However, O’Leary is probably the most infamous Shark in the tank.

He is perpetually preoccupied with money and has no qualms about speaking his ideas honestly. 

He is uncanny at identifying which enterprises are worth investing in and which are not, despite his sometimes nasty nature.

Kim did attempt to continue selling her clothes company after the show aired. Samson Martin regularly updated his social media accounts up to 2013.

She could not keep the firm solvent during the recession, as it was too stressful and financially draining.

Samson Martin’s official website was also taken down, suggesting that the company failed to achieve the breakthrough Kim hoped for.

Samson Martin Shark Tank Update

Preis regrets the failure and calls O’Leary’s rant about her firm being “dead” “a little nasty and unnecessary.”

She continued to market her brand, but ultimately the recession proved too big an obstacle to overcome. Samson Martin’s social media accounts and website have been inactive since 2013.

What Happened To Clean Sleep After Shark Tank?

Mr. Wonderful’s opinion, while unpleasant, appears to be accurate. Preis’s Samson Martin failure may have resulted from a lack of funding, or it might have been a self-fulfilling prophecy. In any case, she moved on and closed her doors. 

Kim joined Behold in July 2021 as a “Fashion Stylist.”

Is Samson Martin Still In Business?

No, Samson Martin went out of business, and their website and social media accounts have been outdated since 2013. 

The business appears to have ceased operations, as far as we know. The company’s website and social media platforms lack reviews, so they are useless. The lack of investment might be to blame for this.

When it proved impossible to reclaim its wealth, the domain even went on the market. The organization’s most recent Facebook post dates back to October 2015.

What Happened To Hydromax After Shark Tank?

The company generated some revenue before succumbing to a slump from which they may never fully recover.

Moreover, some investors might have avoided the firm since they deemed it unruly and impolite.

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