Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

Real estate lead generation companies help real estate agents, teams, and brokers close more deals by handling all lead generation and organization work.

As a result, you can concentrate your efforts on working with genuine real estate leads who are buyers and sellers motivated to purchase real estate properties.

Our comprehensive review of the top real estate lead generation companies was conducted because choosing one can be challenging. 

We compared and contrasted our findings to aid you in making the most appropriate choice for your firm.

Our experts can assist you in identifying the areas of paid lead generation in which you can expect the highest return on investment in 2022.

The use of lead generation software assists real estate agents in locating potential clients and completing transactions.

A lead generation company can help agents identify buyers and sellers who reside in specific locations, have specific interests, or are looking for specific types of properties.

The real estate agents receive leads and advertising in the local community in exchange for a monthly fee.

The majority of this may be accomplished online by utilizing various websites, social media platforms, and other applications.

We evaluated over a dozen different lead generation service providers before settling on the top company.

We looked for businesses that generate high-quality leads through social media, the multiple listing service (MLS), websites of brokerages, and listing sites.

Various factors influenced our decisions, including the number of leads generated, the kind of leads generated, the quality of the leads generated, the features supplied, the cost, and evaluations from real estate agents and other customers. 

You can expand your real estate business by utilizing these reliable real estate lead generation businesses.

The real estate business can be extremely profitable despite the industry’s cutthroat nature.

There are so many actual estate agents that you will require a competitive edge when doing business as a realtor.

You should research whether or not you can hire a lead generation company to help you achieve this.

The real estate lead generators will provide you with high-quality leads on potential buyers and sellers, allowing you to spend more time dealing with clients instead of searching for them.

Real estate agents know that the most successful ones work with companies that generate leads to find buyers and sellers.

These organizations generate high-quality leads through social media, the multiple listing service (MLS), websites of brokerages, and listing sites, which eventually drive home sales.

Market Leader

Market Leader is our top pick for real estate lead-generating firms because it provides a wide range of useful features, pulls leads for buyers and sellers from various sources, and is simple.

Market Leader was founded in Bellevue, Washington, in 1999 and currently provides leads, education, and technical support to over 250,000 clients.

Market Leader is used by all of the top players in the real estate industry, including EXIT Realty, Better Homes and Gardens, and Re/Max.

Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

You will not have to compete with another real estate agent for these leads since Market Leader provides a predetermined quantity of unique leads every month, and it will never sell the same lead twice to different clients.

Market Leader generates leads via the website, which it then provides to potential homeowners interested in selling their homes.

Consumers seeking house listings can find leads for their homes using Leads Direct, a pay-per-click advertising campaign. The service provides online listings of homes for sale.

The price for Market Leader begins at $139 per month, plus $25 or more per lead, depending on the market.

Market Leader produces real estate leads using the advertising agency method. You can employ this method by placing targeted advertisements at locations where your prospects spend their time (Facebook, Google, etc.).

The advertisements direct potential clients to Market Leader’s website at (for seller leads) or an IDX-enabled, personally-branded website (for buyer leads).

Market Leader enters a potential customer’s information directly into a customer relationship management (CRM) system (or anywhere else you want), and from there, it is up to you to follow up and convert the lead.

It’s not difficult to get started using Market Leader.

You can create a profile, customize notifications, add contacts, and organize them with just a few clicks.

There is usually a fee per lead and a subscription fee for other services, such as customer relationship management. Contact them for more information about prices.

Furthermore, Market Leader Professional is a new product offered by the firm. It comes with a customer relationship management system (CRM), a marketing center, and a lead collection website, all of which are fully integrated.

Using this service, customers can register on your website, and you will be able to gather information for your CRM, which you can then use with automated marketing to provide relevant listings to customers.

Market Leader has received generally favorable feedback; agents appreciate the platform’s access to exclusive leads and indicate that the service is simple to operate and assisted them in expanding their businesses.

There are also a few typical complaints about the company, including that the leads aren’t always reliable and customer service isn’t always attentive.


You can pay for exactly what you want with REDX’s a la carte pricing, which does not require any initial setup fees. As a result, REDX is our most cost-effective choice in terms of pricing.

REDX monthly pricing is affordable, and you can mix leads to create a prospecting campaign that is more effective.

REDX was started in 2003 in Utah in response to the problem of providing real estate brokers with outdated leads. The lead data provided by REDX can help agents prospect more effectively.

REDX is geared specifically toward the real estate sector and derives leads by compiling data from public records. Every lead they give you will have your contact information attached to it.

REDX provides seller leads, including pre-foreclosures, expired listings for sale by owner (FSBO), rent by owner (FRBO), hard-to-find sellers’ contact information, and a Power Dialer feature that enables you to contact more sellers in a shorter amount of time. The company offers unlimited support as well as online lessons and training.

REDX utilizes an outbound lead generating system, unlike the other providers on this list. You generate leads and send them to potential clients rather than waiting for leads to come to you.

REDX provides users the contact information necessary to initiate real estate conversations with prospective buyers and sellers, such as expired listings, FSBOs, and foreclosures.

You will always have the latest list of leads in your area if you use an updating system, and you can choose how much time you want to spend reaching out to them, following up with them, and converting them into customers.

The agents can immediately start using REDX by contacting customer services for additional assistance and watching tutorial videos. The cost depends on the source of the leads.

Pre-foreclosure leads are priced at $39.99 per month, while FSBO and FRBO leads are priced at $39.99 per month, $59.99 for GeoLeads, and $59.99 for expired leads, and $79.99 for FRBOs.

A few different pricing options are available for the Power Dialer; however, the monthly fee for a single line is $99.99.

The few positive reviews emphasize that the expired leads are current and up to date.


BoldLeads is a Chandler, Arizona-based company that actively supports the local community. The company has assisted over 6,000 realtors in the United States and Canada.

BoldLeads has several tools that generate good buyer and seller leads, so it was chosen as the runner-up.

BoldLeads offers extensive training and customer service so that you can rapidly become familiar with the system and begin making use of it.

Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

BoldLeads only supplies agents with exclusive leads. Advertisements are launched on platforms such as Google and Facebook to attract customers to specialized real estate websites where they provide their contact information, which is then passed on to that area’s agent.

The CRM allows you to contact and arrange for new leads. A BoldLeads subscription starts at $399 per month plus a $100 minimum ad spend.

Like Market Leader, BoldLeads generates leads using Facebook and Google to post advertisements to target prospects to custom landing pages.

You will encourage your leads to enter their contact information, and you have a new lead.

Market Leader does not offer the option to customize landing pages and lead magnets, nor do they provide specific follow-up solutions, like an automated SMS concierge, to assist you with converting leads into customers.

BoldLeads’ advertising is customized and developed specifically for your business, so the leads you receive are completely yours, unlike other companies which create generic ads and then distribute the leads to agents.

BoldLead offers customer assistance, training, coaching, and tutorials to get you up and running, familiarize yourself with the platform, and learn how to accept and manage leads.

BoldLeads provides three service tiers: Lite, Professional, and Advanced. Most reviews say that clients are pleased with the business and like its lead system.


Zillow is currently regarded as one of the most popular real estate websites globally. As a result, there is a noticeable increase in clients visiting the website, one of the many benefits.

You will be able to expand your networking further and more efficiently with the help of our network, as opposed to other providers.

Zillow is a favorite among buyers because of its extensive database, which details all homes currently listed for sale in the United States.

What more, outside all of that, makes the Zillow Premier Agent service stand out from the crowd?

According to our analysis, the Zillow Premier Agent is the most effective way for agents to find buyers. Zillow generates these leads directly, and they are overwhelmingly buyer leads.

Zillow is the subsidiary of the powerful real estate firm Zillow Group, founded in 2006 in Seattle, Washington, by Microsoft executives. There is no doubt that this real estate lead generation company is the most well-known on our list.

Zillow is one of the first websites people visit when thinking about purchasing a home, which makes it an ideal marketing platform.

The Zillow Premier Agent program charges a monthly fee for real estate agents to be featured on specific Zillow pages, such as listings and customized websites.

When consumers look at houses for sale, they can view the agent’s details and contact him/her. It is different from the way other lead generation firms conduct their business.

This service enables real estate brokers to market in specific areas by displaying their listings next to properties of prospective buyers.

If consumers are searching for homes in your zip code, information about you and any other agents who work there that are associated with the home will be displayed. There will be no need for customers to make special efforts to locate your establishment.

You can start using Zillow Premier Agent by contacting a support staff member. You will be able to select your preferred location and budget before navigating the website with this individual.

The price for Zillow Premier Agent varies from one region to another and is influenced by factors like average house price and the number of agents in the area. It does not cost anything to sign up, nor is there a monthly minimum.

Your geographic location heavily influences Zillow’s pricing. They do this since they have to determine how much you’ll be charged based on how much the houses cost and how many realtors are working in the area.

Therefore, costs might differ greatly from location to location as a direct result. Depending on where you intend to search for buyers, you might find this a very good deal or very expensive.


Constellation Software is the parent company of Zurple, which was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

Zurple is our top pick for greatest automation because it provides leads, but it also provides an integrated CRM and other automated features that make it simpler and more time-effective to engage and maintain leads. 

Zurple offers automatic applications tailored to each customer, backed by data, and able to intelligently communicate with your customers on your behalf.

Zurple is an end-to-end software solution that gathers leads, turns them into conversations, and eventually turns them into customers.

Zurple exclusively targets your specific area, which helps you make the most of your marketing money. Additionally, it can target certain sub-areas inside individual zip codes, further improving efficiency.

Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

Zurple’s targeted advertising can be combined with other sources, such as Zillow, to generate a targeted marketing campaign.

You can customize emails sent from your email address to lead prospects about homes they have already shown interest in viewing.

With Zurple, you can create and customize advertisements and websites, and it contains a CRM to manage leads.

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It is easy to set up, and it provides all the tools you need, such as the ability to create and customize advertisements.

Zurple offers blog posts and success center materials to help you get started. You will need to enter some information to view pricing and availability in your region.

The majority of the feedback received from customers regarding the company is favorable. They value the fact that leads are successfully converted into customers.

However, several customers have reported unsatisfactory interactions with customer support.

Zoho CRM

Zoho is our #1 social media lead generating firm because it can simply acquire leads from Facebook and Twitter and websites and emails.

Zoho was developed in 1996 and is utilized by numerous industries, including retail, real estate, and small enterprises.

Zoho CRM provides a free trial and opportunity tracking across the whole sales cycle. There is also an app, live support, webinars, prospecting tools, lead tracking, and competitor monitoring.

You can manage your lead pipeline once it has been filled using Zoho CRM. Support can assist if a customer needs assistance setting up the system or accessing webinars and online training. The company provides a variety of support plan alternatives.

Zoho pricing ranges between $14 and $52 per user per month when billed annually, depending on the plan. 

A free, limited version is available, and customizable plans may also be available. Some customers complain that they are overcharged and receive poor service.

Customers appreciate, however, its marketing features and the way it interacts with other goods, and they consider it to be a good value.


SmartZip uses “predictive seller” algorithms to predict when a homeowner may be interested in selling their house within geographic areas you select and pay for. 

SmartZip is an effective customer relationship management solution (CRM) for real estate agents.

SmartZip indeed claims the places you choose are exclusive, although I don’t believe that true. 

They present us with internal data that tells us the same thing makes me skeptical of the algorithm they say will tell them who is more likely to move. They claim that it tells them who is more likely to migrate.

For example, those working in the industry were frequently informed that a person’s typical amount of time living in their own home is seven years.

Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

You could achieve the same results by prospecting homeowners who have lived in their house for between 6 and 9 years.

SmartZip employs sophisticated algorithms, considering hundreds of data points about demographics, geography, and consumer behavior, to identify which homeowners are most likely to consider selling their home within 12 to 18 months. The company can make predictions this way.

SmartZip compiles the contact information of these prospective sellers into a format that real estate agents can use.

SmartZip uses predictive analytics as an outbound marketing technique (like REDX) since your leads’ calls, direct mail, and interaction depend on your efforts. REDX’s marketing strategy is similar to this one since they promote their services similarly.

SmartZip requires a considerable amount of manual work compared to the inbound marketing strategies used by Market Leader, BoldLeads, Real Geeks, and Zillow.

SmartZip, in contrast to REDX, enables you to focus your marketing efforts (and money) on only the most likely sellers in your market to achieve a significant increase in return on investment.

 The pricing ranges from approximately $400 to $500 per month; however, this will vary depending on the market.


Offrs has the most powerful online house evaluation features and predictive capabilities, making it our top pick for seller leads. Thanks to its customer relationship management (CRM) system, you can keep track of new leads as they arrive, thanks to its customer relationship management (CRM) system. 

Offrs was established in 2014, and Constellation Data Solutions Inc. is the company’s current owner.

When the business was first started, its founders found their first customers by going door to door at advertising agencies and persuading individual agents to join up for the service.

The website is geared toward sellers; however, they provide buyer leads. Real estate agents who have signed up to get leads will be able to provide consumers interested in selling their houses and those interested in doing so shortly with leads from the site.

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A set of proprietary predictive analytics algorithms predicts which will become sales leads.

You can schedule a thirty-minute appointment with an Offrs consultant to learn more about the company, its services, and how to set up a lead generation system.

You will gain insight into how to implement your lead generation system and apps during this session.

The system also offers brokerages individualized choices, including app distribution and rollouts for individual agents.

It has received both positive and negative feedback, with some clients reporting that they were able to close quality seller leads successfully and that the software was simple to use.

Those who received no leads, properly qualified leads, or even were looking to sell their homes experienced the opposite.