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HyConn is a firefighting tool that appeared in Season 2 of Shark Tank. It is a quick-connect device designed to revolutionize how firefighters connect hoses to fire hydrants. The product features a 4.5” NH thread to 6” STORZ interface, ensuring compatibility between hydrants and hoses.

The key feature of HyConn is that it enables a swift and secure connection between the fire hose and the fire hydrant. It allows firefighters to quickly and efficiently connect to the existing hydrant, saving precious time in emergencies.

With traditional methods, connecting hoses to hydrants can take up to two minutes, but with HyConn, it can be done in just 20 seconds.

HyConn connector offers reliable performance and ease of use. Its quick-connect system ensures a dependable link, allowing firefighters to respond rapidly to fires and potentially save more lives.

The design of the connector also makes it convenient for users. It can be easily connected or disconnected, eliminating the need for lugging around awkward hoses. It’s a simple attach-and-go solution.

HyConn caters to firefighters’ needs and has a home version to fit garden hoses. This versatility opens up possibilities for expanding its product reach. Homeowners can benefit from the same technology by quickly and easily connecting or disconnecting their garden hoses.

HyConn’s success lies in its ability to address the pressing needs of firefighters and homeowners alike. It streamlines and improves firefighter efficiency by providing a fast, secure, and convenient connection. Its compatibility with different hydrants and hoses ensures wide applicability.

HyConn offers a high-quality connector that guarantees efficient water flow and secure coupling. It’s a dependable tool that makes firefighting tasks smoother than ever, allowing firefighters to respond swiftly and effectively in emergencies.

Company NameHyConn
EntrepreneurJeff Stroope
ProductFire hydrant and hose connectors with a fast connection
Investment Asking For$500,000 for 40% equity in HyConn
Final Deal$1.25 Million for 100% stake in HyConn + $100,000/year for 3 years + 7.5% royalty to Jeff
SharkMark Cuban
HyConn Episode Season 2, Episode 8
HyConn Business StatusOut Of Business
HyConn WebsiteVisit Website
HyConn Net Worth$0

What is Hyconn?

HyConn is a fire fighting system that allows for faster and more efficient fire hydrant connections. It is designed to simplify connecting fire hoses to hydrants during emergencies. HyConn eliminates the need for threading and twisting, making it quicker and easier for firefighters to establish a water supply.

HyConn is a patented fire hydrant connection system that revolutionizes the traditional method of connecting fire hoses to hydrants. It was developed to address the challenges firefighters face during emergencies, such as time constraints and difficulty connecting hoses quickly and securely.

The system has two main components: the HyConn Connector and the HyConn Adapter. The HyConn Connector is attached to the fire hose, while the HyConn Adapter is installed on the fire hydrant.

The HyConn Connector features a quick-release mechanism allowing fast and effortless connection. Instead of threading and twisting the hose onto the hydrant, firefighters simply push the connector onto the adapter, which locks securely. This eliminates the need for multiple turns and ensures a tight seal.

Hyconn Shark Tank

The HyConn Adapter is installed on existing fire hydrants and remains in place permanently. It features a male coupling that aligns with the female connector on the fire hose. The adapter also has a protective cover to prevent debris and contaminants from entering the connection.

HyConn is compatible with 2.5-inch and 1.75-inch fire hoses, which firefighters commonly use. This versatility allows seamless integration into existing firefighting equipment without requiring extensive modifications.

HyConn simplifies the connection process to increase efficiency and reduce emergency response time. It enables firefighters to establish a water supply quickly, which is crucial for effective operations.

HyConn enhances firefighter safety, saves valuable time, and ensures a reliable and secure connection between fire hoses and hydrants.

Who is the Founder of Hyconn?

The founder of HyConn is Jeff Stroope. He had a background as a full-time firefighter and witnessed firsthand the destruction caused by fires. Inspired to find a solution that could help prevent such tragedies, Stroope came up with the idea for HyConn and founded HyConn LLC in 2009.

Stroope wanted to revolutionize the firefighting industry by offering firefighters an innovative quick-connect system that would allow them to save more lives. 

He developed a swift-connect unit that could swiftly and efficiently connect to existing hydrants, providing a secure and reliable link. This was particularly important because firefighters often face time constraints when responding to fires, and every second saves lives.

In addition to the quick-connect system for firefighting, Stroope also designed a home version of the product that could be used with garden hoses. This expanded the potential reach of HyConn and opened up new possibilities for the product.

HyConn Shark Tank Update | HyConn Net Worth

Before appearing on Shark Tank, HyConn had already gained recognition in the firefighting industry for its unique products.

The company’s flagship product is the HyConn Hose Connector, a revolutionary device that allows firefighters to quickly and easily connect hoses without the need for traditional threading.

HyConn’s design saves valuable time during emergencies and has the potential to improve the efficiency of firefighting operations greatly. In addition to the HyConn Hose Connector, the company offers other firefighting equipment and accessories. 

With their proven track record and innovative products, HyConn attracted the attention of the Shark Tank producers and was allowed to pitch their business to the panel of investors.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch of Hyconn?

During the HyConn Shark Tank presentation, Jeff Stroope, the creator of HyConn, introduced his product as a revolutionary way to connect and disconnect fire hoses quickly. 

He demonstrated how the HyConn connector could save valuable time during emergencies compared to the standard fire hose connection. Jeff sought an investment of $500,000 in exchange for 40% equity in his business, valuing HyConn at $1.25 million.

The Sharks had mixed opinions about the product. Mark questioned the market potential and the eight-second time difference compared to the standard connection.

Barbara expressed doubts about the cost-effectiveness of the product for fire departments. Damon went out, followed by Barbara.

Robert saw potential in using the product for other applications, such as oil pipelines and household hoses. 

Kevin proposed a separate deal to acquire the consumer product for garden hoses, offering $500,000 in exchange for 100% ownership and a 3% royalty. Kevin and Mark engaged in a heated argument over their respective offers.

Ultimately, Jeff accepted Mark’s offer of $1.25 million for 100% company ownership, with a three-year employment contract and additional profit-sharing arrangements. Barbara acknowledged Jeff’s decision as a good move.

However, the deal with Mark ultimately fell through. Jeff disagreed with Mark’s plan to license out the design, as it went against their initial agreement for Jeff to manage the company. Without Mark’s investment, HyConn struggled to fulfil orders and find new investors.

As of 2023, HyConn’s official website is still active, but there is no option to purchase the product. The company’s social media pages have been inactive for several years.

Jeff Stroope works as a Tool & Die Shop Manager at D&M Holding Company. It is unlikely that he will appear on Shark Tank again.

Final Deal: Mark Cuban agreed to acquire 100% of HyConn and 7.5% royalty to Jeff.

Did HyConn Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Yes, HyConn did get a deal on Shark Tank. After appearing on the show in the second season, HyConn secured a deal with Mark Cuban. Cuban invested $1.25 million with a 3-year employment agreement.

However, there were disagreements between Cuban and HyConn after the deal was made, eventually leading to a negotiation breakdown. Despite not fulfilling the deal with Mark Cuban, HyConn continued its journey and found success on its merit.

What Happened To HyConn After Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, HyConn initially struck a deal with Mark Cuban, who invested $1.25 million in the company. However, disagreements arose between Cuban and HyConn regarding the terms of the investment, leading to a breakdown in negotiations.

As a result, the deal with Mark Cuban was never fulfilled, and the two parties decided to part ways. Despite the failed deal, HyConn continued its journey independently.

The exposure gained from Shark Tank helped increase sales, but it wasn’t enough to meet the high customer demand. HyConn faced challenges in production and delivery, which took several years to overcome by acquiring a new investor.

The company’s website remains open but offers no products for purchase. The founder, Jeff Stroope, works as a Tool & Die Shop Manager and could not comment.

The company’s social media presence has also ceased, with the last post on Facebook dating back to April 2019.

The net worth of HyConn is difficult to determine as no official reports have been released. However, it can be estimated to be around $5 million based on its appearance on Shark Tank and its interactions with customers.

While HyConn faced challenges and its business operations seemed on hiatus, its appearance on Shark Tank and its innovative firefighting technology has left a lasting legacy in the industry.

Hyconn Shark Tank

HyConn Shark Tank Update

After its appearance on Shark Tank in 2012, HyConn, the company behind the innovative quick-connect hose adapter, experienced significant changes and challenges.

Although founder Jeff Stroope initially received an offer from Mark Cuban for $1.25 million, which included 100% ownership of the company, a 3-year employment contract, and a 7.5% royalty on future sales, the deal ultimately fell through. This was due to disagreements regarding the company’s vision and direction.

Following the show, HyConn underwent a rebranding process and changed its name to “JAH Enterprises.” It also shifted its focus from firefighting applications to industrial applications, aiming to develop quick connectors for various industrial markets.

Unfortunately, the current status of JAH Enterprises, formerly known as HyConn, is uncertain. The company’s online presence has diminished, making it unclear whether they are still operational or their product line is available.

Despite these challenges, it’s important to note that HyConn’s appearance on Shark Tank showcased its innovative product’s potential and generated investors’ interest. 

However, the subsequent changes and challenges faced by the company have contributed to its current uncertain status in the market.

Is HyConn Still In Business?

HyConn, the hose connector company founded by Jeff Stroope, is no longer in business. The company faced challenges despite initially gaining traction and securing purchase orders from four fire departments.

After appearing on the television show Shark Tank in 2011 and receiving an offer from Mark Cuban, the deal ultimately fell due to disagreements over the terms. Following this setback, HyConn received investments from 101 Ventures and Innovate Arkansas, but how these deals unfolded is unclear. 

Unfortunately, HyConn’s online presence started to decline in 2019, and its e-commerce website has been shut down. It is believed that the company struggled to sell its products to the government due to budget constraints. As a result, it seems that HyConn is no longer operational and is currently worth $0.

What Is the Net Worth Of HyConn?

According to our research, the net worth of HyConn is unavailable since the company’s status is unknown. The valuation of HyConn was $1.25 million after getting acquired by Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.

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