What Happened To Guardian Bikes After Shark Tank? Update

Riley and Jansen, from Irvine, California, went on Shark Tank in April 2017 to present their firm, Guardian Bikes, seeking a $500,000 investment and a 10% stake. 

Guardian Bikes touts their bikes as the safest children’s bikes on the market since they all have Riley’s SureStop stopping system.

A Guardian Bike has a lever that controls both the rear and front brakes, making stopping easy for a youngster (and preventing them from flying over the handlebars). 

This system makes sure that the front and rear hand breaks receive equal pressure. There are various sizes and styles available, with prices ranging from $330 to $420.

What Are Guardian Bikes?

Guardian Bikes, which are built exclusively for children, set a new standard for bicycle safety with their improved braking mechanism.

Their award-winning SureStop braking technology is activated by squeezing one handlebar, not both. Brian and Kyle, the founders, added the front brake wisely, resulting in the world’s safest children’s bikes.

GUARDIAN Bikes aimed to develop a more secure brake system. Guardian Bike was created by  SureStop, a revolutionary new brake system for bicycles that not only eliminates the possibility of riding over the handlebars while braking but also enables bikes to stop considerably faster and safer than ever before.

Who is the Founder of Guardian Bikes?

Brian Riley and Kyle Jansen are the Founders of Guardian Bikes. 

Guardian Bikes Before Shark Tank

Guardian Bikes was founded by Brian Riley and Kyle Jansen to improve and secure the world of bicycling. 

One of their revolutionary features is their ground-breaking braking system, which uses brakes on the rear wheels first and works their way to the front wheels, preventing head-over-handlebar crashes like nearly killing one of the owners’ grandfathers fractured many vertebrae. 

Before Shark Tank, its focus was on selling its braking system and pads to other bike companies.

Plans were afoot to start manufacturing their bikes, but additional funding will be needed to pursue this venture.

Guardian Bikes on Shark Tank

Brian Rily and Kyle Jansen initially hoped to raise $500,000 for a 10% stake in their business Guardian Bikes on the Shark Tank Show.

This may seem like a large sum of money, but many consider Guardian Bikes to have the makings of a multimillion-dollar firm. 

Guardian Bikes offers their brake systems for just $4 more than the competition, which is easily recovered on more than a few hundred dollar bikes, and pads for $5 more, which has resulted in an incredible $200,000 in pad sales over the past three years. 

Guardian Bikes Shark Tank Update

The company has already earned approximately $95,000 by the time Sharks sees the bikes it has produced, and they expect to earn $350,000 by month 12.

Bike production represents a significant expansion into a market the company could have avoided. 

A bike costs $146 to produce but may be sold for $240 at wholesale, resulting in a respectable profit margin.

Shark opinion divided as to whether Guardian Bikes should have gotten into bike manufacturing rather than remaining a SureStop safety brake innovation licensor. 

Some might see this as a way for the company to build brand recognition and create a feedback cycle where people see Guardian Bike’s SureStop purchase another bike with the technology. 

On the other hand, producing cycles when companies like Huffy already exist could be a significant capital investment and mostly unnecessary if marketing is done well.

Finally, Mark Cuban was the only shark who believed the firm had a wonderful idea (which was widely agreed upon) and could manage to license and manufacture. 

Mark Cuban agreed with the owners that $500,000 would be acceptable in exchange for 15% of the business, subject to the owners meeting six- and twelve-month milestones and hiring an in-house public relations expert.

Did Guardian Bike Have a Deal on Shark Tank?

Brian and Kyle relate their narrative and demonstrate how the brake system works to the Sharks. Chris Sacca adores it, but Mr. Wonderful wonders why they didn’t simply license the technology.

Barbara is the first Shark to venture out; she believes they are in desperate need of a skilled salesman. Kevin offers $500,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in the bike-making business. 

When Brian and Kyle turn their attention to the other Sharks, Kevin exits. Chris and Lori immediately follow.

Mark makes a $500,000 offer with three conditions: the technology is unique, meets sales targets, and hires an in-house public relations professional. Hence, The Sharks agreed to invest in Guardian Bikes.

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Are Guardian Bikes Still in Business?

Mark and Guardian Bikes agreed on a deal, and the Guardian Bikes got investment as promised.

Guardian Bikes Shark Tank Update

Guardian Bikes is operational and profitable as of July 2021. The company has not yet entered the adult bicycle market. The annual revenue is in the neighborhood of $1 million.

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Guardian Bikes After Shark Tank

Guardian Bikes appear to be in excellent condition. Following a monetary infusion from Mark Cuban and the employment of a public relations professional, Guardian Bikes now has a considerably larger online presence. 

Not only do they have their website, which is designed in a clean Web 2.0 fashion and includes ordering information, instructional videos, and plenty of promotional material, but they also have practically every type of social media presence imaginable.

There appears to be continuous activity on their Facebook page, with posts promoting new bike colors, performance and setup videos, and a prominent banner announcing Mark Cuban’s investment. 

Fan participation is quite limited in general, but this is hardly causing alarm given the specialized market.

Twitter tells a similar narrative, with numerous retweets praising the Guardian Bikes’ aesthetics and building quality, making them ideal gifts. 

While Instagram and YouTube channels are less active, they provide excellent advertising opportunities and educate people about your items.

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