Brazi Bites Shark Tank Update

You may locate Brazi Bites in the freezer sections of many retail locations, including Wegmans, Bristol Farms, and Whole Foods, among many others. Put them in the oven for twenty minutes, and then you may eat them.

Brazi Bites are made with natural, non-GMO ingredients and free of gluten, soy, preservatives, trans fat, and sugar. The ingredients for this dish include yucca root flour, cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, safflower oil, milk, eggs, salt, and tapioca flour.

When purchasing Brazi Bites, you can choose from five flavors: Cheddar Parmesan, Garlic Asiago, Three Cheese Pizza, Classic Ranch, and Cinnamon Churro.

The Brazilian Cheese Bread earned a reputation as a fan favorite, which prompted the company to launch a line of empanadas and, most recently, a new line of home-style breakfast sandwiches as part of its mission to become the best healthier Latin-inspired food company.

The Brazilian delicacy Po de Queijo inspired the creation of the cheese bread treats known as Brazi Bites. Junea Rocha, born in Brazil and now resides in Portland, Oregon, began creating and selling her version of the delicious, gluten-free, and sugar-free Brazi Bites in the United States.

She required money to fulfill such large purchases after she received a large order from Costco, and so she and her husband and business partner Cameron MacMullin proposed Brazi Bites on the television show Shark Tank in November 2015.

They struck a deal with Lori Greiner, one of the Sharks who had previously invested in the frozen snack company Bantam Bagels. Greiner made a financial investment of $200,000 in exchange for an equity stake of 16.5% in Brazi Bites.

Brazi Bites completed large orders with Costco and other stores after appearing on Shark Tank and getting an investment from Lori Greiner.

After appearing on Shark Tank for two years, Brazi Bites announced a massive partnership with Target in October 2017; the latter is widely regarded as one of the nation’s most successful retailers.

What Are Brazi Bites?

Brazi Bites is a line of cheese bread snack products based on the Brazilian traditional dessert Pao de Queijo. Originally from Brazil, Junea Rocha lives in Portland, Oregon. She began manufacturing and marketing gluten and sugar-free Brazi Bites in the United States in 2004.

Brazi Bites are manufactured with all-natural, non-GMO ingredients and are gluten-free, soy-free, preservative-free, trans-fat-free, and sugar-free.

Brazi Bites Shark Tank Update

There is cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, safflower oil, milk, eggs, salt, yucca root, and tapioca flour in the recipe for Brazi Bites. Currently, there are five varieties of Brazilian bites available: Cheddar Parmesan, Garlic Asiago, Three Cheese Pizza, Classic Ranch, and Cinnamon Churros.

Brazilian Cheese Bread rapidly became a top-rated product, prompting the brand to offer a line of empanadas and, most recently, to offer NEW Homestyle Breakfast Sandwiches, establishing the ultimate healthier Latin-inspired food company.

Company NameBrazi Bites
EntrepreneurJunea Rocha and Cameron MacMullin
Product / BusinessCheesy Brazilian bread snacks
Investment Asking For$200,000 for 10% equity in Brazi Bites
Final Deal$200,000 for 16.5% equity in Brazi Bites
SharkLori Greiner
Episode Season 7 Episode 9
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Brazi Bites?

Junea Rocha is the founder of Brazi Bites. She is based in Portland, Oregon. Junea Rocha, the creator of Brazi Bites, decided to make her version of this delectable snack using readily available methods after she moved to the United States and became enamored with a family recipe.

Her husband Cameron and she created the most delicious cheese bread they had ever tasted following months of culinary experimentation. It was introduced at a local food expo and quickly sold out. Brazi Bites was founded as a result of the adoration of the audience.

These Brazilian-inspired snacks are now available nationwide at hundreds of grocery stores, including Wegmans, Bristol Farms, and Whole Foods Market. You can cook them for 20 minutes and serve them immediately.

Brazi Bites Before Shark Tank

Junea decided to launch a full-time business based on her family’s secret recipe for Brazilian cheese bread. “Po de Queijo” is a South American cheese bread snack that has been a favorite for ages.

When Junea Rocha, founder of Brazi Bites, arrived in the United States, her hunger for this delightful tiny snack inspired her to create her version based on a family recipe that could be created with locally sourced ingredients.

After months of culinary trial, she and her husband Cameron made the most delectable cheese bread they had ever tasted. They brought the new dish to a local culinary expo, selling it out within hours. The crowd adored them and thus established the Brazi Bites firm.

Brazi Bites are now available in the freezer department of hundreds of retail locations in the freezer department, including Wegmans, Bristol Farms, and Whole Foods Market. Bake them for 20 minutes and enjoy!

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Brazi Bites?

Cameron and Junea appeared on Shark Tank seeking an investment of $200,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in Brazi Bites. Junea informed the Sharks that Brazil was renowned for its wonderful cuisine and culture.

Junea was born and raised in Brazil, consuming Brazilian cheese bread. She described a delectable dessert that was fluffy inside and crunchy outside.

Junia asserted that the bread was gluten-free by nature. After moving to the United States, she could not locate it anywhere.

Cameron informed the Sharks that the bread was too delicious to keep from the American public. He stated that they were able to employ Junea’s family recipe to create the greatest possible Brazilian cheese bread.

The camera panned across six distinct packages of Brazilian cheese bread. They appear to be freezer bags. According to Cameron, six different flavors can be baked in the oven.

Original Asiago with garlic and jalapeno pepper jack were among the flavors available. Jr stated that customers could not get enough of the Brazi Bites.

She inquired about the Sharks’ interest in joining them. Robert instructed her to deliver them. The remaining Sharks did not allow her to finish her speech since they all desired a bite.

Junea walked about with a large tray labeled with the various flavors of Brazi Bites. Robert appears to appreciate his, saying how delicious it was. The garlic asiago seems to be enjoyed by Lori as well.

Juniata noted that gluten-free tapioca flour is utilized in place of white flour in Brazi Bites. The Sharks did not appear to hear her because they were too preoccupied with their food. Robert and Lori were complimentary; however, Kevin immediately got business.

You wish to know how many calories each bite includes. As Junia describes, the serving size was three pieces, and each meal comprised 120 calories. She stated that Brazi Bites include only eight natural components and nothing artificial. They are devoid of preservatives.

Kevin wanted to know if Brazi Bites could be cooked in the microwave or if they had to be cooked in the oven. Junia stated that it was impossible. Because Brazi Bites are sold as frozen dough, they must be baked before consumption.

She remarked that the procedure was straightforward. “If you can cook frozen pizza at home, you can create Brazi Bites,” she said. Robert desired to know the number of grocery outlets in the area. Junea informed him that they were accessible in 700 grocery stores around the United States.

They were even featured in Sprouts and Whole Foods, two well-known grocery stores. Robert wanted to know how they could secure this contract and if they had dedicated sales representatives.

Junia revealed that she and her husband, Cameron did all the groundwork for these transactions. Robert inquires as to how long ago they established their business.

Cameron informed him that they started three years ago. He continued by stating that the Sharks have increased their annual revenue yearly. In their first year in business, Kama earned $60,000 in revenue. The following year it was $200,000, and the year before that, it was $600,000.

Cameron informed the Sharks that they were on track to earn $1 million this year. Robert Seaman appeared awestruck. Daymond was uncertain of his ability to contribute value to the firm. He believed they would continue to develop at Whole Foods Market, as they were already doing exceptionally well.

Daymond advised that they sell online, where they might earn a full profit margin. Kevin asked with a bewildered expression if they would ship it Frozen.

Kevin believed it to be a horrible idea. Daymond believed he could add value by connecting them to a recently invested business. This business was already generating millions of dollars and performing exceptionally well on QVC.

They had the infrastructure and infrastructure to sell food online. Additionally, they had a large consumer base.

Daymond stated that his time is more valuable than 10%. He desired 25% of the company in exchange for the $20000.00 requested. Cameron inquired if this was a formal offer, and Daymond confirmed it was.

Cameron expressed gratitude for the offer. He wished to determine whether there were further bids on the table. Kevin claimed that he would invest $200,000 for a 20 percent stake.

Lori mentioned that she was also considering making an offer. Recently, she invested in a company that manufactured filled Bagel balls. She was afraid that Brazi Bites could pose a threat to the firm or if she would be able to blend the two.

Lori asked them to explain the distinction between the two companies. Junea seemed stumped. Cameron interjected and explained to Lori that the difference between Brazil bits and the filled Bagel Company was that Brazi Bites were gluten-free. Lori stated that the statement was spot on.

Robert informed them their responses were satisfactory. Daymond disclosed he was anxious for them.

Lori decided to spice up the situation by offering the same 25 percent for $200,000 as Daymond. Kevin said he wanted to make the situation more interesting, so he reduced his Equity request to 15 percent.

He declared his intention to exert pressure on Daymond and Lori. Robert made a bad pun and informed the pair that their Brazilian bites were causing a Feeding Frenzy.

The other Sharks regarded them with anticipation. The announcer reminded everyone that none of the Sharks had yet been traded and that only three of them had received bids.

Junea is curious about Kevin’s idea for their business. He had offered the money but remained mute on how he intended to assist them in their expansion.

Kevin stated that he believed their ability to enter normal grocery stores to be their greatest asset. Lori interjected and noted that she had seen them targeting more organic food establishments.

This would aid them in developing a strong brand. Once they achieved brand awareness in the wild areas, it would be easier to enter ordinary grocery shops since consumers would already recognize the name.

Daymond wished to know whether they had left the company. Cameron informed him that they needed financing to construct their production plant. Mark inquired as to how much debt they were now carrying.

Cameron estimated the debt to be around $200,000. Cameron explained that the company ceased operations and sold off much of its equipment. This would significantly alter the cost.

David wanted to know why they were moving away from making their products. He questioned if they had located a reliable co-packer or business partner. Cameron stated that they would be collaborating with a co-packing partner. Daymond wants to know if the co-packer will also own a portion of the business.

Cameron acknowledged that the co-packing partner had also invested in the business. Cameron informed the individual who inquired about the amount of the investment that they have a 50/50 partnership with the partner in question.

The Sharks appear stunned. Daymond inquires if they hold less than fifty percent of the company. The pair acknowledged this to be accurate. Cameron informed the Sharks that the partner had made a multi-tiered investment consisting of a line of credit, cash, and production facility construction.

He stated that custom equipment was being ordered from Brazil. Robert indicated that he had enjoyed the food, but the agreement fell apart when he learned that they only owned fifty percent of the company.

This second partner was unknown to him; thus, he did not trust him. Robert got out. The two individuals thanked him. Mark departed next. He stated that the risk-to-reward ratio was insufficient for him. The couple’s relationship should also terminate.

Lori stated that they made a mistake by entering the Shark Tank after giving away fifty percent of their company.

She told them that it made negotiations extremely tough. Instead of responding, Junea asked Laurie if she would be prepared to match Kevin’s 15 percent Equity request.

Kevin said he would be willing to reduce his offer to 12.5 percent to make it more appealing. Cameron dared to ask Kevin if he would go to the original client and request 10 percent.

Kevin declined but would be willing to do the remaining 12.5%. Lori claimed that the inquiry was just what he deserved. Lori mentioned that she might be willing to contribute 20%.

Robert advised the two that a decision must be made quickly. Do you need to ask Lori if the 20% offer was her last? Kevin interjected and stated that 12.5 percent was the lowest he was willing to go.

Daymond declared that he would match Lori’s 20 percent offer. Lori stated that you would be willing to accept 18 percent. Cameron and Junea discussed the matter before asking Laurie if she would be ready to reduce the rate to 15%.

Lori gave a headshake. Lori informed the pair that she was anxious. Junie attempted to reassure her that she had nothing to worry about because their business was already popular.

Lori acknowledged that they were already a strong brand, but she was concerned about the obstacles they might face in the future. Lori claimed that she would divide the difference between 18 and 15 percent.

She proposed a price of $200,000 in exchange for 16.5 percent. Both Kevin and Daymond left. Junia informed Lori that she had an agreement. When she embraces the two, Lori is amazed that the gluten-free snack is tasty.

Final Deal: Lori agrees to a deal worth $200,000 for 16.5 percent of the Brazi Bites.

What Happened To Brazi Bites After Shark Tank?

The couple behind Brazi Bites only recently landed a Shark Tank contract with QVC’s Queen. Let us examine their performance. Since that time, Brazi Bites has expanded to sell their delicious cheese bread online.

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You can also find them at a few Costco locations. Brazi Bites have updated its social media accounts to make its packaging more accessible and brighter. Brazi Bites appear to be doing well, and I can’t wait to test them!

Brazi Bites Shark Tank Update

The Demand for Brazi Bites exploded overnight. The company saw an increase in revenue to $8.5 million in 2016 from less than $1 million the year before.

They struck a contract with Target two years after the intended air date. The San Francisco Equity Partners acquired a majority share in the Brazi Bites in July 2018.

Brazi Bites Shark Tank Update

You can easily find Brazi Bites on Amazon, and They are DELICIOUS! Brazi Bites generates $12 million in annual revenue as of 2022.

Is Brazi Bites Still In Business?

Nine million people watched the show when it aired later that year, while industry heavyweights consumed bite after bite and fell in love with Brazi Bites.

Brazi Bites are a staple in freezer aisles of grocery stores and households across the country. They sell out overnight. The remainder of the story is history!

It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Junea and Cameron to appear on the show. The Brazi Bites team knew that participating in Shark Tank would mean everything was on the line.

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They practiced their presentation in front of life-size images of the Sharks, watched each episode, and wrote down every question that the Sharks asked.

As of May June, You can find Brazi Bites in retail stores across the United States. Also, the annual revenue of Brazi Bites has crossed over $12 million.

What Is the Net Worth Of Brazi Bites?

The valuation of Brazi Bites was $2 Million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Brazi Bites is $12 million, with increased revenue as of 2022.