Track Days Movie Shark Tank Update

Track Days Movie is a motorcycle racing film seeking seed money on episode 425 of Shark Tank.

What Is Track Days Movie?

Track Days Movie is a motorbike racing film in Los Angeles, California. James Lavitola and Brian Pitt founded Track Days to unite the racing community.

James LaVitola, known for stunts in Fast and Furious, Transformers, and Friday Night Lights (among other films), teams up with Cliff Dorfman and Brian Pitt to create this Fast Furious-themed film.

Track Days Movie Shark Tank Update

Two of them had come up with the idea for a movie that would surely be a hit: a motorcycle racing film. According to Nielsen ratings, there has never been a film about motorcycle racing, although it is the second most-watched sport in the U.S. No films have been made.

A Kickstarter campaign has been set up to raise $2 million by April 29, 2013. So far, they have raised $1009. Track Days has acquired some sponsorships; however, they still have a long way to go to reach their $2 million fundraising goal, and they are hoping the Sharks can help them.

Company NameTrack Days
EntrepreneurJames Lavitola And Brian Pitt
Product / BusinessMotorcycle-themed action film
Investment Asking For$5 Million For 34% equity in Track Days Movie
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 4 Episode 24
Business StatusOut Of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Track Days Movie?

James Lavitola And Brian Pitt are the founders of Track Days Movie. 

Track Days Movie Before Shark Tank

Track Days had only made a storyboard before presenting on Shark Tank; none of the casting, scriptwriting, or production work had been done. Are you aware of anything that led them to think their strategy would appeal to the Sharks?

James Lavitola and Brian Pitt are well-known stuntmen who have appeared in films such as Fast & Furious. Would their combined knowledge and expertise be enough to influence the Sharks?

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Track Days Movie?

James LaVitola and Brian Pitt are the producers of “Track Days, the Movie” and appeared on Shark Tank episode 24 for $5 million and a 34 percent stake in the film. This equates to a $14.7 million valuation.

Brian explained that Track Days would be a feature-length action movie. Mark didn’t even give him time to finish his sentence before walking out. Brian continued by claiming that the film was about the MotoGP world championship. He was unsuccessful.

Robert heard Mark stating that he was out, and he joked that he was “open-minded.” The woman was dressed provocatively in shorts and a crop top as she gave the Sharks popcorn and treats. James gave away a few gift bags that contained movie memorabilia as well.

The Sharks’ LaVitola acknowledges that movies are “a crapshoot,” but he promises that they will be “the house” and that “the house always wins.” The duo soon drops to the bottom of the Shark Tank pool of competitors without a solid script or better than a brief, glittery teaser.

Daymond John says he was a backer of a previous film in which he starred. In terms of getting his money back, it was as exciting as something out of a horror movie. He is out.

They recommend holding the funds in escrow and delaying production until the investor satisfies the risk assessment. Kevin advised them it was a terrible idea and stopped them from continuing their plans.

Barbara told them that if he went out, she would not be able to tell her son what to say to him, as she would not allow him to purchase a motorbike if the film was raised through donations.

She expressed her displeasure with the material, stating that it scared her. She walked out into the fresh air. The duo plays their final card, revealing that the dummy’s visage is a cardboard cut-out of Herjavec’s likeness.

Robert stated that he was unwilling to accept the level of risk they were putting on him. His curiosity to understand more about it sprang from the fact that he couldn’t participate in anything.

They were denied the opportunity to continue; instead, he quickly fled the stage, effectively removing them from consideration for a Shark contract.

Final Deal: No deal between Sharks and Track Days Movie Directors.

What Happened To Track Days Movie After Shark Tank?

As the aspiring filmmakers were leaving the Tank, Mark mentioned to the other sharks that he had seen a similar deal, except it was in an email from Nigeria. James and Brian used the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to raise $2 million, but they only garnered $12,000 from 16 backers.

Track Days Movie campaign was terminated before it ever began. It would appear that all plans for making such a movie have been scrapped entirely. There is not the slightest indication of it in any location.

The Ave Venice Shark Tank Update

The idea of Track Days Movie vanished from the internet buzz shortly after their appearance on Shark Tank. There is no movie, and visiting the website will take you to spam or an infected website.

ABC must immediately remove the link from its website to prevent Shark Tank viewers from unknowingly infecting their computers by clicking on the link. It became buried under a mountain of overconfidence and far too much glitz and glam but not enough substance and was never seen again.

Track Days Movie Shark Tank Update

Several of Track Days the Movie’s social media profiles were deactivated shortly after the premiere of Shark Tank aired, and the website has now been reduced to a single, empty page.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the “new” Hollywood technique, which used money as a lure to tempt big-name actors and writers, failed to pique the interest of sharks or potential investors. A movie called Track Days sank into a chasm in Shark Tank and never returned to earth.

Jiggy Puzzles After Shark Tank

Track Days Movie was crushed under arrogance, an excess of glamour, and insufficient substance, and it was never seen again.

Is Track Days Movie Still In Business?

No, the Track Days Movie never took off. The movie was merely a concept of James Lavitola And Brian Pitt, which could not make it into production because of financing and other issues.

Is it possible that the Track Days film was made without the Sharks’ investment? No, it didn’t work like that. In conjunction with the premiere of the Shark Tank episode, James and Brian started a Kickstarter effort to raise funds.

They were looking for $2 million but only managed to raise less than $12,000 from 16 backers before the project was terminated before it could get off the ground. Track Days’ Twitter account hasn’t been updated since the show aired on Shark Tank, and the company’s website has been an empty domain since then.

What Is the Net Worth Of Track Days Movie?

The valuation of Track Days Movie was $20 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Track Days Movie is unknown as of 2022 since the movie never took off.