SalesPreneur Shark Tank Update | SalesPreneur Net Worth

SalesPreneur is a comprehensive sales training system conceptualized by Dave Greco, a seasoned sales professional who first appeared on Season 3 of the Shark Tank show. 

From an early age, Dave showcased an innate knack for sales, which he honed over years of professional experience. SalesPreneur, a specialized system designed to help sales professionals engage with potential clients and effectively market their products, was created as a result.

The SalesPreneur system comprises two distinct but interlinked components: MiSSiLe and RoadMapp. MiSSiLe is a meticulously structured, step-by-step guide that trains salespeople to find the right buyer and master convincing them to invest in their product or idea. 

Despite not being currently active, with its domain up for sale and its social media accounts inactive since 2014, the SalesPreneur system’s innovative design and practical approach make it a compelling choice for aspiring sales professionals.

Dave Greco had plans to introduce a mobile application and a video game as part of the SalesPreneur system, illustrating his foresight to leverage digital platforms for enhancing the user experience and effectiveness of his sales training program.

SalesPreneur, as presented in Season 3 of Shark Tank, is a promising system that offers a structured, adaptable, and progressive approach to learning the art of sales. 

Despite Dave Greco’s unsuccessful pitch on the show, the core concept and its potential value in sales training cannot be underestimated.

The system’s strengths lie in its methodical approach, adaptability to industry-specific requirements, and belief in nurturing sales skills rather than assuming they are inborn.

Company NameSalesPreneur
EntrepreneurDave Greco
ProductTwo-part system for becoming a master salesperson
Investment Asking For$90,000 for 40% equity in SalesPreneur
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark 
Episode Season 3, Episode 2
Business StatusOut Of Business
WebsiteSalesPreneur Website
Net Worth$0

What Is SalesPreneur?

SalesPreneur is a revolutionary business model notably featured on the renowned television show Shark Tank. Drawing from the principles of entrepreneurship and salesmanship, the SalesPreneur model combines these two concepts into a unique blueprint that encourages individuals to adopt the mindset of an entrepreneur while employing the skills of a seasoned salesperson.

“SalesPreneur” is essentially a portmanteau of ‘sales’ and ‘entrepreneur.’ It encapsulates an innovative approach to sales that emphasizes creativity, risk-taking, and strategic management, similar to the characteristics of an entrepreneur.

SalesPreneur Shark Tank Update | SalesPreneur Net Worth

The main difference between a traditional salesperson and a SalesPreneur is that while the former typically follows a structured protocol and targets short-term sales goals, the latter thinks outside the box, focusing on long-term strategic goals and sustainable growth possibilities.

This model empowers individuals to take control of their sales journey, fostering a more personal and proactive engagement with customers and partners. Featured on Shark Tank, SalesPreneur has captivated audiences and inspired many aspiring entrepreneurs and salespeople alike.

SalesPreneur offers a compelling and fresh perspective to the sales world, challenging traditional norms and encouraging a transformative shift in how individuals conduct and manage their sales activities.

Who Is The Founder Of SalesPreneur?

SalesPreneur is the brainchild of Dave Greco, an adept and seasoned sales professional. Dave’s journey in sales started quite early; at age five, he was already selling pencils to his neighbors.

His proficiency and passion for sales grew with time, fueling his trajectory toward becoming a top salesperson and winning numerous awards for his stellar performance. 

Drawing from his years of experience and expertise in sales, Dave conceived the idea of SalesPreneur to instill these skills in others.

He believed that selling wasn’t an inherent trait but a skill that could be learned, cultivated, and honed. This belief culminated in the formation of SalesPreneur, a system designed to turn anyone into an effective salesperson. 

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Dave was in the startup stage of SalesPreneur, diligently working on building the company and proving its concept. He developed a system packaged into booklets containing his “secret sauce” for successful sales.

The system comprised two books named “Missile” and “Roadmap.” “Missile” was designed to teach people the necessary skills to find and connect with potential buyers, while “Roadmap” guided the crafting of compelling sales pitches. 

The company was already operational and closed some deals, which provided a solid proof-of-concept to validate the system’s effectiveness. With an ambition to further scale his venture, Dave decided to apply for Shark Tank.

He aimed to secure investment from one of the Sharks to transition his booklet-based system into a more scalable, technology-driven model – a mobile application.

The app was envisioned to embody the SalesPreneur system and offer users a more accessible and efficient learning tool, broadening the company’s reach and impact. 

Dave remained passionate and confident about his unique system’s potential despite his challenges. His journey in sales, from his humble beginnings to founding SalesPreneur, illustrates his commitment to empowering others with effective sales skills and strategies, underscoring his dedication to the art of selling.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of SalesPreneur?

SalesPreneur, a company designed to train individuals in sales, was presented on Shark Tank by its founder, Dave Greco. Entering the tank, Greco sought a $90,000 investment in exchange for a 40% stake in SalesPreneur, valuing it at $225,000. 

The SalesPreneur system, which Greco had been selling successfully, comprised ‘Missile’ and ‘Roadmap.’ The former taught sales skills to find potential buyers, while the latter focused on framing a compelling sales pitch.

Before appearing on the show, Dave had sold $40,000 worth of his system in just three months and secured three Fortune 300 accounts. However, Dave made some bold claims during his pitch, leading to skepticism among the Sharks.

He claimed that SalesPreneur could increase a company’s sales by 40% but lacked enough data or proof to back this up. This caused a loss of credibility in front of the Sharks.

He also mentioned his plans to scale Salespreneur by converting the material into a mobile application, but again, the plan seemed premature as the app wasn’t ready yet.

Daymond John challenged Dave to sell him his pen as a test of Dave’s sales skills. Dave detailed the features and benefits of the pen but failed to close the deal, leading to further criticism from the Sharks. 

Mark Cuban made Dave an offer matching his request – $90,000 for 40% equity. But Dave, failing to seize the opportunity and close the deal, expressed his interest in hearing from the other Sharks.

This maneuver turned Mark Cuban off, and he retracted his offer, accusing Dave of failing to take the deal seriously. The other Sharks shared similar sentiments.

Daymond John decided not to invest, citing Dave’s inability to close the penned deal.

Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec also dropped out, doubting Dave’s sales skills and Herjavec expressing concerns about Dave’s mobile app plan. Barbara Corcoran also opted out, suggesting Dave was attempting too much, too fast. 

Ultimately, Dave Greco did not secure a deal with any Sharks. Post the Shark Tank appearance, SalesPreneur faced challenges, and it appears that Dave Greco eventually shut the company down.

His pitch provided a learning experience despite his failures, highlighting the importance of proving claims with evidence and seizing opportunities when they present themselves.

What Happened To SalesPreneur After Shark Tank?

After Dave Greco’s appearance on Shark Tank, SalesPreneur faced considerable challenges. The inability to substantiate his claims during the pitch and the failure to close a deal with any of the Sharks seemed to impact the business negatively. 

It’s reported that the SalesPreneur domain is now parked at GoDaddy and no longer in use, suggesting that the company has ceased operations. Dave Greco, the founder, seems to have moved on from SalesPreneur.

His social media pages indicate that he’s undertaken other jobs since appearing on the show, and his updates regarding SalesPreneur have been few.

Although SalesPreneur did not successfully secure an investment in Shark Tank, the show’s exposure did help Dave connect with potential customers and highlight his sales training system.

The show also facilitated an interview with Daymond John post the show, wherein John acknowledged Dave’s sales skills. Despite this, the company did not sustain or grow its business post the Shark Tank experience.

This suggests that the criticisms and concerns expressed by the Sharks during the pitch—particularly about the veracity of Dave’s claims and his strategy for scaling the business—may have been valid.

SalesPreneur Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, Salespreneur, founded by Dave Greco, experienced mixed results and faced challenges in scaling its business. Salespreneur, a startup offering booklets containing Dave Greco’s sales techniques, had achieved some prior success with closed deals before appearing on Shark Tank.

During the show, Dave sought a $90,000 investment in exchange for a 40% equity share, presenting a system of two books teaching sales skills and expressing plans for a scaling mobile app.

The Sharks on Shark Tank had varying concerns and opinions regarding Salespreneur. Robert and Daymond opted out due to concerns about the mobile app, while Kevin and Barbara shared similar reservations.

SalesPreneur Shark Tank Update | SalesPreneur Net Worth

Mark extended an offer, but Dave sought more options and ultimately failed to secure a deal. Mark criticized Dave’s decision-making during the negotiations. Despite not securing a deal, Dave later interviewed Daymond, who acknowledged his salesmanship.

However, Salespreneur faced challenges after its appearance on Shark Tank. The company still exists, but Dave appears less active, focusing on other endeavors. It is unclear whether Salespreneur continued to operate or scaled down its operations.

While further details regarding the current state and success of Salespreneur are limited, some sources suggest that Salespreneur eventually went out of business after its appearance on Shark Tank.

Dave Greco later worked in sales roles and is currently a Senior Sales Leader at Stellantis. Salespreneur faced challenges after appearing on Shark Tank, including the inability to secure a deal and potential scaling difficulties.

While the company’s current status is uncertain, Salespreneur either went out of business or significantly scaled down its operations, and Dave Greco shifted his focus to other ventures and a sales career.

Is SalesPreneur Still In Business?

According to our research, the current status of the Salespreneur is unclear, and there are mixed reports regarding its business operations.

Some sources suggest that Salespreneur went out of business around six months after its appearance on Shark Tank, indicating that it eventually filed for bankruptcy.

According to another source, Salespreneur closed in August 2012, soon after its appearance on Shark Tank. However, it’s worth noting that no definitive and up-to-date information is available about the current state of Salespreneur.

Dave Greco, the founder of Salespreneur, has since pursued other sales-related roles and is currently working as a Senior Sales Leader at Stellantis. It appears that he shifted his focus away from Salespreneur after its closure or scaling down of operations.

What Is the Net Worth Of SalesPreneur?

According to our research, the net worth of SalesPreneur is $0 since the company is out of business. The valuation of SalesPreneur was $$225,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank.