What Happened To Show No Towel After Shark Tank?

Shelley Ehler has two sons. On one occasion, she struggled to change both of her sons at the same time while swimming in the pool. 

It was at that moment that she had the inspiration for Show No Towels. You can use it as a shawl and bath towel at the same time. 

She obtained a patent for her towel and licensed it to water parks throughout California, including Six Flags Magic Mountain and LEGOLAND.

What is Show No?

Show No is a towel with a hole in it that an entrepreneur turned into a business and a product. Shelly Ehler, a creative entrepreneur, took an extremely simple idea and turned it into a product and a company. 

She is famous for exchanging bespoke drapes for the patent work that resulted in the ShowNo being patented, proving that often the simplest things get neglected. 

Show No Towel

The ShowNo notion is that it enables children to change out of their swimming suits in public while maintaining a degree of modesty. 

It also makes an excellent beach towel/cover-up. Shelly wishes to distribute the ShowNo through water parks and is seeking assistance from the Sharks.

FounderShelley Ehler
Product/StartupShow No poncho shaped bath towel
Investment Seeking$50,000 for 25% stake in Show No
Final Deal$75,000 for 25% Stake in Show No
Shark Who InvestedLori Greiner
Episode AiredSeason3 Episode 4
Business StatusOut of Business
Social Mediahttps://twitter.com/shownotowels

Who is the Founder of Show No?

ShowNo Towels’ founder is unlike any other founder. Shelly Ehler is the founder of ShowNo Towels. 

She is a mother of two boys, a wife, a life coach, and a part-time school teacher. It is similar to a ‘towel with a slit.’

She is an award-winning inspiring speaker who has inspired other mothers to rethink their life goals. She lives by the mantra “Dream it, Believe it, Let it go” even after a failed venture.

She came up with the idea after encountering an issue that most parents experience daily. 

The mom struggles with changing the swimwear of her boys while spending time at the beach. Towels are needed in these situations. 

The child’s head is placed in the towel’s central slit, and the remainder of the towel drapes the body. This makes changing damp garments a breeze. As a result, ShowNo Towels was born.

Show No Before Shark Tank

Shelly Ehler is an entrepreneur who converted a simple idea into a new business enterprise. 

The market has several great products created by people who saw a problem and developed a new, simple solution to address it. 

Shelly could be described in the same way as well. There are times when families find it challenging to find a location where their children may feel comfortable changing in and out of their bathing suits. 

Show No by Shelly can be helpful in such a situation. Show No is a towel with a slit in the middle intended to accommodate your child’s head. 

The remainder of the towel hangs over your child’s body, covering them as they change out of their wet garments. 

Additionally, it’s a fun new product that will keep your children dry at the beach, pool, and even during bath time.

Shelly hopes to expand the Show No. despite having started it on her own and having achieved some success. 

She wishes to supply her goods to water parks and amusement parks to kick-start sales and spread the word about her business. 

However, she will require assistance in achieving that goal. Shelly took her Show No to ABC’s Shark Tank in the hope of finding assistance from one of the Sharks.

Shark Tank Pitch of Show No Towel

Ehler appeared on Shark Tank in search of a $50,000 investment in exchange for a 25% stake in her business. She brought her two sons along to assist her in pitching her idea to the Sharks. 

Ehler had the concept for ShowNo one day while she and her sons were in the pool. 

Her oldest kid desired to change into dry clothing and requested that his mother held out a towel for him to remain covered while changing. 

While her oldest kid was being changed, her younger boy became antsy, and Ehler had an idea amid her frustration. 

She then made a slit in a towel to create a new type of towel poncho that would keep children covered as they changed. 

Following her explanation of her story, Ehler had her sons distribute custom-made ShowNo’s that they had packed for each Sharks.

After her boys exited the Shark Tank, Ehler attempted to explain that she wasn’t searching for money. What she truly desired was a mentor. 

Each Shark has taken modest concepts and developed them into multimillion-dollar enterprises. 

She believes that if she and one of the Sharks work together, they can truly transform her ShowNo business into something wonderful and prosperous.

Lori Greiner, the first Shark to speak up, was the first to do so. She inquired as to where Ehler had been creating these ShowNo’s. The majority of her products are manufactured in her home. 

And what she loves most about her invention is that when you put the ShowNo down, the slit closes, and you’re left with an entire towel that keeps sand out of the middle. 

In this regard, it is opposed to the towel ponchos that Robert Herjavec claims he has seen on the market. 

She even has a patent on the design of her product, which she obtained through a trade of custom draperies with her old neighbor, who was also a patent attorney.

Ehler then came up with the notion of selling these towels to water parks after obtaining the patent. Each towel could be customized with the park’s name printed on the Show No’s collar, which Herjavec thought was a wonderful concept. 

She has already established accounts with Lego Land in California and Six Flags Magic Mountain in Florida. The towels have become extremely successful at these parks, and she sells them in bulk at the cost of $9 per towel. 

They retail for $19.99, which is an excellent profit margin considering she creates them for only $6. Show No has sold around $15k worth of units.

The Sharks did not appear pleased with the number of her total sales, and Kevin O’Leary was quick to explain why. 

According to him, her business is extremely seasonal, and she would have to spend all of her money manufacturing the towels in bulk and hoping that each unit sells to earn a profit. 

He determined that he disliked the seasonal nature of her business and opted not to invest in her. Ehler stated that she initially believed the ShowNo would be seasonal but later realized that her invention doubles as the ideal bath towel for toddlers. 

Additionally, if she supplied 50 water parks with her towels and sold 20 each day, she would have earned about a million dollars in three months. This, she believes, is a very manageable task.

Herjavec remarked that while he admires her drive and commitment to her business, he wasn’t taken with the product itself. 

He couldn’t envision the ShowNo generating that many sales and opted out of investing in her business. 

Mark Cuban asked her what she would do if she were forced to leave her family for a business meeting on her birthday. She responded that she would attend the meeting because her family knows she loves them unconditionally. 

Additionally, her family recognizes the critical nature of this chance, as both she and her husband were heavily struck by the recession. 

Toygaroo Shark Tank Update

They were both laid off and forced to sell their homes and relocate. Because success in her firm is critical, she would have no trouble traveling on business.

Daymon John expressed interest in the product, but her sales did not match the amount of money she requested. 

Ehler could understand this, but she disclosed that she had contacted Disney amusement parks and would work hard to secure a partnership with them. 

John was overjoyed with the news and decided to pay her $50,000 in exchange for 50% of her business. Greiner, on the other hand, desired to make a counteroffer. 

She recognized so much of herself in Ehler that she decided to issue a check for $50,000 in exchange for the original 25% stake in the Shark Tank. 

All she requested was that Ehler maintain her enthusiasm for the business and collaborate with Greiner to get the ShowNo sold in every water park in the United States.

Ehler was overjoyed and prepared to accept Greiner’s offer, but John intervened and offered her the $50,000 in exchange for a 20% ownership in the company. 

This is not the only twist that occurred. Cuban then offers her $75k for 25% of her business, Show No Towel, believing that it is worth more than she has asked for. 

Greiner attempted to persuade Ehler that she is the best person to negotiate with since she has connections with QVC and is also a woman, which means they “speak the same language,” but John countered that he had numerous relationships with retail places such as Bed Bath & 

Beyond and JCPenny’s. 

Additionally, he chose to offer her $75k in exchange for only 20% of her business. Greiner also agreed to match the $75k but retained a 25% stake in Show No.

Ehler requested a moment outdoors to consult with her husband before deciding with so many options available. 

While speaking with her husband, O’Leary’s comments to Ehler were clear evidence that he did not have the same perspective as the other Sharks where he did not believe they should have invested. 

Ehler accepted Greiner’s offer over John and Cuban after returning to the Shark Tank to finalize the deal.

What Happened To Show No Towel After Shark Tank?

Shelly and Lori brought the ShowNo to the Today Show following their appearance on Shark Tank and secured the supply of towels for Disney World’s Water Park. 

The Show No’s soon sold out and became incredibly popular throughout that season. Since then, Disney has not renewed her contract, but Shelly is negotiating a licensing agreement to reintroduce her product to the park. 

The Show No towel has been distributed to dozens of water parks all over the United States, despite not being marketed at Disney World. Shelly continues to get attention for her work due to her consistent attendance at trade shows and similar events. 

Lori Greiner has remained very inactive in Show No since the show’s conclusion, while Shelly has continued to grow her business despite this. 

She continues to create the Show No’s at her house, but she has expanded her business to include a 3D poster company called All Blown Up. 

Naturally Perfect Dolls Shark Tank Update

Going on Shark Tank inspired Shelly to pursue her ambition even harder and strive even harder to succeed.

After being buried in towels for six years, her “Shark Tank arrangement” [with Lori Greiner] fell through, Ehler wrote in a blog post dated August 13, 2015. “I once cursed my Shark Partner for kicking me out,” Ehler continued. 

The Show No website no longer sells Show No Towels. However, I now thank her. She taught me far more than she believed she did, and none of it was business-related.” 

However, numerous similar designs are available on Amazon with Disney, Nickelodeon, Marvel, and Mattel characters, including Thomas the Train.

Business Model of Show No Towels

Shelly was an entrepreneur that did everything alone, from product creation to distribution. ShowNo Towels had its market debut following the episode Shark Tank. 

The investor helped her establish product distribution at many major trade shows, including the USSA Swimming and the Water Park Operators Trade Show. Show No soon appeared in dozens of waterparks and swim clubs across the country.

MTailor Shark Tank Update

Shelly’s ultimate goal was to sell these towels to water parks operated by Disney. Lori Greiner, an investor, brought the towels to the Today Show and negotiated a contract with a gift shop at Walt Disney World’s Water Park. 

However, sources indicated that she would be unable to make a penny from such a lucrative transaction. She was unable to get any profitable mass production deals.

How Does Show No Make Money?

She earned most of her revenue from water parks. She supplied towels to 50 water parks, selling on average 20 per day. 

She spent $6 on materials to make her crocheted towel. Towels sold in quantity for $9 each. This provided a very high-profit margin, as the retail price was $19.99.

She offered towels emblazoned with parks’ logos. Those additional services allowed her to secure an agreement with Lego Land in California and Six Flags Magic Mountain in Florida.

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