Noene Shark Tank Update

Noene USA is a special kind of rubber developed for use in industries where effective shock absorption and vibration reduction are of the utmost importance, such as in high-speed trains.

Noene USA Shark Tank Update

Noene USA has a unique composition that gives it strong viscoelasticity, which enables it to bend when subjected to tension yet swiftly return to its original shape after the stress has been removed.

This one-of-a-kind material is now available as an insole for shoes, and it is ideal for cushioning the shockwaves caused by jogging and other sports that can be taxing on joints. The Noene insoles benefit athletes and anyone who stands for long periods.

Noene USA is extremely thin, making them easy to put into any shoe, whether they are for athletic purposes or used on more casual occasions. You’ll want one for every pair of shoes when you try one on.

The only distributor of high-frequency shock-absorbing material developed in Switzerland in the United States is NOENE America. Using a one to two-millimeter-thick material in the footbed or insole of the shoe marks a significant development in material science.

NOENE was demonstrated to absorb and distribute more than 90 percent of the high-frequency shock that travels through the human body when feet touch the ground. The product made its television debut on Shark Tank in 2015.

NOENE, already popular among people who play tennis and run and within the medical community, will soon be made available to the general public through the Foot Solutions network of specialist retail outlets nationwide.

Noene insoles are ideal for people who are constantly on their feet, especially athletes, workers who spend a lot of time standing, older adults who need extra support for aching joints, and toddlers who run around a lot.

Noene USA makes feet happy, but they also help prevent significant problems with joints and muscles. 

NOENE has been tested in several Foot Solutions corporate stores for the past few weeks, and so far, the company has received extremely good feedback from customers who have tried the product.

What Is Noene USA?

Noene USA is a high-tech insole worn directly under your shoes. When you run, walk, or leap, your body absorbs and releases high-frequency and low-frequency energy from them.

Noene Insoles are revolutionary insoles designed to absorb shock and reduce the impact of physical activity on the body. The product was popularized when it appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Noene USA is made out of a unique material that is flexible and breathable, allowing it to be molded around the user’s foot for extra comfort.

The insoles have a honeycomb-like structure with hundreds of microscopic channels that absorb shockwaves created during activities like running or jumping and redistribute them throughout the sole.

This significantly reduces the risk of joint damage common with high-impact activities and fatigue associated with standing for long periods. Additionally, these insoles can help improve posture by providing support and cushioning in areas where needed most.

A high-impact exercise is one where your body is exposed to powerful and sometimes destructive external forces. This can include running, jogging, sports, and even everyday activities such as walking.

A shockwave travels up your legs and into your spine when you take a step, reverberating up and down your ankles, knees, hips, and spine up to five times your body weight.

Noene Shark Tank Update

The forces created by these forces can eventually cause joint damage. Therefore, taking precautions is important to reduce the risk of injury while still participating in your favorite sport.

There are several reasons why people add additional insoles to their shoes. The insoles may increase the comfort of their shoes, but they are not all designed to prevent injuries to joints, muscles, and bones.

A patented rubber component, Noene, is used in high-speed trains to reduce shock and vibration. It was specifically designed for industrial applications requiring vibration reduction and shock absorption.

The material has a composition that confers a high degree of viscoelasticity, allowing it to distort under demand but quickly return to its original form.

It is now possible to purchase a shoe insole made from this innovative material, ideal for cushioning the shockwaves generated by running and other sports that can tax the joints.

Noene USA benefits athletes and everyone who must be on their feet for extended periods. Noene USA is ultra-thin and can be effortlessly tucked into any shoe, whether professional or casual use or even athletic shoes.

Once you’ve experienced a successful trial, you’ll want one for every pair of shoes.

Noene USA is a great choice for athletes, employees who spend hours on their feet, seniors who require additional protection for aging joints, and children who constantly move around.

Noene USA makes feet happy but can also help prevent major joint and muscular disorders in the long run. 

Company NameNoene USA
EntrepreneurBryan Scott
Product / BusinessAn extra thin shoe insole
Investment Asking For$100,000 for 10% equity in Noene USA
Final Deal$100,000 for 30% equity in Noene USA
SharkMark Cuban and Daymond John
Episode Season 6 Episode 26
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Noene USA?

Bryan Scott is the founder of Noene USA. Running, jumping, and walking is easier using this product, which contains a synthetic rubber component.

A ball was bounced on the insole of Brian’s shoe, and then he watched it bounce back into his body to demonstrate how the “rebound effect” works.

This rebound reaction can cause long-term discomfort and injury, which indicates that the insoles are ineffective when used repeatedly.

However, Noene is made from a synthetic rubber that can absorb and internally distribute the shock of bouncing balls, resulting in a rebound effect that is minimal to nonexistent in most cases.

Noene USA Before Shark Tank

Noene USA was founded by Brian Scott, who hails from Atlanta, Georgia. After coming to the Shark Tank, Brian hopes to secure a $100,000 investment for a ten percent ownership stake in his company.

Noene USA has been designed to absorb and distribute the shock that enters your body when you leap, run, or even stroll. They are a high-tech alternative to conventional insoles.

The typical consumer will buy a flimsy insole to rid themselves of their shoe problems as they believe it will alleviate them; however, this often does not work.

This phenomenon is called the “rebound effect,” which is demonstrated when you bounce a ball on the insole and bounce back, demonstrating that the insoles reflect the energy into our bodies.”

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Noene USA?

Bryon entered the Shark Tank seeking an investment of $100,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in Noene USA. 

Brian drops the identical bocce ball onto a standard footbed to illustrate that the glass remains unharmed after being dropped on a typical insole. The glass cube breaks, as expected.

Brian’s last demonstration consists of a red and black rubber ball; the black rubber ball is made of Noene, whereas the red rubber is made from standard insole rubber.

Noene balls do not rebound, whereas red rubber balls continue to move after rebounding. Brian then distributes samples of the Noene and standard insoles, sure that Noene is the only insole thinner than a dime and able to protect a piece of glass.

The Noene under insoles require the user to remove their old insole, insert the Noene insole, and then place their original insole back in – they are so lightweight that they don’t affect the fit of your shoes.

Noene is developing a prototype for a woman’s heel insole and an athletic insole.

Robert is the first to ask about Brian’s motivation for the project, wondering if he is a physician or an engineer. On the other hand, Brian possesses none of these qualities and has not played in the NFL for a decade.

Atlanta selected Brian in the second round of the NFL draft, where he played for three years before moving to New Orleans and Buffalo. As he returns to work, Brian says that Noene focuses mostly on insoles, which sell well in Europe.

Noene’s second phase focuses on its various sporting applications, including baseball bat grips, boxing gloves, tennis racket grips, and others.

Mark requests that Brian return the items and explain how Brian will finally get at this idea; Brian reveals that Noene is a European company that sells a comparable product.

Noene Europe generates approximately $1.25 million annually from insoles alone. Robert inquires whether Noene USA and Noene Europe have signed a licensing arrangement.

Brian says that he has negotiated an exclusive agreement to be the sole licensor of Noene insoles for both Canada and the United States.

Daymond inquires how much Brian spends for a pair of units, which amounts to $6, with each pair selling for $29.99 on the market. Daymond asks about the previous year’s sales, which indicates that the model is sustainable.

Brian reveals that the product is thinner than a dime, but they have not yet sold a single one, prompting Mark and Robert to giggle hysterically.

Mark adds that in basketball, whenever a player indicates he is available for a pass, the coach will respond that there is a reason for this.

However, Brian takes a step back and explains why they have not sold any Noene devices: no units have been sold in the United States, and Brian joined the company in January.

Four investors founded the business, each investing one million dollars, of which he owns a fraction.

Mark finds this absurd and asks why each investor would commit $250,000, but Brian replies that each investor has $250,000 to invest. Daymond and Robert do not see the point in the company seeking equity because it makes no sense.

Kevin believes, however, that he can confidently inform the corporation that Brian and Noene USA would never receive a million-dollar evaluation due to the lack of sales, even if the product has as much potential as Brian believes it has.

Brian’s dilemma is that he must negotiate a licensing agreement with Noene Europe and obtain a share of it; nobody will want to build a distribution system for a single insole.

However, Brian believes there is much more than an insole, and they would not profit from the distribution system. Robert admits that the story does not make sense to him, but they are eager to launch their business after receiving funding from Shark Tank.

Consequently, he could not invest in the product as he did not recognize its utility. Robert is the first Shark to leave the negotiation.

Kevin cannot believe that Brian is paying $6 per unit for an insole, as it would need tremendous effort to increase margins and decrease the price per unit.

However, a smart coach once warned Brian that “you cannot climb to the peak of the mountain if the sides are smooth,” but Kevin confesses that he would need half of the company to achieve Brian’s present standards. There is too much work for Kevin to handle. Therefore, Kevin is also out of the running.

Lori will purchase and try the product as a consumer, but she is not interested as an investor. Lori has left the deal, leaving only Mark and Daymond as Sharks.

Mark drops a bombshell in the room and announces that he will make Brian an offer, but it will be subject to numerous conditions. Mark will have his staff conduct the necessary research if the science behind Noene is sound.

Mark offers $100,000 for a 20 percent stake, but Brian must get Daymond to join the venture. If Noene is effective, including it in footwear might be an innovative way to add value.

Daymond concurs; in his past, he purchased a brand that spent three years developing a running shoe because men like Robert would purchase the incorrect running shoe and injure themselves.

Daymond offers Mark a $200,000 investment for a 40 percent stake in the company.

Daymond clarifies that Brian is negotiating an investment arrangement with two Sharks, one of whom has an immediate need for the Noene product and the other who has worked with Skechers.

Mark is confident that the shoe businesses he has collaborated with will distribute Noene products.

Brian makes a counteroffer of $200,000 in exchange for 25 percent of the business, but Mark and Daymond counteroffer 30 percent. Mark and Daymond agree with Brian for $200,000 in exchange for thirty percent of Noene USA.

Final Deal: Mark and Daymond agreed to invest $200,000 in exchange for a 30% stake in Noene USA.

What Happened To Noene USA After Shark Tank?

It appears that Noene USA has been doing quite well lately, as the company received a new supply of Noene USA units, as reported on their website.

There is only one shop on the Noene USA website, which displays two Noene products, the Noene Invisible and the Noene Dance Lite, both of which can be purchased.

It is for all types of shoes, whereas it is for women’s heels and other shoes often worn for their appearance and design rather than for their use.

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The Noene Invisible costs $29.99, whereas The Noene Dance Lite costs $39.99. The Noene items have received overwhelmingly positive feedback on Amazon’s sister shop, receiving a critical 3.75-star rating from 414 customers.

The Noene USA is available in various sizes and is suitable for a wide range of shoe sizes, starting with a Men’s size 6 and going up to a USA Men’s size 14 in the United States.

Noene Shark Tank Update

Most customers who give the Noene insoles a five-star rating suffer from joint pain. Many claims they are a miraculous solution that reduces heel, knee, back, and ankle discomfort.

Individuals who gave the insoles a lower rating desired more comfort and support, which custom orthotics normally provide.

The Noene USA is thin and not designed for supporting the foot but instead serves as an additional shock absorber that can be used with conventional insoles or bespoke insoles.

Other unfavorable reviewers dislike that the insoles are intended to be used in a single pair of shoes, requiring multiple sets for use in multiple pairs of shoes.

It isn’t easy to transfer the insoles to another pair of shoes if the optional adhesive tape holds them in place permanently.

Noene Shark Tank Update

Foot Solutions, Inc acquired Noene USA in September 2020 for an undisclosed amount in cash.

Is Noene USA Still In Business?

Noene USA has been rated five stars by most consumers, especially those who suffer from joint discomfort.

They are viewed as a miracle product by many consumers who say they alleviate pain in the wearers’ heels, knees, backs, and ankles.

Many gave the insoles a lower rating because they desired additional comfort and support, typically supplied by custom orthotics.

They are thin and can be used with standard or bespoke insoles. Noene insoles are not intended to provide additional support; they act as shock absorbers.

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Another unfavorable reviewer is dissatisfied that the insoles are intended to be inserted into a single pair of shoes and that multiple insoles must be purchased if the insoles are intended to be placed inside multiple pairs of shoes.

After using the optional sticky tape, you will have difficulty moving the insoles to another pair of shoes once you have placed them in the first pair. In September 2020, Foot Solutions, Inc. acquired Noene USA for an undisclosed amount.

What Is the Net Worth Of Noene Insoles?

The valuation of Noene USA was $1 Million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Noene USA as of 2023 is $5 Million.