Grill Charms Shark Tank Update

If you’re a fan of the show Shark Tank, then you might be familiar with Grill Charms. Grill Charms is a company that makes grill accessories, specifically charms that you can put on your grill to help you cook food more evenly. The company was founded by Leslie Haywood, who was looking for a way to help people cook more evenly.

The idea for Grill Charms came about when Kevin was grilling and noticed that some food was overcooked while others were undercooked. He thought there must be a way to even out the cooking, so he came up with the idea of grill charms. The grill charms are placed on the grill before cooking, and they help to evenly distribute the heat so that all the food is cooked evenly.

The company started selling its grill charms at fairs and festivals, then decided to take its business online. They started selling their grill charms on their website, and they’ve been very successful. They’ve even been featured on Shark Tank!

If you’re looking for a way to help you cook more evenly, you should check out Grill Charms. They can help you cook food more evenly and are also a lot of fun to use. So, if you’re looking for a great way to improve your grilling skills, you should check out Grill Charms!

What is Grill Charms?

Grill Charms are a product that was created to help diners identify grilled meat. These stainless steel charms help chefs identify meat before grilling to prepare the meat according to their tastes. It helps prevent confusion by tagging.

Grill Charms Shark Tank

Grill charms are small, decorative charms made of stainless steel placed on the food when it is being grilled.

Grill Charms are similar to wine charms placed on the top of your wine when you grill nice meat. Grill Charms help you protect your food while you grill it by protecting it from being damaged when you move or flip it.

Grill charms help identify the type of meat you are grilling because they allow you to easily identify the type of meat. Some meats are quite difficult to identify because of the alphabet on them.

Grill Charms are similar to a fancy meat wrap, where M stands for medium rare, and MR stands for medium rare. If you use Grill Charms, you will never serve the wrong meat.

Grill Charm is a very good grilling product. It was invented by a barber who wanted to add decorative touches to his food. Richard Grissom invented it in 1939.

Company NameGrill Charms
EntrepreneurLeslie Haywood
Productstainless steel gadget for cooking meats
Investment Asking For$50,000 for 25% equity in Grill Charms
Final Deal$50,000 for 25% equity in Grill Charms
SharkRobert Herjavec
Episode Season 1 Episode 7
Business StatusAcquired, Out of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who is the Founder of Grill Charms?

Leslie Haywood is the founder of Grill Charms. Leslie was a stay-at-home mom to two girls until 2006; however, she founded Grill Charms in 2007.

Leslie Haywood was a stay-at-home mother of two daughters before inventing Grill charms. Leslie transformed an issue into a lucrative business opportunity. She currently serves as president of Charmed Life Products.

Leslie was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 and underwent a bilateral mastectomy the following year. Despite this, she entered the market with her items. 

She has since appeared in many television shows. Additionally, she contributes to a variety of periodicals. She contributes articles to numerous family and health journals, newspaper features, and investment digests. Additionally, she has appeared on numerous radio shows and podcasts.

Grill Charms Before Shark Tank

Lesley Haywood is a South Carolina native. She describes herself as a stay-at-home wife and mother and claims to have produced a product for anyone who enjoys grilling. 

When grilling with children around, keeping track of what’s on the grill is challenging. According to Lesley Haywood, her invention answers every griller’s difficulty. 

Lesley Haywood adds that while she is not cooking, caring for her children, or chauffeuring them, she is quite busy as the founder, CEO, marketing genius, and bookkeeper for the grilling gadget empire. 

Lesley Haywood also adds that she had auditioned for Shark Tank, but she received a call from her mother informing her of her father’s death just before coming on stage.

It happened very suddenly and unexpectedly for her, and one of the final things her father said to her mother was to refrain from calling Lesley, as he didn’t want to be the reason she missed out on the Shark Tank opportunity. 

Lesley Haywood describes burying her father as the most horrible experience she’s ever had. Lesley Haywood received a call from Shark Tank a few weeks after the burial, informing her that she had been given a second chance to appear in front of the Sharks. 

Lesley Haywood believes that when she walks in front of the Sharks, she is confident that her father will accompany her and cheer her on.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch of Grill Charms?

Leslie Haywood appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $50,000 in exchange for a 25% stake in Grill Charms.

She stated that when her husband served the incorrect cut of meat, she was inspired to create this product. Robert Herjavek agreed to the arrangement.

Grill Charms, marketing experts believe, is an inappropriate name for the product. They were also dissatisfied with the packaging.

Kevin O’Leary’s questions revealed that Leslie already sells Grill Charms in 103 independent stores.

Kevin said he liked the product, but Leslie does not yet have a brand; people like the goods and purchase them, but the brand is not yet developed. He offered her $50,000 in exchange for 50% equity in Grill Charms.

Barbara Corcoran has stated that she is no longer interested in investing. Daymond implied that Robert Herjavek is inept at dealing with retailers. 

Daymond and Harrington agree to form a partnership for 50% equity and are unwilling to negotiate. O’Leary has stated that he will need 7% royalties and 20% equity in exchange for $50,000.

Robert Herjavec offers her $50,000 in exchange for 25% stock, which is exactly what she desired, and the two ultimately close the deal. Leslie Haywood left the Shark Tank stage, securing a deal from Robert Herjavec for Grill Charms.

Final Deal: Robert Herjavec agreed to invest $500,000 for a 25% stake in Grill Charms.

How Do Grill Charms Make Money?

Leslie explained that she had already sold Grill Charms before pitching her concept on Shark Tank. Grill Charms are already available at 103 independent locations. 

Grill Charms were sold on the company’s website and third-party buying sites such as and A Grill Charm costs between $11.95 and $10.95.

What is the Worth of Grill Charms?

The valuation of Grill Charms was $200,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Grill Charms is unknown as of 2022 since the company went out of business.

Who are the Investors in Grill Charms?

Leslie Haywood offered Robert Herjavek $50,000 in exchange for 25% ownership during the broadcast. Leslie retained ownership through this method. “Robert Leslie believed in me, which was the primary reason I went with him,” he stated. “If you remember back to Season 1, every shark, but one, wanted in on Grill Charms. 

For the first few years after the show, I kicked his butt and demanded very little of him. He and I would communicate by phone, text, and email now and then, but I was responsible for running the business. I know he can assist me if I need it.”

Is Grill Charms Out of Business?

The Grill Charms Company ceased operations in 2011. A Shark Tank website reported in 2016 that there were 19 sharks on the show. The product was later licensed to Fox Run Brands for production and distribution under the grilling solutions category. 

Grill Charms are no longer available on their website,, but are still available on They have taken down their website. Grill Charms are available for purchase, but the same company does not own them.

What Happened To Grill Charms After Shark Tank?

Robert Herjavec invested in Grill Charms on Shark Tank because he liked the product and believed it would do good in the future. Lesley fills the room with her presence.” Sometimes you love a product but don’t know who’s behind it.” 

Her first words to her fellow Tank members in August 2017 were, “Hello, all of you! Three Grill Charms Collections (Spicy, Charmed Life, and Pink) had sold out on the Grill Charms website, leaving only the Steak Collection available. 

Alternatively, you can get Charmed Life on Amazon. SharkTankBlog reports Leslie secured an exclusive licensing agreement with Fox Run Brands, LLC to manufacture and distribute Grill Charms, renamed the OUTSET Brand.

PMS Bites Shark Tank Update

According to Lesley, she receives royalty payments quarterly for the duration of the partnership. Grill Charms is still in business as of 2022, with annual revenue of $1 million.

Is Grill Charms Still In Business?

Grill Charms went out of business in 2011 and no longer made products for grilling. Fox Run Brands later bought the rights to manufacture and distribute the product under the category of Grilling Solutions from Leslie in 2011.

Grill Charms is no longer available on its website, but it is still available on The website that they used to run has been deactivated. Grill Charms are available for purchase but not under the same company’s ownership.

Hayward continued to control the manufacturing and marketing rights to Grill Charms, even though Fox Run Brands purchased the rights to manufacture and market the product. There is no information on how much of the royalties from Grill Charms sales go to Hayward Inc. Although the Grill Charms website is no longer active, the product can still be purchased at several physical and virtual retailers.