Fizzics Shark Tank Update

Enhancing the Beer Experience: Fizzics – A Breakthrough Beer Flavor Enhancer

In the first episode of season 8 of Shark Tank, Phil Petracca and David McDonald presented their innovative product, Fizzics, designed to enhance the flavor of beer.

Fizzics is a patented beer flavor enhancer that has been in development for over a year. Fizzics was born from the duo’s curiosity about why beer tastes better when poured from a tap.

Fizzics utilizes ultrasonic waves to apply pressure to beer and enhance its flavor. Through extensive research and experimentation, they were able to develop this breakthrough invention. The device instantly improves the taste of any beer poured into it, regardless of its volume.

Fizzics is a brand known for its innovative beer dispensers that use microfoam technology to create a nitro-style draft beer experience from cans or bottles.

Their DraftPour product, available in various finishes, enhances the aroma, flavor, and mouthfeel of beer through sound waves and fluid dynamics.

Enhancing the Beer Experience: Fizzics - A Breakthrough Beer Flavor Enhancer

Fizzics aims to elevate the beer-drinking experience by offering a portable, universal, and complete solution for enjoying nitro-style draft beer anywhere.

With a focus on flavor preservation and user convenience, Fizzics brings the joy of freshly poured draft beer to beer lovers worldwide.

In addition to enhancing the flavor, the Fizzics machine produces a smooth and creamy head that complements the beer’s carbonation.

Users have the flexibility to adjust the carbonation level to suit their preferences. Cleaning the device is simple, requiring only a rinse with clean water and occasional removal of the anti-microbial mat.

Operated by four AAA batteries and priced at around $165, Fizzics is a portable beer dispenser that aims to elevate the beer-drinking experience.

Fizzics is a versatile dispenser that can improve the taste and head of any bottled or canned beer. It is lightweight and ideal for outdoor events and gatherings with friends.

The device operates on two AA batteries, eliminating the need for additional parts or CO2 cartridges.

Phil Petracca and David McDonald, the founders of Fizzics, embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between the taste of draft beer and store-bought beer.

Their dedication to creating a device that replicates the experience of drinking draft beer has culminated in the success of Fizzics, allowing beer enthusiasts worldwide to enjoy a pub-like experience at home.

Phil Petracca and David McDonald are seeking a strategic partnership through Shark Tank to boost their marketing and production efforts.

Fizzics On Shark Tank

The Fizzics Home Beer Dispenser made its debut on Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 1, where founders Philip Petracca and David McDonald presented their innovative product to the sharks.

They were seeking an investment of $500,000 for 4% equity in Fizzics. Their goal was to enhance the beer-drinking experience by replicating the freshness of tap beer using sound wave technology.

Fizzics had been selling its product for just eight months when it appeared on Shark Tank but had already generated $3.2 million in sales and a projected $220,000 profit.

Each Fizzics machine was manufactured at a cost slightly above $35 and retailed for $199.

Philip and David also hinted at their upcoming product, Waytap, a smaller and more affordable version of the dispenser designed to work with canned beer.

The sharks were intrigued by these numbers, leading to Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner joining forces to offer $800,000 for a 10% stake in the company.

Philip and David, keen on having two sharks on board, proposed a counteroffer of $2,000,000 for a 16.67% equity share, which Mark and Lori accepted.

In summary, Fizzics’ success story on Shark Tank showcased the potential of their product in revolutionizing the way beer is enjoyed at home. The founders’ pitch not only impressed the sharks but also highlighted the market demand for innovative solutions in the beverage industry.

Final Deal: Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner agreed to invest $2,000,000 For 16.67% equity in Fizzics.

Fizzics’ Journey After Shark Tank: Transformations and Triumphs

Fizzics achieved success on the popular TV show “Shark Tank,” and initially, things appeared to be going well for the beer-focused company. Following their feature on the show, Fizzics experienced a significant boost.

The product was even showcased on QVC the day after the episode aired, which made sense given that one of the “Shark Tank” investors, Lori Greiner, is recognized as “The Queen of QVC.”

Additionally, the brand introduced a more affordable version of its beer enhancement device known as the Fizzics Waytap, priced at $130 compared to the original model’s $199.

The company’s products quickly made their way onto the shelves of major retailers like Target and Bed Bath & Beyond, and they are available on Amazon and at Brookstone.

Fizzics' Journey After Shark Tank: Transformations and Triumphs

Co-founder Phil Petracca acknowledged the impact of appearing on “Shark Tank,” describing it as a continual gift to the company.

He highlighted the TV show’s powerful platform and likened it to receiving a free ten-minute advertisement each time reruns were broadcast, emphasizing its significant influence on small brands like Fizzics.

Although Fizzics is still operational, notable changes have occurred within the company’s structure.

Co-founder Phillip Petracca departed in 2017 to establish Source Brewing, a microbrewery in Colt’s Neck, New Jersey while maintaining his position as the majority shareholder for a period.

The other co-founder, David McDonald, stepped down as CTO during the company’s debt restructuring following a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing in 2020.

McDonald now serves as the CEO of Spinlab CNC, a company specializing in Precision CNC Turning and 3-5 Axis Milling.

Despite undergoing debt restructuring, Fizzics persevered, and McDonald was retained as a technical consultant.

Thomas Steckbeck assumed the role of President and Chief Executive Officer while also joining the board of directors at Fizzics. He played a key role in the discontinuation of the Wayback product and the introduction of the DraftPour, which is still available for purchase today.

The narrative of Fizzics goes beyond the co-founders transitioning from their roles within the company.

Although Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner appear to have stepped away from Fizzics post-Shark Tank, the company continues to market two nitro-style beer dispensers.

These offerings include the Original, which is capable of storing and pouring up to 64 ounces of beer, and the DraftPour model, which is designed for serving individual cans and bottles of beer.

The DraftPour is a product of extensive taste-testing and feedback incorporation over four years, available for purchase on Amazon at $124.99.

Fizzics’ DraftPour model has garnered superior reviews, leading some to speculate that the Original model may be phased out in favor of the DraftPour.

Nonetheless, Fizzics shows no signs of slowing down, reportedly achieving annual sales of around $4 million while expanding its presence internationally in countries such as Brazil, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, the Middle East, and Asia.

Fizzics is still in business with an estimated net worth of $5 million.