FairyTail Pet Care Shark Tank Update | FairyTail Pet Care Net Worth

FairyTail Pet Care is a service designed to integrate pets into wedding festivities that appeared on Season 15, Episode 04 of Shark Tank. It caters to pet-owning couples who wish to have their furry companions present during their special day. 

The company offers a range of services to ensure that pets are not only part of the wedding but are well taken care of throughout the event. 

This includes adorning pets with fashionable accessories like stylish collars, leashes, and harnesses and providing a team of pet care providers to handle them during the event in coordination with other vendors.

Furthermore, the company extends its services beyond the wedding day, offering overnight care, videography, photo shoots, and rehearsal care. 

This comprehensive approach allows pet owners to enjoy their wedding without worrying about their animal companions’ well-being.

The reason FairyTail Pet Care is a compelling choice for pet owners planning a wedding is multifaceted. Firstly, it fills a niche in the wedding industry by addressing the logistics and care of incorporating pets into such events. 

The convenience of having a dedicated team to manage this aspect can significantly reduce stress for the couple. Secondly, the company demonstrates a commitment to quality and community service. 

A portion of their proceeds goes towards supporting animal shelters, and they even provide opportunities for adoptable pets to be included in weddings within the Tampa Bay area, which helps socialize these animals and increase their chances of finding permanent homes.

FairyTail Pet Care offers a unique and heartfelt service that not only enhances weddings by including beloved pets but also does so responsibly and charitably. 

Their careful selection process for franchisees indicates a focus on maintaining high standards and spreading their mission effectively, making them an attractive choice for pet-inclusive wedding planning.

Company NameFairyTail Pet Care
EntrepreneurKelly Nova and Ilana Karcinski
Product / BusinessWedding-themed pet care products
Investment Asking For$75,000 for 20% equity in FairyTail Pet Care
Final Deal$75 for 22% equity in FairyTail Pet Care
SharkBarbara Corcoran
FairyTail Pet Care Episode Season 15, Episode 4
FairyTail Pet Care Business StatusIn Business
FairyTail Pet Care WebsiteVisit Website
FairyTail Pet Care Net Worth$0.5 Million

What Is FairyTail Pet Care?

FairyTail Pet Care is a company that provides pet care services for weddings, allowing couples to include their beloved pets in their special day. The company aims to make the wedding day a memorable experience not only for the team but also for their pets. 

FairyTail Pet Care Shark Tank Update | FairyTail Pet Care Net Worth

FairyTail Pet Care offers services such as pet care, pet transportation, and even ‘Dog of Honor’ Videography, which captures special moments involving the pets during the wedding. 

The company’s services are highly regarded, as evidenced by positive testimonials from satisfied customers. FairyTail Pet Care has been featured in various media outlets and publications, further highlighting the quality and popularity of their services.

Who Is The Founder Of FairyTail Pet Care?

The founders of FairyTail Pet Care are Kelly Nova and Ilana Mobely-Karcinski. They have been best friends since they were 13 and deeply love animals. 

This bond led them to jointly rescue dogs named Grizzie, Rowdie, and Cooper as college roommates. These dogs were integral to their lives and inspired the FairyTail Pet Care logo, which features their silhouettes.

Before starting their company, Kelly and Ilana were employed at a hotel in Tampa. Here, they noticed a gap in the wedding industry: couples wanted to include their pets in their wedding celebrations but were daunted by the logistical challenges.

Recognizing this unmet need and combining it with their passion for animals, they founded FairyTail Pet Care to provide specialized services, allowing pets to be a stress-free part of weddings and special events.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, FairyTail Pet Care had already carved out a niche in the wedding industry by offering Wedding Day Pet Care services since 2015. 

They had a track record of donations to animal shelters, having contributed over $20,000, and volunteered many hours to find shelter animals’ homes. 

Their services ranged from initial meet-and-greet sessions to day-of coordination, with transportation and accessories like custom bandanas and flower arrangements. 

They also arranged with venues to accommodate pets and provided pet-sitting services post-wedding. The company utilized GoPro cameras to capture the events from the pets’ perspectives, adding a unique touch to wedding memories.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of FairyTail Pet Care?

The founders of FairyTail Pet Care, Kelly Nova, and Ilana Karcinski, appeared on Season 15 of Shark Tank to pitch their unique pet care service designed for weddings. They sought a $75,000 investment in exchange for 10% equity in their company. 

During their presentation, they introduced their service, which included round-trip transportation of pets to the wedding venue, attire rentals, walking services, and overall care for the pets during the event. 

The starting cost of their services was $600 for a three-hour minimum, with an additional $100 per extra hour.

The entrepreneurs discussed their business model, revealing that they are headquartered in Tampa, Florida, and had expanded through franchising, with four locations at the time of filming. 

It costs $12,500 to open a franchise, and the founders receive 9% of gross sales from franchisees. Their past year’s sales were $123,000 with a 70% profit margin, and they had netted about $80,000 from their franchises.

Shark Robert Herjavec was the first to bow out, stating that although he appreciated the concept (having had his dog at his wedding), he did not view the business as investable. 

Lori Greiner also opted out because she felt the company wasn’t large enough for her to help it grow significantly. 

Mark Cuban liked the idea but didn’t see it as scalable enough to be investable, so he also passed on making an offer.

Kevin O’Leary showed interest by offering $75,000 for 33.3% equity after inquiring about their customer acquisition strategy, which relied heavily on social media advertising and a strong TikTok presence.

Barbara Corcoran offered $75,000 for 25% equity in the company. After a couple of counteroffers from Kelly and Ilana seeking lower equity percentages (15% and then 20%), Barbara agreed to a final deal at $75,000 for 22% equity.

Post Shark Tank, FairyTail Pet Care experienced a boost in sales and continued marketing efforts that promised to benefit future wedding seasons. 

Despite these developments, the company maintained its four franchise locations in Tampa Bay, West Palm Beach, Las Vegas, and Pittsburgh, with varying prices and services.

Did FairyTail Pet Care Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Yes, FairyTail Pet Care got a deal on Shark Tank. Barbara Corcoran offered $75,000 for 25% equity in the company. Ilana Mobely-Karcinski and Kelly Nova, the founders of FairyTail Pet Care, countered Barbara’s offer at 15%, which she declined.

They countered again at 20%, and Barbara agreed to reduce her ask to 22%. They accepted this offer and closed the deal with Barbara Corcoran for $75,000 in exchange for 22% equity in their company.

What Happened To FairyTail Pet Care After Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, where Ilana Karcinski and Kelly Nova pitched FairyTale Pet Care, the company secured a deal with Barbara Corcoran. 

The deal, expected to close within six months of the show’s filming in June 2023, would potentially leverage their appearance’s free publicity to grow their wedding day pet care service.

Post-Shark Tank, FairyTale Pet Care is thriving as a franchise, with a value estimated at $800,000. The founders, Ilana and Kelly, remain hands-on in aiding their franchisees and have created a franchise operations manual with comprehensive videos to support new partners. 

The company targets the bridal market by offering services that include pet care on the wedding day and the option for pets to participate in the ceremony. 

While it operates in Tampa Bay, West Palm Beach, Las Vegas, and Pittsburgh, it also provides custom travel quotes for services outside these areas. Their service ranges from $500 to $750 for three hours of care for one pet.

The business model has evolved into a franchise system, with opportunities for individuals to become franchisees at costs between $22,400 and $37,800. 

FairyTale Pet Care continues to capitalize on the niche market of pet owners who are getting married and wish to include their pets in their special day.

FairyTail Pet Care Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, FairyTail Pet Care secured a deal with Barbara Corcoran, who invested $75k in the company for a 22% equity stake.

Post-Shark Tank, the company experienced an influx of attention, with thousands of visitors checking out its official website. This increased visibility likely contributed to a rise in interest for their services.

The website was redesigned to handle the increased traffic better and present a more polished image that would appeal to potential customers and franchisees.

With Barbara Corcoran’s background in franchising and business, her partnership provided valuable expertise to assist FairyTail Pet Care in expanding its franchise model.

FairyTail Pet Care Shark Tank Update | FairyTail Pet Care Net Worth

FairyTail Pet Care was still in business at the last update, with over 1,000 pets included in special events and weddings. 

According to its LinkedIn profile, the company continued its philanthropic efforts by donating to pet shelters and maintained its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, employing 11-50 people.

The net worth of FairyTail Pet Care is estimated at $0.5 million, reflecting both the revenue generated over the years and the potential for future growth. 

However, with new competitors emerging, the founders faced challenges in maintaining and growing their market share.

Is FairyTail Pet Care Still In Business?

Yes, FairyTail Pet Care is still in business. FairyTail Pet Care, after appearing on Shark Tank Season 15, secured a deal that led to a sales boost. 

They are operational with four locations, including their Tampa Bay headquarters and franchises in West Palm Beach, Las Vegas, and Pittsburgh. Their services differ by location.

What Is the Net Worth Of FairyTail Pet Care?

According to our research, the net worth of FairyTail Pet Care is estimated to be $500,000. The valuation of FairyTail was $340,000 after securing an investment from Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank.

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