DudeRobe Shark Tank Update

Shark Tank episode 908 featured Howie Busch’s “redesigned and re-engineered bathrobe for men known as DudeRobe”.

He invented the product since, in his opinion, traditional men’s bathrobes are abysmal. He desired to produce an absorbent and “cool to wear” robe for men.

Will Sharks be interested to invest in today’s man product also known as DudeRobe?

What Is DudeRobe?

DudeRobe is a line of men’s clothes designed with the unhurried man in mind. There is a very soft terrycloth or fabric that resembles a bathrobe all over this set of loungewear.

The company’s founder describes its gear as having a street-wear look outside. The garment is comfy, soft, and toasty on the inside.

DudeRobe is unique robes created exclusively for males. A towel cloth liner is used on the interior, while a sweatshirt fabric with a hood makes up the exterior. DudeRobe offers similar towel-lined shorts and sweat pants as well.

DudeRobe is geared toward providing a male-centric alternative to the bathrobe. There are options for ladies that appear to be more comfortable than options for men to lounge.

DudeRobe Shark Tank Update

Howie also believed that if a towel looked good, it would be a great item of clothing. To solve his problem, he combined the two concepts.

Each piece is handcrafted to order and features a towel lining. DudeRobe manufactures and distributes these things to men around the country.

DudeRube sells their products through Online retailers and the company’s official web store.

Company NameDudeRobe
EntrepreneurHowie Busch
ProductMen’s Luxurious Bathrobe
Investment Asking For$150,000 For 18% equity in DudeRobe
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Sharl
Episode Season 9 Episode 16
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of DudeRobe?

Howie Busch is the founder of DudeRobe. Howie claims that men’s bathrobes have remained unchanged for about 200 years. The time had come for a change.

The loungewear Howie designed offers 21st-century comfort and style. Howie created a sweatpant and hoodie combo that looks as good as it feels, rather than trying to copy the bathrobe.

Howie resolved to get control of the situation. A successful Kickstarter campaign raised the needed funds.

A local tailor then created prototypes of the product with him. The samples provided were rather good. This led to the entrepreneur pursuing the idea.

It was just a matter of time until the excitement surrounding his product made the press. 

The product of Howie was featured on radio stations and the popular website BroBible following an initial period of popularity. Following that, several major corporations expressed interest in his line of loungewear.

One of the DudeRobe’s most appealing qualities is that it may be worn inside and outside the home. Several people wore sweatpants and hoodies after showering, and others wore them to go grocery shopping, to the park, or to the gym.

DudeRobe Before Shark Tank

DudeRobe is a collection of men’s loungewear that has a towel lining. The set includes a robe, shorts, and pants. It offers men a way to “lounge-like” in a stylish but comfortable way.

The hoodie’s exterior is made of superior hoodie material, but it is also made from extremely absorbent material that dries quickly and easily.

The price of the complete set is $189, while individual components range from $65 to $129 each. Those interested can visit their website.

In the summer of 2017, Howie Busch released his invention, DudeRobe, on Kickstarter. The idea came to him after he saw his wife wearing a bathrobe.

He wondered if a way could be found to “revolutionize” men’s robes after observing how easily she appeared.

He concluded that it would be “quite cool” to wear a towel because of its absorbency and comfort. The problem was that towels were not cool to wear.

He realized he would wear a towel if it resembled a hoodie only when he saw his wife’s bathrobe hanging next to a hoodie on a hanger.

Once he had done so, he went to Walmart and bought six towels. They developed several prototypes with his tailor over the next week.

It wasn’t until he tried on the various components (robe, sweater, shorts, etc.) that he knew he’d found a winner.

It could be worn both indoors and outdoors quickly became its primary selling point. In addition, it can be used to wipe away awe or sweat due to its high absorbency and comfort level.

A Kickstarter campaign was eventually launched in May 2017 to raise further funding for the project. They received the full $25,000 in less than two days, much to his astonishment.

They raised far over $50,000 in total, thanks to the support of nearly 400 backers. Howie launched his second Indiegogo campaign in August 2017 after hosting an “after-party.”

He was just as successful, if not more so, with his second venture, raising an extra $77,000+ through the platform. The total he had raised was more than $100,000, which was more than enough to begin production.

It doesn’t take long for his innovation to gain wide recognition. The product was discussed on numerous radio stations across the country, and BroBible also featured it in a blurb.

Numerous companies then licensed DudeRobe. Howie received a call from a producer for ABC’s hit reality show Shark Tank via Twitter.

He opted to take advantage of the chance with the support of his family, friends, and community.

It was confirmed by late 2017 that he would be a part of the series’ ninth season. The episode was subsequently broadcast on January 14, 2018. What transpired during the show? Let us investigate.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of DudeRobe?

Howie reached the Shark Tank requesting an investment of $150,000 in exchange for an 18% stake in DudeRobe. He makes his case and distributes samples.

Kevin doesn’t like the product and is not interested to invest in DudeRobe, so he quit.

He is followed by Mark Cuban who also doesn’t seem to be interested to invest in DudeRobe.

Lori believes men wouldn’t wear this sort of robe; she exits.

Robert does not appreciate the product; he exits.

Daymond John is the final Shark to exit. DudeRobe exits Shark Tank without any deal from the Sharks.

Final Deal: No deal between Sharks and DudeRobe.

Did DudeRobe Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Howie introduced the DudeRobe on Shark Tank on January 14th, 2018. The Shark Tank contestant requested an investment of $150,000 for an 18% stake in DudeRobe.

DudeRobe had amassed over $100,000 in Kickstarter revenue at the time and a decent track record of sales. Sharks, on the other hand, didn’t impress.

Unfortunately, Howie did not receive any offers from the Sharks during his time in The Shark Tank. The committed entrepreneur did not let this deter him. Today, the DudeRobe is wildly popular.

What Happened To DudeRobe After Shark Tank?

Howie revealed in March 2018 that he was working on new styles, including a DudeRobe for Her. “Being a dude is about much more than your gender,” he added.

Howie experienced the expected surge in sales following his participation. The items on his website and in his Amazon store are available for purchase.

DudeRobe is operational and generates $2 million in sales annually as of 2022.

DudeRobe Shark Tank Update

DudeRobe has been featured on ABC’s Shark Tank for two seasons. Unfortunately, Howie’s company could not secure a deal with one of the sharks. How are they doing now?

The popularity of DudeRobe has soared in recent months, despite Howie’s inability to land a deal on the show.

An interview with the creator revealed that sales soared following the show, to the point where specific items were sold out!

Additionally, the team has received numerous good evaluations from customers, with some even reordering the items in other patterns and colors.

DudeRobe Shark Tank Update

Future releases include a “DudeRobe for Her” since several females have expressed interest in it.

The web fan base of DudeRobe has steadily grown since their appearance on Shark Tank. There are currently more than 1,000 followers across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Their fan base will likely continue to expand, given their ongoing product releases.

Howie Busch, will he ever return to television? Despite his failure to successfully close a deal in Shark Tank, he is unlikely to return to the show. However, it appears that the company is doing quite well now.

Is DudeRobe Still In Business?

The success of the Kickstarter campaigns that led to the development of DudeRobe confirmed the product’s popularity with the public.

Its strong sales record further confirms this. The fact that professional athletes have praised it highlights the set’s quality even more.

One of the Packers’ most popular Instagram posts features AJ Dillon wearing shorts and a hoodie.

This men’s loungewear firm is unlikely to have anything but a very comfy future with such an endorsement.

Howie learned that there is a much wider market for the DudeRobe than originally thought.

An entrepreneur has now expanded his product to include a DudeRobe For Her in response to increased demand from women who frequently steal their significant others’ robes.

What Is the Net Worth of DudeRobe?

The valuation of DudeRobe was $833,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of DudeRobe is $2 million as of 2022.