TurboBaster Shark Tank Update

The TurboBaster was rechargeable kitchen equipment that supplanted all bulb basters, basting brushes, and marinade injectors. 

Marian Cruz’s goal was to simplify cooking whole turkeys, hens, and other game birds by eliminating the need for the cook to “babysit” the bird using a standard bulb baster. 

Marian illustrated her device concept with a video showcasing the TurboBaster’s brush and injector tips. 

TurboBaster Shark Tank Update

However, when she emphasized how quickly it would disassemble for cleaning, she could not show it because she had not yet created a prototype after five years of development. 

She also didn’t know how much one would cost to construct or how many conventional waders are sold annually. She mentioned that she was new to the business and lacked the necessary knowledge.

Kevin Harrington and Daymond engaged in a “bidding battle,” Marian ultimately elected to sell the entire business to Kevin for $35,000 and 2% of revenues, owing to Kevin’s experience with television shopping channels. 

TVGoods, Kevin’s company, announced six months later that it had acquired the exclusive global rights to market the TurboBaster. TurboBaster was never released to the market and lacked a website or a Facebook page.

What is TurboBaster?

Turbobaster is a kitchen product invented by Marian Cruz. It is a tool designed to make basting food easier, faster, and more efficient. The product comprises a pump, a tube, and an adjustable nozzle.

The pump draws liquids from a container, while the adjustable nozzle allows the user to control the flow and pressure of the liquid released.

The Turbobaster is culinary equipment that offers chefs of all skill levels an ingenious way to keep their food thoroughly basted. The Turbobaster replaces bulb basters and brushes with a battery-operated dispersal mechanism which keeps your roasts crispy but juicy. 

Turbobasters let chefs collect marinades, sauces, and liquids, then distribute them evenly across roasts. You can clean and operate it easily; start cooking now!

TurboBaster After Shark Tank

Company NameTurboBaster
FounderMarian Cruz
ProductTurkey baster with a battery instead of a traditional bulb
Investment Seeking$35,000 for 25% equity in TurboBaster
Final Deal$35,000 for 100% equity in TurboBaster
SharkKevin Harrington
Business StatusOut of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who is the Founder & Owner of TurboBaster?

Marian Cruz founded TurboBaster, who began her career as a skilled and creative cook before embarking on her entrepreneurship journey. She conducts her business with the same skill with which she manipulates the oven and all the enchantment associated with the food she produces therein. 

Cruz continues to seek novel answers to culinary conundrums and aggressively promotes her existing product line through a relationship with T.V. Products, a major commercial store.

The Tubrobaster prototype, which some lauded as a long-overdue innovation, was made famous by Marian Cruz, who wasn’t initially a titan of industry. Cruz found inspiration in the turbulence between routine and tragedy, as with any genuine inventor. 

Cruz knew immediately that there was a better method after her Thanksgiving preparations fell apart because of an inferior baster. Cruz spent the next five years designing and testing prototypes of her Turbobaster, honing it into the cutting-edge need that it is today: a must-have for any serious cook.

TurboBaster Before Shark Tank

Marian Cruz, a gifted and imaginative home cook, transformed herself into an inventor and business with the invention of the TurboBaster. Marian began developing her battery-powered prototype five years before appearing on Shark Tank. 

Cruz set out to create a new kitchen tool that would make the lives of all home cooks significantly easier by putting a modern spin on the conventional bulb baster.

Men and women no longer have to worry about cooking chicken, turkey, or supper in the kitchen, thanks to the TurboBaster. Basting either type of chicken can be time-consuming, as baking these birds makes them particularly susceptible to drying out. 

The TurboBaster is a battery-operated kitchen equipment that successfully replaces all bulb basters and basting brushes. It features a silicone baster and is more effective at containing marinades. 

Marian’s Appliance embodies a revolutionary kitchen concept, but she would face financial difficulty launching her firm without outside financing. 

Thus, to collect the finances necessary to launch her new firm, she turned to Shark Tank, hoping that one of the Sharks would recognize the great promise in her idea and provide her with the funding and connections she needed.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch of TurboBaster?

Marian Cruz appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $35,000 in exchange for a 30% stake in TurboBaster. She then proceeds to explain how the product came to be.

Marian basted the turkey with a conventional bulb baster for a Thanksgiving holiday feast. She said that this baster failed to contain the liquid and sprayed everywhere, leaving a massive mess she wasn’t in the mood to clean up. 

She developed the TurboBaster after seeing how useless this old instrument was. She aims to eliminate all three devices by combining a basting brush, bulb basting, and marinade injector into a single device. 

Sharks watch a video of Cruz’s TurboBaster brush and injector tips, providing a glimpse into her product vision. Robert Herjavec applauds her on the idea, calling it “fantastic” and comparing it to “creating a rocket.” 

Cruz informs them that she has been working on this project for five years and feels that any committed chef, or even someone who likes cooking, will want this device in their kitchen.

Daymond John asks whether the injection tip might also be a temperature thermometer.

Still, Herjavec immediately responds with a lighthearted stab at him, saying that John has never been in his kitchen. Returning to the product, Barbara Corcoran inquired how it would be cleaned.

Cruz informs them that the baster will disassemble for easy cleaning, but when requested to demonstrate, she informs them that she is simply bringing a prototype that does not work yet. 

Herjavec is surprised that she has not yet created the TurboBaster but has brought along a fantastic theoretical video. While Corcoran requests to view the prototype, Kevin O’Leary inquires about the projected price range. 

Cruz describes how she will sell two basters: one in “fashion kitchen hues” for $19.99 and another in stainless steel for about $29.99. 

Herjavec inquires how much she believes it will cost to manufacture one of these appliances. Still, she cannot respond because she has not yet conducted any study or calculated anything. 

This does not impress the Sharks, but she benefits from being the only one with this product concept. 

However, still unconvinced, Herjavec begs Cruz to persuade him that there is a market for her product so that he can decide based on anything other than her “charming” personality. 

“Because it accomplishes several tasks,” she responds, and O’Leary is suitably unimpressed by the remark. 

O’Leary then inquires whether she felt it would have been necessary to provide manufacturing expenses to a potential investor, particularly given her asking price of $35,000. 

She genuinely answers them that she had not prepared that material due to her relative inexperience in the corporate sector. Herjavec attempts to save her by inquiring about the type of sales that conventional basters generate, but Cruz again has no answer to that issue. 

The Sharks then debate how the sales will go until Herjavec wonders why they are assisting her. They all agree absolutely that it is because they “love” her.

Except for O’Leary, who stated that if she had been in one of his business lectures, he would have hosed her down and smacked her with an electric cattle prod every time she responded with “I don’t know.” 

She should have been eliminated for arriving on the program with no sales, an inactive prototype, and no valuable information. Still, the Sharks, except O’Leary, believe that a little compassion goes a long way.

O’Leary is the first to decide whether or not to invest, and she declines since she is unfamiliar with her figures and cannot even tell him whether or not her product is profitable. 

Corcoran agrees with him and withdraws because she doesn’t know the production costs. Even Herjavec, who admits to giving her a lot more leeway than the other Sharks, cannot invest in her business since he has no idea what the figures would look like. 

Kevin Harrington is the next to speak, adding that he loves the brand name and works extensively with television shopping channels, an important component of her product’s success. 

He promises to pay her the $35k if he obtains control through a licensing arrangement but pays her a royalty. Corcoran counsels her to inquire about the royalty, while O’Leary urges her to accept the offer. 

Harrington informs her that he would give her 2% of sales in addition to royalty. She is ready to accept the agreement when John calls a halt to proceedings to present his offer.

Daymond John offers Cruz $40,000 in exchange for 51% of her business and a 2% royalty on TurboBaster sales. His statement that he will partner with her and produce her product will woo her by promising to develop other items with their new financing. 

Harrington asserts that he has more expertise selling kitchen items, but John is unconvinced since he is after the sale. Kevin Harrington’s experience with kitchen products wins Marian over to Kevin Daymond, who ups his bid to $50,000.

In a last-ditch effort to sway Cruz, John increases his offer to $50,000 for the previously specified stipulations. Cruz ultimately chooses to deal with Harrington after considering her alternatives and determining that it would be the greatest arrangement for her goods.

Final Deal: Kevin Harrington agreed to acquire 100% of TurboBaster for $35,000.

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What Happened To TurboBaster After Shark Tank?

Following their appearance on the show, Marian and Kevin completed their agreement, with Kevin acquiring the rights to TurboBaster. Harrington’s firm, T.V. Goods, made this statement shortly after the program aired, but little has transpired. 

After appearing on Shark Tank, the estimated valuation of TurboBaster dropped from $140,000 to $35,000. Even after signing an agreement with Kevin Harrington, who offered $35,000 for 100% equity of the business and 2% sales, the product did not succeed.

The Facebook page and website of TurboBaster were inactive, and the product was not available for purchase. After six months of the deal, it became clear that TurboBaster was not doing well. As of 2023, TurboBaster is no longer in operation.

TurboBaster After Shark Tank

TurboBaster did not do well after the pair’s agreement six months ago. The Facebook page and website have both been deactivated. The product is still not available for purchase. Unfortunately, the product did not meet expectations.

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Is TurboBaster Still In Business?

TurboBaster agreed to a contract with Kevin Harrington, one of the founding Sharks. The deal was $35,000 for 100% of TurboBaster. They believed that with his skills, the product would become the next As Seen On TV phenomenon. 

Unfortunately, that never happened, as the TurboBaster was never released and is now obsolete. The website and social media accounts have been deactivated. 

Most individuals currently have excess single-purpose devices in their kitchens and are more inclined to seek products that serve several beneficial functions. 

The popular single-use gadgets in the 1950s and 1960s are no longer appropriate for today’s hectic and minimalist lifestyles.

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What Is the Net Worth of TurboBaster?

The valuation of TurboBaster was $100,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of TurboBaster is unknown as of 2023 since the product never got released in the market.

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