ENERGYbits Shark Tank Update

Revolutionizing Nutrition: The Story of EnergyBits and Catherine Arnston

EnergyBits, an algae-based nutritional supplement created by Catherine Arnston, was featured on Shark Tank’s ninth episode of season 08.

EnergyBits are supplements that offer algae tablets rich in nutrients, including spirulina and chlorella. These algae provide essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support immunity, energy, focus, and beauty.

Spirulina offers high protein content, Omega-3, and various nutrients, making it a versatile supplement. Chlorella contributes to detoxification and overall health. 

EnergyBits is trusted for its safe, toxin-free algae products produced using pure, organic farming techniques and endorsements from health professionals.

EnergyBits are chewable or ingestible algae tablets that provide a 60 percent protein snack for individuals seeking high-protein, high-performance food. The product is entirely organic, natural, eco-friendly, and free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Algae’s high protein concentration was discovered by German scientists in the early 1900s, leading to its use as a food source. Post World War I, Germany and Japan turned to algae-based foods to prevent starvation during challenging times.

In 2008, Arnston founded her company with the aim of creating a low-calorie, healthy snack that not only provides immediate energy and endurance for athletes but also assists in reducing high blood pressure, managing diabetes, curbing hunger, promoting weight loss, preventing colds, and alleviating hangovers.

Revolutionizing Nutrition: The Story of EnergyBits and Catherine Arnston

EnergyBits, a single-ingredient nutritional supplement derived from algae, is a natural energy booster free of caffeine or harmful chemicals.

Catherine Arnston, based in Boston, Massachusetts, markets small green tablets that claim to “instantly eliminate fatigue and hunger” as an alternative to energy drinks and bars.

Arnston, the CEO of the company, developed ENERGYbits, Vitalitybits, and SkinnyBits to promote a healthier and more energized lifestyle.

Catherine’s journey began with the realization that many snack options available are not as healthy as they seem, with sugar and salt in popular snacks counteracting their nutritional benefits.

Inspired by the historical use of algae during times of crisis, Catherine created her ENERGYbits tablets, which have a 60 percent protein content and all-natural composition.

She emphasizes the health benefits of ENERGYbits, including lowering blood pressure, boosting energy and endurance, and reducing hunger.

Since launching ENERGYbits in 2008, Catherine has witnessed its popularity grow significantly. She now aims to expand her business nationally and internationally, seeking a Shark Tank partner to assist with growth management and take her company to the next level.

Energizing Success: Catherine’s Journey with ENERGYbits in the Shark Tank

Catherine immediately launches into her pitch about ENERGYbits, claiming they are cutting-edge energy boosters when she steps into the Shark Tank.

She questions the need for expensive energy shakes when one can simply consume an ENERGYbits tablet, which is only 1 calorie and completely natural.

She aims to introduce ENERGYbits to the American market, highlighting China’s success with algae-based products. However, she overlooks mentioning her required investment size until Kevin O’Leary prompts her.

Catherine is seeking a $500,000 investment in exchange for a 5% stake in her business, ENERGYbits. She distributes samples for the Sharks to taste, but only Robert Herjavec finds the flavor acceptable.

Catherine explains that thirty ENERGYbits tablets are recommended to fully experience their effects despite the unfavorable taste feedback from the other Sharks.

Lori Greiner raises a valid point about the similarities between ENERGYbits and SKINNYbits, leading Catherine to admit they are essentially the same product with different packaging.

She distinguishes HEALTHYbits by mentioning the use of two algae types, one of which aids in boosting the immune system.

The Sharks express skepticism about the effectiveness of the tablets and inquire about scientific evidence.

Catherine struggles to provide concrete examples beyond mentioning numerous studies and a claim about algae components shrinking tumors.

Despite the business’s six-year history and online sales success, totaling $1.5 million, the Sharks lose interest upon learning about the limited recent revenue and lack of profit reinvestment.

Catherine’s journey, including her sister’s battle with breast cancer and her subsequent nutrition education, showcases her dedication to ENERGYbits.

While the Sharks acknowledge her passion, they are deterred by the business’s financial performance.

The Sharks, including O’Leary and Cuban, declined to invest due to the lackluster sales figures.

Catherine remains optimistic about ENERGYbits’ future, especially with her plans to enter the retail market.

However, the Sharks’ concerns about misleading packaging and perceived business risks lead to unanimous disinterest, leaving Catherine to exit the Shark Tank without any investment.

Final Deal: No deal between ENERGYbits and Sharks.

Catharine Arnston’s Energybits Journey After Shark Tank: A Resilient Entrepreneur in the Health and Wellness Industry

Catharine Arnston’s unwavering confidence in her company, Energybits, despite facing rejection on “Shark Tank,” showcases her determination and belief in the value of her business.

In interviews post-pitch, she boldly defended her company’s valuation, emphasizing her focus on growing her business rather than convincing skeptics.

This steadfast resolve has been evident in her subsequent appearances on various podcasts and programs, including notable platforms like Vogue, Fast Company, and Cosmopolitan, where she discusses the benefits of Energybits.

Despite scrutiny from the National Advertising Review Board regarding health and environmental claims, Catharine Arnston remained undeterred.

The board’s assessment highlighted the need for more substantial evidence supporting the benefits of Spirulina Tablets but did not diminish Arnston’s commitment to her health-focused mission for Energybits. She continues to advocate for the product’s potential, emphasizing its value in the market.

Catharine Arnston's Energybits Journey After Shark Tank: A Resilient Entrepreneur in the Health and Wellness Industry

Energybits’ evolution from a direct-to-consumer model to retail partnerships with Amazon, Walmart, and other wellness stores reflects Arnston’s strategic approach to expanding her business.

Energybits product line now includes Energy, Recovery, Vitality, and Beauty bits, each priced competitively and formulated with a focus on purity and simplicity.

Arnston’s refusal to give up on Energybits, as seen in her response to Kevin O’Leary on “Shark Tank,” demonstrates her passion for her company.

While some former employees have criticized her management style, Arnston remains dedicated to promoting an algae-powered lifestyle through her continuous engagement with health and wellness programs.

Her persistence and resilience in the face of challenges underscore her commitment to Energybits and its mission.

With its marketing efforts, Energybits has garnered over 122,000 followers on its Instagram page.

ENERGYbits is still in business with an estimated net worth of $5 million.

In conclusion, Catharine Arnston’s journey with Energybits exemplifies the perseverance and determination required to succeed in the competitive health and wellness industry. Despite setbacks and criticism, Arnston’s unwavering belief in her product and its potential has driven her to navigate obstacles and pursue growth opportunities for her business. As she continues to champion Energybits in the ever-evolving market landscape, Arnston’s story serves as a testament to the resilience of entrepreneurial spirit in the face of adversity.