Better Life Shark Tank Update

The Better Life is a line of green cleaning products designed by Tim Barklage and Kevin Tibbs, which was featured on Shark Tank Season 5 Episode 01.

What Is Better Life?

Better Life is a line of natural cleaning products that are as effective as chemical-laden alternatives on the market, if not more so. Better Life manufactures a broad range of cleaning products capable of removing messes from various surfaces, including dishes, carpets, worktops, windows, and hands.

The cleaning products they sell are the most hygienic, environmentally friendly, and safest. They can be directly sprayed into the mouth without causing harm. You can experiment with anything you have stored under your sink. Better yet, refrain.

The makers of this eco-friendly product business were inspired when they noticed their toddlers continuously putting fingers and other objects in their mouths.

Better Life Shark Tank Update

They did everything they could to keep their homes and all other things their children touched as clean as possible, but they were well aware that most cleaning chemicals on the market are highly toxic if accidentally consumed.

It is often unsafe to leave residue on surfaces that have been washed. When they couldn’t discover a safer, successful alternative, they decided to develop a new solution.

Better Life products must meet stringent standards before they can be added to the Better Life line. They must be completely safe for humans and animals if consumed. They use only plants and vegetables in their products, devoid of scents, colors, or additives.

All items must be ecologically friendly and biodegrade at twice the rate required by industry standards. The final requirement is that all products outperform popular brand-name cleaners that use harsh chemicals.

You can find Better Life products at Whole Foods Market, Crate & Barrel, Bristol Markets, and other large retailers. You can also find a comprehensive product line on Amazon.

Company NameBetter Life
EntrepreneurTim Barklage And Kevin Tibbs
ProductMultipurpose cleaning products made with natural ingredients
Investment Asking For$400,000 for 7% equity in Better Life
Final Deal$400,000 for 17% equity in Better Life
SharkLori Greiner
Episode Season 5 Episode 7
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Better Life?

Kevin Tibbs and Tim Barklage, the founders of Better Life based in St. Louis, Missouri, presented their product on Shark Tank in 2013. The Better Life cleaner line is an environmentally friendly cleaning product line. These are all-natural cleaning products made entirely of plant-based materials.

These organic cleaning products have been developed for people who want to do their part to protect the environment and also make sure their kids are not exposed to hazardous chemicals. They demonstrated that their product was more effective at killing microorganisms than leading commercial alternatives.

Better Life Before Shark Tank

The cleaning chemicals we use daily are necessary, but they may pose a risk if they contact us. Nowadays, many chemically formulated and chemically heavy cleaning products are on the market. However, Better Life Cleaning Products aims to transform how we clean and change how we perceive cleanliness.

The company had achieved a sales total of $2,000,000 in less than a year. Better Life owes a tiny amount of money, but not much. Thus, the product was immediately obvious as having the potential to be a market success. The duo says most sales occurred through Crate & Barrel, Amazon, and their website. They claimed that their products would be difficult to reverse engineer, making it unlikely that someone could enter the market soon.

Better Life was seeking money from the Sharks under the guise of a strategic relationship.’ They must hire someone who can take their product to the next level in the market.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Better Life?

Tim and Kevin appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $400,000 in exchange for 7% equity in Better Life.

Final Deal: Lori Greiner agreed to invest $400,000 For 17% equity in Better Life.

What Happened To ​​Better Life After Shark Tank?

Since its Shark Tank appearance, Better Life has marketed its cleaners and bottle brushes at various retailers, including Target, HSN/QVC, Amazon, and Walmart. Better Life has risen in popularity due to its appearance on a television show.

The Fizz Shark Tank Update

Better Life’s product range has been expanded to include various cleansers and the few cleaners featured on Shark Tank. You can also purchase Better Life cleaners from their website. Better Life is doing exceptionally well, and sales are expected to be high due to the increased number of outlets carrying the products.

Better Life Shark Tank Update

Better Life got a great boost in sales after its appearance on Shark Tank. Having secured a deal with Lori Greiner, Better Life sales and demands skyrocketed post the show broadcast.

Better Life made a distribution and sales agreement with major retailers in the United States after having Lori Greiner as a business partner. Better Life has established itself worldwide, gaining a foothold in Bermuda, Canada, the European Union, and Korea.

Better Life was recently ranked 503rd fastest-growing company in the US by Inc Magazine after growing by 645 percent.

Better Life Shark Tank Update

Better Life products are safe and healthy for people and environmentally friendly. The manufacturing plant of Better Life uses solar panel arrays, and a new packaging method ensures that the products consist of more post-consumer material.

PostureNow Shark Tank Update

Better Life was purchased by Bissel, Inc in 2018 for an undisclosed sum. Better Life is still in business as of 2022 and generating profit. The annual sales of Better Life are $5 million.

Is Better Life Still In Business?

After its Shark Tank appearance, better Life revamped its packaging, expanded its distribution to major retailers like Target and Walgreens, rebuilt its e-commerce site, and introduced additional products such as Better Life Tub and Tile Cleaner.

The Better Life manufacturing plant in St. Louis is now powered by solar panels that generate approximately 65,326 kWh per year, the environmental equivalent of about 122 barrels of oil burned or 186 trees planted.

What Is the Net Worth Of Better Life?

The valuation of Better Life was $1 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Better Life is $5 million as of 2022.

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