Snow In Seconds Shark Tank Update

Snow in Seconds: Transforming Spaces with Instant Snow Magic

Snow in Seconds is a water-activated synthetic snow product that gained recognition after being featured on Season 15, Episode 8 of Shark Tank.

Snow in Seconds is a revolutionary product that instantly creates snow for various purposes. From small pouches to bulk powder sizes, Snow in Seconds offers a wide range of options to suit different needs.

The product is safe, non-toxic, and has been tried and tested by numerous satisfied customers over the years. It allows users to easily create a wintery atmosphere, even in locations where real snow is not readily available.

Snow in Seconds provides top-quality instant snow for events, Hollywood productions, and more, with fast shipping and exceptional customer service.

The product is made of a synthetic polymer in powdered form, which, upon contact with water, absorbs a significant amount and rapidly expands in volume to mimic real snow.

Snow in Seconds: Transforming Spaces with Instant Snow Magic

Snow in Seconds has an impressive expansion rate and maintains a cool temperature similar to real snow, which sets it apart from its competitors. Moreover, once the artificial snow eventually melts after a few days, it can be conveniently repackaged and reused.

Snow in Seconds offers more than just the creation of a snowy environment; it can also be utilized to make cloud slime, adding an extra element of fun for both children and adults.

The product enables users to enjoy the magic of snow regardless of weather conditions, making it an excellent choice for crafting a winter wonderland indoors.

It is a safe, non-toxic powdered substance that, when mixed with water, expands and transforms into fluffy, realistic-looking snow.

Snow in Seconds has been thoroughly tested for quality and performance, ensuring a reliable and enjoyable experience for users.

The founder of Snow in Seconds, Jonathan Dusing, is a visionary entrepreneur with a background in event planning and production.

Recognizing the need for a quick and efficient solution to create a winter wonderland regardless of the actual climate or location, Jonathan conceived the concept of Snow in Seconds.

Jonathan envisioned a synthetic polymer powder with super-absorbing properties that could transform into fluffy, lifelike snow when water was added. The concept provides a relatively small amount of powder with the ability to produce a substantial amount of snow.

Snow in Seconds has gained popularity not only among individuals but also in various industries such as ski resorts, photo shoots, and movie productions. Its versatility and ability to create lifelike snow have made it a preferred choice in these professional settings.

The company places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, providing personalized assistance for custom requirements and offering a formula to help customers calculate the required amount of product for their intended area.

Additionally, Snow in Seconds is reusable and environmentally friendly, showcasing its commitment to sustainability and providing a reliable and effective solution for creating instant snowy experiences.

Snow in Seconds – A Shark Tank Success Story

Jonathan Dusing, an entrepreneur from Minnesota, introduced his innovative business idea on Shark Tank: artificial snow solution. He was seeking $50,000 for 10% equity in his company, Snow in Seconds.

Jonathan’s inspiration for Snow in Seconds came from his familiarity with snow in Minnesota.

He developed a unique product that provides instant access to snow even in non-winter climates.

By simply mixing a small scoop of the powder with water, users witness the magical transformation into fluffy, white snow that remains realistic and never melts.

The secret behind Snow in Seconds lies in Sodium polyacrylate, a chemical mainly used for agricultural purposes due to its water-retaining properties.

Jonathan’s ingenuity repurposed this chemical to create artificial snow, leading to the birth of his successful business.

The product’s realism is so striking that it has found its way into movie sets, adding a touch of authenticity to cinematic snow scenes.

Snow in Seconds - A Shark Tank Success Story

Jonathan revealed that he had made $2 million in sales over 15 years, including $241,000 the year before he appeared on Shark Tank.

He made only $40,000 in profits, raising questions about the business’s scalability among sharks.

While discussing distribution and partnerships, Jonathan shared a setback involving a late shipment that soured relationships with major retailers.

This incident highlighted the challenges of maintaining retail partnerships, a crucial aspect of scaling his business effectively.

Barbara Corcoran’s offer of $50,000 for 33.3% equity presented Jonathan with a valuable opportunity to grow Snow in Seconds under the guidance of an experienced investor.

After some negotiation attempts, Jonathan accepted Barbara’s initial offer, solidifying a deal that marked a significant milestone for his artificial snow venture.

Snow in Seconds’ success on Shark Tank serves as a testament to Jonathan’s entrepreneurial spirit and the potential for innovative products to captivate investors and consumers alike.

Final Deal: Snow in Seconds secured a deal with Barbara Corcoran for $50,000 in exchange for 33.3% equity.

Snow in Seconds After Shark Tank: Pioneering Artificial Snow Products with Innovation and Dedication

After its feature on Shark Tank, Snow in Seconds saw a significant increase in visibility and a remarkable rise in sales.

The product’s growing popularity is attributed to its non-toxic composition, ensuring safety for children, pets, and plants. Moreover, its temperature adjustability adds to its versatility.

Jonathan Dusing, the CEO of Snow in Seconds, has been leading the family-run business since 2012.

The company ensures customer satisfaction by providing a welcoming, interactive environment. Their website offers a unique “Santa” section offering guidance on how to use the product and how to create different amounts of snow.

The quality of Snow in Seconds differentiates it from similar products on various platforms, as well as its competitive pricing. The company offers various pack sizes to cater to individual and bulk orders.

For instance, the XL pack, generating 20 gallons of snow, is priced at $49.99, while the smallest pack, producing around 4 gallons of snow, is available for $24.99. Additionally, most products come with free shipping, enhancing their appeal.

Snow in Seconds After Shark Tank: Pioneering Artificial Snow Products with Innovation and Dedication

As a pioneer in artificial snow products, Snow in Seconds has proven its efficiency and dedication in the market. The brand’s commitment to innovation, safety, and affordability has been instrumental in its sustained success.

Continuously improving its formula, the product expands up to 100 times its size instantly when water is added, creating a fluffy and realistic snow-like substance.

Snow in Seconds has experienced continuous growth, expanding its online sales and introducing new product sizes. Customers express satisfaction with the product’s ease of use and realistic appearance.

Snow in Seconds positions itself as a leader in synthetic snow products, appealing to a diverse customer base seeking a winter-like experience.

Users can create snow regardless of the season with this artificial snow product made primarily from Sodium Polyacrylate. The product mimics real snow in feel and coldness but does not melt.

You can purchase Snow In Seconds on Amazon and its website. Snow in Seconds is still in business with an estimated net worth of $1 million.