Zuum Shark Tank Update

What Are Zuum Shoes?

ZÜUM Shoes are self-balancing shoes with cutting-edge electronic skates that give you all the advantages of roller skates without needing to balance them. The product was developed by two devoted friends who became partners and started their venture in the garage before presenting it to Shark Tank.

The ZUUM Hover Shoes are constructed from a premium aluminum alloy and are driven by a 25.9-volt battery. 

Zuum Shark Tank Update

They are flame retardant to V-0, self-balancing, and have solid rubber wheels that allow them to reach speeds of 8 mph. The battery lasts around one and a half hours and recharges in two hours. The shoes were tested with four prototypes to confirm that they are completely fire, water, and dirt resistant.

Additionally, they have been tested against high-impact crashes with concrete, incorporate anti-skid technology, and are controlled on a 10° incline. It is light enough to carry the sneakers on your own or in a backpack. ZUUM Hover Shoes are considered hoverboards, but they are closer to skateboards than a typical one-piece hoverboard in movement.

Company NameZuum Technologies
EntrepreneurMason Buechler and Chico Guerra
ProductHoverboard shoes that are motorized and electric
Investment Asking For$125,000 For 20% equity in Zuum Technologies
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 11 Episode 10
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Zuum Shoes?

Chico Guerra And Mason Buechler are the founders of Zuum Shoes.

Zuum Shoes Before Shark Tank

Chico Guerra and Mason Buechler were neighbors, two entrepreneurs who grew up five houses apart. When they were children, they tried lemonade stands and candy sales in their neighborhood because they were intrigued by the idea of having their own company.

After graduation, their zeal for business led them to participate in multiple brainstorming sessions. After considering and discarding various concepts, the two went to China, where they laid the foundations for what would eventually become Zuum Technologies.

When they were still in China, they received the initial edition of the product from a manufacturer. The top-of-the-line product they now have is the result of soliciting comments and making significant improvements to the original design.

A few months later, they came up with a product and released it on Kickstarter, which led to their appearance on Shark Tank. The shoes are only available in one model and are now reduced on Amazon.

What truly distinguishes these unique skate shoes is their commitment to environmental stewardship. The shoes are emission-free and enable you to avoid traffic jams. They let you travel at a pace of 8MPH, approximately the same as running, without worrying about balancing the skates.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Zuum Shoes?

Chico and Mason appeared on the Shark Tank seeking an investment of $125,000 for a 20% stake in Zumm Shoes.

Tie Not Shark Tank Update

Zuum Shoes left the Shark Tank without securing a deal from the Sharks.

Final Deal: No deal between Zumm Shoes and Sharks.

What Happened To Zuum Shoes After Shark Tank?

Zuum Shoes is still in business two months after the original air date, and the shoes are still available on Amazon. Zuum SHoes could not make a successful brand of itself as of 2022.

Zuum Shark Tank Update

You can still find similar shoes on Amazon, but they are not Zuum. The website has now gone down, and you can no longer buy shoes through it.

Are Zuum Shoes Still In Business?

Yes, Zuum Shoes is still in business and doing well as of 2022.

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What Is the Net Worth Of Zumm Shoes?

The valuation of Zumm Shoes was $750,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Zumm Shoes is $1 million as of 2022.